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About This File

Updated to 3.0 See Details in Change log

A elegant and modern feeling theme that tries to keep details to a minimum.


Must be using Launchbox 7.1+ to use the theme

Unique Features

  • 6 custom views
  • Images were created from scratch especially for this theme
  • Different view based around 16:9 or 4:3 videos 
  • Custom Favorite, Broken and Completed symbols
  • Default Black and White theme that blends with most images
  • Custom Futurestate Background Videos
  • Simple Views with liberal use of game information on selection pages

Install instructions

Works with Launchbox version 7.1+

  • Do a clean unzip into your themes folder, it is recommended to not right over a previous version
  • Make sure to install the font inside the Font Folder if you would like to use the custom font


Alternative Views

Alternative view are views requested by users that alter the default theme. I try to fulfill requests if they are reasonable but may not update the files in newer iterations. 

*use at your own risk*

Futurestate no info wheelgamesview.zip - This is a 4:3 Game View that removes all text over top of the game video.

Futurestate Themes

*Download the skins in the Themes download tab

There are a few variations for skinning Futurestate in the works. To use these create backup of your existing Images/Theme folder and copy the contents of the zip files over top of the original locations.  

Put my Photoshop skills to the test! Request one and I will see what I can do!

**These files over write the default Futurestate skin!


  Futurestate Ruby



Also check out the RetroState theme located here by Scottad! @Scottad



What's New in Version 4.1   See changelog


- Rewrote Platform Wheel 1 and Platform Wheel 3 to include some game details under the cover flow wheel. Added some optimization in loading data by creating image based shadows

- Dropped the frame rate on the Futurestate Animated video for smoother navigation (60fps version is still in the images folder)

-Removed the video from the option menu, I think there is a bug that compounds the video every time you enter the options menu, this was leading to degraded performance after 2-3 trips to the options menu

-Updated some of the PNGs with a slightly different style

-Added a different font and a new font dll so users no longer need to install the themes fonts


Whats to come

-Finish updating all existing views with 

-Add HexControls Screenshots to Detail Views

-Full screen video theme background views using horizontal coverflow

-Implement Ao.Bigbox.Themer.dll to add it's awesome video control

-May come up with an original skin


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