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  2. Basketball (Atari 1979) Marquee: Bezel: Bezel no t-mold:
  3. My Gameboy and Gameboy Colour games won't launch Retroarch. I noticed that 'Launch With' option is grayed out when I right click on any Gameboy game. For other systems such as the Nintendo DS, 'Launch With' still works. When you select 'Launch With' , it shows Retroarch and the associated Core. Here you can see the gearboy Core is associated with the Gameboy color, and when launching Gameboy color games within Retroarch, they work as expected. So would anyone know how to get 'Launch With' to become active for the Gameboy?
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  5. Italian translation. But I have a question (probably stupid...) about this new string in Strings.resx: Press a key or wait 5 seconds to clear... My question is to clear what? Because probably I have to use an appropriate term for this action (clear in Italian is used as "pulire", to wash) and for the following Label in the same file .resx but I don't understand the context in which this phrase appears, so here's my question. 🤔 If anyone could help me, I'll be ready to translate it more accurately. Thank you all! Language-it-IT.zip
  6. yes with the last update is posible!!!
  7. I've updated all of my Japanese Candy Cab Bezels for Mame. They now include Dark Mode. Download my entire Candy Cab Collection here - https://bit.ly/2uhIc9g
  8. Well the two main causes of CD based games not working is bad bios and bad disk images. Make sure your bios are correct, check by loading the core and then checking the info. You can also check your md5 checksums against what they are supposed to be here https://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_psx/#bios If your bios are 100% then your disk images need to be rechecked, cue + bin format from the release group ReDump are known to be 100%.
  9. I have been messing with some of the scripts and what some of the emulators can and cannot do/use as far as reset and swapping disc scripts. So here is list as of Beta 17: Daphne: Pause Works but not through normal method if: Suspend Emulator Process While Paused = Off Forceful Pause = Off On Pause Tab ;Daphne pause is keyboard "p" #IfWinActive ahk_exe DAPHNE.exe ; note ahk_class SDL_APP used by Hatari and KAT5200 Send p 3. On Resume Tab ;Daphne toggle back to active #IfWinActive ahk_exe DAPHNE.exe ; note ahk_class SDL_APP used by Hatari and KAT5200 Send p 4. Reset Tab (it takes about 10 seconds to reset so initially seems like not working) ;Daphne emulator reset is F3 #IfWinActive ahk_exe DAPHNE.exe Send {f3} 5 . Save State, Load State, Swap Disc ; not used by Daphne If Suspend Emulator Process While Paused = On (normal) then loses focus during Pause (Menu comes up) and also doesn't pause game. ===================== Pinball Visual Pinball (with B2S running): Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off Reset, Save State, Load State, Swap Disc; Not Used by Emulator Pinball FX3: Pause doesn't work normally with or without forceful. Doesn't bring up menu at all. The Suspend Emulator Process While Paused = Off trick like for Daphne doesn't work (no menu). Doesn't seem to capture AHK entries. Reset, Save State, Load State, Swap Disc; Not Used by Emulator The Pinball Arcade (using TPAFreeCamMod.exe) and Future Pinball (with BAM) Pause doesn't work normally with or without forceful - loses focus, no pause. The Suspend Emulator Process While Paused = Off trick like for Daphne doesn't work, exits out of full screen and doesn't always pause with default ESC. Reset, Save State, Load State, Swap Disc; Not Used by Emulator. Still messing with them with combos but "pre-launcher" type programs don't play well.. ===================== AppleWin Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off 1. Reset Tab ; works ; AppleWin emulator reset is F2 #IfWinActive ahk_class APPLE2FRAME Send {f2} 2. Save State; works, but not too useful without getting fancy with AHK since need keyboard ; AppleWin save state is F11 but not too useful since brings up explorer window for selection and have to use keyboard #IfWinActive ahk_class APPLE2FRAME Send {f11} 3. Load State; works but need keyboard ; AppleWin