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  2. Confirmed all now working fine on both FTP & EmuMovies Sync
  3. Oh man that did the trick!!!! I didn't have the databases folder inside Retroarch/system folder. Now every game is playable!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!
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  5. I did the same thing since the 11.8 it's the only way to updatebut it's still annoying! Hope they will fix that.
  6. Sometimes you do have to edit the bat file (the part between brackets) to tell which files should be converted to CHD. For example for PS2, if you want to covert bin/cue and iso to CHD: for /r %%i in (*.cue, *.iso) do chdman createcd -i "%%i" -o "%%~ni.chd So if you want to convert Dreamcast .gdi files to CHD: for /r %%i in (*.gdi) do chdman createcd -i "%%i" -o "%%~ni.chd Also make sure your original files are named correctly because the newly created CHD takes its name from the original file.
  7. boom thanks headrush! i was about to do the same
  8. I originally posted about this in the "troubleshooting mame high scores: thread, but I now realize that my scores are being updated - so my problem is that I can't pull up the leaderboards in BigBox for certain games (I don't get the option on the Pause menu). In Launchbox, I go to the game in question (STARGATE) and I don't see the little "Enable MAME High scores" badge on it. However, I can click "View High Score Leaderboards" and I see scores. This also happens to me on Alien vs Predator (no badge in Launchbox but using the menu, I see scores) So not a problem if I'm using
  9. I recently played "Columns" and got a score of 9k or so. It showed up as 4 billion and the in game initials that I entered showed up as question marks on the leaderboard. Can this score be removed? Thanks!
  10. Ok I am going to try and be proactive here. The things i turned off earlier to bring it back up actually need to be on. We have been working on it all day and are going to try out the new code. If there is an interruption just now we are actively monitoring and it should not be for long. EDIT: All done with no down time
  11. I don't know specifically what run times are. I did download the 3.1 and installed it on my OS. But I need to figure out how to add this runtime directly from my USB. Is there anyway you can DM me and help walk me through please? I haven't ever done this before and I'm trying to do this so someone else can use a library I personally have.
  12. Hey guys! Today I just overhauled my theme choices and went back to the wonderful Colorful Theme by Viking! In doing so, none of my startup videos felt fitting to me. Some of you may feel this still doesn't fit, but with how my scheme is I really like it alot given the quick 30 minute whip up. Comes in 1080p flavor, clocks in at 22 seconds, and sits at 32.7mb! I feel at home now. I feel like I've been non stop tweaking this dang thing since I purchased about a year ago... but so worth it! I will never look back. Preview of my current build with the Paint Drip Startup:
  13. If you are getting that error your operating system doesn't think you have the runtimes installed. You can grab the runtimes (and you ONLY need/want the runtime, not the full SDK) from https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/3.1. Make sure to grab the right archetype for your system (x64 for a 64bit OS, x86 for 32bit). Also if running Windows 7 you have to have SP1 installed as .NET Core doesn't work without it.
  14. Yesterday
  15. https://www.zeldix.net/t2270-super-turrican-ii
  16. Thank you so much!! I've been clicking around randomly for hours!!!!!
  17. Hi everyone, I'm looking to play launchbox on a laptop. I set up all my files on a flash drive and tried to start launchbox on the laptop. I keep getting an error saying that "To run this application, you must instal .NET Core/ Would you like to download it now?" I have installed the version listed to and the newest version on my laptop and I still can't get past the error. How do I fix this? I'm guessing its a pathing issue but I'm not sure what to adjust necessarily. Thank you Edit: I installed .Net Core 3.1 and 5.0 at this point of writing the post and the Launchbox i
  18. Any progress in terms of importing Gamebase databases into Launchbox? Would be amazing!
  19. I downloaded the latest version of Launchbox directly from the website and installed it and my existing version was updated as normal, but Windows Defender tried to block me from opening the file. I told it to run anyway and that the LB website was safe to use. I hope that helps.
  20. Ok so I went straight to the website and downloaded 11.11 and got it installed and now all is good. However Windows Defender was pretty insistent that it was a virus and kept trying to block me from opening it, so I told it to shut up and open it anyway. I don’t know why Windows is being such an asshole about Launchbox here lately.
  21. By default it will just be deleted from Launchbox, but that can be changed in the options. When this is checked you will get an extra prompt when deleting a game asking if you want to delete the rom file as well. If you right click on a game and click edit you will see the option to mark it as hidden, then in the view menu you can show or hide the games marked as hidden. Select all the games you want, then right click and go to Add to Playlist. Here you can create your own playlist or add to any existing ones. If you go to LaunchBox\Data\Playl
  22. My launchbox freezes for about 5 mins when I click on options I tried to remove my license and it still does it. Ill add my logs it freezes on the FIRSY CHANCE EXCEPTION. I had this problem about a year ago and I did a fresh install of windows about a month ago and I just downloaded launchbox again fresh, any ideas? Debug 2021-04-22 03-23-33 PM.log
  23. My brother has the one with the 4-way stick and spinner. Well worth it for the 4-way stick. Like you kids, I get so frustrated playing games like Frogger and DK with my 8-way setup. Im glad he went with that one since 4 player games are hardly ever used.
  24. Hey I am new to Launchbox too, it did take over a full day to import my full MAME .219. In review, I think there were some problems at EmuMovies as well which didn't help. I had to re-start the process a couple times, but the last time worked, though as I mentioned, it still took over a full day, I think it was closer to two days.
  25. Thanks for that @sards Too bad I can't get this in images view!
  26. So got launchbox about two weeks ago now - Imported my MAME (219 cause that's what I could find) and have 2000+ games, many that I don't want. I did do the filter on import, so got rid of a lot.... I see the option to delete by right clicking the game. Does that delete just from launch box, and my guess is it will come back if I re-scan roms right? Is there a way to "hide" the game without deleting it? My guess might be to make a custom list? Also, I've got all the default lists like publisher, Capcom classics, Data East, etc. Can these be edited or how do I make a custo
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