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  2. I am struggling. Here is a link to my post at the AHK forums....so I am not being redundant. I am confused with the order of operations. If I could have 2 basic scripts to start off with, one that when launched, checks for a single file, if its present, it moves the file to an external directory then proceeds to launch gta v. The other, checks for the same file and if it's absent, copies it to the GTA V directory then launches GTA V. I could add all the other files/folders if I just had something for starters.
  3. Yes, this version is a completely new beast altogether. It will only use the custom logos that are made specifically for it. If you are looking to add more you can make matching logos by using the logo creator. But this theme is capable of using any other logos. Sorry.
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  5. Bumping again, I'm losing hope! 😥
  6. I was able to find a larger image of Madou Monogatari I on ebay. Screenshots helped with the other two. I didn't add Madou Monogatari I to the database as I don't see it there.
  7. Have a question: Am I forced to use your custom clear logo's (Game)? Most clear logo's will not appear unless they are used in your Themes\Retro Console Light V3\Images\Games\Custom Images 1 file structure. Why can I not use the standard clear logo's? I tried an experiment and put the standard clear logos in the "Custom Images 1" folder and most worked however, any clear logo that contains (, : ' ) in the name will not work unless renamed with those removed. This is not the case with the Retro Anime V2 theme.
  8. Other than Halo there is also Sega's output, the FromSoft games, and the Tecmo games. DOA3 music? JSRF?
  9. Did you set up the platform correctly? It won't scrape the images if you didn't.
    Exactly what you need to clean your roms (USA, Europe Exclusives and Japan with English) Thanks, Michael Norman to create the Rom Sorters https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-ElaPpvBHs5UjFiNlYtRVB3ckU
  10. For some reason, a lot of my roms won't import unless I try them individually. I have my roms organized by system, and the system folders have subfolders (hacks, homebrew, etc). Each rom is stored in an archive, with the archive in its own subfolder (example: "Sega - Genesis\Sonic the Hedgehog\Sonic the Hedgehog (USA, Europe).zip"). When I try to import a system folder, sometimes it works fine, sometimes it only imports some of the subfolders, and sometimes (like with FDS or Game Boy), it won't import anything. As far as I can tell, there's no pattern among folders that won't import. I know Launchbox detects roms in these folders since I'm able to successfully import them one at a time. I've also tried reinstalling Launchbox, but nothing changes. What's going on?
  11. Hey bro, I love this. Please, Launchbox, please!! We need Game Pro/ Nintendo Power magazines embedded, too!
  12. So, I have all my dos games running good. Right? Except for this stubborn game, Mortal Kombat 2 (DOS). How can I fix this problem?
  13. You go dude! Maybe when you figure this out and get the time an update feature for MAME non-softwarelist as LaunchBox doesn't do this either. Would this software lists import work for 'non-arcade' games in the MAME (non-merged) set too?
  14. Hi if there is a NEC-PC 8801 Platform Video please let me know because i'm looking for it on the forums and emumovies
  15. For me, it's not about what I will play, it's what my guests may want to play. To have a friend say, "Oh man, do you have game X?", and I can say yes is an awesome feeling.
  16. did you run a chkdsk /f only that is very basic and just scans the file system if you want to look for bad sectors you have to run it with the /r command instead of /f
  17. 1st attachment: Title screen for Madou Monogatari I: Honoo no Sotsuenji is very low-res as any PC Engine game. 2nd attachment: I managed to do something using black borders around pixels and filling the remaining holes with black. Could be better, but I think it's better than nothing. 3rd attachment: Screenshot from Numba Deluxe contains the only logo you can find in-game during a couple of seconds after "opening animation" ends. 4th attachment: The animated wave behind the Waveform logo looks pixelated despite being from a 1080p screenshot, but it's the game's fault. I don't know the "original" resolution of the game, but I tried every resolution and it looks always pixelated. Anyway, it would be good if it can be erased from the logo.
  18. If someone wants to discuss making plugins for money do it in private.
  19. We dont like them, and wont support them.
  20. hello all. i use the psd basic from author and create this one for Future Pinbal. it already exists , but i made another one. thanks to creator.
  21. What"s the feeling around here about bounties? There are a bunch of plug-ins I would gladly pay to have built (or at least chip-in with others). Is it discouraged? Kept private? Are all programmers here not looking for some extra cash? Just curious and hopeful.
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  23. I ran a CHKDSK and it didn't come back with any problems when I was looking in to this before, I can try to do a reinstall and recreate this and get the log when im able to. Thanks. I had logs running before and didn't see anything for the crashes, when I would try to reopen the logs would give a notice they found all the configuration files and not go any further.
  24. Aww man, too bad this isn't supported yet. I'm migrating from GameEx which does support spinner/trackball scrolling and it is so useful. You can really rip past games and quickly hone in on the one you want with precision. That will probably be the feature I miss the most.
  25. Have you tried the Download Platform Videos option in settings? There are previews for some including the emumovies ones, assuming you have a membership.
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