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Pre-configured SumatraPDF + JoyToKey to view PDF's with a controller in LaunchBox 0.2

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About This File

This is a pre-configured SumatraPDF and JoyToKey to use for viewing PDF manuals in LaunchBox with a controller. It was setup with a DS3 using ScpTools Reloaded so it should also be compatible with a Xbox 360 controller. I have not tested it with any other controllers.

The zip file contains SumatraPDF, JoyToKey and a AHK script that will launch JoyToKey in a hidden state, then SumatraPDF and when SumatraPDF is closed it will kill JoyToKey. For it to display PDF's in LaunchBox you need to configure the Windows default PDF viewer as 'SumatraPDF-JoyToKey.exe'. You can update either SumatraPDF or JoyToKey by placing the contents of the portable installs in the root directory.

Script usage outside of LB is:  "c:\path\to\SumatraPDF-JoyToKey.exe" "c:\path\to\pdf\file.pdf"



D-Pad/Left analog stick: Up Down Left Right

Right analog stick Up+Down/L+R triggers: Zoom in/out

L+R bumpers: Go to First/Last page

Cross (Green A on 360): Next page

Square (Blue X on 360): Rotate image 90'

Triangle (Yellow Y on 360): Cycle through zoom/fit to screen modes (reset zoom)

Circle (Red B on 360): Exit SumatraPDF


Forum thread







What's New in Version 0.2   See changelog


Move mouse to bottom right of screen (coordinates are 1920x1080, so you need to adjust the AHK script if using a different resolution)

If they are running, force focus on either LB or BB after PDF has been closed.

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