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COLORFUL bigbox theme 1.0

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About This File

COLORFUL is a complete and coherent high quality graphic set, around a unique design. Made with love in France. I hope you like it ! 😘
Here are planned development axes:

  • COLORFUL Theme : The main hub, a unique interface for BigBox.
  • COLORFUL Platform Video : Complete 4K video set, with a unique design.
  • COLORFUL Source : To involve the community in the platform video creation. (new)
  • COLORFUL BigBox Startup Video : (soon)
  • COLORFUL Startup Theme : (soon)
  • COLORFUL Pause Theme : (soon)


On this page we are talking about COLORFUL Theme for BigBox:
Design for work with my platform video set, COLORFUL THEME is thought to be used on the big screen (TV) in gaming console mode.
Modern, elegant and animated are the key words of this interface.


Same problem as with my video set !
Creating  videos & theme takes a loooooot of time. And I have to deal with a full-time CGI artist job and 2 young kids.
So I opened a Patreon page that could allow me to dedicate days on my work time to continue creating video.
I'm not trying to get rich, but like everyone else, I cant spend 1 day/week working for free! I hope you understand.
If the project interests you: Here is my Patreon page.



The main features :

  • 16:9 only. (Works on other ratio, but with black bands)
  • Full 4K asset. (Any resolution must work, 4K assets)
  • Totally responsive. No resolution deformation on text size or placement.
  • Because of the white/black background, some ClearLogo comes with the theme.
  • Gamepad connection indicator & battery level.


Any design choice gives limitations. Here are some recommendations for this theme :

  • LaunchBox/BigBox v.10.0 (and up)
  • VLC highly recommended.
  • Design for work with COLORFUL platform video set. (but you can use any video you what)
  • Beware of full white/black ClearLogo. They will be invisible on Light/Dark views!
  • I didnt test this theme on a lowend configuration. There may be slowdown. (Curious to have your feedback on this subject!)


2 ways

  1.  In Windows : Right here, with the download button. Extract the "Colorful" folder and place it in your "LaunchBox/Themes" directory.   (dont rename it!)
  2.  In BigBox : Option > Theme manager > Found "COLORFUL - Light" or "COLORFUL - Dark"



  • @Jason Carr for his hard work on LaunchBox/BigBox! Thx man!
  • To all Patreon guys! A GIANT THANKS to all of you!!! 😍
  • The whote community for yout support!




# BY FILE, EVERY CUSTOM VIEW SUMMARY  (Here in LIGHT. Same principle/animation for DARK)

  • PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml PlatformWheel1FiltersView_xaml.thumb.gif.0dcc13a33d3208a072e8e7d0dbcf5b80.gif
  • PlatformWheel2FiltersView.xaml PlatformWheel3FiltersView_xaml.thumb.gif.a15f8eeb6b5a938b6da0353c658be659.gif
  • WheelGamesView.xaml WheelGamesView_xaml.thumb.gif.d4271f18ad67f3084e1911c000d9fa44.gif
  • Wheel2GamesView.xaml :Wheel2GamesView_xaml.thumb.gif.4592e405397f84bbe231ab4c3ce57cb5.gif
  • TextGamesView :Colorful_4_TextGamesView.thumb.gif.0bef712f302c7519ec89f0a3ee5333a8.gif


What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


Version 1.0 - Released October 16, 2020

 - New Feature: (both) In game views, FrontBox now fade out after 4sec, to clear the view on video.
 - Improvement: (both) In all GamesView, replace the "Platform Name" by "Game Genre". Thx to RedSnake !
 - Improvement: (both) Speed optimization on GamesViews, identical to platform.
 - Improvement: (both) New ClearLogo set, depending on the Clear or Dark version. (Please clean your cache)
 - Improvement: (both) Massive PNG size optimization.
 - Fixed: (dark) "PlatformWheel2FiltersView" now displays the dark arrows.
 - Fixed: (both) "Wheel2GamesView" fix "5-Player Simultaneous" display.

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User Feedback

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15 minutes ago, j0ker007 said:

looks awesome, but my xbox controller doesn't work in the menu.  it works in the games but not in the menu with this theme.

Did check the Enable All Controllers box in Big Box? If you have more then one controller connected at a time and don't enable it only the first pair controller will be able to use BB.

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Congrats @viking this is amazing!!! One of the best BigBox themes I've seen for a while!

Right now I'm using it and it looks great!

I was wondering if you were able to do like an alternate game view where we could see:

  • Game name and game description on Top Left
  • Game Box Cover smaller on the right of this
  • Game logos below, smaller but more icons
  • Game details beneath the box cover

Like the attached picture.

Keep up the amazing work!


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@j0ker007 : I dont think it comes from the theme. It isnt possible.
Please, look at the side of the controls general setting in BigBox.

@GodElite : Thx man !
I understand this need to have more information on the same screen. But it isnt the spirit that I try to put into this theme: simplicity and breathing.
For example, that's why I "deported" the selection wheel to another screen. Less is more (for me)

If you wish, can I share here my Photoshop tests for the next views?
This will give you a better idea of the direction I want to take.

