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  2. Hello all! TLDR; I created a theme a couple years ago in XBMC and approached Jason about porting it as a front-end look for launch box. At the time, he wasn't ready to focus on the aesthetics of his young application much, but in revisiting launch-box recently I was excited to see the Big Box development as a stable option within the application. I'd like to port my theme to Big Box, but want to partner with a developer so I can focus on the design work and actually complete the project. --------------------------------------- I think this is a professional looking design with a next-gen console feel. I was using it exclusively for PC games. Some of the challenges I had with XBMC (like getting videos to play properly) are stable and functional within Big Box already. I'm confident that if someone is well-versed in theme development, it wouldn't take much time to port this design to Big Box. I'm a graphic designer and have some interface design experience, but I'm not efficient enough in the development department to see this through. I know it's all feasible within the theme engine, I'm just tripping over syntax and some Visual Studio concepts. I'd like to partner with a developer to move through this quickly. If anyone is interested in helping out, please let me know. Given my busy work/family schedule, I don't think I'm willing to undertake this without partnering with an experienced developer to move things along at a fast pace. These are screenshots from this design implemented in XBMC a couple of years ago. I have some style updates that I want to make to it, but this would generally be the Box List style view.
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  4. ExoDOS Import

    For what it's worth, I'm actually seeding with Deluge.
  5. ExoDOS Import

    Thanks! Deluge appears to be working through it.
  6. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Sure. The black screen thing is definitely CPU-load related. I may just need to put in a slightly greater delay. Per the details, I'm not sure what the discrepancy would be there. Previously it was always stopped for me when returning from details, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't have been for you, but who knows. I'll come back to that at some point.
  7. ExoDOS Import

    Do you happen to be using the latest version of qBittorrent? I had all kinds of issues with any version of 4.x. I rolled back to 3.3.16 and all was good again.
  8. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    " Only happened for me when I went to another window and came back before. " - before the update. vid use to freeze then when switching windows. But it never froze when coming back from details. After update it seems to now freeze when coming back from details. If you were referring to the black screen thing instead, yes, after update. Edit: so far it has only done so the first time after update. I closed it and restarted about 8 times and it didn't do it anymore. maybe it was just a one time thing this time. we'll see.
  9. Hi There, Launchbox newbie here (but veteran IT). First of all this is my new favorite frontend for pretty much everything that has to do with launching something (you dont say !). Small issue: I have multiple platform and theme music from my games were downloaded autotmatically from different sources (including Emumovies). Issue is for N64 platforme, 0 music, none. Question1: Where are theme song (from selection screen when you hover a game and the theme start playing) downloaded from ? Is it EmuMovies ? Question2: Is it just a normal issue and there is no actual providers for N64 games ? Thank you very much for your time. Jello
  10. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    You mean after the update?
  11. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Oh, I don't remember it happening when coming back from details. Only happened for me when I went to another window and came back before. Also, when I updated, I was welcomed with the black startup video screen. dun Dun DUUUUUUUUN.
  12. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    That's been the case for a while; it's not a new thing. Though I agree that I should put it on the to-do list to change.
  13. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    @eatkinola outlined the steps a while back in the XAML Tips thread. Here's the post... Click the arrow in the upper right corner to go directly to the post.
  14. Android Emulation

    When I was into it (probably about a year ago) I was using koplayer with no complaints. I don't know how portable it is though. I just know it seemed a lot less invasive than Andy or Bluestacks. (layman opinion, bluestacks in particular had processes running at all times).
  15. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    sound issue fixed but now there is a new problem. when coming back from the details screen, the video on the game screen is paused and doesn't resume play until you move to a new game.
  16. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    ok sorry it was long but it works now !
  17. ExoDOS Import

    I see, thanks for the answer eXo. And again, thanks so much for this and i hope you are getting better regarding your medical condition
  18. ExoDOS Import

    You sure as hell shouldn’t have to eXo; you've done enough!!
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  20. ExoDOS Import

    I was an uploader on IPT, however to maintain uploader status there I had to upload a certain amount of things every month. Inherently, my work often has months in between, so this forced me to waste time creating torrents for individual games other dumb things just to maintain uploader status. I have since let that status lapse, and now no longer have a method of uploading my data there. They have suggested I find an uploader who wants to mirror my work, but frankly, it's very time consuming to get someone up to speed, get the description right, etc all through a secondary person. If someone else uploads there, then yay for them. I'm not going to spend time begging someone to do it though.
  21. Conflict with some key configurations

    If you are worried about a user backing out into the menu and accessing your settings you can set a lock code. This will prevent them from getting into the settings piece of the menu. They can still back out to that main menu, but that main one will only allow them to use the filter functions on that page if they want to browse your games by certain criteria. They really cannot mess up your settings.
  22. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Arf i do it in the options and even if i made it inside my 2 computers it doesn't work for instant , it stay in the 7.14 version
  23. Conflict with some key configurations

    Hi @Jason Carr! Me and my strange whishes, LOL. Your solution is great and works that way, thanks. About the second one, if you think it can be done in a future (with 2 different keys, I think), that would be just great. For now, I will keep working that way. Thanks again! Martin
  24. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Thank you Jason !
  25. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Hiding behind the beard and the hair is a real thing.
  26. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    I believe the real reason you haven't live streamed is because of the attention you got when you shaved, and i predict you will return looking like this... Anyway keep up the awesome work
  27. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Yup, just check the box in the LaunchBox options under General > Updates and restart.
  28. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    is it possible to download this beta version ?
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