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  2. Hi, Anyone ever get the lightguns to work with Retroarch in any core?
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  4. Again, thank you for you patients and help..... That's not what's happening for me. I have 4 games selected. I choose Tool->Download Metadata and Media. I get this: I click all the way through and at the end I see: When I click ok, it will update the metadata for everything and then try to download al media (unsuccessfully). I am running 11.17
  5. It could be EmuMovies if you are also scraping media from them. We know there is an API issue causing some download issues. If you uncheck the media options and do not scrape for media from EmuMovies and just scrape from the Games DB does it give you the same issues? Once you highlight all the games you want to run media for you do go to >Tools >Download Media and Metadata. The screen will show you how many games you are trying to run media for. You can see I selected 2 games and the screen confirms 2 games in the text.
  6. When you imported your Mame roms did you use the "Full Mame rom set" import option?
  7. I'm using a AMD 3700x. Yeah I'm converting by the alphabet cause space is an issue, I'll move say # and A titles, upcompress them all, delete the GZ, then convert the .iso, then delete the ISO, move them back, etc...it's laborious, but it's working well. I'm up to letter H now.
  8. Didn't help. Fixing the permissions, did allow all the metadata to be downloaded ok, but when it transitions to the media files, no go. It stalls after just a few files. When I cancel, quit, and restart, LB then instantly goes back to the beginning and redownloads all the meta data again....well over an hour process. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge here, but I still can't figure this out. I select a platform, then I select the games....then what? If I go tools->download metadata and media, it brings up the wizard and does everything. How do i just do 1 platform? I wonder if maybe, in general, this method works, but my LB thinks it's still in the middle of a larger operation because I had to cancel the import. Is there a way to clean things out (without a clean install of LB)? thanks for the help.
  9. I am on 0.234 for MAME, and the ROMset is the same (0.234). The problem with Dredd is I only see the crummy Acclaim game, not the Midway one. Power-Up Baseball won't show up at all. I did have "Skip game unplayable" unchecked, and I also unchecked "skip prototype", but LaunchBox always says "imported 0 games".
  10. Any chance to please get this one for the CDI?
  11. What version Mame are you using? Dredd just imported fine for me. I had to uncheck either the "Skip game Unplayable" since the Mame.xaml lists it as "Imperfect". Power-up Baseball I think you need to make sure "Skip Prototype" is unchecked.
  12. The language is set in LaunchBox and applies to both LaunchBox and BigBox. In LaunchBox select Tools, Options and open the dropdown Language box and choose your language. If your language is not in there you can create it yourself - contact @Jason Carr and he'll explain things and get you up and running in creating your Turkish translation.
  13. Hello! I am on the latest Launchbox on my MAME cabinet, on a Windows 10 machine. I just learned about two prototype arcade games that never came out. Judge Dredd (Midway brawler; NOT the Acclaim shooter) and Power-Up Baseball, which is an NBA Jam-style game but with MLB. I have the roms for both (jdreddp.zip and pubball.zip) in the mame/roms folder like all my other ROMs. I tried to manually add each ROM into Launchbox, first by dragging the roms, and second my clicking on tools->add ROMs and neither option works. It goes through all the motions like asking me if I want to download manuals and stuff like that, and when I finish it always says "0 games added". Does anyone know what's going on? A friend and I are desperately trying to play these but are getting nowhere. Thanks!
  14. Hi, All credit to: djalmafreestyler . I wanted to share this in case anyone else had the issue I did with trying to exit from pspssp back to LB or BB. Set your PAUSE key in PSPSPP to Esc. Best, Latin625 For anyone else who may be searching this, I have found how to exit from PPSSPP straight back to LB or BB using a quit button. Make sure you have all your settings correct within PPSSPP. Once you are happy with your settings then configure the "pause menu" in Controls to the button that you want to use to exit the emulator.
  15. Hi how can translate to language Turkish. I'm knowing english but i want to use in Turkish. Which file contains the language files.
  16. Ok thank you very much. 😊 Can you please tell me: 1. Where should I look for a guide how to add Philips cd-i games? I saw few topics but still I can't do it. The same for bally astrocade. 2. Do I need zinc and raine if I have mame arcade full set already?
  17. In casse anyone is facing same issue on fire tablet go to setting/about fire tablet clic on serial number about 6 time to enable developer option (if not done already) in developer option turn it on and then go to default USB configuration and put it into file transfer then connect your fire tablet to a pc whit your sd card in tablet as extended just copy paste
  18. Hi, I'd like to ask if there is a way to sort the games as "installed" to appperars first (similar to the favorite function) in Big Box. This would be nice in plataforms like: Windows, PC, Stores, etc. As most gamers have several games that for some time you will not play only the ones that are installed... I use this sorting function on the LaunchBox, I sort by installed, on the emulators plataforms, that doesn't make a different. On BB, the work around today, I mark all installed as favorites, And mark the option in BB favorites first, but as it is a manual process mistakes are made. There is this features or plan to implement? Thanks
  19. thank you i really appreciate it you have been super helpful thank you
  20. Ok, I had some time today so tried the latest Hypseus - https://github.com/DirtBagXon/hypseus-singe/releases/tag/v2.6.15 It seems to me, with the latest release, you can now get '-scanlines' working better (dependant upon your display resolution) by taking multiples of the dimensions using -x and -y. 640x480, 1024x768, 1280x960, 2048x1536 - seemed to work better on some displays 800x600, 1600x1200 - worked better on others Also seemed to get different results in using the new '-nolinear_scale' argument too.
  21. thank you very much indeed by looking at the old publication I found the toaplan but not the 2, in any case thank you and good luck
  22. Just to update my earlier issue. I also cannot import Sega Dreamcast as well. It will see the games but after importing, dreamcast does not show. Can i try the beta version to see if there is a change?, Atomiswave, Naomi and Dreamcast work great with stand alone retroarch(which i am using as my backend for Launchbox).
  23. Well that is basically what creating your own build is, put roms somewhere, tell Launchbox that location and what platform they are for, and let Launchbox take care of importing them and downloading metadata/media for them, it really is very straight forward. The problem with a pre-built build without roms is the naming, unless every single one of your roms is named EXACTLY the same as the person's who set it up, then you are gonna have a ton of names that do not match and therefore do not run. Also you would likely have a ton of systems showing, and with games in them, that you simply dont have roms for, so again, wont launch. It really isnt feasible at all.
  24. I didn't know that. So there is no way to bulid configured launchbox without roms with guide where you must copy roms?
  25. Because downloading roms you do not have the rights to is hugely illegal, and people selling actual builds with roms is even more illegal, that is literally risking prison time. As a legitimate business we do not condone or endorse any builds you find online, they are not associated with us in any way, and we will not offer support for them in any way. I also edited your post to remove the link to someone illegally selling our software and roms.
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