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  2. @Retro808 Thanks for above, checked folders and they were named "Sony Playstation Portable", even tried changing to "Sony Playstation PSP", but stil didn't work, background and logo are showing for PSP on platfom main screen, it's when I click into PSP games wheel it doesn't display
  3. Ok I lose. I can't find a search option in the android version if my life depended on it.
  4. So I tried both manually adding, and dropping/dragging a few game shortcuts, They find them when searching for metadata. They launch/play just fine. but no matter what the art, box art. nothing shows up even after refreshing. what am I doing wrong? also, other topic Does big box mode support any kind of youtube, netflix, hulu or anything like that? I rather not use Kodi cause thats a hot mess to get going. I want to buy big box, but does it support options like This to easily change graphics settings? cause in normal mode? I See no where to change graphics other then opening retroarch and I rather not have to do that for who knows how many games.... one more question, does big box have a shortcut to end any game/program? even Pc games? In retrobat you can hold L + R + Start + Select to end any game that's running. thanks if you can help with some of this.
  5. Where can I download Launchbox 12.5 version? I'm new to Launchbox. There are a lot of things I don't know about it, so please forgive me. thank you. If there is a part that needs to be translated, please let me know.
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  7. I know this topic is a little old but was there ever a way mentioned anywhere ( i didnt see one ) to auto move the converted files back into there own folders so all the bin and cue files of all the converted games are not listed in same folder? I like having my games files in there own folder and not just 1 folder with all the bin/cue files. Ive googled for a few hours and came across 2 threads but it was a convert then move afterwards which led me to this thread. As i myself use the CHD method but having to drag the completed files back into folders takes awhile and was seeing if was some bat file floating around that could move the completed/converted/combined files back into game folders some way.
  8. Hey guys, Bringing back a post I had a while back which unfortunately did not get any repsonses/updates. I see another post was made a few months back: Just curious if there is any updates for those of us that are having this issue? I was adding some games this evening (and will be over the holidays) and just trying to Edit games I had imported is such a tedious task. thanks!
  9. That makes sense, but unfortunately we already tried to cater to the desktop Linux crowd. It resulted in interest from only a handful of people, even after emailing the majority of our audience about it. I'm sure there are more than a handful of users who are interested, but at this point the desktop Linux audience has already been proven to be much too small to be able to focus on.
  10. Since Nestopia already has a directory for the NES cfg files under retroarch\config\Nestopia, the NES issue must be a naming issue. Even if you have a no-intro rom set, naming standards do change over time. Look in the Nestopia sub-directory and compare the names of those cfg files with your rom names. They names must match 100% except for the suffix (cfg, zip, 7z). For SNES, it appears you will just have to manually set the bezels for those games that don't already have cfg file. Actraiser, for example, only has cfg files for ActRaiser (Japan) (Translated En) and ActRaiser (USA).
  11. I also have this theme as the main one. Thank you very much for creating DARKROOM and I am looking forward to receiving updates. No matter how late, the important thing is to know that you continue to advance in the project. Muchas gracias!!!
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  13. This has helped a ton with performance issues. Usually when i load a category with a lot of games it'll take a few seconds to load the logos of the games that you see on the wheel. Now they load instantly. The only way i can see them unloaded is if i go to a category and instantly use the letter shortcut to skip to a different letter in the list of games. Maybe im wrong, but it seems like Bigbox in general loads a few seconds faster now too?
    I've tried many theme's but always stick with this one as my main.
  14. ===========Dreamstate's - 4K and 8K - Realistic Vertical MAME Overlays=========== These overlays are in 2160X3840 and 4000X7111 resolution. I will be making these with a focus on the artwork and not the game play. There's already lots of overlays available If you like a large game screen with minimal artwork. It's very easy to add those others to an overlay like this so I leave that to you. My goal is to create something that doesn't look like a photo. Rather, a window view of a real arcade cabinet. The lighting on these overlays will primarily be neutral so most people should not have an issue with them being too dark or too bright. I prefer accuracy when it comes to the artwork, and whenever possible, English instructions since I don't know how to read any other language but English. High levels of detail are a priority at this resolution as well as proper perspective and size of objects since they add to the illusion of reality I strive for. Overlays will be posted here occasionally and in non alphabetical order when I complete them. As you would expect, they take a long time to complete and I have lots of other artwork to make and round up just to have all the needed material to start one of these pieces. Thanks and credit to individuals who's work I have used in the completion of each overlay is in the text file found in each zip file. Huge thanks to: MrDo, Raspbear, Etienne Macgyver, Orionsangel, Ken, Arsinvictus, Papashine, Briball, MrRetrolust, Thoggo, Jibmums and many others for the inspiration they have given me and work they have shared with everyone. Radarscope 8k radarscp.zip
  15. 1.I'm just letting launchbox/retroarch launch the program. I believe the default it's set to is Nestopia. 2. Re Actraiser I took a look at the file names here. And found when I launched the USA version here. Which IS set correctly here. I actually think in the particular case of actraiser its the arcade version that is fooling it. Actraiser 2 launches with the bezel automatically. So I think it's actually fully working on SNES. Apologies there for not testing further. I think that just leaves the NES one still outstanding. Honestly if I just have to set NES manually its not a huge deal. the BP seems to be more or less working for me for other systems so far. Still I'm curious where fault line lies with regards to NES. Thanks again for all your help!
  16. Take a look at the actual name of the Platform as it shows in your LB/BB, then go into the theme's \Images\Theme folder and look in the \Background and \Pointer folder. If inside those folder you do not see a image named exactly as your platform is named that would be the issue. I believe the Unified theme images are named "Sony PlayStation PSP" and "Sony PlayStation Portable"
  17. Named correctly, auto when ROMs imported, it picks up platform screen and displays images, just not when viewing games
  18. The title says it all. Is there a way to start an Xbox game streaming service directly from LaunchBox
  19. If you got an emulator that will run the quiz machines outside LB then LB can launch it if there is command line functionality within the emulator and setup the emulator properly within LB. Other than that, hard to say unless you provide more details on what quiz machines you are looking at (i.e., MAME?).
  20. Platform images go here if want to do manually: ....LaunchBox\Images\Platforms or within LB right-click on platform, select Edit. Then look at right and there is option to select clear logo, etc. Or If you want platform media specific to one theme but don't want it for everything you can load images here (these will override anything you do above for that theme): ....\LaunchBox\Themes\*NAME OF YOUR THEME*\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo Make sure you select Options in BB and refresh platform images to refresh the image cache
  21. Can you run quiz machines on Launchbox
  22. Downside of this is that the SBCs already have decent support via things like Retropie, Big Box style stuff may be a bit heavy for them? I think more people that run Desktop Linux would use the software vs people with SBCs, since there are already so many solutions for those.
  23. Also I forgot to mention that Subnautica from the Epic client wasn't even installed on my machine anymore and it's still flagged as "Installed" and LB refuses to think any different.
  24. Hi Guys Im having a similar issue on big box I dont have the mame platform wheel so i got my hyperspin one which is png file and is called MAME but wont show up? Also pinball FX 2 and game wheels are named correctly and in the right folder are not showing up on big box ? any reason why please
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