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Unofficial RetroAchievements 1G1R DATs. 1.5

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About This File

UPDATE 08/01/2024: I'm busy working on v2.0 of the DATs so I won't be releasing any new updates for a long while.

This is my 1st attempt at creating 1G1R (1 Game 1 Rom) DAT files to scan with ClrMamePro for those who want a RetroAchievements-only rom collection. I've tried my best to make these DATs as perfect and up to date as I possibly can but not all of them are 100% complete/perfect so please make sure you backup your roms before scanning them with these DATs, just in case. 

Here is some info on these DATs:

  • Each game entry listed on the RetroAchievement site has 1 "Best" rom each added in these DATs that I personally selected. The exceptions to this is for games with multiple discs/sides and with achievement sets that require you to play more than 1 linked rom of the same game to unlock all the achievements of that set. An example is the game "Game Boy Advance Video Series" where there are 15 linked roms on the RA website but you need to play all 15 roms in order to unlock all the achievements for this 1 set. In this case and all other cases like this, all 15 roms and all discs/sides are added in these DATs. There's possibly a LOT of games in these DATs that require more than 1 different linked rom to be played to unlock the entire achievement set but I only added 1 of the required roms in the DATs or vice versa so if you encounter any of these games with this problem in the DATs, please let me know so I can update them accordingly.
  • Your roms will need to be in zip format for these DATs to work and these DATs will rename both the zip and the rom(s) inside the zip to the same name that is listed on the RetroAchievement website (e.g  "Contra.zip/.nes" will be renamed to "Contra ! Probotector.zip/.nes"). If the rom type is a HACK, HOMEBREW, PROTOTYPE, UNLICENSED or DEMO, that type name will be added to the beginning of the rom name (e.g "~Hack~ Rockman 2 - Basic Master") and if it's a SUBSET, the subset name will be added at the end of the rom name (e.g "Mega Man 2 [Subset - Bonus]"). If an achievement set has multiple roms that are required to unlock all the achievements, the roms' names will be the game name on the RA website and something added after it to distinguish them from each other (e.g "RA Game Name (Disc 1)" and "RA Game Name (Disc 2)" or "RA Game Name (Debug)" and "RA Game Name (Non-Debug)", etc).
  • I have prioritized English over every other language so the rom region/language priorities are as follows: USA > World > Europe > T+Eng > T-Eng > Japan > any non-English language.
  • There are a lot of games where I prioritized hacks that made improvements to the original game in the DATs. Examples would be Restoration (Sound and/or Graphics) hacks, QoL Hacks, BugFix hacks etc. I also prioritized Alternate (a) roms and roms with the highest release version number (e.g v1.2 or REV B) wherever possible as long as it has RetroAchievement support.
  • For SNES, I left out all but 2 MSU roms from the DATs because they have multiple files per game, they can't be played properly from within the zip (they need to be extracted 1st) and to keep the SNES DAT as short and clean as possible. The 2 exceptions are "~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Islands" and "~Homebrew~ Super Road Blaster" because there is no "non-MSU" rom linked for either of these 2 Achievement sets.
  • All the CUEs have been edited to work correctly with the renamed BIN roms but there might be a few errors or discrepancies here and there. Please inform me of these so I can correct them. These CUEs are in a separate zip file download.

If there's any issues, questions or suggestions, feel free to either comment or DM me. I'll only be adding new games to the DATs for now until I can find a way to see when a game's linked rom(s) on the website has been changed/removed or an achievement set has been removed from the website so I can then update the DATs accordingly. Alternatively, if anyone wants to help by letting me know of these changes/removals when they encounter them or as they happen, you're welcome to do so and I'll update the DATs accordingly. I'll even credit you by adding your name to the author section of the DATs that you helped me with if you want.

Edited by Ultra God Azgorath
Current update situation on the DATs.

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


With version 1.1, I decided to redo all of the CD-Based platform DATs by converting most BIN and CUE files to CHD where necessary. CHDs are experimental for now so let me know if they work with your CHDs or not. These are the changes I made per platform:

  1. 3DO - I deleted the CUEs and left the BINs in the DATs as I have tested that 3DO RA and music runs fine with just the BINs on RetroArch so there's no need for CUEs nor CHDs for now. I might change these to CHD in the future if needed.
  2. Atari Jaguar CD - Sadly the only RA-compatible emulator for this platform, BizHawk, doesn't support CHDs and games with multiple tracks needed both the BIN and CUE files to work so I've renamed all the multi-track BINs to the same name as they are named on the RA website with "(Track #)" at the end of the name in the DAT but I deleted the CUEs as keeping them in the DAT may possibly cause some issues down the line after scanning and renaming the BINs. However, I have made and attached CUEs with the above renamed info for these games so if you rename your roms with this DAT, download the CUEs and place them in the same folder as their respective multi-track BINs and they should run fine. CDi games in the DAT aren't affected by this and RA and the music run fine with just the CDi file per game.
  3. NEC PC-FX, PC Engine CD, Sega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast  - The games for these platforms wouldn't run and/or detect RA and/or play music with just the BINs, they needed the CUEs as well so I decided to convert them all to CHD in the DATs instead.
  4. Sony PS2 and PSP - Most of the games in these 2 DATs are in ISO format so while CHD is compatible, I decided to leave them as ISOs in the DATs for now. I might change them to CHD in the future if needed. There are 3 games in the PS2 DAT that are in BIN format because I can't seem to find an ISO version of these games on the net but RA and the music run fine with just the BINs so for now I'll leave it like this until I can find ISO versions to replace them with. These games are "Maximo - Ghosts to Glory", "Simple 2000 Series Vol. 64 - The Splatter Action ! Splatter Master" and "Woody Woodpecker - Escape from Buzz Buzzard Park".
  5.  Sony Playstation - The games for this platform had 2 types of formats: 1 CUE and 1 BIN (1C1B) or 1 CUE and Multiple Track BINs/WAVs (1CMT). For all the 1C1B games, I simply deleted the CUEs and left the BINs in the DAT as the BINs alone seemed to work fine with music and RA. For all the 1CMT games, I converted them to CHD in the DAT instead.

I also have added all the new games that have been added to RA since the previous update to their respective DATs. The PSP DAT is missing a game, "Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together [Subset - Skill Mastery]" as I'm waiting to get the patch so I can patch the game and add it to the DAT. Some DATs are also missing a few paid homebrew games but I'll update them to the DATs as soon as I can afford to purchase them. Alternatively, if anyone has these paid homebrew games' SHA1, MD5 and CRC32 file values, please DM them to me so I can add them to the DATs. 

Thanks and enjoy.

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