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  3. lol I didn't even look there. That's where mine is too.
  4. I believe to change controls you have to save a remap file not a config the option to save remaps should be somewhere in the controller settings where you set the controls. I believe you should be able to set remaps just like overrides by core, game and content directory.
  5. OK. So, in WheelGamesView.xaml , found line 66 this piece of code : <!-- VIDEO BACKGROUND --> <Viewbox Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="25" Grid.RowSpan="18" Stretch="UniformToFill" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center"> <transitions:TransitionPresenter TransitionSelector="{Binding ImageVideoTransitionSelector}" Content="{Binding ImageVideoView}" IsContentVideo="true"/> </Viewbox> Delete and replace with this piece of code : <!-- VIDEO BACKGROUND --> <transitions:TransitionPresenter x:Name="vidsource" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="25" Grid.RowSpan="18" TransitionSelector="{Binding ImageVideoTransitionSelector}" Content="{Binding ImageVideoView}" IsContentVideo="True" Visibility="hidden"/> <Border Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="25" Grid.RowSpan="18"> <Border.Background> <VisualBrush Visual="{Binding ElementName=vidsource, Path=Content}" Stretch="UniformToFill" AlignmentX="Center" AlignmentY="Center"/> </Border.Background> </Border> This code was written by Grila. thanks to him ! It must work, but break the transition effects. Follow the link, he wrote another answer a little lower that preserves the transition, but I can not test it now. This theme deserves a total rewriting. But I'm focused on Colorful right now. I do my best !
  6. My plugin.ini file is located in the MAME root.
  7. DeadVoivod


    I think you're in the wrong forums mate!
  8. P.S Can't use VMU with theme for rocket, because RL draws VMU on top of bezel. So only separate VMU would work
  9. Love these logos, can I be cheeky and request one for the Nintendo Switch?
  10. Well , maybe for future, flycast can have VMU on side like demul core, so it wouldnt hurt to have one that is inside theme. But right now ,VMU that is separate but styled as theme would be awesome
  11. Ah okay, so you want me to make something in the same style? Should it be merged with the dreamcast overlay in 1080p or just above image cut from background and styled with same light effect?
  12. Bigbox is always updated along side Launchbox as they are two different parts of the same program and are just the one installer. So if using a newer Launchbox you are also using a newer Bigbox, so you will get the expired license message. As i said you need to be on a version of Launchbox that was released during the time your license was active, I would have a look in your Launchbox/Updates folder to see if you have a old installer, of course if you recently downloaded Launchbox again you will not have any old version installers. If that is the case you can send a email to support@unbrokensoftware.com and explain the situation and request a installer that will work with your license.
  13. Cant change image size, rocketlauncher requirement (Demul). I would move to flycast if developer would give greater control over VMU's , unfortunately they are drawn over game screen there. Thanks
  14. Oh ok! that makes sense. Thanks
  15. This is how it works, so it sounds like you are trying to use a version of Launchbox that was released AFTER your license expired. As is stated you will keep access to Bigbox forever, but updates will stop after the year, So if you are using a newer version than what your license was for then it will tell you it is expired. You need the version of Launchbox that you were on back in September/October 2018.
  16. Thanks for replying, i definitly have a yearly license. But im confused. "Your license will work forever, but updates to LaunchBox Premium will no longer be available for you after Tuesday, October 9, 2018. You can always renew your license for another year or upgrade to a forever-updates license" I thought "your license will work forever" meant i had no updates after 1 year but premium features like big box would work even if they were outdated. Isn't this how it works?
  17. What do you mean here? There are two license types, a yearly and a forever. It sounds like you bought a one year license that is now expired.
  18. Hi, I bought a license back in 2017 and when i try to add to launchbox it says that its expired or invalid. I bought the no updates license. How can i add it to have big box? Thanks!
  19. I'll give installing .NET 4.8 a go, and if I've any success, I'll report back here, in case anyone else has this specific issue. Thanks for the input
  20. Sure man, I think so but it should be of much higher resolution though.
  21. Hey, I search since 1 weeks how in a mame fullset i can create the different platform (cps1/cps2/atomiswave?) and which system are inside ? Second, what about teknoparrot it's possible to found roms ? Thanks' (i'm french :p)
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