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  3. orphen92

    Exit FS-uae with automation activated

    Ok i found a first solution but it's not what i realy want to do. Directly in the advanced property of FS-uae emulators i have set this Xinput_Controller_Button_9 = action_quit So when i press the right analog pad of my controller, the emulator closes. I realy want that when i hold select and press start the emulator closes :(. I think there is a solution directly in launchbos to do that
  4. I have mine set up using a nifty program for USB emulation program called VirtualHere. This program emulates the dolphin bar like it was actually connected to your host PC (I actually went ahead and purchased a full version of the program as I have other use cases; however, you should be able to use the non-full version but I think there were some limitations....can't remember off the top of my head what they were). Using VirtualHere allowed me to use the wiimotes as real remotes within Dolphin. Here are the steps for setting this up: - Plug the dolphin bar into an available usb port on your Shield (dont turn it on just yet) - Install VirtualHere USB Server on your Shield and the VirtualHere client on your host PC - Link up the VirtualHere USB Server on your Shield to the VirtualHere client on the host PC (use the Reverse client option within VirtualHere on the Shield to input the IP address of your host PC...you can't use the Easyfind feature if VirtualHere is not the full version). You may need to enable reverse connections on VirtualHere client on host PC (right click on USB hubs in the software, click on Specify Hubs...click on Advance tab) - Launch your gamestream session (I set up mstsc.exe to my host PC as my executable within gamestream) - Launch Dolphin on your host PC and set your wiimotes up as Real Wii Remotes within the controller settings....also check continuous scanning. Close Dolphin - Turn on your dolphin bar and set to mode 4. You should see drivers installing on your host PC - Sync your wiimotes to your dolphin bar - The next time you launch Dolphin and if your wiimotes are turned on, they should vibrate - Try launching a game and see if controls work etc. Lemme know if you run into any problems. Enjoy!
  5. Nyukki

    Christmas Theme?

    😝Thanks dude, Merry Christmas!
  6. dragon57

    Change bottom image on default theme

    Can you take a screen shot of the screen and circle the pic you are talking about? Even the default theme has numerous views, so without knowing which one you are referring to makes it hard to answer your question.
  7. RetroHumanoid

    Let's talk music in retro games...

    Level 2 is the best track...I thought I linked the whole thing,but,I guess I linked just one song...it's like one of the greatest RPG soundtracks,to a non-RPG game. Yeah,the game isn't much to look at really,but,the fun is in the design...it's one of those "easy to learn,hard to master" type of games. I had no idea it was on the playstation classic either...I just found that out...I thought I was a fan of a hidden gem all these years,and come to find out it was super popular in japan.
  8. I would love to test this out as well whenever you get the next version out. Please give me a holler if you need any more beta testers and I’ll be happy to help.
  9. Orionsangel

    Let's talk music in retro games...

    Intelligent Qube is astonishingly good! Sounds like a movie score. I guess they were making up for what boils down to a simplistic looking game.
  10. Orionsangel

    Let's talk music in retro games...

    Wow, I never heard some of these guys. They're great! I love discovering new game music.
  11. Anyone have an idea for this?
  12. So the way I play games with launchbox my computer is in the back of our family room and an HDMI cable goes through the attic to our tv in the front of the room. Unless I can daisy chain a long usb cable to the tv I can't play Wii games right now. I was just thinking can I hook the dolphin bar to my nvidia shield and use GeForce streaming to play Wii games? Has anyone tried this kind of thing before?
  13. Hey, thanks so much for making this plugin! It's incredibly useful, and I really appreciate that you keep it working. I just noticed an obscure thing, not really an issue, since most people probably wont encounter it, but I noticed that this plugin doesn't play well with the pcsx2 configurator plugin (which allows for per-game configuration of pcsx2 games). When I launch a game using your plugin, it launches with whatever settings I last used for any game launched in that way, rather than my predetermined configs via pcsx2 configurator. Just thought you might be interested in knowing.
  14. Made some more progress -- have a few more issues to work out before I post an update for the testers. Among the additions is support for displaying controller mappings via the pause menu, to remind which button does what for a system. I also tightened up the load/exit screens a bit, and added support for LB (though requires the most recent beta of LB) as well as emulators for which there is no WL configuration. I'll explain all that and more about how to use it in the release. Here's some pics of the integrated PDF manual viewer and a controller mapping.
  15. kev25b

    Let's talk music in retro games...

    Batman the movie on c64, still sounds awesome now.
  16. ericcannon

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    correction: the bezel path on my Nes mini is ~/.config/retroarch/overlay/ example for arcade bezels: "~/.config/retroarch/overlay/ArcadeBezels/foodf.cfg" and a console example: "~/.config/retroarch/overlay/GameBezels/NES/Castlevania (USA).cfg". BTW the program you wrote is working great on my windows setup. I have all of the bezels setup in retoarch. It saved me so much time.
  17. Red Titus

    Refried Theme Platform Video Set

    Wow! Very professionally done !
  18. RULLUR

    9.2-beta-2 Released

    @Jason Carr, I Recorded with GameBar which for some reason wouldn't show what I Right-Clicked, but what happened was I Edited a Mahjong game's Genre and then hit Random a few times to where it eventually bounced me back to that same Mahjong game LaunchBox 12_15_2018 5_09_02 PM.mp4
  19. pmf5389

    Youtube Scraper

    I still can not use this at all
  20. Kondorito

    Let's talk music in retro games...

    I LOVE and cannot get over the DKC OST, specifically DKC2. Years pass and I keep discovering new sounds and stuff in them. Even when you read about how the composer David Wise pushed the SNES boundaries in terms of size, memory and sounds availability, using waves instead of fixed notes, its incredible.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Atari ST Video Theme
  22. ATARI ST Video Theme View File Atari ST Video Theme Submitter ap3demak Submitted 12/16/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  23. Yesterday
  24. Mr. RetroLust

    Arcade 3D Boxes 2.0 project W.I.P.

    Glad to hear bro thank you, without you this project would'nt have happened!
  25. RULLUR

    9.2-beta-2 Released

    I'll see what I can do as far as a video capture. I think someone else on here was stating something similar though the other day
  26. ericcannon

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    I wanted to make a request for the current program that you have written dmc4708. And that is can you have the program write config files for the consoles like you did for the arcade config file. for example the .cfg file located in the arcade bezel folders along with.png bezel file overlays = 1 overlay0_overlay = 3countb.png overlay0_full_screen = true overlay0_descs = 0 Im trying to install these bezels on my hacked mini nes that has hakchi installed on a usb drive. the arcade bezels work even though I have to manually select them but the console bezels don't because the .cfg file has the full path for the .png file. If it was written like the example above then I could at least manually select them. Alternatively if you could have the program make etc\libretro\.config\retroarch\overlay\ the path for the bezels in the .cfg files in the emulator folders that may be even better so that it would automatically show the bezel.
  27. The anti-spam logic for the BB Play Game command in beta-4 works great. Thanks.
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