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    I am setting up my ps and ps2 system on a secondary drive which launchbox sees them fine downloaded all the art etc but its not executing the game and i am using the appropriate emulators  any help would greatly be appreciated  

  1. I was checking out discord the other day and I believe it was @lordmonkus that linked to a git repo of images previewing the majority of default retroarch shader effects.....

    Que a week of Atom text editting and GitHub learning!!

    I added all the availiable images to the Libretro Documentation website found here


    Under Shader Previews

    I thought the info needed a more visible loacation. Give your thaks to HunterK of Libretro forums for the hard work making the images originally

    Side note there has been some nice additions to the documentaion this week. Markwkidd added an availiable input drivers guide amd a MAME2003 core library guide/overview.


    All in all a good week and a Libretro docs is a nice little project for the inexperienced like me to give back to.

    Have a good weekend all


  2. 24xhr1k.jpg

    With its thin, all black design, the standard Nintendo Switch dock gives the console a modern, sleek look when you want to play on your television. However, for one fan, they were looking for something a bit different.

    Reddit user tettzan777 took a broken Nintendo 64 unit and modded it to be a Nintendo Switch dock. The user says their only concern is that they cannot attach the Joy-Cons to the Switch for charging purposes while the system is docked.

    In addition to making the cartridge slot the dock for the console, the modder also swapped out the controller ports for USB ports. The Reddit user also says that there is plenty of space between the slot and the edges, meaning that they can easily avoid the scratching problems that have come out of using the regular dock for some users. This also allows for better airflow than the original dock, according to tettzan777.


    Credit: @Twitter and Game Informer






  3. Jason Carr
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    These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God. Matthew 15:8-9 (NLT)

    Lord, help me to recognize your direction, and ignore the direction of all others. Give me discernment to identify your will, and the strength to carry it out.