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  3. I got the Launchbox installer earlier today, Ran it, but i have no NET. Framework 4.7, buts it says Launchbox can work on Windows 7... but i clicked to install also NET. 4.7 but it didn't work... So yeah give me any help on the NET problem
  4. Screenshot attached shows what it looks like when I try to download a platform video. If I hit "cancel", the cancel button will get grayed out, but nothing else happens. From there, I just close LaunchBox & relaunch, but none of the Platform Videos will download for me. In the case where there was a video already, the old video just got deleted, although no new video was saved. Any ideas? I think there was another situation where it would hang like that, but I can't recall what it was (I think it might have had something to do with importing games, I can't remember exactly, though). I am able to download media for the games, though (box art, clear logos, videos, etc...).
  5. Ran into this quite a bit. Would be useful IMHO. Also if we could list multiple platforms in the gamesDB if the game is identical, we wouldn't have to update so many entries (but then boxart would need to be specifically categorized)
  6. Hi, thx for the guide. I've a problem both with part 1 and part 2, the program told me serveral missing command... I'm using ps 20.0.5
  7. Yup. make a copy of that one because odds are you'll have to do the same thing again. I had to save a core override, and save a new config for each core I was setting up. Then at the end I took my copy of the config and replaced the messed up config with it so that when you started retroarch again on its own, it was a clean setup without anything leftover from the cores.
  8. FlightRisk, by any chance are you an iPhone user?šŸ˜ƒ Up until now, the Windows version of LaunchBox and BigBox have become extremely mature in development and a few years ago when it wasn't so "mature", I recall that Jason rejected the idea of porting LaunchBox to Android. However, now mobile gaming is a really big market probably more so than PC gaming, since more people of all ages and backgrounds are using their smartphones for a variety of uses, much more so than desktop or laptop computers. This is especially true here in South Korea, where the Android gaming market/scene has become gigantic, mostly Android games but also emulation. And with the release of an Android version, it could (and should) potentially expose a lot of smartphone users to the Windows version of LaunchBox, making it a win-win situation from a marketing perspective.
  9. Yup, although I think you could stick to stuff like turn based RPGs & be fine with touchscreen controls. That's why I enjoyed Knights of Pen & Paper 1 so much. Very easy to control, yet still fun. That bluetooth controller that ETA Prime was using looked really interesting, though! Apparently, it's the Saitake 7007X. Maybe if I get into this enough I'll pick one up for myself (I kind of dislike syncing my controllers up all the time, so it would be nice to have a dedicated one).
  10. Well LB isn't going to work with IPhone so I really don't see how that is relevant.
  11. Yeah if you don't have a BT controller to emulate with then its not worth doing it at all touch controls are terrible.
  12. True. My experience with chrome cast though is through iPhone so... not happening there anyway.
  13. Why is that there is already a mirror screen to Chromecast function built into the phone so I'm assuming it will work out the box. https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/6059461?hl=en
  14. That would be perfect, do you have any link about this? Thanks Thanks, you're right.. my theme only has 2 views the rest is all default theme. My bad i should have mention that in the theme page, which i did now. I hope to make it fully functional someday, but right now i don't have the time or the skill (can't program).
  15. Personally, I haven't tried any of the games you mentioned and usually stick to the Commodore games from the 80's but have you tried using any of the latest versions of Vice? There's a couple of different nightly versions and the most recent one was released for download about a week ago. Here is their website: https://sourceforge.net/projects/vice-emu/files/experimental binaries/ Or you'd probably find a much more educated and informed answer to that issue from a more dedicated site like this one https://www.lemon64.com/forum/ šŸ˜
  16. master retorno

    2 questions

    Hello everyone from Launchbox, I would like you to get two questions out my mind. The first to close the fast to close the fast ps2 emulator with "ESC", and also the gamecube. And the last question and have as i open it with full screen ? OBS: The emulators I use for ps2 is PCSX2 1.4.0 and gamecube and Dolphin 5.0 THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  17. Liking what I see so far. Looks fairly straightforward, too. I actually need to buy a new smartphone, coincidentally. The Moto G7 Plus currently seems like the best bang for the buck, but I usually don't keep track of smartphone models until I need to buy one, so just curious if anyone here has some experience with it or some recommendations in that price range (roughly $250 USD). I typically don't enjoy mobile gaming due to touch screen controls, but fortunately, I bought one of those cellphone clips that work with 8bitdo controllers, so it looks like I'll be getting more use out of that! There are plenty of good solutions like that. Looking forward to messing around with this!
  18. How can I not show box art in my Arcade game themes?
  19. Many games make me angry for a lot of different reasons. Crash Bandicoot Trilogy is indeed frustrating; I could tell it was going to be a long ride from the enhanced difficulty of Papu Papu, the first boss. Vintage Sierra games piss me off with their random copy protection questions from the paper instruction manual. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties for being an unskippable slideshow with censored sideboob. And modern PC games for having so many keys/controls. But I'm old. The milennials are truly gifted gamers
  20. Ok so back to this machine, I exited Bigbox and attempted to change the screen resolution in Windows 10 (gawd I hate Windows) and most likely due to it being a VGA cable the 1920x1080 looks horrible - in Windows. But once I start up Bigbox and play games, all looks great, including the theme. So, Iā€™m happy. Thanks again. -Mike
  21. Yesterday
  22. So I'm not the only fat baldy Cnut on here šŸ™‚ Good to know , we could start a gang of overweight old balding retro gamers
    Loving the clean look of this
  23. yes, that worked, deleting the config file, will create a new one, all personal configuration is lost though thank you
  24. I use VICE x64 for C64 emulation and for the most part it works fine. However I have a problem with some games such as Creatures 1&2 and Another World, among others. The games hang after the trainer intros. It seems to be only games with trainers that hang, and games that were made in the 90's that push the hardware more. I first thought it was a compatability problem but i've seen other people running the Creatures games on VICE, so I know it can work. Is there a setting in VICE that I might have to turn on or off to get these games to boot properly? I know this may not be the best forum to ask this, but I figured you may have a solution? Thanks.
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