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  2. I don't recommend using save folders since it's a bit buggy. For example, I got a Metal Gear Solid 3: Substance (USA) save file corrupted using folders. Some other games Like X-files Resist or Serve will always fail to find any save file from a previous session. Also, I'd recommend using OpenGL (Hardware) as your default video renderer, it's more accurate than any Hardware DirectX renderer. The latter is missing a lot of shadows and effect in a lot of games.
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  4. Remember that the background's text must be displaced so it's readable both horizontally and vertically. Look at the Sega systems for an example.
  5. Tezza77

    what platform

    This is going to be my dumb blonde moment few questions on couple systerms i am trying to add when adding games say the pxp of pinball fx 2 what system do u do it under windows or pinball same with Future Pinball as there is no platform for it just pinball
  6. Thanks for the reply Retro yes works just very small box
  7. Hi, when we import games the far right column is the index column which sometimes we need to move the horizontal scrollbar to see it. When i first imported games I did not notice it. Where can I go to change or add Disk Indexes in already imported games?
  8. What is the additional application? I have Launchbox, RetroArch.
  9. Sorry to bump an ancient thread but will there be a native solution for WHDLoad games (especially the RetroPLay's one)? File renaming cannot be performed since it may broke the emulator compatibility. And this leads me to another request that may solve issues like that. In the screen that Launchbox gathers the roms and has the import name on the left, I would love to have a selection for a very elementary renaming process with basic choices and the order of appliance E.g Put a Space between capitaliazed letters ( so e.g AdventuresOfWillyBeamish_v1.2_1814 will become The Adventures of Willy Beamish_v1.2_1814 ) Remove extensions (so The Adventures of Willy Beamish_v1.2_1814 will become The Adventures of Willy Beamish_v1) Replace _ with Space (so The Adventures of Willy Beamish_v1 will become The Adventures of Willy Beamish v1) The game is scrapable now
  10. meecob

    ZInc Games

    Hello, yeah wasn't sure where to put the field and unsure of the syntax. That will be a massive help. I got around it another way, I ended up duplicating the Zinc folder, removing the roms I already had running, editing the controller.cfg for S11 specific games and then I imported it as a new emulator in LB. Strange thing is. Dunk Mania works great now but leaves the team logo in the centre of the screen as where in the original emulator package it was fine but with no sound. Now the sound works but with the Logo in the way. Weird AF. Thanks once again Sir. Greatly appreciated P.s Just tried it and no luck. is the command line correct ? maybe just a typo ? sorry
  11. Yeah, i'd suggest testing the Xbox controllers and see if all the buttons are recognized on those, that way you will know if it's the controller or something else in your setup.
  12. Thanks, I'll take it to a RetroArch community. I also have two Xbox One S controllers and the Steam controller, but I bought these off brand ones for the old look and feel.
  13. I would suggest asking about it over on the Retroarch forums, discord or sub reddit, hopefully one of those places can provide an answer before someone here can. Also if you can try a Microsoft Xbox controller if you have one, sometimes weird off brand controllers can be problematic.
  14. Well right now I'm only running RetroArch and no other program I mentioned is open so none of those are the reason why RetroArch doesn't read three of my controller buttons even though all buttons are working.
  15. Thanks! I just saw the update in the play store!
  16. You use the right stick or arrow keys to move up and down the list. That's not too common, but some trainers do it.
  17. Here is a realistic Arcade overlay for the game, R-Type for use on Retroarch. The original bezel was made by: ArsInvictus This overlay is coming soon on my Arcade Retroarch Pack #2.
  18. i'm back again @Zombeaver - i need your dam confidence once more...what am i supposed to press to get through the River Raid trainer? i can flip the top option from yes to no and back, but i can't move up or down to the second line or beyond.
  19. I moved this thread to its appropriate forum section, this topic is not Launchbox issue. Launchbox has no settings or controls over your controls in emulator, controls are all set up in your emulator, controllers in LB only control LB itself. You have several layers of potential issues going on here with Steam BigPicture and InputMapper it is hard to know exactly where your issue could be. I have 2 controllers hooked up to my PC and I have to tell RA what controller I want used with what core and save core overrides. One controller is an Xbox One controller and the other is a Hori FC, both are wired and Xinput. If your controllers are wireless or you are unplugging controllers and plugging in others there will be issues, this is a known Windows issue and how it assigns IDs to the controllers.
  20. I'd love to see this added on your next update. These games deserve it!
  21. Thanks for the update. I think Neo Geo CD should be added. It is definitely playable, with the right BIOS of course. This would be good to have.
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