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  2. Awesome thanks, I'll definitely check those out in here!
  3. When you import the complete MAME set, if you don't select the MAME emulator, the importer gives an error on Line 1. Apparently, since it now uses the emulator to generate the xml, if you don't assign an emulator or it's not MAME, it generates an error. At least the first time, then it will test whether once imported, for a second time. The error does not close Launchbox, but it does not let you continue. It would have to give a message like, "You need to add and select MAME to be able to import the entire list" or something similar.
  4. Hi all, Has anyone got Star Wars Battle Pod running on Windows 10 latest version 20H2 build ? I had it running perfectly, but now RSLauncher.exe won't load. Any help appreciated. ps, tried running as admin and no admin, but still just small black box then it disappears.
  5. I have read around but the solutions on other threads do not seem to work for me so thought i would try here to get specific answers to my problem if possible... I am using an Xbox One controller, and quitting emulators is working fine using the Guide button, even for the odd ones like RPCS3 and Daphne, but not for Teknoparrot. I can exit using the ESC key on my keyboard in both LB and BB, but the Xbox controller does not exit using the guide button. I have it set up to exit in BB, (Inputbindings.xml) <InputBinding> <InputAction>LaunchBoxExitGame</InputAction> <ControllerHoldBinding>None</ControllerHoldBinding> <ControllerBinding>Button11</ControllerBinding> </InputBinding> <InputBinding> <InputAction>BigBoxExitGame</InputAction> <ControllerHoldBinding>None</ControllerHoldBinding> <ControllerBinding>Button11</ControllerBinding> </InputBinding> (Button 11 being the Guide button) It works fine and exits using the Guide button in both LB and BB if I have Teknoparrot set to NOT run as an administrator but unfortunately it then throws an exception which results in multiple alert boxs on the screen which i have to click out of to get back to BB. Any help would be appreciated as this is the very very last thing i have to do and the installation will be complete!
  6. Today
  7. Have you got a copy of MFME 20? PM me if you do please.
  8. Fruity, thanks for the great tips! I love MFME and playing the old fruities. A few years ago I built a 'working' fruit machine (basically the same way you'd build an arcade cab but with working pay-in and pay-out). For it to work correctly I need to get extract the payout value out of the MFME software which I've not had a go at with the latest v20 (I'm still running v19). I'm planning on setting some time aside in the next month or so in order to learn the Big Box Theme Designer and to make a bespoke theme for my fruit machine and then go through this great collection that @Haggie55 kindly shared and trying to get it all working. If I get anywhere with the 'theme' side of things I'll happily share everything I end up with on this site. It's great that we have a buzzing MFME thread now with a few like-minded folk in here. I'm loving all these builds on getting the 'perfect' MFME set up
  9. I'm always using merged sets, do you have one? If so, you should try that one.
  10. Hi @Jason Carr, Brazilian Portuguese 11.9 FINAL is complete!! Language-pt-BR_LB 11.9 - FINAL (26.01.2021).zip Claudio
  11. If I remember right, I went down to a 1920x1080 Upload instead which of course then worked. I'm gonna try put in some 4k later on when possible in the future though
  12. Hmm i downloaded the .220 software for my .220 rom set is still getting the same error. "unknown sofware" I even tried taking the mame.ini to the root of the folder and still no luck
  13. Send {F1 down} means "press down and hold F1" Sleep 50 means "wait 50 milliseconds" Send {F1 up} means "release F1" So of-course you can pick other keys or key combinations. Sometimes a program (or emulator) does not register a key press of 50 milliseconds. Then you can increase the length to say 100 ms. (Sleep 100). More information about the AutoHotKey Send command: https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/Send.htm
  14. Although you did not ask for it, seeing as I also own a Thrustmaster TX steering wheel, I can give you some advice. When setting up controllers for controller automation in BigBox, check if your controller uses the xinput or dinput controller api. Xbox controllers are xinput and Playstation controllers (and the Thrustmaster TX) are dinput. Because they use different controller api's, xinput and dinput controllers have different button numbers for what seems like the same button. For example the start button on a Xbox controller is button number 8 and on a Playstation controller button number 10, the Xbox guide button is button number 11 and the Playstation home button is button number 13. Because of those different button numbers, you currently can not natively use xinput and dinput controllers at the same time for BigBox controller automation. On the Thrustmaster, the wheel itself is the left stick x-axis. Steering left is x-axis - (negative) and steering right is x-axis + (positive). The brake pedal however uses the left stick y-axis. When the pedal is fully upright (not pressed) its position is y-axis -, halfway pressed is y- axis neutral and fully pressed is y-axis +. That means that although you don't press the brake pedal, in windows the pedal registers as being fully pressed on the negative y-axis which translates to "down" being pressed. You can test this with your wheel by using the BigBox controller automation and pressing the brake pedal halfway. The pedal now registers as being halfway between y-axis + and y-axis -. So it value is y-axis 0 or neutral and the scrolling in BigBox stops. There is a way to mitigate this. Go to the Thrustmaster control panel and enable "Combine Pedals". This combines both the brake and the throttle to y-axis. Now the pedals, when not pressed, register as being neutral. The downside is that both pedals lose half of an an axis, so this is not advisable for modern racing games but its fine for older or emulated racing games. But what I want to get across is that you currently can not mix and match al sort of controllers for BigBox controller automation without some workarounds. For me, I use my DS4 controller with DS4Windows which acts as a xinput wrapper and creates a virtual Xbox 360 controller for the DS4. And for my Thrustmaster wheel I use a controller mapper (antimicro) which maps keyboard keys to controller buttons. I made profiles for BigBox and various games in antimicro that auto load. Then disabled controller automation and enabled keyboard automation. This way I can navigate BigBox with my Xbox one, my DS4 controllers and my Thrustmaster wheel and exit games with the same button combination. Your right about playing games. That's where LaunhBox \ BigBox is meant for in the first place. But maybe one day you want your BigBox experience to be as seamless as possible. Maybe now you have a starting point.
  15. trial and error, thats what's fun about gaming too, you learn a ton of stuff that you will know forever
  16. Ahhh shoot i didnt know it it had to be the same...I just assumed the latest software would work with any rom
  17. you need to download the .220 software for .220 ROMs
  18. No my mame is the latest .227 but my rom set is .220 split
  19. Is your MAME version the same than the ROM set you use?
  20. I would definitely go with Visual Pinball and Future Pinball, you can find many threads and videos on this forums on how to get them running. Gives you hundreds of tables, originals, recreated, fan made.
  21. So.... coming back around to this. I tried and tried to get the launchbox built in ahk to work and I couldn't get anywhere with it. I ended up building the external ahk and compiling that. Strange how the internal ahk works for some people sometimes and not for others.
  22. We still have no way of getting the games that you own on your Xbox. Microsoft doesn't provide it. Both good suggestions. If we don't have BitBucket tickets for them, then we should definitely add them.
  23. Tracking whether they're installed or not is immaterial. The database is games I own...
  24. My MameUI64 can load all my mame games perfectly. But when I use launch box and use MameUI64 emulator not all my games work....Some games run just fine and the ones that doesnt give me a "unknown system"
  25. yeah basically if a cart is being added as a disk its just terrible moderation.
  26. They do not. Video snaps aren't usable with the free version of Launchbox so they're not a high priority. That said, the plan is eventually create those as well once everything else is essentially done. I recorded about a hundred very early on but as I said it's not a priority currently. Emumovies does have video snaps for C64 but generally they're low quality and seemingly all in the wrong aspect ratio; and game coverage is sporadic.
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