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  2. SOC Boards (x86) What's out there for higherend Emulation

    Thanks @mothergoose729, yes my main pc is a ITX computer and I love how small it is, but I do have an i7 and a GTX1070 in it so it’s by far not underpowered. I really like the idea of making this ultra portable but a little more stronger then a pi. I also want to build off of LaunchBox which binds me to the NUC or UDOO at the moment. I honestly thought the GPU was the bottleneck of the emulators with lower end PCs but from what I’m understanding, it’s the single thread cpu I should be keeping an eye on. I may start with an UDOO just for price point and since I’m building off of a Windows base, can easily move to a NUC.
  3. SOC Boards (x86) What's out there for higherend Emulation

    An UDO would work fine for many classic MAME arcade games, as would a rasberry PI 3. It looks like you are leaning towards the mini PC route, which definitely offers the best performance and compatibility. If you are going to go full PC, a half hight GPU can be really useful in some cases. A 750TI with a mini ITX board and a powerful CPU can do a lot that a powerful CPU alone with integrated graphics can't do, especially considering that nvidia GPU drivers are much better supported by opengl and vulkan based emulators in general. With that being said, on the SOC side of things, the main benefit of a UDO board like that is you can run native windows games and you can run windows versions of certain emulators, launchbox, and other software. When it comes to compatibility though, the pi3 boards have lots of software that has had the crap optimized out of it for this specific board. Although the UDO boards are much more powerful, especially on the CPU, game compatibility and performance in emulators are very similar. The UDO would probably be able to run a few more n64 titles than the PI, but not much else would be different, and I would trust in the special tailored pi3 builds for emulators than I necessarily would for certain emulators configured for low end computers. If all you want to do is have a MAME cabinet and run a few popular 2d systems and playstation games as an after though, you might actually have an easier time with a Pi3 and its plethora of specialized software and huge support community. Just my 2cents
  4. Theme DLL issue

    I figured out the issue with the .dll from Nosh's theme for the SlimDX.dll. My pc did not have Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable installed. It had 2015 and 2017. So installing 2010 fixed that issue. I can confirm that was it because when I uninstall it I get the error. Now to try and figure out why I cannot get the .dll from eatkinola's Ao BigBox customs unblocked.
  5. NES & Famicom Box art

    Mmm, ok if kondorito wants to release it here, no problem. But he had a complete set of famicom covers and in my work i see terrible things in launchbox db and i spending hours to rearrange famicom covers maybe like a fool because his set is better. PD: HELP ME WITH SUPERNES! i can't see any contribution of snes moderating in months, and i'm really tired XDD. the database still lacks around 400 SNES/SFC games . a week ago i made the last clear logo and covers for the typical playable games, around 1400. And still is full of creepy 300x300 resolution scans on usa covers because many download the reconstructed ones from other sites and don't give a shit about here XDD. I can't remember the hundreds of hours i expend with this fucking console, and deleting again and again the chavez and final fantasy vi aditions of course.
  6. Today
  7. Nope, it does the same thing even if I have not a single game selected. Another thing I found: like I said above it wrongly merges Donkey Kong Land and Donkey Kong Land 2 together even though the database has listed 'Super Donkey Kong GB' as alternate title for Donkey Kong Land. The thing is: Super Donkey Kong GB is nowhere to be found in Launchbox either, but I do have the rom. Thus, it probably merged Super Donkey Kong GB with a whole other game too. The feature is clearly messing things up. Is there any way to search through merged titles (to find the wrongly merged Super Donkey Kon GB)?
  8. Maybe I wasn't clear enough, but I'm talking about the automatic consolidate feature (in the beta) that merges roms based on their alternate titles oh yeah I've had all my games added for a long time now so I've never gotten to use the auto consolidate feature only the manual one. yeah it struggles on certain games with parts one and two
  9. silly question, but, are you sure you're not selecting both titles by mistake?
  10. Another thing the automatic consolidate feature is doing wrong: it's merging Donkey Kong Land and Donkey Kong Land 2 (both from the Gameboy) together, but they're clearly separate games. I've tried it multiple times and it consistently merges them. That's 2 'bugs' already, should I report those in the issue tracker or is this topic enough?
  11. CityHunter

