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  2. I've kinda been noticing sometimes not all things from the Database are being Downloaded. One example is that today I went for a Japanese game, but what happened was I got some of the Japan stuff except for the cover art, but also got some North America stuff along with it. I manually go looked at the Database to see if there was even a cover for it, and there is, but unsure why it never Downloaded with everything else though
  3. hello! i like to open mouse patch when i start a Light Gun game. How i can do?
  4. I would setup default horizontal and vertical ini files per info found here: https://www.mameworld.info/mrdo/mame_artwork_generic.php
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  6. When you search for media LB will show you a list for the LB Games DB and Emumovies of what all images and videos types are scraped for. Now whether or not the game you are scraping actually has images for it in all the possible categories is not known until you search. But the list you see is what assets can be retrieved. Marquees are an option found both in LB Games DB and Emumovies. Bezels is not one that is pulled in either so you would need to source those.
  7. You are missing that Kickstart file from your Retroarch system directory. We can't tell you where to get the file, but if you do an internet search, you should be able to find it. Reference the readme section on this page for full information for setup and configuration info: https://github.com/libretro/libretro-uae
  8. I am trying to figure out if I need to go find marquee, bezel, etc assets for mame and my consoles or if those assets are retrieved automatically if you have BB and Emu subscriptions. Where can I find this information? what exactly is downloaded through the software and what do I need to source on my own?
  9. Hey everyone, So, I'm using the UAE core for Amiga in Retroarch and I am trying to execute games but it is advising me I am missing a "kick40060.CD32.ext" file. Any idea on how I can rectify this? If it has something to do with a BIOS I am missing... could someone possibly point me into the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. You carefully don't reply to the fact that some items are referenced under different names. The author of the theme himself admitted he's not the best at detailing the installation in the comments. Again it looks fantastic, just could be simplified. It is a fact and I haven't been disrespectful to the author so I would be glad if you could do the same and either be constructive or keep your comments to yourself unless that is all you have to do. I'll stop arguing with you as I didn't even address these comments to your attention in the first place. Have a nice day
  11. Some games like Virtua Fighter 2 still don't have a bezel, I thought that the software supports creating a default bezel? Since my update, VF2 doesn't display a default bezel anymore? Any idea how to enable the default bezel on MAME standalone? Thanks.
  12. German Language-de-DE LB11.3.rar
  13. Just noticed that the window that shows games to be imported in the steam import window is not resizable. You just get this one small size, not sure how it will look on other resolution/scaling settings.
  14. Just tested here and the steam importer is still working as expected.
  15. Today I can't get the Games DB to update. After the download hangs up and I cancel and try again, I am getting this if I try again: When I close and re-open LB, it is just hanging again on the download. After waiting 20 minutes or so, it worked
  16. Did anyone get the exit script for Phoenix to work? I tried what was suggested and it didn't work for me either. $Esc:: { Send ^{q} } I tried this for both "Exit AutoHotkey Script" and "Running AutoHotkey Script" and neither works for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Only like 15 days or so late lol. Gimme a break! There's a lot in my community theme creator folders in terms of images and templates. You might want to give that download a try and look around in there. I'll also be sharing my genre templates once I'm done with them. Still working my way through my systems. It takes forever, but I have to do it in photoshop since I am using crylen's bordered "clear" logos, and I already made it halfway through before the update to the community theme creator was done that allowed it to look in the genre folders. Plus, I have to do a lot of image tweaking and cleanup.
  18. I'm afraid I don't have a solution for you but it's not working for me either at the moment. I have been using Launchbox for a couple of years now and it's always worked fine, all the details are the same but now I get the same error you're seeing. My guess is there's been a change made on Steam's side. I'm sure it'll be working again soon. Edited I just checked and Steam had removed the API key I had generated. I created a new one and entered it in LaunchBox and it's now working fine. It's probably worth reading this thread for any common issues and posting there if you're still having any problems. Good luck!
  19. Create a New Playlist and call it whatever you want. Then you can add each game to that playlist. In LB you can then go to that playlist and remove all the games.
  20. Hi @neil9000 I know this, but I’m looking a method to mark the games in bigbox, and then finally open Launchbox and only open a playlist or filter with those games included, like favorites list. I thinked to do with Break games checking option, but when after I open Launchbox I cant view any filter o playlist with break games, like the default favorites list/filter. Do you know another method?? Thanks
  21. Thank you @Cauptain; I'll get the translation into the next beta. It's that time again guys. I'm hoping to put out the official release early next week. Thanks as always. @Opak @cyanjiang @Bardock @MajKSA @gamehacker @Kondorito @Nyny77 @alexposad @k_kutsugi @dukeemu
  22. Updates on April 27, 2020 Updated RetroFresh COMMUNITY Theme Creator Edition to version 1.1 - Made a minor change in Games Wheel 4 view, adjusting the height/width of certain elements. Included the RetroFresh - COMMUNITY Project Files - This can be used to load into the COMMUNITY Theme Creator so you can create your own version of RetroFresh.
  23. Thats one way of putting it, id say more "nit picky" personally. No it wasnt, your original post was you stating that the files you wanted were not there, they were as i pointed out in my reply and image. Thats not "constructive feedback" thats you not looking correctly and blaming the theme creator for your lack of observation and your personal lack of patience, both of which have nothing to do with this theme or the creator of it, which is what i took exception too in your original post, you blaming other people for your own shortfalls.
  24. Hello i have again a probleme with the theme on startup Can you help me? Okay its again the language bug
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