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  2. Also, make sure you don't have something called the Nahimic service running in your Windows services. That's a piece of software that's known to cause issues like that with a bunch of apps.
  3. The version that was already a 64-bit application was 11.3 not 11.6; 10.15 and 11.0 are both demanding NET Framework 4.8, while Windows XP tops out with 4.03 . . I'll try version 7.8 next. Kiwi
  4. Well, I normally have all updated. I just confirmed it now. Both Nvidia video drivers and Windows updates are up to date. I'll also check possible conflicts with background services and apps. I can test also old versions of Launchbox. Thx.
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  6. Okay, good to know, thanks. Unfortunately I think this probably caused by outdated or flawed video drivers; can you try updating your video drivers and running all Windows updates? The other thing that it could possibly be is a conflict with a background application, but the first thing to try is to update everything.
  7. The only application I planned to run was DOSbox, but Launchbox seemed like a nice addition! Kiwi
  8. neil9000

    32bit LaunchBox?

    Please dont post in multiple threads with the same issue. Nothing strange is happening, you are running a 32bit version of Windows, Launchbox is now 64bit only.
  9. The-Kiwi

    32bit LaunchBox?

    I have just tried to install Launchbox to a 32-bit version of Windows, and was unable to run the installer. When I tried it, I got the error message that it isn't a valid Win32 application. Funny thing is, I ran a search on my error message, and this thread didn't come up until after I was told that only 64-bit software was available now. Something odd is happening! Kiwi
  10. To be honest 3GB of RAM isnt going to be enough anyway, Windows will use that by itself.
  11. I'll run a search on the Internet specifying that, first, since I wasn't aware of the need for a 64-bit version. Since I'm only using three GBs of RAM, I didn't figure I needed to get another, late-release OS copy. Kiwi
  12. If you are using a 32bit version OS LB no longer supports 32bit. You can email support@unbrokensoftware.com and advise you would need a 32bit version. Unfortunately it will be an older version. I believe it will be a version prior to 11.6 or 11.5.
  13. Pretty one ! 😃 What you are trying to do is impossible. At least, I never figured out how! If you want a centered version: Just remove the "ANIMATION" part of the video code, from the post above. But the code cannot see the difference between different video ratio. I have already twisted the problem all over the place with BigCouch theme. If you find a solution, share !!
  14. the video is not going to the right. it stays center. The goal is to have 16:9 1080p videos show full screen. see below image. But also have 4:3 images/videos get shoved to the right correctly. which is not working. see below image. I have tried multiple methods of forcing the images/videos to the right, but nothing seems to work.
  15. I've just downloaded the Launchbox install for Windows, and attempted to run it. I did try a local search here, and previously tried an internet search using Google, and had no hits for the specific program. Before I attempt a broad spectrum general action, I want to affirm that it's a brand new Windows setup, also. The PC has been chosen as a DOSbox platform, and has almost nothing on it, yet. Thank you in advance. Kiwi
  16. yeah I have them both on my desktop labeled batman and batman raw thrills
  17. When you renamed the Games did you rename the images first? If you have all the images for both games in the arcade image folder and then you renamed the games LB will then rename the image files. Which means it will change any image named after the same name both games had. So it is best to rename the image files first then rename the game when you have two games of the exact same name in LB.
  18. so No then, as they are different Not a lot i can recommend then other than what you already said you did by renaming the newer game, did you also rename the images to match that new name?
  19. Yup. DB ID 10686 and 177303
  20. Well that is exactly the issue, you should have them in separate platforms, Do both the games have the same database ID?
  21. its a standard approach for full screen apps on the Mac, so I borrowed the approach and works very nicely, I dont know why i didnt think of this before and now if i want to add extra functionality while editing the view i can simply add menu items to the bar, so thanks for making the suggestion.
  22. Glad it worked out for ya. I CLEARLY underestimated how long your translated strings were compared to their English counterpart lol
  23. at first I was skeptical because it doesn't fully solve the issue but I think it should really help after we get used to it! Seems like a decent approach.
  24. Gotcha. Thanks for the information; what about MAME metadata vs. LB using Final Burn Neo? I was going to go with Mame 2003 Plus because I'm setting up on an Nvidia Shield, and that's the latest MAME core available on Android TV; but ATV does have FBN, and I'm hearing good things; so maybe I'll grab a set of FBN roms. Should I force MAME meta, or just use standard LB?
  25. Im ready to pull my hair out here. I have two images for two different games. One if a Batman themed side scrolling beat em up from the 90s. The other is a Batman themed driving game thats much more recent. Both are (super creatively) named Batman. Ive left the 90s one named Batman. Ive changed the second one to a bunch of different names (Batman Raw Thrills, Batman Car Game, Batmobile, etc) but no matter what I name the games or their images, when I dump them both in my Launchbox image library one will ultimately swap to the other game for no reason and delete the other one so Im usually left with a mis-imaged game and one with no image. I even deleted the newer game and reuploaded it to Launchbox. Same thing. Any help here? Im going crazy. Btw I do realize they should be in two different platforms (mame and teknoparrot) but Im a psycho and want every game you could find in an arcade under a platform just called "Arcade" instead of breaking them down by emulators. To me when I see Marvel vs Capcom I say "hey thats an arcade game" not "Hey thats a mame game".
  26. Awesome! Could you share the gamemarqueeview.xaml file? Thank you!
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