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This is a ScummVM discs pack that goes along very nicely with Klopjero's 3D boxes REDUX set.

Bear in mind that even though they have LaunchBox nomenclature for their naming, a lot of these files could not match the ones in your set, as ScummVM has different naming conventions.

I am adding in here a clear disc (named #Base.png) for anybody to add any clear logos they want.





In action:


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Hey Claudio, the disc was a picture grabbed originally as it is from the web, I only removed some circled text, made the transparencies and added the scummvm logo. 

You can simply slide the hue in PS and change the yellow color to the one you want :)

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@Kondorito Thanks for the work on this pack. I was able to pretty much drop this in and go with my collection along with the box pack of same design.  One disc I didn't see but the 3D box was present was Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars. I see the other two versions of the series but not this one.  I used your template and pulled one together and attached here in case others want.  242 vs my 1 was easy!  😁 Thanks, again.   

Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars.png

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