    CityHunter 2 coming soon.......next week.
  12. Maybe I wasn't clear enough, but I'm talking about the automatic consolidate feature (in the beta) that merges roms based on their alternate titles. Tools -> Consolidate ROMs Manually merging works perfectly fine.
  13. hmmm, it should give you a dropdown box asking you which name you want to consolidate them as, no? I merged two different region ROM's earlier and that was one of my concerns until I saw I had a choice as to which name i wanted.
  14. so if you use ctrl and left click to select all 3 games and right click on Sea Battle it doesn't consolidate all 3 at once
  15. Ok, here I am again. I expanded the single Sea Battle (which I merged manually) into 3 separate games again. Then pressed the consolidate roms button and it did exactly the same as in the first post. It merged the German and French titles together, but didn't merge both into the English version.
  16. Well, the quick fix is just manually merging Sea Battle together with Bataille Navale (which was already merged with Schiffe Versenken) But yeah, I'm not sure why it didn't merge those. I did have the newest local LaunchboxDB and I pressed the consolidate button minutes before I came across this. I just realized though that I can unmerge all three again and see what happens when I auto-consolidate again. I'll report back in a minute.
  17. Interesting as a quick fix you could add an additional app and add the one that didn't get added correctly until this can be looked at.
  18. So, I'm quite new to Launchbox but I love the whole launchboxDB idea and especially the merging feature in Launchbox. When I heard that the beta supported automatically merging roms based on alternate titles, I immediately installed the beta. I've been slowly adding a lot of missing alternate titles to the database (I kinda envy the future users who don't have to do that anymore but can merge everything with the press of a button ), but today I noticed something interesting. There's this gameboy game called Sea Battle. It has 2 alternate titles on the database; a German and a French title. Launchbox correctly identified the English version (I added the roms just before I installed the beta). However, the consolidating roms feature does something weird: it did merge the German and French titles together in a game with the French title as main game, but it did not merge the German and French title together into the English version. In other words, it was like this: Sea Battle Schiffe Versenken Bataille Navale It created this: Sea Battle Bataille Navale Schiffe Versenken But it should have created this: Sea Battle Bataille Navale Schiffe Versenken
  19. NES & Famicom Box art

    ahhh, so we are cut from the same cloth then. Glad someone can relate to my idiosynchrasy.
  20. Video Discussion: magicbook bigbox startup

    Ok, I generally don't give a rats ass about startup videos and even though I won't be using this or any other one this is easily the most creative and cool one I have seen so far. Good job.
  21. Name: magicbook bigbox startup Category: Demos Date Added: 2017-08-18 Submitter: harryoke hope you like magicbook bigbox startup
  22. magicbook bigbox startup

    hope you like
  23. I am quite pleased the way it turned out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPEvfcph8Do&feature=youtu.be
  24. That's true. It's a pretty niche usecase. I honestly can't think of another usecase myself either. Although, I could very well imagine people creating playlists and creating accompanying custom covers so that they all look in the same style or something like that. But I'm not really a media creator, so that's not my, uhm, 'area of expertise' I would much rather see something like this having a higher priority than the feature discussed here, but if the developer(s) have nothing left to do, I still think it would be nice to add
  25. Xbox one games?

    Members 6 12 posts Report post Posted January 12 (edited) Not sure about the shortcuts for streaming from Xbox, but for the Windows 10 app Xbox games; Open the start menu (windows button, task bar bottom left) Find the xbox windows game that you want from the list of all apps Right click on it and select pin to start. This will create a tile for this game to the right of the apps list Click and drag this new tile to your desktop, which will create a link (shortcut) Go to launchbox, right click and select add. Click Browse for the application path and select "all files" from the dropdown box at the bottom right of this window to make the shortcut selectable. Browse to your desktop (or wherever) and select the shortcut you just made. import as normal. There you have it, Windows 10 xbox game imported to launchbox
  26. Sure I get you. I don’t know how hard it would be to actually add it but technically is having a list with search patterns and “hijacking” the database two completely different pairs of shoes. Custom Images are probably a complete different beast and I’m very certain that this isn’t a quick thing to add by any means. I’m not saying that this is a bad idea but I honestly don’t see much use cases for it and nothing that many users would use. Of course you are free to add that request to the “List of Small Things” but if you check the current list in the second post you will notice that it’s already very long. That’s why I’ve said that it’s most certain a low priority right now even if it actually would be easy to add.
  27. Crysis Via LAunchbox FPS

    Also if your TV has a game mode you may want to look at turning that on.
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