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  2. Hi I've got a PC installed inside bar top cab all working good but I want to have a button combo to perform the shutdown option in BigBox so the PC gracefully shutdown and doesn't give errors when I next turn it on. How can I do this?
  3. Loved the original release and these refinements look even better! I can't help myself but tinker with it though for a few personal preferences. One thing I'm curious about and haven't stumbled upon yet is pointing the GameDetailsView header image from 'FanartImages' to the box art. I don't know if it's actually possible since the box art could be in several different places (front cover, back cover, 3D, reconstructed, etc). Any suggestions appreciated... even if I ditch it in favor of fanart in the end Thanks!
  4. Each version logs it's own high score
  5. A revision will have a different file name, so its a different game at that point.
  6. wot happens if you use a different rom set for a rom. like rev 1 or rev 2 in game that people aint got then they can get hi score people should use same version to get hi score.
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  8. I decided to start over once more and deleted LB directory and reinstalled. I am using the MAME Arcade Full Set option again and the directory is looking better already. 10 Yard Fight has a name that matches my working directory so I'm at least hopeful. 720 doesn't have the degree symbol either. This most likely won't finish for quite a few hours, but I'll report back when its done. No clue why it seems to be working this time. Those were some very specific naming issues.
  9. Thanks mate, So if I want to mainly use my cabinet then am I better off getting Big Box?
  10. RL got me, but now the Pack is ready for upload and download 😁
  11. A little bit late, but i add 4 Versions of Touhou. I hope you like one of them! Attach all 4 Versions.
  12. You can, but Launchbox isnt really desighned for that, its designed for a keyboard and mouse. Bigbox is the UI designed for controllers. As for emulatours, yes you have to setup controls in them.
  13. Hi All, Thinking of buying LaunchBox, I have a question though. I've built an arcade cabinet running from a w10 PC, can I use LaunchBox with just the arcade buttons on the cabinet (With a wireless keyboard connected for backup)? If so, would I need to go into each emulator and remap all the keys to what the cabinet buttons are assigned to or is there any easier way? Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks for the links. When I tried to copy and paste the link I was "redirected" to another game in the DB.🤷‍♂️ I agree, maybe it happens only in some strange cases, but the clone must be able to delete.
  15. I have problems with BigBox for a long time, from not installing themes, correctly changing the display modes, to not detecting installed games! I no longer want to just choose the games from Launchbox .. I want to know if it is possible to just remove the BigBox and reinstall, repair or update it to work properly ..
  16. Just wanted to give an update: Due to various situations that are too involved to explain, I only have access to my machine with LB and Flashpoint for some days and not others. Currently I've been away from it for some time, but I am still continuing to work on an importer and will resume doing so every time I'm back where the machine is. I've gotten a lot more games in using the start of an automatic process and they all seem fine. I last finished getting the necessary binaries on the machine to start writing the C++/Qt based replacement launcher (that will be used in-place of Flashpoint.exe), as it will ultimately be easier to do it on the machine itself instead of on my laptop. Can't exactly say how long it will take but so far I have seen no reason that this can't be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time and result in a process that's fairly streamlined for the user. Once things seem to be working for the most part I'll upload a beta release (I'm sure there will be bugs) and will fix any issues that people report that I personally don't run into. There are quite likely to be a few given how many games are in the Flashpoint collection that use various combinations of different software tools to make them work.
  17. Thanks very much Mr Retro..great job on this super game! Much appreciated.
  18. Lenny

    Videos in Launchbox

    I found it, It's under "view" on the top right of the screen! Sorry!
  19. Hello all, Can anyone tell me where the "auto play video" feature is for launchbox? It used to be under options. I cant seem to find it. Thanks.
  20. I have clicked on and refreshed just about everything I can think of that is related to images. That symbol had to have come from one of the imports (LaunchBox Game DB or EmuMovies). I have touched nothing in any of the directories or renamed anything manually. In my original install, the file name looks exactly as yours does. I had upgraded my original install to the latest version, but the gap between when I last managed my games was pretty large so I wanted to start fresh. If I had to guess, 30% of the images appear to be missing. 10 yard fight is another one where the flyer seems to be there, but not appearing. The images from my working install have slightly different names.
  21. Have you tried refreshing the images for that platform? Also your image has a degree symbol rather than being spelt out like my image.
  22. I am using the official MAME exe and used 100% stock settings from LaunchBox. My right click menu looks like this. If I open the image folder and filter for 720, this is the result I get.
  23. For the Japanese version of Mega Man 7 that includes the extras left out of the US game.
  24. Did you use the MAME fullset importer? Did you uncheck import clones by any chance? 720 shows images for me just fine, and i also have the clones in the right click menu. Also what image type do you have your Arcade platform set to show, and have you checked your image priorities to make sure that "Advertisement - Front" is also set to show as Arcade games dont have actual boxes for the most part and have a image category of "Advertisement - Flyer".
  25. I have reinstalled LaunchBox a few times over the years and never had this issue before. I started with the latest version of MAME 221 with all ROMs fully scanned and showing perfect. I have a EmuMovies membership. Installed 10.15 of LaunchBox. I have my original install of LaunchBox in another directory and things look fine there. In my original install, if I right click on 720 for example, I am given a bunch of variations I can launch. The new install doesn't show the other variations so maybe that is the problem? If I download images and media from the edit game window, it acts like it downloads dozens of files but nothing ever shows up. Any idea what i'm missing here? The image directory is about 1GB larger on the new install than on the original with more files so it would seem the data should be there. I have flipped through the various image groups and have the same problem in all of them.
  26. Thanks, I've subscribed. How do I refresh the info to download the movies via Launchbox?
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