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WootLauncher provides game load/exit screens, bezels/overlays and a pause menu with built-in PDF viewer for manuals, as well as support for emulator savestates and images to remind users of emulator control mappings. I looked into using RL but didn't feel like going through the trouble of setting it up, so I instead ironically went through loads of trouble creating this plugin. It's not meant to do everything RL does (caveat: I've never used RL), but maybe it does enough and you'll find it useful. It's designed to be easy to setup but also quite customizable. It will not support all emulators but should support "enough"; tested with RetroArch, MAME, Dolphin, Demul, and PCSX2 which I think are the more common ones used (anyway what I use). It should work with other emulators, too.

The PDF bundled with the download describes how to quickly setup and also how to customize ... so I'll not repeat that here. You can also download the PDF guide separately. Please use the support thread if you have any questions or spot bugs. When reporting issues, supply the log file and any relevant screenshots to help troubleshoot. It's worth mentioning this is not compatible with the new built-in game startup screens for LB/BB, and it likely never will be as it uses a different window management strategy. Absolute requirements for using WootLauncher are:

1. LaunchBox / BigBox version >= 9.2
2. Disable built-in LB/BB startup screens (for exceptions see PDF)
3. Do not try to use both RL and WootLauncher; it will not go well
4. Configure your emulators to run in windowed mode

NOTE: If criteria 1 and 2 are not met, the plugin will simply disable itself.

ADDITIONAL PLUGINS: This DLL (Ao.Bigbox.Dropins.dll) contains additional plugins besides WootLauncher, but they are inactivate by default. You can activate these other plugins by editing the DLL's config file (Ao.Bigbox.Dropins.dll.config). See the Ao.Bigbox Customs download page for additional details about these other plugins.


What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


* ADDED: joypad aggregator implementation of IJoypad, handles plugs and unplugs
* ADDED: gamepad mappings to directly exit game w/o WL pause screen; @JaysArcade
* ADDED: game resume option to WL pause menu, inspired by @Chadmando's
* ADDED: function buttons, e.g., activate WL pause menu via DS4's PS-logo button
* ADDED: more button mappings in Ao.Bigbox.Dropins config, works w/o LB premium
* FIXED: PDF now recs avoid using separate AHK scripts w/WL plugin; @JaysArcade
* FIXED: joypad framework was throwing exception when gamepad was unplugged
* FIXED: joypad framework now detects and handles newly/unplugged gamepads

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