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Sammy Atomiswave - Norms Pre Configured Xinput Controls for RetroArch with Layout Images 1.0.0

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About This File

Lets face it. The default controls for arcade games in RA is often incorrect or just do not work for whatever reason. Even with so called pre configured builds the controls are mostly incorrect. For console systems this isn't much of a problem.

However for arcade I often find myself in the control config screen trying to figure out what the controls are and what the best layout configuration is, detracting from actually playing the game. This is especially frustrating for fighters like Street Fighter where more often than not both kicks are assigned to the shoulder buttons and the layout is an unintuitive unofficial mess.

Most games that aren't fighters have have Button 1 as A and Button 2 as B. This is stupid as Button 1 is often shoot or attack and Button 2 is jump. Thumbs don't bend that way.

I want to lay my thumb across X and A with X/Attack being Button 1 and A/Jump being Button 2. Button 3 is often Bomb or some kind of support which I want to be Y as this is closest to X (the most commonly used button) on the controller.

So now I am making a stand and putting together a pre-configured controls pack with controller layout images. Every title here has had their controls configured correctly with xinput. I repeat...xinput. Sorry dinput guys.

I spend hours doing this so you don't have to :) Creating a 'definitive' pack for play..... not display

I want to create more packs like this for arcade games and platforms where the controls really aren't intuitive or assigned incorrectly. Naomi is next.

With this pack you get the following:
-All working game controls configured and tested
-Both D-PAD and left stick work in games 
-Controls configured for maximum number of players per machine
-Images of the controller layout for pause themes etc
-Fighting game controls configured to their console counterparts
-Unused buttons unassigned. Only the used buttons will be in the remap file

Where to put the remap files?: RetroArch -> config -> remaps -> Flycast - in this folder.

As I'm using an xinput controller I have not changed anything in the main RetroArch controller config file. Everything was assigned automatically and has not been changed.

If you have made changes to this the inputs may not line up with the images.

For Light Gun Games Please Note: Atomiswave Light gun games use Light Gun Input AUX A as reload. I have this assigned to the middle mouse button and this is reflected in the controller layout images. As standard you should have: Left Click = Shoot, Right Click = Reload, Middle Button/Mouse Wheel = Input Aux A.
Also the light gun games will be inaccurate and Sega Shooting USA straight up wont move the cursor until you calibrate this in the test menu. However I got you. I have already done this for you so you just need to put the NVMEM files in the correct folder. Please take a look at my NVMEM pack which has the download and instructions to get this done and save some time. I'll put it at the bottom of the page.

Sega Clay Challenge you can only shoot when the cursor is moving. This is due to mercury switches in the original light guns that detected if the rifle was raised. As a result the emulation needs the cursor to be moving for these switches to register as on and allow a shot to be fired.



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