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  2. My proposal as i say time ago is to add no intro names or other tipical romsets as alternate names. When we have the alternate naming use fully implemented launchbox could find the names an asign them a regional tagged (cover content fair name) to the roms. There's the more easy solution, and without this, emumovies video download service fails a lot because the guy service (circo) only supports nointro and good romset naing convention. We really need to manage and promote this. There's a lot of naming conventions, some that only differs in the use of & and or other naming decisions that not are acurate with our policy of stablish naming with full cover content. If we don'd add a good set of alternate names, the scrapping could be failing to the end of time, and is very frustrating the need to check one by one all the hundreds of games that not scrape correctly.
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  4. Ok lordmonkus. Thanks for your replies.
  5. Not right now but this has been asked for and I believe (but not 100% certain) that there is a bitbucket request for it. Feel free to submit one if there isn't with the Issues/Requests link at the top of the site.
  6. Ok. And to confirm there is no way in normal Launchbox mode to jump to a letter when searching for a game like in bigbox?
  7. You could map Alt + Tab to a button combination on your controller. Otherwise, Big Box is designed to be a fullscreen application, similar to a game or Steam Big Picture mode.
  8. I don't want it to be a UI replacement for windows, I just want to simply access the Windows taskbar without having to close the program like I can with every other single program and app on my computer. Thanks for the tutorial but it seems crazy that such a simple thing as being able to access your taskbar is not possible. I think I will have to go back to just using the basic MAME UI as with that I can switch seemlessly between it and everything else on my computer with my DS4 controller's touchpad acting like a mouse using DS4Windows. Here is a screenshot of me using normal MAME UI to launch games which also allows access to my taskbar at the bottom so I can run other apps/programs like Sky TV player as seen in the screenshot without having to close the MAME UI first. ^ This is what I want ^ I would use the standard launchbox mode as that runs in a window fine so allows access to my taskbar but the search function is terrible. You can't even search game by letter like you can in bigbox mode so it takes forever to scroll through 4000 games. So disappointing as bigbox seems great appart from this big (for me at least) problem.
  9. There is a reason for it, but that only extends after the initial system setup. If I've already got my system setup, these folders should not be autopopulating. This is the only front end I have ever dealt with that does this. That's why I'm calling it invasive; I am not giving it permission to do this. Anything that starts modifying or adding system files and folders should be user directed, such as with an installation. Specifically, I can understand why it creates these folders this when I direct LB to download images for various ROMs. I am specifically directing the program to perform a specific function. Don'ts get me wrong, I think Launchbox is an amazing front end. That's why it's the only front end I have ever actually purchased. However, this is just abnormal behavior for any program. It's creating empty folders simply for the sake of creating empty folders, long after an individual system has already been set up. There is no purpose to that. This should honestly only happen during, initial LB installation, or when the user is requesting images to be downloaded. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks, Actually holds up to the weather really well and is covered from the elements. I am working on version 2 of the control panel right now, will have thumb sticks, 8 button layout, touch pad...basically everything on modern joysticks.... so can play PS4, PS3, XBOX 360 and all the emulators. I just added a new amp 600w with blue tooth for the lower speakers so this thing kicks
  11. Awesome theme! I hope you get a chance to update the wheelset to include more systems, they are my favs by far.
  12. For a brief moment I saw dk and read this as 'HARAMBE Cinematic Video'. I was relived to realize that Launchbox hasn't gone completely nuts.
  13. When importing MAME games, there is an option to automatically create playlists based on certain preset factors. There's also an option in the menu to create these after the fact. You can also Ctrl + Click several games at once, to add more than 1 game at a time. A drag and drop system, or a more streamlined system does sound nice. You're more than welcome to request it by clicking Issues/Requests at the top of the website. Don't forget to vote on your own ticket. Otherwise, Ctrl + Clicking to select multiples at once might help speed things up considerably.
  14. There is a reason for it though. That's what I'm trying to say. If the database has a Pal set of images, they should go in the Europe folder. You're more than welcome to request there be an option to not make these folders, and not have them sorted by going to Issues/Requests and making the ticket. All I was trying to get at is that they have a purpose, and it's just meant for organization.
  15. Right, I understand that just a simplest installation will cause folders to be created, but the folders are regenerating on their own. I deleted them several times, but they keep respawning after launchbox restarts. I have no purpose for these empty folders, and they just create extra clutter within my subfolders. There is no good reason for the program to just create empty folders. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  16. Yea, our submitters and moderators have been knocking it out of the park. I can't thank you all enough for your hard work on fixing up these systems that need the love.
