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Ao.Bigbox Customs 2020.05.31

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About This File

Ao.Bigbox Customs is a collection of LB/BB plugins. The Themer library contains custom controls useful for theme developers. The Dropins library contains true plugins you can just drop into the LB plugins folder. By default, the only drop-in enabled is WootLauncher; enabling the other drop-ins is easy (see the PDF doc download). Here are the included drop-ins:

GameManualViewer: Adds menu item "Game Manual 8D" (string is customizable) to the game details menu in BB, if the game has an associated PDF manual. When activated, the PDF will be read and converted to images on the fly for display within BigBox; it will not launch an external program. As occasionally some manuals take a few seconds to load, an animated GIF is displayed while you wait. The gif is currently a space invader, but I might add customization in the future. When viewing the PDF manual, use the standard keys (or gamepad buttons) used to navigate around BigBox.

PlatformAuditor: Adds another media audit tool for LB with support for OCD-type personalities. This can help you quickly find a platform's missing game media and rename media according to the game's title. It can also be used to delete superfluous media. It works for images, manuals, music, and videos. As with any tool that potentially modifies your library, consider backing up your media folders before using this.

PlatformExporter: Adds a simple way to export games including metadata and boxart to other applications. Currently, the only application to which it exports is EmulationStation. Support for other applications might be added in the future, if there is enough demand and I have enough time and interest in doing so.

PlaylistGenerator: Adds playlists to your library but does not otherwise alter your library. Playlists are regenerated each time LB/BB is started. You can add your own media (videos, banners, etc) for the playlist, in the same way you would for manually generated playlists in LaunchBox. This media will not be overwritten when the playlists are regenerated. You can customize the names of these playlists and number of games added to each.

WootLauncher: Adds game load/exit screens, pause screens including support for viewing PDF manuals and save/load states, and bezels/overlays (useful for emulators which do not themselves support overlays). There is a separate download page dedicated to WL:



Here are some of the themes that use Ao.Bigbox.Themer

  • FluxCRT - videos displayed within a mock CRT including curvature effect
  • MinimalX - simple but very flexible (skinnable) theme with some cool controls
  • Nostalgia - videos displayed within viking's clean and nostalgic platform images
  • Refaktor - clean view suited for 16:9 or 4:3 displays and videos/screenshots of all sizes

What's New in Version 2019.08.03   See changelog


Updated Themer to v3.9.4, changes as follows:

* FIXED: adapted AutopathVideoLooper to the newish AbstractBbTePlugin framework
* FIXED: wheel shadow list was not including nodes without games (like BB was expecting)
* FIXED: wheel shadow list was not correctly sorting A/An/The etc. using LB rules
* FIXED: bug when XxxMetadataIcon FieldOrder is empty string; was throwing exception
* FIXED: AssemblyLogger was freaking out w/exceptions if logging in rapid succession
* FIXED: AssemblyConfig_Themer now adapts to changes in the currently selected theme
* FIXED: AVLF animation of title making way for platform/game notes was a bit wonky
* FIXED: AVLF animation of notes was not restarting after returning to BB from game
* FIXED: memory leak in DigitalClock due to DispatcherTimer not being stopped/destroyed
* FIXED: memory leak in AutopathVideoLooperFramed due to this same DigitalClock issue
* FIXED: Spanish translations mucked up by me, fixed by others; @qu1r0s, @EduInmigrante
* FIXED: memory leak in AutoscrollListBox when not nulling _scrollViewer on Unloaded
* FIXED: memory leak in AbstractSelectionVMP (OnSelectionChanged) due to listener bloat
* ADDED: MarqueeTextBlock option to avoid left-wrapround scrolling if text is short
* ADDED: support for platform default box/cart images, new as of LB-9.10; @bundangdon
* ADDED: ImageGiffy as wrapper to quickly display animated gifs w/XamlAnimatedGif
* ADDED: CustomFormat and other useful properties to DigitalClock

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