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MinimalX started as a variant of Grila's MinimalHD. It was first released in 2016 as Minimal-AO, and after incorporating a slew of plugins I rebranded it as of version 5.0 MinimalX. Due to its reliance on certain plugin features, MinimalX requires LB version 10+. I wanted to emphasize a simple setup and design elements that gracefully degrade if you are missing metadata for some games, etc. Its views have a consistent layout which I think makes navigation very easy. I settled on displaying all videos at 4:3 because I think that's better than displaying all at 16:9, and I think they look nice that way. MinimalX is skinnable; for instructions how to customize MinimalX and turn some features off/on (for example if you want to see metadata in the sidebar as in the final two screenshots), read the PDF document bundled with the download. Some of the features:

  • System Info: Just because I wanted to figure out how to display that stuff.
  • Metadata Banners: Such as category, platform, genre, play mode, star rating etc.
  • Icon-augmented Text List: For quickly navigating based on a platform or game metadata.
  • Dynamic List Header: Helps you keep track of where you are when navigating through BigBox.
  • AO Video Engine: It will by default play the current category, platform, or game video. If a platform (or playlist or filter) video is not found, it will loop through a random selection of that platform's games with crossfading action (NOTE: to use this feature, you must set Big Box settings > Options > Videos > (check) Use Random Game Videos for Missing Platform Videos). If no platform or game videos are found, it will fall back to looping through a set of pertinent images. For game views, if a game video is not found, it will play a slideshow of the game's title screen, options, gameplay, etc, while the game music (if available) plays. The video engine supports VLC and WMP as configured in BigBox.

NOTE: Unblocking the ZIP file will also unblock the DLL (e.g., Ao.Bigbox.Themer.dll) contained therein, giving your computer permission to run this DLL. This is an issue with all plugins you might download from this forum. It's a Windows security feature. You basically have to vouch for a file before Windows will use it. I liken it to how a MS office document you download from an email runs in Protected Mode until you unblock it for printing, editing, etc. Below is the error you'll see if you don't unblock the file, as well as a screenshot of the solution.



And here is a shameless plug for my other themes:

  • Refaktor - clean text-based view to suit 16:9 or 4:3 displays
  • Nostalgia - displays videos within viking's clean platform images
  • FluxCRT - displays videos within a mock CRT including curvature effect
  • Epoch09 - post-apocalyptic flavored theme (still a work in progress)

What's New in Version 5.8   See changelog


* FIXED: upgraded to Ao.Bigbox.Themer v3.9.3
* FIXED: changed default media player impl back to WMP (much smoother than VLC)
* Fixed: added translations for top panel of filter views: Games Available, Star Ratings
* FIXED: removed transitions for selector headers, lists, and thumbnails for performance
* FIXED: MediaTrack control for video background now also uses user-specified PlayerImpl
* ADDED: SelectionStateVisualizer control used for debugging Ao.Bigbox selection tracking

Ao.Bigbox.Themer Changelog...

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Awesome ! very great work !

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Improved on the original MinimalHD and grew into its own thing. @eatkinola doesnt get enough credit in his themes. Great work.

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I cannot believe how much customization is on this theme, simply amazing! Thanks for this theme guys!

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With the added 'skinning' features, this is easily the best theme available on the platform.  Great work.

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Instant favorite... Best theme for me. Thank you so much... Cheers! 

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Love this theme. Its awesome :) 

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Such a cool theme, love all the custom backgrounds to choose from...great work on this one, keep it up ;)

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This theme is fantastic. I've been using Minimal-AO since it was posted, and this new version is even better.

You sir are a true scholar. A thousand thanks!

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