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  2. Here is a realistic Arcade bezel for the game Gals Panic II for use on Mame. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2IWNezF
  3. Here is a realistic Arcade bezel for the game Gals Panic for use on Mame. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/35FomGo
  4. Hi! I am using a complete MAME 0.214 Romset (CHD and all that jazz) and it work great! Unless I want to "Scan for removed ROMs" because with MAME it will remove 531 Roms that it think are "No longer on my drive". Problem is, they are on my drive and they play just fine, both in MAME and in Launchbox... Is that a function that should not be used with MAME? Giving false positive like that is a bit worrisome. Thanks!
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  6. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    Thanks. I can tell you that if you have v4, then you really don't need to bring anything over from v2 or v3. I don't remove games unless they are duplicated. And since v4 is already in launchbox, you already have that part taken care of for you.
  7. You got it man. I slowly plugged items back in and tested for a few days. I have had zero delay until...Corsair Dongle plugged into USB 2.0 Extension (for range) is the cause. What a b*stard! I'll plug it into it's own USB 3.0 Port and see how we get on.
  8. Hi mate cheers for the reply no I am not running anything like that just actually had to google what it was lol. I have an AMD Radeon graphics card installed
  9. Are you running MSI Afterburner? If so add a exception in Riva Tuner for Launchbox.exe.
  10. Hi all installed version 10.5 on my system this week and it will not start up. I have a quad core pc running windows 10 with .net framework 4.8 installed all my drivers are up to date. The program starts up then says initialising and then just disappears. I have checked event viewer on my system and have copied it to my post so some kind soul can have a look at it lol - System - Provider [ Name] Application Error - EventID 1000 [ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 100 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2019-10-16T12:23:32.312230700Z EventRecordID 18022 Channel Application Computer BEDROOM Security - EventData LaunchBox.exe 5d93e07b clr.dll 4.8.4018.0 5d4a67fe c00000fd 00000000001f6e3e 16e8 01d5841c7493674c C:\Users\jonty\LaunchBox\LaunchBox.exe C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\clr.dll c1dce730-1963-45e3-a61b-7ff8062325c7 I have tried reinstalling .net framework but just get "can't install as its already up to date" any help on this greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  11. Your tool is monstrously slow , compared to chdman using command? i can compress 2 games using chd while with tool i can barrely compress 1 game in same time
  12. lou silver

    eXoDOS v4

    Thanks for all your hard work , people have no idea the hours that go into stuff like this... I have everything you've released 2.0, 3.0 , 4.0 etc each in their respective folders What would you recommend as far as merging collections and importing into launchbox? I've been collecting your sets forever and have everything I just would like to merge it all into one location , not waste any disk space or lose titles in the process. Sorry if this might be a tall order, MSDOS has been a huge stone at the back of my to do list, congrats on the latest release and thanks again for all the work put into this.
  13. See this thread below for attempts to make it work. Highlights: 1) One issue is the RA core is version 1.8 of Hatari and standalone is up to 2.2 2) tos.img file needs to go in the Retroarch\system directory. 1.02 (CRC32 = D3C32283), others may work but that is what have. 3) Some have noted that needs hatari.cfg file in Retroarch\system directory. I have found RA will run regardless as long as tos.img is in system directory. The path to the image directory is driven by RA. But if you do have it in the system directory, doesn't "hurt" anything. Note that the paths are normal Windows path format not the Linux format used in the instructions. See example attached. Note: Hatari loves to stick things (nvram, and autosaves for example) in the Users\###\AppData\Local \Hatari folder by default (for 2.2). The RA core one likes to stick things in Users\####\.hatari So if hit F12 when Hatari is running (as well with RA core) will see where paths are set as well as other emulation settings. If you hit save cfg in the F12 screen it will dump a full CFG file similar to standalone. Haven't played with it enough in RA core to see if it will take all those settings or not. 4) .st extension files seem to work for me. However, I and at least others in the thread below couldn't get the .ipf files to work. Core says it works with them but all games I have tried get stuck at white screen and will not boot. Again, might be some combination of settings but suspect it is just an old version not playing well. 5) End result: Standalone is easier, works relatively quickly out of box, and is updated. I have Steem and Hatari working. I prefer to use RA where possible as well, but when you get to the computer emulation they have lots of issues and the benefit of unified controller is less of an issue since most times you are stuck with hitting the keyboard at some point. YMMV. I hatari.cfg
  14. Old thread, but you can add this to the default command line and it seems to work: --escape-exit https://forums.ppsspp.org/showthread.php?tid=12344
  15. I added the new ScummVM as a separate emulator. If use the pointer files in this thread it will get you 90% there. I didn't do for every version/game but you get the idea. I used EpicFails launcher prior but he would also need to update plugin since his DB internal to the program doesn't pull all the codes for the new games. One advantage (like the internal LB method) is that it works with Pause Screens which is what originally sent me down the path since wanted access to manuals in pause. Pause screens, at least on my setup, never worked if using the batch file method. The other is that this will also work with Retroarch with no changes since pointer files have GameID files in the text file as well.
