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  2. For anyone curious, this was the image that I was talking about. Clearly its not a good image for a box front in launchbox, but its a great unedited resource. This is just one small example of the type of material that gets removed and lost because it doesn't fit anywhere within the existing image categories. Im just saying if there were an additional category for archival purposes that isn't actually utilized anywhere in the frontend then this type of stuff could survive and serve as a resource for potential future recreation artists.
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  4. Yeah videos are not included in the theme download, you can get the matching ones for that theme here,
  5. The videos should play. Do you have platform videos downloaded and are they stored in the correct location? What happens if you change views in the theme?
  6. I got it up and running do to @Colpipes78videos. But he gad to remove the tutorials unfortunately. Maybe send him a pm? Or ask on his Discord
  7. Does anyone still have a complete set of these style icons? Would really appreciate it if someone could re-upload them please and thank you.
  8. Hi there guys me again with another small issue im using the unified theme and the bug pictures and videos dont show up on the main screen how do i fix or do i need a stronger pc to run the higher rate themes thanx happy easter all...
  9. sucramjd

    Initial D 5

    Initial D 5 View File Initial D 5 for you guys 😀 Submitter sucramjd Submitted 04/21/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Initial D 5 for you guys 😀
  11. Recently I noticed that when I import games, a lot of them end up with the beta version as the default version. Is there a smart way for me to tell Launchbox to use the US or Euro version by default, on games I've already imported, since I'm never interested in the beta? I've created a lot of playlists, so I'd rather not delete platforms and re-import - guess I'll loose what's on my playlists if I do, right? I hope it makes sense, I've attached a screenshot to show what I'm talking about. Right now I'm going through them one by one in audit mode, but there are hundreds of betas on each platform - maybe there's a faster solution?
  12. Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 2 View File Enjoy Submitter cataclysm67 Submitted 04/21/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  13. Here is a realistic bezel for the arcade game Special Forces. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2UqvZcZ
  14. If a Platform Category or Platform doesn't have a video, is there a way to show a picture in the window instead? Thanks! R
  15. [My English is Bad] Ahm!! Sorry... I've already solved my Problem now... Cause i've already Read the Log... I Refomat my PC To install the .NET frmework 4.7. and I Noticed that 4.7.1 works on Windows 7 SP1 and Install it.. It works But the problem is... Because I Install that 4.7.1 Version.... My Launchbox Hangs.... The Error log Conveys that i've installed the Framework 4.7.1 during the Installation Then the error starts when i Installed the 4.7.1 version to fix it i Roll back it into 4.6.2 again... Very goodwork for myself Thanks!
  16. Place them in the Data - Playlists folder while Launchbox is closed. When you re-open they should appear.
  17. There's just one thing that I really would like to know how to do...... How do you check if a particular game is ALREADY in one of my custom playlist without checking manually every single playlist..... I have a ton of them and is time consuming go through all of them, is there any feature that say's "This game is on such and such playlist already and what not"? thanks in advance
  18. Hello, I looked for similar posts to ensure this wasn't covered anywhere and I couldn't find anything like this. I apologize if it's been posted elsewhere and I missed it. I've configured Demul as required: When I attempt to load a game by double clicking - absolutely nothing happens. However, if I go to command line and do the same exact thing that LB should be passing through, that works perfectly... Is some part of the string not being passed correctly? Am I missing something obvious here? I've tried everything and can't figure this out. Any help would be much appreciated on this issue. Thank you!
  19. What is this? Can you help me how to Fix this? @neil9000 and @Lordmonkus can you help me with it? Sorry... I don't know who can help me with it.. so PLEASE.. Help me with it.. Is this normal? It's Already POP when i Launch BIGBOX in Launchbox for the First time? Tell me when it is just Normal... Thanks in Advance!!
  20. Awesome, Love it ! Look forward to seeing what it could give on city hunter ! 👍🤘
  21. Check out the 8bitdo DIY kits, I modded an original Snes, nes and Genesis pad to blutooth. Nothing like using an original controller. https://shop.8bitdo.com/ I use an original Gamecube wireless wave bird controller coupled with the mayflash gamecube adapter http://www.mayflash.com/Products/NINTENDOWiiU/W012.html I wan to use as many original controllers as possible but I want them to be wireless For N64 I use this http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2016/12/hardware_review_retro-bit_x_8bitdo_rb8-64_bluetooth_controller Not an original but as close to wireless one as I can get without modding one myself
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  23. why do you have emulaters running on emulators i.e Wii Virtual console snes games?? Is there a point?
  24. We got a Random Game command for LaunchBox and I guess as far as Random goes for BigBox is you hold a button for things to spin and land on something random, but I too would like to have a Random button on both or even have a way I can press a button on the controller. I hardly pay attention to the Polls too, but I know really need to get on to doing so though. I thought I heard something of a way you can import a URL to open up as well. I think you Import it as None of the Above instead of a ROM though.
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