But the first thing I want to improve is the green graphics. I would like to make them dynamic, from the color of the platform. Green will remain the default color.

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A dark version was not planned. But considering the number of requests, I think to do it!
Give me time to completely finalize the white version, and I'll do a dark version 😉

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Waouhou, incredible theme! I like it, very pro and clean, can't wait to see the final version!

I will add my suggestions ^^ : maybe in the future, it will be a good idea to make a pause theme, a start up theme and a Start up video in order to have a complete Bigbox Colorful experience.

I will definitely follow your creations!


Cheers from France!

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@viking I understand, you are going for a more minimalist design ;) Would love to see those Photoshop tests for the next views!

I got all game clear logos + box art, that's why I would love to have a view that combined these both arts on a single view.

You are the man, fantastic work!

Edited by GodElite
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@JesseBlue : Thx! I will do my best!

@Mumut : Ahah merci !!!! This is the original idea! Create a complete and coherent experience. I have already made a intro video for BigBox. But I would like to finalize and fix the main theme before declining. For example, I'm thinking of creating a Banner set, based on videos montage.

@GodElite : The easiest way is to continue the discussion on the forum. Comments are less convenient. 

@Palada : Cool !! Thx man!! I also planned to do my version. But any help is welcome! And the more choice, the better! Good job !!

@kidflash : The players number isn't fixed in the theme. He will look for the info in your database.
In "LaunchBox > Option > Tools > Manage platforms >"

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6 hours ago, viking said:

@kidflash : The players number isn't fixed in the theme. He will look for the info in your database.
In "LaunchBox > Option > Tools > Manage platforms >"

@viking Oh ok, thank you for your response. I did not know that.

Edited by kidflash
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Hi, When I set wheel 1 and go to a platform I cant see the system image. It goes directly to a video of a random game. I set it to default and wheel 1. Please help. Thanks

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Did you download the COLORFUL video set ? 

In LaunchBox, go to Option/Tools/ Platform Video Download Tool, and set COLORFUL 4K, and clic Download.

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This is absolutely incredible and I can only assume it will become an official theme sooner or later.

Just wondering whether you're planning on a game selection screen variant that is more like the classic BigBox list i. e. shows more than one game at a time, allows browsing alphabetically, or by playlists etc. Since otherwise I feel like the single game wheel selection is kind of redundant, though I understand you're going for simplicity. But that would make it more suitable to browse very large libraries.

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As for Colorful video playset, thank you so much for your great work! It sums up pretty much everything I like in UI.

I know it's early stage so please find some feedback hoping it can help :

- I feel Box art is too big on game view depending on the video. For exemple, it can sometime cover the main character of a plateform game which seems odd. I do like having a big boxart though...

- Playlist's game number  doesn't work while it does with other skins

Thanks again! 

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7 hours ago, viking said:

@kobaturtle : Thx !!!

About the coverart, it's a comment that comes back often. I dont know what to do with it. =/

I think the DVD format covers size are ok, the problem is the square like covers (like ps1) that looks a little too large, but i dunno how if its possible to filter the cover size by platform on the theme code.

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7 hours ago, viking said:

About the coverart, it's a comment that comes back often. I dont know what to do with it. =/

Thinking out loud; maybe you could test reducing a couple of px the game title font size (so it reduces the used space from three lines to two and gets pushed down a little bit), and check if placing the box front above works for both horizontal and vertical images.

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@viking Love this theme! Trying to transition to it completely, but what should I do to fix Platform clear logos that are completely or mostly invisible. Is there a way to use different logos that will show through or something?


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Yes. This is the problem of white ClearLogo on a white background. They become invisible.
With the theme, I put some corrected logo for the most common platforms. To do it for all the games would be too long.

If you want to replace ClearLogo only for Colorful, just place them in the theme folder :
(...) LaunchBox\Themes\Colorful\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo ...

By the way, if the community wants to adapt ClearLogo, do not hesitate to post them on this thead.
I could integrate them in the next release!   (Dont forget that there will probably be a black version at the end. So grey should be nice)


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@viking Maybe you can help me out, as I'm misunderstanding or something didn't work right on install.

I see your modified logos in the folder you specified, but when I installed the theme, it seemed to keep the logos I had from a previous theme. It doesn't seem to be showing the files I see in your theme's folder for clear logos. Do I need to move these elsewhere, or did something go wrong during the install, since these are not displaying?

Thanks in advance!

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This is AMAZING, especially along with the videos. I do have a question about making a personal mod to it. I have created a custom field in LB I call "Gamepad Supported". I use it  I would like to add it to the  Wheel2GamesView.xaml view kinda centered under the age players. Is it something I can easily do? I have never tinkered with any themes before.

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Any idea on the code used for replacing ActivePlatform.MaxControllers with Platform Games Completed amount? I'm guessing the only way to do so would be via EatKinola's API call, but couldn't figure it out myself. 


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