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  2. Thing is most new games will require the same sort of graphics power as the ps3 and xbox 360 emulators do, ( and to be fair the emulators may need more power than new games, and also neither of those emulators are ready for prime time yet). I used to have a GTX 1060 6GB card paired with a i5 3570k and some PS3 stuff ran somewhat OK, other stuff was a complete no go, i also tried Red Dead Redemption on the 360 emulator and that ran at about 15 frames a second. This as i say with a 1060, which is more powerful obviously than a 1050 TI. Obviously your mileage may vary depending on the games you want to play, but i feel you are being a little over optimistic here with the platforms to run with that GPU, and even more so when you consider how new and buggy those systems emulators currently are.
  3. Dynamite Duke dynduke.zip I recreated the artwork, in case you can use it:
  4. I have a machine i built back in 2013 with the socket 1150 chipset and have launchbox running on it. Spec is pentium g3220 gigabye h87m-g43 motherboard onboard graphics 400w psu 8gb ddr3 ram 1TB hdd i saw a couple of great vids on youtube by eta prime and simply austin, so added a gtx 1050 ti card to replace the onboard graphics only issue is the card height is bigger than my current case so thinking of replacing it with a thermaltake v21 case and also replacing the cpu with a i5 4690, do you think that will be good enough to cover emulators up to ps3, xbox 360? Or would it be cheaper to buy an old dell optiplex and put the spare ram and gtx 1050 in it ? I dont want to play latest pc games just emulators up to xbox 360 era max. thanks in advance
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  6. I know. I’ve been trying to load two particular games that require this file. All the rom sets I’ve tried are lacking this particular file Although it’s been recommended I go to archive.org to obtain most roms for mame so I’ll try there next
  7. Hello, while running through launchbox I get this error. But if I run direct I get no error and games run. RetroArch I don't bother with because it is such a pain in the ass with black screens, not launching etc hense why I try and use the other apps. Thanks
  8. It's most likely a file that would be inside either the rom file or a bios or parent rom required for the game to work.
  9. Lets make a long story short. i5 2500k with amd r9 380 on windows 10, im running crt-emudriver, ran vmmaker to install custon modelines/super resolutions. Ive installed groovymame and have it running through the crt and it looks amazing. I had all systems running good through launchbox like in video below... Everything was running great and awesome...... Untill I actually started playing games and noticed they were soft looking and realized they were running in 480i instead of 240p with scanlines. I started troubleshooting retroarch and finally got games launching from retroarch in there native 240p-ish resolutions and looking great. I ended up deleting retroarch config file and updating retroarch, with a fresh config I changed the following to.... menu_driver=”rgui” menu_show_advanced_settings = “true” video_driver = “d3d11” video_frame_delay = “0” video_fullscreen = “true” video_smooth = “false” video_aspect_ratio = “8.000000” crt_switch_resolution = “1” crt_switch_resolution_super = “2560” crt_switch_resolution_use_custom_refresh_rate = “true” custom_viewport_height = “240” custom_viewport_width = “2560” In the attached image you can see things running from retroarch directly but when I launch them from bigbox its scrambled like its just out of sync. This is happening with every single emulator/core/system ran with retroarch from bigbox. But they run fine in retroarch directly. Ive been racking my brain and spent several days trying to iron out the bugs with this setup. Any ideas?
  10. +1 for the effort but the sluggish performance/frame drops makes me happy to stick with platforms/emulators I actually use.
  11. Hey folks Not entirely sure if this has been asked before - but I’m trying to load games using latest version of MAME and this particular file is proving very hard to find
  12. Ive been setting up my steam games and so far its worked ok. However, I had an old account that had CD keys for a bunch of games from like 15 years ago that I recently recovered. I added this account to my existing account under family sharing and started downloading the games. half life, half life 2, half life 2 episode 1, 2 and lost coast, blue shift, opposing forces, and portal to be exact. For some reason, the steam importer only finds the games involved with half life 2. It doesnt even give me the option to import the other things. any ideas?
  13. I'm using Nostalgia v5 emulator. There is a controller config for 4 players in there. http://www.intellivision.us/intvgames/nostalgia/nostalgia.php It seems to work pretty well for me.
  14. Hmmm, I'm on the default theme, so looks like I'm gonna have to do some experiments.
  15. Update: [ColecoVision] Startup and Pause Theme.
  16. Ya I can see why it's not as simple with Retroarch, even if I can't get these figured out to be ordered the way I'd like it's not really a problem, just makes you have to figure out which controller is which when you load up games, annoying but not that big of a issue, at least for me.
  17. Sorry for any trouble there. As long as you have any previously purchased license file, you should be able to upgrade on the upgrade page for the previous price. Are you seeing issues with that?
  18. Cant believe I accidentally selected the Hode Games with no cover Art option. I feel like such a derp. Thank you.
  19. I haven't tried your releases yet since I have an eternal backlog, but I wanted to say thanks for your work.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Alright, so everything's done. Everything's imported, media added for everything, made a couple more custom note overlays, cleanup's done... at this point I'm just going to do some final testing and we should be good to go. If anybody is having any issues with the testing version, let me know, otherwise I should have it out in the next couple days.
  22. it's so weird, my license expired early January and I wrongfully upgraded about 3 days later, which rendered my license obsolete. I wasn't worried because I was going to buy lifetime, but then i saw the new prices (in February), so I hit your costumer support and instead of mentioning I still had access to previous price, they just sent me the last good version (for my license) of launchbox premium. I ended up not buying, how do i access the previous pricing?
  23. ok thanks for reply i seen to have got it working now with using mame as emulator now.
  24. It has been requested many times. You have to remember that although MAME has static IDs, they are enumerated on startup and don't change. Retroarch on the other hand is setup to handle dynamic device additions and removals. It does appear with recent changes in Retroarch it enumerates even XInput devices as DInput as well (while using XInput driver still) so much easier to order using Retroarch's device indexes.
  25. HI, I'm looking to the HDExes.7z pack in order to run games like Chaos Breakers in high resolution, but i don't find this pack anywhere...please can anyone help me? thank you!
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