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Nostalgia uses the amazing platform videos created by @viking to create a per-system theme; thanks to viking for letting me derive from and name my theme after his work. It's designed for 16:9; tested at HD but not 4k since I don't have a 4k setup. Please let me know if you spot problems or have suggestions. It relies on a set of plugin controls I created, so you'll have to unblock either the entire zip file, or more specifically the DLL files in the theme's Plugins folder (see below). Due to its reliance on certain plugin features, the current version of this theme requires LB version 10+. Bundled with Nostalgia are some clear logos from viking's silver ring set, along with a few extras. Also bundled are platform banners created by @Grila and @Omen. For the best experience (including CRT curvature effects for videos), I recommend setting BigBox to use Windows Media Player.

  • Platform Views: Background as the current platform (from viking's video set) including a video playing within the arcade cabinet, TV screen, etc. If there is no video for the selected platform, category, or playlist, a random list of relevant game videos are played instead. If no vids are available, screenshots are used. Platform, category, or playlist details are displayed to the left of the screen.
  • Game Views: Selected game is displayed within a platform-specific background. If no game video exists, the game's screenshots are played as a slideshow while the game's soundtrack (if found in your LB setup) is played in the background. If neither game nor screenshots exist, a video of TV static plays. Game details are displayed to the left of the screen.
  • Filter Views: E.g., Genres, Series, etc -- in this view, a random list of game videos for the selected Series, etc. will play.

KNOWN ISSUES: (1) 3DS and DS videos do not display properly. This is due to how they were captured, i.e., with both screens on these dual screen devices being squished into a single video. A potential workaround is to crop out the auxiliary screen from these videos and use on the part from the main screen. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know. I think handbrake would work for batch cropping. (2) There are missing platform backgrounds. I tried to include the most common platforms. Viking's background set is quite thorough; please send me any requests.

NOTE: Unblocking the ZIP file will also unblock the DLLs (e.g., Ao.Bigbox.Themer.dll and others) contained therein, giving your computer permission to run these DLLs. This is an issue with all plugins you might download from this forum. It's a Windows security feature. You basically have to vouch for a file before Windows will use it. I liken it to how a MS office document you download from an email runs in Protected Mode until you unblock it for printing, editing, etc. Below is the error you'll see if you don't unblock the file, as well as a screenshot of the solution.



What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


* ADDED: Apple II, IIGS, and Macintosh backgrounds; @alnyden
* ADDED: AVLF support for Ao.Bigbox.Themer.Config; should be easier to configure AVLF
* ADDED: support game image looping for plat/playlist/etc when no game vids; @Elmazz
* ADDED: scrolling plat/game description (embedded within the video screen); @neil9000
* ADDED: icon-augmented list views for filter/platform and games; switch icon with PgUp/PgDn
* ADDED: support for PEGI-based age rating icons for games (Ao.Bigbox.Themer addition)
* ADDED: text-based view with platform backgrounds instead of the existing boring text view
* ADDED: matching sysmenu and options views using Nostalgia bg, along with system/app info
* ADDED: center seletion vertically for lists including icon-based lists, ala Grila; @Grila
* ADDED: favorites/recents selectors to platform views (popup when needed); @Omen
* FIXED: text-based lists now scale properly for given display size and DPI; @emudude
* FIXED: simplified plat/game metadata display, emphasizing the use of new banner icons
* FIXED: Amstrad GX4000 and Amiga CD32 bg images were misaligned; Cave bg image was too light
* FIXED: AVLF framing image was being undersampled and hence blurry when read from disk
* FIXED: image slideshow was being covered up by a blank video player when using VLC; @Elmazz
* FIXED: improved fault tolerance for WMP with respect to video freezes (Ao.Bigbox.Themer fix)
* FIXED: added in missing support for FLV videos; @Tony
* FIXED: bundled Meta.Vlc libs within AO customs (finally!)
* FIXED: cleaned up Nintendo Wii background image a bit

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Such an amazing theme! Unlike any I've seen before it, definitely a must have!

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Thanks buddy ! five stars !! :D

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Very pleased with the update. It's more performant now and plays all my videos of various types and sources. Combining this theme with platform video commercials, it's like a trip back in time. My favorite theme yet.

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Cyber Zero

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Amazing Theme. I'm using this now :D

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· Edited by pjturner

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After trying out lots of different themes, I found this, and it was fantastic! It works just fine on my ultrawide, though there's a little stretching of a couple of the images, the rest were fine and I love it! It displays a picture of the console - or even a windows PC! The select screens shuffle screenshots or videos on the monitor of a picture of the console/PC.  A lot of themes just show a single screenshot, so I like that this slideshowed a game's screenshots on the monitor image.

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brilliant use of the game videos makes this theme work really well and look clean

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This is officially my theme :-) I did a lot of work to make all of the game videos show gameplay and set the console videos set to play a random game video on this theme. I absolutely love it, and I think the extra effort really paid off to make this theme shine. Thank you so much for putting this together @eatkinola!


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I LOVE the theme. I think it's fantastic looking.

But it slows my system to a crawl... no idea why, but takes ages to switch between systems etc so unusable for me. I'm not on a particularly low end machine either... (it can run Dolphin fine for example)

Response from the author:

I could probably help troubleshoot if you provide more info. What versions of BigBox and Nostalgia? Is it slow for particular views or all views, etc.

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