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  2. hi... @Lordmonkus do you know if have any way to do the high scores works in retroarch mame core?!
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  4. Fair enough, I've actually downloaded many 3d packs from both hyperspin and emu movies ftp and there still seem to be a few missing, here and there, whether its prototypes or mislabels. I'm gonna have to see if anyone has the original template and fill the gaps, then and upload it into LB DB. Thanks anyway
  5. @dragon57 Whenever I try to install to download the bezels 7zip gives me a message reading *Cannot find archive*. What am I doing wrong?
  6. LB/BB will pass the rom name as %1%. It won't pass the emu's game specific system though.
  7. First of all, thanks for the best Bigbox theme ever made!!! I really love this so hard and muchh <3<3<3 Now. I have some questions: 1-When I mark a game as broken, why dont show an broken icon? 2-In my game list view, the logo of the game show on top and botton. Is there a way to change it? ...Because in plataform list, you can see the plataform logo on top and some other logo on botton and i want to see game list like that. And, in the ARCADE screenshot, you can see the text: Calificaciones de Estrellas in spanish, the translation is a bit large and dont need to be like that. Only with "Calificaciones" is enough! Is there a way to change it? Sorry about my bad english
  8. EduInmigrante


    Ok, i fixed my problem. First, i made a new RocketLauncher stall to update it to a new version. In this new version, Bigbox plugins work perfect. After that, i just copy my old Rocketlauncher config files into my new Rocketlauncher and now everything works! Now when i put a new system in launchbox, i tell that Rocketlauncher is my emulator, and now all works!
  9. I posted a couple of threads in the support forum, but they've both been pushed down unanswered. I also added a feature request on the BitBucket page. That's also been ignored so far. I'm not sure what else to do, really, hence me posting here. In the meantime I'll continue using RocketLauncher, but it does seem like such a pity as it's such a bloated piece of software for a workaround. I very much appreciate your interest in it though, so thank you.
  10. Until Jason does implement a solution I would post a thread out in troubleshooting. I have seen a couple members post some in depth responses to AHK questions. Maybe they can help find a workaround. I would be interested in any solution as I am about to build a driving cab.
  11. I have already looked at that route and it's just not feasible. The script needs a few variables from LaunchBox, such as romname and system in order to know what control settings it needs. As far as I'm aware, LaunchBox cannot pass these variables on to an external program (If it can, please tell me!). It's just not possible to configure all of the lightgun/driving games individually.
  12. Ahh well then there is that too. LOL.
  13. It works now. Screen startup wasn't enabled. Then you have to restart Launchbox. Thanks for the help though.
  14. It will only show the Save/Load if you have an AHK for Save and Load states for the emulator populated. The save/load states in Launchbox only work if an emulator supports that option. Jason populated some of the systems with known save/load states and the stock configuration keys they use to initiate. Ao for ones that Jason may not use or is not aware of the end user will need to populate the commands. Once populated they should now show up as options in the Pause menu.
  15. You should be able to run an AHK before the game launches using the additional apps feature. Right click and edit a game and choose the additional apps tab. I don't think a guide will be released. I recommend posting a thread in the troubleshooting or noobs sub-forum requesting help. We can give you a quick walkthrough there to keep the beta test threads clean for beta testing issues. You can also watch the latest video on this release. ETA shows you a quick how to on using the Pause feature.
  16. The channel remains open, even if I'm going to slow down a lot, I'll continue to post from time to time for fun, (I have more than 4gb of theme not posted) I'll post my ps1 ps2 and ps3 themes here before stopping . thanks guy for your messages!
  17. I just checked here at 150% scaling on a 4K TV and the font sizes are all uniform for me, i usually use 200% scaling so i changed to 150% and rebooted and it seems fine for me. I am also on 1903 but from a earlier insider build. Are you at 1080p with scaling or another resolution?
  18. Hey guys, I just updated to the final/release version of LB/BB on my main retrogamer machine, which I have connected to a big screen TV. In order to read things properly I have windows scaling set to 150%. On that machine, when I launch LB I get an odd mix of font sizes. Some are regular (150%) and some are not (100%), making some really hard to read from a distance. The only way I found to correct this was to to bypass scaling in the comparability tab in LB (right-click / properties in Windows) options. Problem is, my Windows also just updated to the 1903 release of Windows 10 that same day, and I hadn't launched LB/BB after that was done either... so I don't know if the issue is with LB/BB and scaling, or if 1903 changed something on my machine. Anyway, I thought I'd report it in case others are seeing the same thing, and it might be something that needs to be addressed. Here are some screenshots to show what I mean: Above image (some text is large, some are tiny) Above image - Change settings to change high dpi settings Above image - All fonts/text back to same size again
  19. Will you still be around on YouTube? Or is there a similar announcement to come? Sad to see you go but I fully understand. People are just ungrateful. Thanks for everything and stay in touch!
  20. Sorry, is there a chance that a mini guide for Pause screen could be published along with the official build? Frankly I am a bit lost? Thank you
  21. Religious opinions aside - is there a way to hide the Bible passages shown in Launchbox? Thank you!
  22. Lol...yes. There are no issues here at all. Just edit the emulator settings. I don't really understand why this thread got quite so out of hand, but I'm glad it's all figured out.
  23. Sad I love your productions. But the family is more important than everything and i am sure that the big box theme will be great, i hope you will leave your channel open. good luck and thank you again for all these shares soon!
  24. The new pause menus are so good, thanks. One more nail in the coffin for RocketLauncher. I added a feature request to the tracker, but it seems to have been forgotten. Can you please give us a way to run an AHK script before the emulator launches, rather than just alongside it? I have a script that I use to setup controllers (specifically light guns and steering wheels), but it requires variables from Launchbox to run. The only way I can get it working at the moment via LaunchBox is to use RocketLauncher as an intermediary, which is such a waste considering the strides you've taken with all the extra features recently.
  25. You are right, this community apart from a few people just take your work and hardly ever leave likes/feedback etc I can see how that could be demoralising. Thanks for all your hard work. I for one appreciated your themes. Enjoy your break, and maybe when you and the handful of others who keep the themes flowing on Launchbox all stop producing work the people on here will appreciate what they had.
  26. I actually only have a small SNES 3D cart collection, only around 200. Sort of like a 'best of' collection. When I need a 3D cart image I just go to the Hyperspin ftp and download them. The ftp collection is around 787 images for 3D SNES carts.
  27. Yep these are the settings I got. unfortunately nothing changes even when I change some settings in emulator options window. Still, my pause window is inactive in background..... 🤔.
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