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Epoch09 started out as a post-apocalyptic vision, kinda my twist on the retro-based themes others have created. It contains a set of simple text-based views that are resource friendly. From there, I decided to add a series of "outposts" representing different environments. These outpost views are intended to use platform and game media; hence more resource hungry. The theme currently only contains one "outpost" of old abandoned buildings within a storied city. I've got one or two other outposts in mind, but I decided to open it up to suggestions. As much as possible, I'd like the outposts to be integrated into and become part of an interesting background. There should be a game and platform view for each outpost. So, let me know if you have any ideas -- please use the forum thread as follows:

INSTALLATION: As with other themes, copy Epoch09 into the Themes folder. It also relies on a small custom library, which needs to be copied to your LaunchBox installation. Do this:

1. Exit BigBox (and LaunchBox).
2. Copy Epoch09 folder into LaunchBox\Themes folder.
3. Copy Ao.Bigbox.dll file into LaunchBox\Metadata folder.
4. Restart BigBox (cannot do #2/3 while BigBox running).
5. Select Epoch09 as your theme from within BigBox.

NOTE: You don't need to install any fonts for this theme to work, as the required fonts are packaged in the Ao.Bigbox library. This library also includes additional code required for the theme to function properly.

Thanks @Grila for teaching me how to create and use a custom library within BigBox.

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