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This HelperControl has been integrated into LB 9.4.  I have included a link with steps to help reference the library within big box.  Thank you to everyone that has used this plugin and thank you to @Jason Carr for integrating it into the latest release. 

This XAML User Control is provided as is and without warranty and should only be used by Theme Developers.   
The purpose of this control is to add scrolling Horizontal text as done in the Aeon Nox theme.
Returns total game count for platforms and playlist 

* Please read the PDF file explaining how it's used.  

** Total Game Count works in all languages

What's New in Version 4.0   See changelog


Version 4.0

Total Game Count Works in all Languages :-)  

Old method no longer supported

<HelperControl:TotalGamesCount FontFamily="{StaticResource FontHead}"  Foreground="#75c8f7" FontSize="31" Grid.Row="1" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="5,0,0,0" /> 


if you are planning on using this plugin in your theme please tag and credit me.  Follow this topic for updates.

PDF included in ZIP file with examples.

This plugin is for Theme developers.


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Is it possible to get scroll able text with Converter={StaticResource NoNewline}?

for TextGamesView.xaml?

<transitions:TransitionPresenter TransitionSelector="{Binding ListTransitionSelector}" Content="{Binding ListView}" />



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I can look into the possibly this week.  I built this plugin to remove White Space, carriage Returns and Line feeds.  this way it was a single line. 

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8 minutes ago, NJDave71 said:

Are you also asking if the scrolling can come in from the right? 

what I'm thinking is like since the game has ... and you can't see the rest of the name it moves to the left so that the rest of the name can be seen and one it reaches the end it moves back to the right if thats even possible.

Altier rorona plus: the alchemist of Ar...

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The purpose of my scrolling text was to replicately a ticker tape that loops.  Once the last letter goes off the screen it starts from the beginning.    i know the default canned version scrolls vertically up and then back down.  if you are looking to accomplish a similar effect horizontally i wonder if that is a question for Jason.  I believe this  may be as simple as passing a parameter into the current method he wrote. 

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