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  2. Mame not working

    The version of Mame I use is specifically for the command line version and like I have in my guide you download the Mame installer from http://mamedev.org/release.html. That is the installer, when you run it it will ask you where you want to extract the files to, you can have them anywhere you like for your personal organization methods. In my guide I show my personal method that works for me. You do not have to have any roms in the \roms folder of your chosen Mame install folder but you will need to tell Mame where they are if you put them elsewhere, I explain that in my tutorial.
  3. CoverBox

    Astonishing. Thank you. Is there any way to remove Star Rating and/or Single/Multi info, and add instead a "Completed" tag icon?
  4. Mame not working

    Some zip files just have the files in a folder already when extracting and some don't. I'd suggest you just create a folder MAME inside Launchbox\Emulators and unzip your mame 0.196 there. Then follow the tutorial above. MAME will look at it's mame.ini file to see the location of your mame roms and bios. I think by default it looks in the "rom" folder that is created from unzipping your mame zip, but you can change that location in mame.ini if you want.
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  6. Unified

    Works great! The pointer still fades, but my values are all at 1. Any idea how to make it so the pointer doesnt fade as well?
  7. Mame not working

    I started reading the tutorial but I am confused because most of my other emulators create a folder when unzipped with the name of the emulator and files inside but I don't have a MAME folder. Am I supposed to create a MAME folder specifically for what is unzipped when I download MAME? I keep reading to put things inside a MAME folder but I don't have one. I have a MAME folder for my ROMS but not a folder for the MAME emulator application.
  8. Mame not working

    Have you looked at my tutorial thread ?
  9. Mame not working

    Not sure what I need to do. I downloaded a zip file of MAME 0.196. I unzipped it and placed the application in my Emulators folder in LB. I installed some MAME roms and they were successfully added to LB. When I click to play any of the MAME games the screen just goes black for a half second and nothing happens. I went to install the BIOS for MAME and have the folder with the BIOS and inside are many zipped BIOS for MAME. The instructions I read for the BIOS says to look on my C: drive and put the BIOS folder in my startup MAME folder but when I unzipped MAME it was just an application, a SYM file and some config files and it didn't have a folder with sub categories or anything with the word startup. I don't know if this is why none of the games are working or if there is something else I am doing wrong. Can anyone offer any guidance?
  10. Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Just to let you bone heads know. I will be publishing all my rings without the game logo. So stay tuned!
  11. Steam Privacy for Finding Steam Games

    Tired that multiple times as well
  12. No, They are not PlayStation 3 Store covers, They are disc game covers. I have already downloaded the covers from that site and made Boxes from them. There is a link to them in my first post.
  13. Close and reopen LB and try again?
  14. Commodore 64 loading

    Yeah I knew TOSEC are more in the spirit of preservation than quality per say. I had never heard of Gamebase64, their v15 collection is monolithic in size. Just found it, I'm in!
  15. Sony PlayStation 3 Store 3D Boxes (763)

    is this what your looking for? http://www.thecoverproject.net/view.php?cat_id=19
  16. Simple problem, go through all the steam ID and API key to download my steam library however once all this is complete it says my steams privacy is set to private. However I have changed my privacy multiple times and no configuration or changes seem to make this problem go away. HAAALP!
  17. Commodore 64 loading

    I really don't recommend using TOSEC for C64 as there is a metric boatload of bad dumps in there. A lot of games will have like 6 or 7 dumps available and there might be one or two good ones among them. Gamebase64 is normally a safe bet, with one version each, with the best or at the very least a working version of them.
  18. Just wanted to make a suggestion regarding the forums/website here if I may be so bold: DO NOT FREAKIN' CHANGE! I collected physical vintage/retro video games for many years. After given it up (without going into the details) I tried my hand at Hyperspin. I enjoyed it very much though I only did the arcade games side of things. It was a bit to get my head around at first but I got there in the end. Without bashing the Hyperspin community here ('cause that wouldn't be cool), they were not bad people but not overly helpful/friendly. Years later, fast forward to two and a half months ago and I signed up for, and paid for Launchbox premium and have never looked back. In only ten weeks I have amassed around 150 platforms totaling about 53k games. More so though the community here has been indescribably helpful (even though I just used the word 'indescribably' to describe it). So please do not change anything here. For the people I have interacted with thus far including the plethora of already very helpful information floating within has been worth a hundred times more than the premium fee I initially paid. I am not the brightest bulb in the box regarding all this stuff but hopefully one day in the future I can give a little back regarding artwork contributions and the likes. So don't ya'll change now, ya hear?!
  19. Let's discuss the new HD 3D boxes!

    I think they're great but I prefer the authenticity of replicating how the original box would have looked. With that said, why not both? Since both methods look great, it could just be another option. Thanks for all the hard work in creating this media.
  20. Add To Games DB

    I'm having the same problem.
  21. Commodore 64 loading

    I just spent half an hour going through my 1.6k .tap files and they are all unzipped and renamed appropriately. Though I do I have a set of TOSEC .d64 files which they are about 17k. It will take some time to sort through those to do the same thing but I think I will just bite the bullet and commit to doing so. I will report back as to my success or lack-thereof in the end.
  22. Commodore 64 loading

    One other thing that's worth mentioning is that the Maximum 1541 Speed feature isn't going to do anything for you if you're using .tap files. Those are tapes, which Max 1541 Speed doesn't have any bearing on. 1541 refers to the 1541 floppy diskette drive, and only impacts disk formats. .d64 is the format I recommend.
  23. Commodore 64 loading

    What DOS said is correct, although that won't help with the ones that are getting renamed with Bulk Rename Utility since it'd be more than just the extension that's getting changed. Removing them from your library and then reimporting would probably be easiest. As long as your files are named pretty coherently you should be able to get them to match up with your previously downloaded media.
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  25. Hidden games showing in "All Games" in Bigbox

    Thanks @neil9000. Do you happen to know if it is possible to start directly into a specific playlist, or just a list of playlists?
  26. Commodore 64 loading

    You can close LB go to the data folder open your c64 xml file with Notepad++ and use the find and replace feature to change all .zip references to .tap save the xml and restart LB and they should all be changed.
  27. Commodore 64 loading

    I just extracted them and am going to use Bulk Rename Utility to get rid of any parenthesis. I will let you know how I go. Because Launchbox is linked to them as a .zip I will have to upload them to Launchbox again now right?
  28. Chicuelo Theme

    no worries, i've been researching it a bit and found this but no idea how to follow up with calling it into BigBox. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5671021/wpf-centering-content-in-a-scrollviewer https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2946954/make-listview-scrollintoview-scroll-the-item-into-the-center-of-the-listview-c
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