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Looney Tunes Collection Playlist Theme (16:9) 2.0.0

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About This File

This was a request from @BlueArrowUK. I don't normally get these finished so quickly, but this was so much fun that I just spent the last 4 hours doing nothing but working on it and it all came together pretty nice I think. :D

Hope you all enjoy it.

I've also included a clear logo that I mocked up as well as a banner image. I like using pixel art for my playlist banners. I'm going to update the existing playlist vids with the pixel art I use for those, too. Just put Marvin in the Banner folder after making the playlist (Images\Playlists\Looney Tunes Collection\Banner) if you want to use it.


Looney Tunes Collection.png

Looney Tunes Collection.png

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


There were some rendering errors with the sparkles. This version fixes those.


Re-encoded the video without the soundtrack for @damageinc86, so there is a second version to download with this change. Audio from the gameplay clips is present.

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Any chance of making these with the gameplay footage sound in the mix? The remix stuff is a bit loud and out of place next to all the other standard gameplay footage vids in my setup. Just curious. Still great work! 

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I can do that on a case by case basis, at least for playlist videos. For the game-specific videos, I'll only do the one version (primarily since I've already done a few hundred of them and going back to render them again with just the game audio would take forever).

I say case by case because several of these take hours to render out (some took over 4 hours). Most render in less than an hour, but it can still take a while and I can't do much while it's rendering since all of the CPU and about half of my RAM go to it :D. That's why I don't do 4:3 variants either; just takes too long.

If there are any playlists you would like to use, let me know the ones you like and I can render out versions of those without a soundtrack and just use the game audio in them. For future playlists, just leave a comment like this.


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8 hours ago, damageinc86 said:

I actually have wanted to use all of your playlist vids B| . 

Uploading a no soundtrack version of this theme now. Let me know if this is what you are talking about and I'll make no soundtrack versions for the other playlist themes. I'll try to get one up per day.

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