load state is F12 but not too useful since brings up explorer window for selection and have to use keyboard #IfWinActive ahk_class APPLE2FRAME Send {f12} 4. Swap Disc; works ; AppleWin swap disc is F5 #IfWinActive ahk_class APPLE2FRAME Send {f5} ============== miniVMac Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off 1. Save State, Load State, Swap Disc Tabs ; not used by miniVMac 2. Reset Tab; works (CTRL R) but not useful since it is ejects disc with reset and reboots with no disc in drive (i.e., have to exit and restart) ;Reset causes disc to eject so comment out #IfWinActive ahk_class minivmac { Send {LCtrl Down}RY Send {LCtrl Up} } =================== Altirra Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off 1. Reset Tab ; works ;Altirra Hard Reset is SHIFT F5 - Keeps disc in system #IfWinActive ahk_class AltirraMainWindow Send +{f5} Save State, Load State, and Disc Rotate - No default keys assigned. Must use Shortcut feature to assign in Emulator to one of the functions: Assign these functions: Quick Save State, Quick Load Save State, Save State (brings up Menu-keyboard needed), Load Save (brings up Menu-keyboard needed) - None really useful since keyboard. Quicksave will over write last used of any game. Swap Disc Example ;Altirra assigned in Shortcuts menu CTRL SHIFT F10 for Rotate Down #IfWinActive ahk_class AltirraMainWindow Send ^+{f10} ====== Steem Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off (must be off) Similar to Altirra, no default keys for Swap Disc, Load State, or Save State. Must assign via the Configure Keyboard Shortcuts feature. Assign key for "Cold Reset and Run" = Reset Tab Assign "Swap Discs in Drives" = Swap Discs Tab Load and Save Memory Snapshot feature requires keyboard. Similar issues with quick save states as Altirra but haven't fully tested. ================= KAT5200 Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off 1. Swap Disc Tabs ; not used by kat5200 2. Reset - if controller assigned rather than keyboard the reset key command doesn't appear available. 3. Load State from 9 slots - ALT 1 to ALT 9 - Results seemed unreliable (emulator issue), games would work oddly after load. 4. Save State from 9 slots - SHIFT 1 to SHIFT 9 - Not using due to above. ============== WinVice Pause Works Normally - Forceful off 1. Reset (Hard) - CTRL ALT R - Not using since seems to fry emulator and not reboot disc. Similar with soft reset 2. ALT S and ALT L for Quick save and load state; haven't tested ============ ePSX Pause Works Normally: Forceful Off (must be off, doesn't work with on) 1. Save state; works ;ePSX save state F1; F2 is to increment up a slot #IfWinActive ahk_exe ePSXe.exe Send {f1} 2. Load State; works ;ePSX load state F3; F2 is to increment up a slot #IfWinActive ahk_exe ePSXe.exe Send {f3} 3. No reset or swap disc command that can be assigned to hotkey that I can find.
  10. When you add your emulators to Launchbox, if you name the emulator something other than what it is normally called Launchbox will still recognize it to populate any AHK scripts Jason may have put in by default for the new Pause screen stuff.
  11. Somebody can explain me please
  12. I'm currently using RocketLauncher and created custom PC Game joytokey profiles for each game. When I launch a game from RL or LB, the right profile loads. When I exit, it does not change back to a default profile or close joytokey. I'm looking for a solution and if there is one in LB that would be great as well.
  13. i have some in CCD and some in CUE and some in disk image no matter what format I have them in mednafen of bios in order for it to work like what the Saturn version does?
  14. Maybe it's a bad copy/iso for that game? You could try downloading from another source, or if you ripped it yourself maybe try re-ripping it. FYI, I just tried my .iso of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon in PCXS2 (v1.5.0-dev-3112 is the version I'm currently running) and it loaded/played fine for me. Another thing to try is to try launching the game from withing PCSX2 directly, just to see if it would launch ok from there? If it does, then maybe it's a file name/association thing for that one rom in LB/BB that's the issue and not the game/iso itself.
