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  2. thank you. this was overlook by me. thank you
  3. Je les peint, tout simplement ! I simply paint them. Brush tool> opacity 25%> Soft brush> Black Color.
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  5. Petite question comment fais tu pour générer une ombre sous un objet sous photoshop ? C'est le seul truc qui m'échappe après le reste j'arrive a bricoler mais je suis loin d'égaler le sensai Little question how do you generate a shadow under an object under photoshop? it's the only one that escapes me after the rest I can tinker but I'm far to equal the sensai;)
  6. I had to set retroarch global settings user 1 and 2 before it would work correctly. Launch retroarch settings and input
  7. Thanks for the response. I wondered if something like that may have been the case, but I just opened the PlatformWheel3FiltersView. xaml file from my copied Default, and it flagged the same error. I believe VS updated to 2019 recently, think I need to downgrade the VS?
  8. I have followed your advice and forced duplicates. Now I have all games twice 😓. Actually, I did not want to use this feature because I want to avoid duplicates. But the good thing is that the missing games are now imported too. 😉
  9. Ahah merci @PaDeMoNiuM !! La vitesse est une impression. En faite, j'ai créé presque tous les montages Photoshop avant de lancer le projet ici. Du coup, ça va assai vite maintenant. Mais c'est une impression ! Les centaines d'heures passées avant, sur les montages, sont invisibles pour vous... 😅 Pour les sources, tout est basé sur des photomontages. Photos trouvées sur Google Image et Vanamo Online Game Museum. Sauf les bornes d'arcade que j'ai créées moi même en 3D (c'est mon métier depuis 18 ans) Je les ai créés de façon à ce qu'on puisse les custom sous Photoshop. Je posterai toutes mes sources à la fin de cette 1re série ! Same text, in English: Speed is an impression. In fact, I created almost all Photoshop montage before starting the project here. Suddenly, it goes quickly now. But it's an impression! The hundreds of hours spent before, on all montage, are invisible to you ... 😅 For sources, everything is based on photomontages. Photos found on Google Image and Vanamo Online Game Museum. Except all arcade cabinet, that I created myself in 3D (this is my job for 18 years) I created them so that we can customize them in Photoshop. I will post all my sources at the end of this 1st series!
  10. I also wanna buy a new laptop, and I saw similar laptop on Back to School Coupons, can you tell me how its working on lunch box? its worth buying? and its good for graphics too?
  11. Ohh I am bit late to saw your post, because just arrived here, is there any recent deals are available?
  12. I'm still hesitant about risk of rain 2. The first ROR was and is one of my favorite games ever made, EVER. I couldn't believe how much fun I had playing it, and I loved the 2d style. I just don't know about the 3d world.
  13. damageinc86


    Yup, as far as I know, DOS uses standard saves in-game since it is just being ran on a virtual hard drive. So it would be just saving your game like normal.
  14. Hi I have some Danish and Scandinavian games, but there is no way I can add it to the DB. The Region list have Norway, Sweden and even Finland Is this a feature request???
  15. OK best method would be to unbind the buttons or giv them other key binding in retroarch like the other one said. If u had some remote like one4all you could have changed the frequent but not with a Samsung. Sorry about that. Hope you can solve it like that.
  16. Just drop an appropriate clear logo in the correct folder with proper naming to match the platform name.
  17. I didn't manage to find the time this weekend, however I'll be doing some of them this week. I have noticed a lot of the titles you've listed have US counterparts that share the exact same boxart, thus the discs would look the same. I can mock up some discs but they'll probably resemble the US versions and wouldn't be worth it. For example Arthur and the Minimoys is just Arthur and the Invisibles, and the Breath of Fire 3 EU box is the exact same as US. You'd get a very similar result grabbing the US ones that @MadK9 has collected. However, If i have time I'll do them all.
  18. Will the controller automations work to close vlc and return to big box? Built my big box set up for the kids. Adding movie would be awesome, so long as they can do it all from the controller.
  19. I've noticed the last 3 Consoles I've added are using a generic white font instead of the actual console logo. Is this normal for my 3 new additions (3DO/TurboGrafx/NeoGeo) or can i edit this?
  20. Ok everything looks right with the Vertical theme. It's just the "manage themes", "manage startup themes", and "manage pause themes" that look like this...
  21. Reviving, the revived thread. I too cannot for the life of me get the text smaller. See my screenshot of my display settings. Does it have to do with portrait mode? I have the bigbox portrait theme set!
  22. I finally got around to building a new computer, so I'm finally going to start building my emulation station. Before I go all in, I want to make sure I am structuring my files in a smart manner. See folder structure below for how I plan on doing this. Even though my C-drive is a faster SSD drive, I am still planning on putting all my data on my slower internal 4TB storage drive, the Z-drive. The reason for this is because I want to be able to back it up easily to my external drive. If I have the emulators, images, videos on the C-drive and my roms on the Z drive, it could be tough managing an easy drag and drop backup. Plus, having it all on one drive will make it much more mobile, to be used on other PC's, like at a friends house. Also, the reason I made my internal 4TB drive the letter Z is to make sure I don't have any rom path issues when I do use this build on other PC's ... I ran into this issue with my MAME build sometimes when playing on other PC's ... I assume this could be an issue with other emulators too. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts on my plans, or any tips from past experience. I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row before a go all in and set all my emulators up. Thanks! Z:\ ... (traditional 4TB drive) \Emulators\ \PlayStation 2\PCSX2\pcsx2.exe \Nintendo DS\Desmume\desmume.exe etc... \LaunchBox\ \ROMs\ \NES\ \SNES\ \N64\ \DS\ \GBA\ \MAME 0.198 CHDs (merged)\ \MAME 0.198 ROMs (non-merged)\ Etc...
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  24. Sure thing! Next batch of videos I upload, I'll make sure to add that one.
  25. The version does matter, but not for you, its pre 0.173 that dosnt work. Do you have this command-line in your MAME entry?
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