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  2. I've tried this with Snes 1.53 and 1.60 and I can't get it to run. I have the Bios placed in the correct folders. Also, I've tried Retroarch aswell and the same. Whats with the multicart thing ? what do I need to do ?
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  4. Hi Jason I'm currently building a PS3 PKG-maker-inteface in python for creating PSP/PSX/PS2 ISO-file shortcuts to the XMB menu of the PS3. Anyway, when these installments show on the main menu/XMB I want to to include the meta-data of the game, and some game art. Since I have a life-time license for this superb software I thought "hey, why can't I use the metadata launchbox use!", so I looked into the 200MB metadata.xml. I think that your metadata seem really nicely structured compared many others I looked at and I'd love to integrate with it. Problem is that I can't really use the DatabaseIds from the xml to construct the image-links since the IDs doesn't match. I guess The metadata.xml's "Game"-element would need an additional field like "LaunchBoxId" that corresponds to the website. This is my project if someone is interested.
  5. Getting multiple errors first installing launchbox. Error 1 - No data was found on your devices internal or SD card storage (happens on startup) Error 2 - An unexpected error occurred while trying to initialize Launchbox folders: Object reference not set to an instance of an object(happens on startup) Error 3 - When I try to select a folder to import games it just shuts down and says unfortunately lauchbox has stopped I had already installed retroarch and the few emulators I tried work. I have even tried roms on both internal and external SD cards; both work. Another thing I have noticed is that Launchbox does not see retroarch as an emulator? All I see is Android native and customer emulator. Please help and thanks in advance.
  6. CHDs are typically a separate download, it's quite large and only a select few games require them.
  7. Also, just want to clarify, will the rom sets have the chd files in them or do I need another download for those?
  8. Thanks... I would be so nervous dealing with drive failures that I would lose so much of that...do you have it backed up somewhere? I'm considering a nice sized mirrored NAS
  9. I completely understand, just thankful for your help! Looking for things now! Does it really matter if I go split or merged? If they're the same games, I just want whatever is easier
  10. Sorrry, yeah you will need to download the CHDs separately, I forgot about that. Split and Merged sets will be approximately 60 gigs in size + CHDs and there should be a link to download using torrent on their site. Sorry I cannot provide you with direct links here, it's against the rules of the forums.
  11. 4 x8tb external Seagates 2x3tb 5x2b 2x1 tb in projects and games havent added plus a few loose drives here and there no nas just plain old internal and external drives I started out on a few 2tb drives then got some 3's and finally over the past two years the 8tbs thousands of hours doing box fronts (for that complete look) only 20k left in my build if you need anything for your build lemme know
  12. Thanks..very helpful! I've seen some things on the internet archive, just don't know which one is valid and how to get it to download. It's all new to me so still working on how to figure this all out, appreciate the help!! When you say that there isn't a need to download anything separately, does that include games with chd files like Killer Instinct 1 and 2? I'm particularly interested in these games.
  13. You can always get the latest full Mame set from Pleasuredome but it is a site you have to sign up for, do not hit and run on the torrent or they will shitlist you. The other option is the interent archive, they have different rom set versions available though usually not quite the latest. If you get a proper full set there is nothing you will need to download separately to add.
  14. Damn man...I have a full 8TB, and I pride myself on it being 99.5% playable, no dupes, not beta, only english and translations to english.... BUT WOW....you running this on a NAS or the CLOUD?
  15. how do i transfer my bigbox over to my other pc?
  16. I looked the numbers up before 250k was If I remember correctly roughly the number I came up with , add in all your other online services too and its maybe 10 to 20k more - I've been pretty vigilant in nearly 4 years of hunting games I rarely come across new platforms.
  17. Brand new to this! I just cleaned up a spare laptop and downloaded MAME along with LaunchBox. I downloaded a few games like Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct (along with associated chd files) from the Internet Archive. The games work in MAME and show in Launchbox which is great. I'd like to download what I believe is called a "ROM set" where there are thousands of arcade games and not just download one at a time like I did. I've searched and read a lot, but I can't seem to find a place to actually download something like this. Can someoone point me in the right direction? I also hear things like merged vs. split, but again, I can't seem to find a download for one or the other. I'd like to download a large set and if I'm missing any games I want, then I can download individually and add them. HOw do I do that?
  18. Launchbox 2020 look for yourself also platform art in Images/Platforms for everything included 3.1 gb dl Google "how many games does steam have" 30k is the answer at least from awhile back Praise Gaben!! I'm around 50tb of total space and condensing and removing drives since my 8tb #4 arrived yesterday so the actual collection size will be a little less than that
  19. Also ps4 and xbox one, and many switch, xbox 360 and xbox games do not play yet with emulators...curious what the playable total roms are if you have that worked out.
  20. Not only English? Dupes versions? Betas, etc..? 30k steam? Wtf, do you own the company? What is the total drive size holding all this?
  21. Just a quick update. I purchased LB/BB premium and tried it with my old gaming PC (checked it and it's an old Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4ghz with 4gb of ram and old Radeon R5 200 gpu. Shockingly - BigBox worked really well with it and the MAME games work fine. The biggest downfall is not having an SSD for Windows, so bootup is slow. I'll probably still buy or build something more current but for now at least I know I don't "have" to buy something for it to at least work. I'll probably just keep an eye on Best Buy and Costco for a really good gaming pc that's on sale. Thanks again for the info!
  22. 172k in my launchbox, Blue Maxima's Flashpoint has 38k, steam has at least 30k add in xbox 360 xboxone ps3 ps4 and switch I'd estimate 250k roughly is the ceiling currently.
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