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  2. actually i was thinking about the same shareit vidmate apk
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  4. Same problem here. I try to create a playlist of Capcom arcade games, but not cps1, cps2 nor cps3 source (which have separate playlists). It's not working. Something like the option "Doesn't have any of the values" available for "Editor" should be added to the other options.
  5. I cant seem to get the second screenshot view, no matter how many times i change the game view details inside big box theme specific options, i have all artwork and screenshot priorities set correct.
  6. 404.zip A.G.E. not downloading video (Amiga).rar
  7. This is becoming quite the headache. After a couple of hours, I finally got esx 7 installed on the MSI gaming laptop. I had to create a custom iso with the usb nic drivers. Several minor hiccups later and I can now create vm's on the new esx box. It took more tinkering to get gpu passthrough working only to find out that Nvidia blocks passthrough with consumer cards. Windows disables the device after Geforce installation with error code 43 after a restart of the vm. Apparently you can install the drivers and then disable the card before every reboot. I saw a couple of other permanent
  8. Sorry for the delay, I've been moving house and had no access to my PC. Just got things powered on, but much more work left to do. It looks like No-Intro dropped the (Combined) tag from the system name. Since this changed, the correct clone list wasn't accessed. I'll get to this as quick as I can, but you can get around the problem in the meantime by renaming clonelists\Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Combined).json to clonelists\Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System.json.
  9. Did you ever figure this out? Because I do the same thing and what the other person suggested only works if the importer sees the .exe. My games are in folders that have been compressed in a totally different file format. Or do I have to zip them and then import them so the importer just sees the zip file? Obviously launchbox cannot not import games by just the folder name?
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  11. @Retro808 Here is the screenshot you requested. Before I read your reply, I re-installed to see if that would resolve the issues I am having, sadly it did not correct either issue. Thank you and @C-Beats for your assistance.
  12. Thanks @CriticalCid and @faeran for the info! My point is that when i did the update and looked at my Wii list. Some where already set with Manage Game Controller. I know I can change them myself. I would like to have them all set to the same setting for all my games and be able to share them with the database. Thanks for your help.
  13. I'll throw out there that I am also seeing the same issues described in this thread. I'm a bit tied up this week so I won't be able to throw up a log file, but I'll try to send one over next week if it is not yet resolved.
  14. @boylag @1970Novacaine Would either of you mind going into your \Data\Platform folder and expanding it to show all the data files that are in there and share a pic?
  15. Just noticed the "Clean Up Media" tool marks some files as not in use and deletes them so this temporary fix can't be used as it is broken too.
  16. Does anyone know how the "Region" column in the Mame.xml metadata is populated? To be clear, I'm not referring to the LB Games Database per se; rather, I'm asking about the specific data for MAME games contained in the MAME.xml file (located in the LaunchBox\Metadata\MAME.xml or from https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/Metadata.zip). That file contains a bunch of info specific to arcade / MAME games. From what I can see, almost all the info comes from either: MAME itself (i.e., by running "mame.exe -listxml"), or From the support files provided by ProgettoSnaps (https://w
  17. @meowish Can you turn on debug logging and try to recreate that 404 error you are getting and then grab us a log of that session? Would help us quite a bit. Could you also confirm you ARE on 11.12 release build?
  18. in some ones doesn't happen, in others do, but it happen in retrofresh detailed wich is my favorite also when i press esc or b in the controller to go back from sections sometimes bigbox hangs for some seconds and then goes back all the sections fast
  19. few more done, hit a road block with Chase HQ 2 though
  20. This didn't used to be an issue, i've escalated to our dev to get some answers. Very strange. I'm tot sure what the session length is but i'll find out. I would think that if LB gets that error it should re authenticate the session. I haven't heard from Jason on this but ill pass on what I find out here and send Jason a note.
  21. Hi @ReignerDeustcher. Does this happen equally on all your themes and all the different views?
  22. @C-Beats This happens whether I change/edit any information in the "Edit Game" screen or not. If I hit ok on the "Edit Game" window, images double, if I hit cancel it works as it should. I do not know how to explain it differently, sorry. I promise I am not trying to be a jerk. I have attached a video showing the issue happening, perhaps it will explain better than I can. bandicam 2021-06-21 13-58-15-223.mp4
  23. Are your theme videos in the parent platform name video folder and not in the Videos/Platform name/Themes folder? Cause it sure sounds like it.
  24. For some reason, regardless of theme, Launchbox totally ignores my media priorities, it uses video themes even if I have them unticked, can't figure it out
  25. It's really too bad that Windows is just not an HTPC friendly kind of OS. Launchbox is hands down the best front end available for any platform. After using it, it's hard to consider anything else. But trying to do LB plus other HTPC type tasks on a Windows machine connected to a TV is not as smooth as it could be. It's pretty tricky to do everything with a gamepad or remote control. Android TV is great for that task. Kodi can have shortcuts to favorite apps so that you never really need to leave the Kodi interface if you don't want to. Windows, not so much. But I cannot forgo my b
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