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MS-DOS - 3D Boxes (Biogark) 1.0.0

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About This File

I would like to share my PSD Template for those who want to create MS-DOS 3D Boxes for your own launchbox collection.



A Nightmare on Elm Street-01.png
Airborne Ranger-01.png
Alien Breed_ Tower Assault-01.png
Alien Carnage-01.png
Alone in the Dark-01.png
Commander Keen 1_ Marooned on Mars-01.png
Commander Keen 2_ The Earth Explodes-01.png
Commander Keen 3_ Keen Must Die!-01.png
Commander Keen 4_ Secret of the Oracle-01.png
Commander Keen 5_ The Armageddon Machine-01.png
Commander Keen 6_ Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter!-01.png
Crusader_ No Remorse-01.png
Descent_ Anniversary Edition-01.png
DOOM II_ Hell on Earth-01.png
Duke Nukem 3D-01.png
Dune II_ The Building of a Dynasty-01.png
Dungeon Keeper-01.png
Epic Pinball-01.png
Fade to Black-01.png
Grand Theft Auto-01.png
Jurassic Park-01.png
La Abadía del Crimen-01.png
Magic Carpet Plus-01.png
Raptor_ Call of the Shadows-01.png
Red Baron-01.png
Relentless_ Twinsen_s Adventure-01.png
Rise of the Triad_ Dark War-01.png
Sid Meier_s Civilization-01.png
Sid Meier_s Colonization-01.png
Star Wars_ Dark Forces-01.png
Star Wars_ TIE Fighter-01.png
Star Wars_ X-Wing-01.png
Strike Commander-01.png
System Shock-01.png
Ultima Underworld II_ Labyrinth of Worlds-01.png
Ultima Underworld_ The Stygian Abyss-01.png
Wing Commander-01.png
Wing Commander II_ Deluxe Edition-01.png
Wolfenstein 3D-01.png
X-COM_ UFO Defense-01.png


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20 minutes ago, proghodet said:

Are you by chance adding these to the LaunchBox Database as well? :)

Maybe you need the full platform pack... 

Not sure if there is any rule or standard for this. What you think ?

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I have no idea, actually. I suppose for now, adding anything at all is more important than having a consistent design for all 3D boxes - but I really don't know :)

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Hi.... thank you for this!  I too am working constantly on creating 3D boxes for PC Games.... I will be sharing soon... For DOS games, this is GREAT!  I'll use these for DOS!  Thank you!

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