  15. German PS: Don't forget to update the translator credits in the AboutForm for @alexposad guys Language-de-DE LB 9.8.rar
  16. Anyone know why this is happening? it's only happening to one of my PS2 games. All of my PS2 games are .iso files and they all work fine, except for this one. If it matters, it's Mortal Kombat Armageddon.
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  18. Moot, Jason our hero took care of it!
  19. Updates probably will not be too big an issue since the scripts are simply an AHK command to press the keys mapped in the emulator for save/load states. It uses the default from the emulator. So as long as the emulator creators do not change the default keys in their updates than Launchbox updates likely will not affect much. What would be a bigger issue is if you use different key/button maps.
  20. @wallmachine Only did these since don't have full screen setup (Desktop view with second monitor backglass) and wanted to stick with X only: Visual Pinball [VPXx] Original Tables (picking and choosing, for most part not doing a lot of these unless they looked interesting) Visual Pinball [VPXx] PinMame Tables Visual Pinball [VPXx] Recreated Tables I have about 350 for VP that imported into LB but going to do serious pruning since has been taking a lot of time to get backglass running and doing media. There is limit to my OCD! Found I usually had to download from one of the VP sites for the backglass and in many cases found slightly newer versions. I had different "Hyperspin ready" set from 2016 since it was a "one table" set. I believe the set you are referring to had a lot of similar versions which I didn't want to wade through but in essence this is what I have: Future Pinball Original Tables (~290) Future Pinball Recreated Tables (~ 430) I wound up replacing quite a few of the Future Pinball tables from PinSimDB.org when started using BAM since they didn't have clear indicators in that set on what the Physics type was and/or included the XML files needed. @lou silver This thread is what got me going on VP but the issue found is they were setup for full single glass setups in many cases rather than desktop. Can change the setup, but requires fiddling with each table or in many cases the DMD shows up rotated 90 degrees so wound up going with the PD set I had instead.
  21. @faeran Ahh i see now. That makes sense, I'm on a 4k display. Thank you
  22. -wall machine - I kept it simple (simply crazy) and went to PinSimDB.org and downloaded everything except for cabinet tables (they dont work on pc) I think Raindog had a post explaining how to use an auto hot key script to make tables launch in LB (was two years ago ) you make the script in auto hot key then set autohotkey.exe to replace the Futurepinball.exe ( its already done up in my starter kit below) I've just assembled a Future Pinball Starter Kit (FPSK) will save you literally months of time. All you need minus the tables and video snaps in a 2.6 gb package. Included is the emulator all ready to go, game images, platform images and video, xml file and instructions and links etc .. you will still need to get the tables and video snaps however download what you want and have launchbox remove what you don't (Tools/Scan for Removed Roms/Future Pinball..). I'll be releasing updates also as I further work on the set. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fvL_WLElqWwCSc7C5BIXXUaDfNV4iz0e?usp=sharing -sundogak- Good info on the art stuff , Ive tinkered with gameex, I've put Visual Pinball to the back of the list considering how daunting it seemed.
  23. Hi @Gamer. If I had to guess, this is because your screen's resolution is greater than 1080p. Themes don't have the ability to keep the font size the same in text lists. Would need to use an external plugin to accomplish text list sizing across different resolutions. If you reduce your resolution to 1920x1080, does this fix the issue you are having?
  24. Beta 17 is here with just some minor updates: Updated translations Emulators no longer require the exact name for scripts to populate (now uses a Contains search)
  25. What can I do about accessing default pause scripts if i don't use default emulator names (because I use multiple versions of RetroArch or Mame for example) edit - I just saw Jason's reply for this in the other thread -basically copy and paste them- unfortunately that seems like a lot of work, especially when updates or changes come along
  26. How can i change the game list fonts size to match the same size as the console list fonts? The game list font size is almost half the size.
  27. Thank you Kondorito; all updated for the next beta.
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