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  2. Many thanks for getting back to me. Creating empty text files from Excel list is very easy. However, once I do that: (1) Can Launchbox display data for games that come from different stores, like GOG, Steam, Epic etc.? (2) What kind of art/videos/gifs/pictures can I expect for current Windows games? I saw some gorgeous animations/short video clips for retro games that play automatically when viewing games in LaunchBox. Will there be any such videos/trailers showing gameplay for e.g. Steam games? Will there be pictures showing gameplay or perhaps only the cover? (3) On the page that displays information about each game, can I manually add custom: (a) fields/categories (e.g., a yes/no field for "controller support"); (b) tags (e.g. tags for game genre, like "FPS", "simulation", "RTS"); pictures/videos (e.g., game trailers that I download manually from Steam)?
  3. I'm pretty new to emulation and I plan on turning my PC into an HTPC type of set up for my living room. I wanted to put an emulator on there for (mostly) Nintendo systems so I don't have to hook up all of my systems as a way to keep it clean. I'm planning on setting up launchbox to do the task, but my only question is how would I be able to play the games on a controller. Are there 'all in one' type of controllers that I can use for most of the Nintendo consoles (at least up to Game cube anyways)? Also, would I have to configure the controller every time I switch systems (ie. going from an NES game to an SNES game) or will the configuration be remembered every time I go back to a game I played before? Hopefully that makes sense.
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  5. I don't use Retroarch for MAME, but I tried running the latest MAME core (0.214) following this guide: https://docs.libretro.com/guides/softwarelist-getting-started/ (Using Method 1, Method 2 should like a lot of work) and it seem to load OK once the hash file was put in RetroArch/system/mame but it promptly locks up my PC completely. Not really work the hassle VNCing in to check what's going on. Is there a specific reason to use Retroarch for MAME? SHaders?
  6. Anyone have the latest 6.3 version up and running? All the xml files I copy over are corrupted and make Launchbox crash, would anyone mind sharing their xmls ? these are the xmls
  7. Here is a realistic Arcade overlay for the game Ridge Racer for use on Retroarch. This overlay is coming soon on my Arcade Retroarch Pack. Stay tuned!
  8. Hello there. I was just wondering if there is a way to make a (auto-hide) taskbar still accessible even with the Launchbox window maximized. Thanks for the help!
  9. Moved topic as this had nothing to do with Collections or Builds. Yes there is a way in both LaunchBox and Big Box. Both have options called "Show Broken Games". Make sure it is not selected. Then mark any games not working as "Broken" in the edit screen and they will disappear for you.
  10. Yes very subjective and you can waste a lot of time tinkering per game. i switched to Lordmonkus’ HLSL settings from above awhile back and have been happy with them.
  11. Great Job! Can we use it to make an automatic playlist of "most played games" ? And I have a request too : is it possible to add the possibility to add time of play to a game? (I have many hours in a few RPG, it would be great to indicate the actual time of my save in order to have a really accurate time, in BigBox). Thanks for your work!
  12. Here is a realistic Arcade overlay for the game Virtua Fighter for use on Retroarch. This overlay is coming soon on my Arcade Retroarch Pack. Stay tuned!
  13. I did this by accident once too, but I cant remember how i fixed it.. I believe I did something in the XML-files
  14. Could try this plugin which seems to work https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/51888-ps3-ebootbin-bulk-importer/
  15. You know you've been part of the emulation scene for a long time when you see 3 ninjas in a screenshot and immediately know it's a SNES folder. Yes, I know the movie comes from that era of gaming... You have to have been part of that era and or the emu screen to know it though. Lol
  16. For example on this game it correctly ID'd the game and got some of the media but not the 2d-box art?
  17. Just a catch-all for games with that type of content. I'm not literally saying games not appropriate for work.
  18. Also I believe you are referring to "Erotic" or "Adult" games not "NSFW". Even I am not allowed to play a game at work, regardless of content
  19. Just removed the images. Don't think they add to the discussion. Think we all know what a NSFW image is. In regards to if we would do something like that I will need to defer to some one else.
  20. Thanks but I don't deserve much credit for these as they are small changes from existing logo's. I'm not planning to take requests as it takes away time from other projects i'm working on sorry bro.
  21. It shouldn't, no. But if you want to run a test to make sure by deleting it first, I would appreciate it.
  22. One last thing. If there was maybe a png or jpg image inside the roms folder could this cause the crash?
  23. As much as I love going through and removing every NSFW game manually, it'd be a lot easier to remove/delete them as an import option just like with MAME. Could we get a NSFW database tag so we can filter these out? Or just filter unlicensed in general? I'm sure it'd get a lot of use. @CBeatt13 @Jason Carr @Lordmonkus @neil9000
  24. Is there any way to filter out games that do not work?
  25. or use the RetroArch VICE core and work with standard m3u files Also my request here would make our life easier
  26. I'm pretty sure there are Arcade games that run below 48 but can't name any off hand. Actually now I'm not sure I thought I saw a game as low as 15 but on looking into it its 15khz which isn't the same thing.
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