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  1. Mame PCB's (Circuit Boards) with transparent background

    The title is self-explanatory, it doesn't contain PCB's for every game but quite a lot still -> almost 3000 images including PCB's of devices and such. I grabbed the PCB packs floating around the internet and removed all the backgrounds.
    This might look nice in our Big Box collections when checked under image priorities for Cart Front, see:

    See the transparent background PCB's in action in this new view of the Neon Deluxe Arcade Big Box Theme:


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  2. Arcade Cabinets 2.0 Project

    This project is made possible by @Antny, @Kondorito, @Mr. RetroLust, @dssbob and @Orionsangel
    *IMPORTANT*: If you want to stay up to date of new packs and updates use the "Follow" button in the upper right corner. Any future updates will not be displayed in the "What's New" section.
    The aim of this project is a complete overhaul of the often used cabinet images (Arcade machines, Pinball, and Slots/Casino), including but not limited to:
    Higher resolution and quality versions of up to 2160 pixels vertically (Ultra HD)! All images have a transparent background! Higher accuracy of different regions and versions of cabinets All color corrected and optimized to get the most out of any image Many many new cabinets, previously missing from collections Reconstructed images, either entirely new photo realistic reconstructions or existing images which had previously missing parts added The possibilities of this project are endless, it will let frontends and arcade collections look much better as theme creators will be able to use the arcade cabinets category much more efficiently. Creators, Bloggers, Writers, Reviewers etc. will be able to use these images directly in their media and content enriching the community and history. Arcade games databases can be updated. Any creative process you can think of will be made much easier and look better.
    Please note that future Mame updates might change names of some roms, you might have to manually change the file name of the image in those particular cases, however when this project is eventually finished it will be uploaded completely to the launchbox game database so renaming them won't be necessary.
    So, follow this thread for any new updates!
    It will take a while before we finish the entire project but you will be able to download updates along the way
    An early impression of the project using the FutureState Neon Deluxe theme as an example how we can use these images.
    Credits and special thanks:
    @Antny let it be known!: without him this project would never be what it is, his years long collection of photo's is of great value to arcade history preservation, thanks buddy for everything you've done and do!
    @dssbob Thank you so much for the amazing work you do on this project, you work super fast and accurate, really glad you found us and the many work you provide! Thanks brother!
    Thank you Progetto for everything you guys do and have done, your cabinet images have inspired this project immensely and serves as a base for us to evolve from.
    @Kondorito Your willingness to help on all fronts, your insight, ideas, sharp eye and brains. Couldn't have done it without you bro, thanks man
    @Orionsangel Thank you for helping along bro, keep on bringing those awesome cabinets/bezels into our digital livingrooms  
    Hasan Tasdemir from Nationaal Video Game Museum for the opportunity to photograph at your amazing museum. 
    Mr. Do and all it's artists for the reference, research and amazing artwork preservation:
    Arcadeartwork.org for reference and research this database is an amazing collection of the arcade artwork history.
    Arcade Database: For all the information you provide, proved very important for the research.
    Arcade-Museum for all the information and flyers, couldn't have done it without your databases!
    https://www.arcade-museum.com/ and https://flyers.arcade-museum.com/
    @ETAPRIME for being awesome and having the best voice on youtube and having plugged the project before when we just started, thank you bro!  
    @Jason Carr the entire team and moderators for the Launchbox universe you create, you've enriched our (gaming) life and nostalgia more than you probably realize, you rule! ?
    And thanks to anyone I have failed to mention.


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