  16. Ohh, right. Kind of forgot about that. Given that I use EpicFail's ScummVM Launcher to make ScummVM portable, I'm not sure it will work the way I want it to, though (the EpicFail ScummVM Launcher creates bat files that point to LaunchBox's version of ScummVM, which I could potentially edit/redo, but I'm not 100% sure that would work, and even if it does, it would take a bit of fuss to get it to work). Might look into it if I have the time, but for now, probably not worth the effort for me. Thanks for the response!
  17. As @Retro808 mentioned, it's best to make a request to the theme's author in the original thread where the file and information can be found. Coincidentally, I asked a very talented and helpful theme creator, Faeran, to add that very same feature in the "RetroFresh" theme and he took care of it in a very quick manner to my surprise
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  19. Im guessing you can not overwrite the version included with Launchbox, you would have to add the new version as a new emulator. Launchbox checks for its required files at launch and recreates them if it cant find them, so would likely overwrite anything you add there.
  20. I read that the update added a "pixel perfect" scaling option, as well as compatibility with a few games, improved Roland MT-32 sound emulation, and support for syncing save games via cloud services (pretty impressive set of new features!). I went to update my non-LaunchBox version of ScummVM, and I noticed that it uses the installer, which I'm guessing isn't ideal for the LaunchBox version. I'm looking at the download page on ScummVM's website, and I assume I'd want to use the "Windows 64bit zipfile" version to overwrite my files, but I'm not sure if there are any files that I *shouldn't* overwrite. It's worth pointing out that I'm also using the EpicFail ScummVM Launcher, so I need to be careful about not messing up those settings (one of my hard drives is pretty big, so I'll probably make a copy of my LaunchBox folder & experiment with it, once I get the chance. I'll update this post once I do). Related question - anyone mess with the pixel perfect option in ScummVM? One thing that has bothered me, including with DOS Box, is that the resolution scaling can be off. I never really notice it, but I like to try to capture the original experience as much as possible (minus quality of life things - I don't need to emulate the load times of old floppy drives, or switching disks, although I do like how the Amiga emulator has the option to simulate that, down to the disc reading sounds 😂). Also curious about the improved Roland MT-32 emulation, since I LOVE that feature, but sometimes the notes sound a bit sour.
  21. I do think this is a good idea, since I went a long while without realizing that the collective updates was eating quite a few gigs of space. I don't really need that feature since I can just do it manually, but I'm thinking more of new users who don't realize the old update files are still on their hard drive. If there's a reason why adding the option to delete the old updates isn't feasible (even if it's just a prioritizing features thing), maybe just adding a notification letting the user know that they can delete old updates manually would be a good temporary solution. For instance, just a line or two of text when you confirm installing the latest update (maybe also mention that it's advisable to keep an old update or two in case you need to revert to a previous version).
  22. Just wanted to note that I have never used launchbox on my laptop but purely installed every everything to export to android devices. Currently everything is almost running nicely except for for issues trying to get the Mame Neogeo working on my phone as it works on my nvidia shield. There does seem to be an issue where you cannot tell a platform to disable extract. If flips when you click it but when you view again it's enabled again. Auto disabled for Mame and arcade though. Feature requests that I would love to see. Would love the ability to see the platform images rather than the text. Possibility of using bezels easily. Maybe some functionality to add command parameters. The reason I ask is that I have recently discovered 3d shaders for enabled tvs projectors and the game play is fantastic. Maybe support for the music and video.
    Very snazzy looking on my 4k tv. I like this a lot!
  23. sick my friend, can't wait, your work is truly appreciated, thank you for the teaser
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