  17. Big Box will have a specific steam like grid view here soon. As for LaunchBox, please feel free to request some changes so that it could be made more possible by clicking Issues/Requests at the top of the forums. A presets type of function, where we could share preset files for users to change their configurations for LB looks would be cool, but also opening up the ability to be able to edit more fine tuned would be cool, probably with some warnings just in case to let the user know "hey, this might not look right if you go below this value". @Jason Carr
  18. Except that LaunchBox will create a ton of folders to work within it's own system. This is how LaunchBox is set up to work. If LaunchBox was changing folders for other software or doing things to your OS, that's one thing, but it created a few folders several sub folders down. The only time it will create those folders elsewhere is if you tell LaunchBox your media is in another location, it will then create the files and folders it needs in that locations because it's being set up for download. These folders are created and then used for images to be put in, when they're properly labeled on the Database.
  19. So chances are it's because it's still using it's default driver. For PS3 controllers, I used to use MotionJoy, but that doesn't work anymore unfortunately. I did find an alternative, but I never used it. I moved on to PS4 controllers before MotionJoy stopped working. You'll need to get that up and running so that the PS3 controller uses Xinput drivers. RetroArch should automatically see your controller afterwards.
  20. Curved is a gimmick anyways, so that I wouldn't even care about. I would still say the real benefit of a G-Sync (or Freesync) is the low input latency and variable refresh rate in Mame. The ability to turn off V-Sync and still have butter smooth scrolling with the games running at their proper speed is very big. With a 1080p display you can still use integer scaling, you will just have some noticeable black bars at the top and bottom of the screen that are 60 pixels each. Input lag is going to come down to your personal tolerance for it. Some people are very sensitive to it and others not so much but a TV does have more input latency than a monitor so a 1440 60 Hz would be better than a TV. If you are going to abandon the G-Sync idea then look into the BenQ gaming monitors, they are known for their low input lag.
  21. Well I spent most the day researching these G-Sync monitors, as well as newly announced models coming to market soon. There is only one G-Sync monitor being produced (by any manufacturer) that's 32 inches, not curved, and at least 1440p resolution. It's the Acer Predator XB321HK. It's over $1200, is 4K resolution, but unfortunately only runs at 60Hz MAX, regardless of resolution settings (1440p, 4K, etc). So what the hell is the point of dropping this much coin on this monitor if the refresh rate is so low? There are plenty of G-Sync options on 27" or larger curved monitors, and the upcoming 27" models run at 4K & 144hz. Unfortunately none of those size options fit my needs. I guess 32 inch flat G-Sync monitors at a minimum 1440p are rare. So I don't think G-Snyc is going to work for me at the moment. Maybe when more models hit the market in a year or so. I guess my question at this point is.... do you think it's worth it to purchase a 1440p WQHD monitor running at 60Hz max for around $450, or just roll with a VIZIO 1080p TV running at 60Hz for $200? I guess the only benefit would be proper integer scale.
  22. There are a couple of ways to create a platform and import windows programs to it but the simplest way to start is in desktop Launchbox mode simply go to Game at the top and then Add. This will bring up this window.In title type in the name you want the app to be called in Launchbox such as Web Browser. In the platform box type in the name of the browser type in what you want the platform to be called such as Windows Apps and the in the Application Path browse to the executable file or shortcut file for your web browser. Now you will see that you have a platform on the left called Windows Apps (or whatever you want to call it) and a shortcut to your browser. As for the rest of what you are asking that is outside the scope of Launchbox on it it's own since it is meant to be a game launcher and not a UI replacement for Windows but with some extra stuff like Controller Companion which I linked above you can massage it into that if you really wanted to.
  23. I guess winners are e-mailed licenses? I thought one of the entries was me, but no license in my inbox.
  24. Hide task bar is unchecked. It only seems to unhide the taskbar when I launch a game in windowed mode, the taskbar is not unhidden in the main bigbox interface when browsing through games etc. How do I create a platform for shortcuts? Isn't there just a simple way to make the bigbox unfocused/unfullscreen? For example there is a key in Kodi to toggle it. And like I say when I select a game it gives me the option to Open folder/Open Image Folder and when you do the task bar appears so it seems possible.
  25. I have just spent a longer time than I expected creating a custom playlist. First, searching for the game, then right clicking it then Add to Playlist, waiting for the pop-up and hitting ok, rinse and repeat. I apologize in advance if there is an easier way to do this but I was just following the existing tutorial for doing this ( I think a drag and drop system would be a lot easier. I would even be happy with avoiding the confirmation pop-up to shave a few seconds off this process. May be my computer is getting a little long in the tooth but this process is very slow for me. Any inputs would be appreciated.
  26. Uncheck "Hide Taskbar" in Bigbox > Options > General Another option if you want to do it is to create a platform and put shortcuts to programs such as your web browser and other programs you may want to use. If you need further functional control over your computer with your controller you may want to look into something like the software "Controller Companion" available on Steam for a couple of bucks
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