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Update: With it's 10.11 Release Launchbox has native support for importing games from gog.com that should work better that this :) I will still leave this up here in case somebody using an older version of Launchbox might want this.

Plugin for importing games from gog.com.

Readme and source code on github.

Probably won't work on 32 bit systems.




What's New in Version 0.1.3   See changelog


- error handling: unexpexted or missing game information should not stop the import process anymore
- error handling: unexpected or missing game information is logged and displayed to the user
- improved user feedback: more accurate progress bars
- improved user feedback: game currently processed is shown
- games in import dialog are now sorted alphabetically
- import options and games found are now saved for the duration of the launchbox session


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This is really great, thank you.  Can you make a uPlay version?  It uses similar things to GOG and Steam (using IDs, not file names).

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 I mainly wrote this plugin for myself and I personally don't use uPlay... Also I'm not likely to spend much more time on develeopment of this plugin, at least not in the near future. Sorry!

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Really excited to check this out. I've got it installed, and the menu option shows up under Tools. When I click it, a browser window pops up with the gog.com Login title, but the window remains blank. I ran the unblock in Powershell just to be on the safe side, but that didn't seem to be the problem. Any thoughts?

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@BigSpoonyBard mh... just tried the latest Version of Launchbox with the plugin, worked for me.

How long did you wait before closing the browser window again? Sometimes it takes a while before the content of the page shows up....

Did you download the latest release of the plugin (0.1.3)? Do you have a 64-bit OS?

Do you get the "New version avaiable" and "What's new" windows from Launchbox at startup? They use the same Browser engine as the plugin. If so please try to disable them and check again. If not there must be a problem with Launchbox itself.

Another idea: Are you logged in to gog in another browser or do you have gog galaxy open? Try to log out and close galaxy.

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