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  2. It should work automatically. What games/emulators have your tried it with? Is your Xarcade the newer tri-mode version? It would be helpful to see a pic as I mentioned.
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  4. You can't map keys in the GUI. You have to edit Retroarch/retroarch.cfg manually. You can see from the post above a sample of my player1 key mappings in retroarch.cfg. You will need to know they keys that are mapped to each of your controls, which you can see in the WiniPac application. My control panel as 8 buttons each player, so I assign them to Retropad buttons A, B, X, Y, L1, R1, L2, R2 and the joystick to the D-Pad.
  5. Vader

    Box art

    Is it possible to have the box art files on an SD card, instead of the main storage of the device. I am about import a full set of SNES roms and would prefer to not have those box arts take up space on my phone's main storage. Any help you can give would be apricated. Thanks V
  6. Headrush69, thank you. Unfortunately it appears that I could literally map the control board in any way but the controls in the game remain the same. I save before exiting retroarch, but get an error message saying ‘no core’ when attempting to ‘user 1 save autoconfig’.
  7. haha, well started as "Sundog_AK" for sundog Alaska many moons ago, but some sites didn't like underscores so morphed over time. They are an interesting weather phenomenon but has to be !@#*& cold to see them. Sadly don't live in Alaska anymore and here in southeast Texas anything below freezing is comparable to a zombie apocalypse
  8. To echo @Lordmonkus manually build the image cache. Then ensure all drivers are up to date. Then make sure Windows is up to date. Then make sure 3rd party process scan software isn't running that could impact performance (ie MSI Afterburner etc). Then make sure your new PC doesn't have power saving mode on and it is set to "conserve power" on the USB slot your drive is on. Get through those steps and the majority of your issues should go away.
  9. I always wondered is it sun dog a k or just one long name -sundogak? Anyways good stuff👍
  10. Do I have to add a program for keyboard automation to work on my x arcade ?? Or should it work automatically in bigbox
  11. Yes I used p1 as hold key and different buttons for the rest but it doesn’t work I tried it in multiple games and it’s not working
  12. So in BigBox in keyboard automation you mapped 1) a hold key 2) a Close the active Window Key and 3) a Pause key correct? (I am sure you did, just confirming) Is it not working with any emulator or just certain ones? What keys did you map (share a pic of the keyboard automation if you can)?
  13. Updated media pack with Volume 5 media.
  14. I just got bigbox and I’m currently using it with a xarcade stick but keyboard automation is not working I set up the keys on my arcade stick but when I hold the hot key and press the button to pause or close the window it doesn’t do nothing.
  15. So I overall like the new default theme (just updated to 10.8 beta to get out of the video download bug in 10.7), but have one minorish complaint: Can we get an option to center the boxes vertically on each row if there are different size boxes? For example I prefer using the "Front Box Cover" view but have LB to fallback to screenshots and some other entries if there is none. I would prefer this to look roughly like the following:
  16. It will all work, just drop your license file in your LB install folder and startup LB/BB and all your stuff is there but you now have access to the premium features.
  17. Hello I currently have the free version of launchbox I already added emulators and about 80 games. I’m interested in purchasing the subscription for bigbox. now my question is if I get bigbox will all my emulators and games will automatically move to bigbox or do I have to start all over and add emulators and games??
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  19. Without seeing your configs, I would guess either you have something configured wrong in your retroarch.cfg or your default iPac key map. (You don't have any previous saved Retroarch remaps do you, by core, by directory or by game?)
  20. I'm looking forward to this I would like to contribute where possibel
  21. Well you downloaded someone elses prebuilt setup so we have no clue what was included in it and it could be any number of things, especially if the build has some other 3rd party software included. Now if I had to take a guess I would think that maybe it's caching which can take some time.
  22. Hi, whenever I try search for metadata for a game, via right click edit, I always get the "[ ERROR ] Could not connect to Wikipedia", launchbox database seems to connect but will always get the Wikipedia error. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to fix it please?. Thanks
  23. Hello Londmonkus, I understand and was not asking for a support regarding the pre configure dl itself (it works perfectly on another PC) but I was more looking for compatibility issue or performance issue between BiigBox and my hardware (for instance I see reading the forum that some guys had similar issues with MSI Afterburner - but I dont have this software even if I have an MSi motherboard) so I was trying to explore any possibilties. Thank you
  24. Hum, strange ! Your LaunchBox is up to date ? Did you used custom personal platform name? Or stock ?
  25. Yeah, we cannot offer you any support for any pre configured download from 3rd party sites.
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