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  2. Hi, I really want to be able to shuffle all of my background music while browsing Big Box. I have tried many hours to get my music to shuffle but this feature is just broken. I have searched past posts and found people having the same issue for years, I never see anyone addressing this issue. Just for context, when trying to shuffle music, it will either/both A. Play the same song on loop over and over again B. Shuffle the same exact song to the front of the list every time If I could, I would just use VLC in the background, but the problem is I'm not sure how to get it to stop playing music when I launch a game and resume it when I exit a game. Would it be possible for someone to make a plugin that fixes this issue? I don't even care if it displays the song title and album art or not, I just want all of my music shuffled when browsing games on my arcade machine. I paid money to use this program, so I wish this feature would just work the way its supposed to.
  3. Okay that's good. Why not start a new thread asking for help on it and link it in here. You'll probably get a load of people chiming in with more info. 🙂
  4. Ok no probs I have progress on it and doesn't pull up an error now but have given up for now as its getting very frustrating but will get there eventually
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  6. PaDeMoNiuM

    The Best?!?

    Very Good Idea !
  7. Wooohooo its working!!! it was the Direct X, Thank you again Retro808! Now onto Sega Model 3 and SuperModel lol
  8. No they haven’t, and you’re right that’s a huge limiting factor. The average joe isn’t gonna side load emulators, or search everywhere for them.
  9. To update everyone, unfortunately I'm still waiting on Google. On Tuesday, they rejected the submission with complaints that they couldn't properly test the app because it was bugged. I *think* this just happened because they couldn't be bothered to test the desktop export process, and so they didn't have any data to test with, and just gave up. So I went back to work and added a feature that automatically adds native Android applications into an Android platform, so that they'll hopefully have data to play with. I submitted that version also Tuesday morning and I haven't heard back yet. The site says another three-day wait. I'll admit that I'm a bit frustrated, but as I want to use the Play Store, I don't really have much choice. If we keep running into garbage though, I'll have no choice but to bypass the Play Store. But if that happens, it'll be a pain for users because they'll have to enable the side loading of apps on their devices, which I would much prefer users not to have to do.
  10. You are most welcome Robin. Keep up your awesome work
  11. We may do this at some point in the future (if the demand is high enough), but since Apple doesn't allow emulators in their store, you'd have to have a rooted device in order to use it for emulation. My guess would be that Apple wouldn't allow LaunchBox in the Apple Store either, but I'm not really sure. The good news though is that we're using Xamarin, which supports both Android and iOS, so porting the Android version to iOS wouldn't require starting over from scratch. Have they started allowing emulators in the store yet though? That's the biggest limiting factor as far as I know. I'm not entirely sure yet, to be honest, because I don't know how it all works. But I'll make that decision here shortly.
  12. Your a LEGEND @Kondorito! The "duplicate first document" was exactly what was causing the problem! I'll upload a new video in the first post as soon as I can and attach a new action file as well with the corrections. This has been a long standing problem for ages so glad it's all finally working now! Thanks man
  13. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think in it's current form though, it would be too dangerous to just delete files in the platform's default locations if that platform doesn't exist. People can put the platform folders anywhere they want, but if the platform that defines where those folders are is gone, then unfortunately it's too dangerous to just assume a location and delete the files. Thankfully though it's really easy to just delete the media folders for an old platform from the file system.
  14. Guidope

    NFL Blitz PC

    Not sure if this is the version you're looking for, I installed it and it's working great!
  15. An issue I have found with this current beta, or at least I think it's with this one (maybe my setup) I have games with various systems being duplicated so 60% + get duplicates while the other 40 stay the same. No I do not have multiple same named files, yes I tried consolidating roms but they reappear after relaunch of launchbox even deleting the dupes still come back after relaunch. This hasn't happened before or at least until I opted for the most recent beta. Systems with dupes GB PS1 The ps1 are all single files .chd And no multidiscs.
  16. Got it. I am having a problem with the action, specifically with the steps of "Image Size". My PS is crashing without any warnings. Seems to be that we have different versions (I have here an old version CS6), and some of the specifics of the Image Size steps are killing the app (seems to be the Interpolation specification). I made a new action unchecking the image size steps and making them on my end, and I was able to finish up the 3D box without problems. The strange thing I am seeing is that the first step in the second action process (STEP 2) you have a "Duplicate first document", and then you work the entire box process in the second copied document (named as the original document + copy at the end). This seems to be the reason why you might be getting the copy situation. I tried bypassing this first step, and worked fine as well. Give it a try on your end; in the STEP 2 pack, uncheck the first step of "Duplicate first document", and uncheck as well the last three steps (the "Save" and the two "Close" ones), so the automation does not process these steps. Open the automation setup, and choose to handle the Save As in there, and see what happens.
  17. Arrrrghhhh...!!! I haven't got them!!! I had problems with Retrostatic crashing my new cabinet PC when I was testing it and I've deleted the theme folder and re-downloaded it forgetting that I'd messed around with the xaml files! I'll have to re-do it all when I start setting up the cabinet properly. Apologies mate. From memory though, all I did was adjust the Grid Height and Width settings I think. I managed to get Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong 2 etc working fine although I still had problems with a lot of other marquees. But I just shelved it then thinking I would sort it when I got around to it. :-(
  18. Here you go @Kondorito, Thanks base_images.zip
  19. No problem. Just got the atn file from the first post of the topic. If you don't mind, provide me a couple of base images you would use with this action (like 5 to 10), and I will work with it, and let you know.
  20. Thanks @Kondorito but I'm following your instructions as best I can but I still can not get the file to save correctly. I tried unchecking the save action in the actions file and so I can save where I want but the original image I put through the actions just saves not as a 3D box but as the exact same image as it was originally. Is there any chance you could download my Action file in the original post and change it to what you would do and send me it? I would love to finally fix this problem.
  21. Hey Robin, the automating process in PS is very strict in the sense that it takes into account every selection you make. The "-Copy" in the filenames occur when you (during the automation recording), select the Save/Save As, and after choosing the path, you click inside the name field or a file in the explorer before pressing the Save button. Doing this tells PS how you want the file to be saved as in terms of name; that's the reason of the "-Copy", as it applies your selection to all the files. If you do not press/select anything at all in the Save window, only the destination folder, then PS will automate to save it with the same name as the original file being opened. The other option you have is to let the automation process to handle the saving, and stop the automation recording before saving, or saving inside of it, but then unchecking those steps before running the automation setup. Hope this helps
  22. I use the program I will attach to just remove the word Copy from all files at once 14aren.zip
  23. I don't know why you have to click save but unfortunately the boxes always save with the with the word "-Copy" at the end of their names. I have tried my best to solve this issue but so far it seems to be a Photoshop problem that can't be fixed it's just the way Photoshop saves that sort of document. If anyone manages to work out how to stop this from happening it would be great. Interesting about the language setting by the way.
  24. Certainly! I'm at work at the moment but I'll do it when I get home (around 6pm UK time - in about 4 hours from making this post). 🙂
  25. I've another problem... In the end of the process during save I've this Warning: "The current file format must be saved as copy because: it will not save all document layers" So I need to click save always... I've have many covers to do and is not confortable
  26. Thanks so much thats what i like about the launchbox community always able to help
  27. They can be downloaded from within Launchbox, Tools/Download Theme/Playlist videos. Be sure if you are after the Unified versions to use the dropdown at the bottom of the window to prioritize that style.
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