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  2. Awesome - thanks a lot! I meant add-on as in: "an additional device attached to a console that can not function solely without the host console" (quoted from Wikipedia), like the Sega 32X and Sega Mega-CD. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "Peripheral"...
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  4. Agreed Xinput. The best compatibility.
  5. I hope removing admin privileges solved the issue. I have the same setup except Xbox 360 instead of DS4. If you have an Nvidia card you might give moonlight a try. You can install it onto the steam link via USB. Big box streams a lot better through it.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. So there's no way to stop the main screen loading artwork from going blank? On a somewhat related note. For some newer vertical games (such as Ikaruga on PC), in order to get the game to display on the vertical screen correctly I need to use the Windows key+ P to "duplicate" (mirror) the screens before launching. After doing this there's no longer a 2nd screen (for the marquees) so the Bigbox main window is now overlayed over the marquee artwork window (which is understandable). So when switching back to desktop "extend mode" the marquee screen is no longer on the 2nd vertical display. It seems that BigBox does not "reset" the main and marquee screen. Is there a way to reset the main and marquee screens? Either through the options menu (where the 2 screens are set), or maybe mapped to a keyboard/button. This might be a feature request.
  7. Every time I launch the exe file of LB or BB, I get this message first. Second time it works. Launching from external disk.
  8. Glad you got it figured out. They both need to match up, it's easier to change the name in the Associated Platforms list than the actual platform name.
  9. Figured it out! thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I didnt realize there was a drop down for diff cores in edit emulator.
  10. I tried right clicking on the game and selecting launch with..then select retroarch and then it shows the core mupen64pluslibretro...and not the core mupen64plus_next_libretro. So how do i change that? Reload N64 roms and readd retroarch as the emulator?
  11. Thanks for the response. Did you mean Launchbox instead of Retroarch? Launchbox says the core is missing?
  12. News! Well I now have mp4 video startup and shutdown fades working using RocketLauncher. So now I can create animated video fades for LaunchBox/BigBox and much much more as well. I have various RL modules I had coded in the past that I will be going back and updating as well as creating new ones in the future. So many things to create .... So stay tuned!
  13. LOL, thanks but I was just stating what I had to do, not asking that question. 🙂 Thanks again for making me aware of these bezels with the overlay cards. Why does it always seem when I think I'm finished with my LB setup, always something new to implement? 😁
  14. Hi All , I have a prebuilt system with hyperspin etc I prefer using Launchbox/BigBox so im currently transferring everything over to Launchbox and Upgrading my System to Play Steam Games. Where im getting lost and going around in circles with is apparently im going to run into trouble when trying to get steam to recognize my joysticks and buttons i have a I-PAC4 encoder Do i update the I-PAC 4 firmware and enable xinput mode ? If i get that to work will steam detect that as a gamepad? Or do i use x360ce and emulate controllers ? Argh so confusing ! If anyone could guide me on the best approach that would be very helpful
  15. Make sure your platform name matches the one in the associated platforms in the edit emulator window in Retroarch, also make sure that the correct core is selected in the associated platforms.
  16. Hi, Having a problem with mupen64plus-next core in retroarch working in launchbox. N64 games play fine in retroarch with mupen but when I select a game to play in Launchbox it doesnt do anything. And I have N64 games set for retroarch in launchbox. I have read some other posts about it but could not find a solution to my issue. Running win 10 x64, radeon rx 570. Thanks
  17. @HutOnChickenLegs Made an assumption.
  18. Yes, as long as the lay view name begins with the game's software list name (as looked for by -view %romfile%) you can add whatever you like just for descriptive reasons. So "galaxian" or "galaxian Artwork" or "galaxian Game Bezel" are all valid.
  19. @HutOnChickenLegsAre you talking like a light gun or some other add-on/peripheral? I also assume you are talking this style:
  20. That's great then. So it's just a matter of renaming the views to match the software list names. A cursory view, its seems the software lists are fairly complete for Intellivision and Colecovision.
  21. Yeah, I had messed with Joy2Key at one point to try and make FP and VP map things consistently. I had used to map the triggers (which I have error in figure above, since notes triggers are flippers). I would probably go to a complete Joy2Key setup if you could do additional Apps per emulator rather than game. I know you can edit XMLs, but right now don't have to patience to fiddle with it and keep hoping it will get added as a feature. I had grand ambitions for an arcade cab and a dedicated PB Cab, but life keeps getting in the way of either time/$ to do it and/or space to put it.
  22. If MAME fails to make a match it defaults to the first view in the lay which should always be the generic one. I had the coleco game cavenger.zip showing it's own bezel and then temporarily changed it's lay view name to "not cavenger" and it launched with the generic bezel.
  23. On the LEDBlinky Configuration Game Options tab, you can enable "Flash Player Start with Credits" option. But keep in mind this is a function of the ROM (not LEDBlinky), and only works for a select few MAME games, mostly older classics like Asteroids or Dig Dug.
  24. Thanks for the correction. I actually use JoyToKey and set it up to match my Arcade Controls (keyboard) inputs. That way I can trick it to allow me to use the triggers as nudges since JoyToKey accepts those inputs, unlike VPX. Though, I use the joystick rarely... you cant beat side buttons on the arcade controler... feels like playing on a real table.
  25. That's exactly the same method I used. I only partially changed a few view names in your layout file to test. The one issue I though of was for games that don't have a custom view, that it wouldn't fallback to the default one. The simplest solution I had was just to make sure every game has a view, using the default bezel. when needed. Seems most if not all games are covered, so shouldn't many and simple copy file anyways.
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