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  2. I for one am very excited
  3. Yes, Finally the release for the platform i was waiting for ...but hold on a sec... which version of Solaris are we talkin about 8,9, 10??? or the oracle versions?
  4. Launchbox Android Promo View File Submitter harryoke Submitted 07/24/2019 Category Platform Theme Videos  
    Great version! Heres the original : https://emumovies.com/files/file/478-best-system-intro-movie/
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  6. Still waiting for the Commodore 64 version. 35 years and counting
  7. Ok that explains a lot, I haven't tested these themes on lower than 1080p resolutions. Like I said in the description of the theme; " 2. This theme is probably only fit for use on a 16:9 aspect ratio, as I did use some absolute positioning of elements. 3. If you use a 4K display you probably have to set the Windows dpi settings to 200% in order to keep the layout intact." You can try to lower the dpi text scaling in windows so hopefully you get the text to fit the same aspect ratio or switch to a higher resolution monitor.
  8. I think for many reasons the whole Android version will do so well for various reasons more than one's own phone. Now LaunchBox can be on Tablets, Set Top Boxes, NVIDIA Shield, and other Android-based Consoles including the GPD XD series. My Wife @Haydee & I are excited for all this even though we all know it may take a while for it to even look about to the level of the PC version..yet we're staying tuned
  9. Eventually, yes, I am hoping so, using the Xamarin version of XAML, which is very similar to WPF's version.
  10. will android support theme development
  11. Next month, LaunchBox for Solaris.
  12. at least you said that you will now focus the next month or so on the Android App instead of the windows app, so my assumption is that in that time there will be no real steps forward on any other thing. and the other thing is simple mathematic will say, that one programmer cannot give three systems (LB/BB Windows, LB/BB Android / music box alpha) the same attention than on focusing on one product. fragmentation have some pros but also some cons. and we are not talking about the "golden age" we are now talking about slowering the speed. even the last "great" new features will not as good as the previous things. it is too complicated to configure it or some things are only possible in LB, even it is an BB feature or BB only features cannot configure in LB. I would understand if instead of Android a Raspberry Pi version will come out, because than you can build a really out of the box and take some market shares from RetroPie at all. but android... naaaaa
  13. The sky is falling! Y'all, how many times have people freaked out because they were convinced that the "golden age" of LaunchBox development was over? It happened when Music Box Alpha first came out, it happened when .Next was in development, and it happened several times before that for various unmerited reasons. Nothing changed for the worse on any of those occasions, despite various people's concerns. This time it will be no different. So you can "no longer expect any great enhancements" all you want; I guess you'll just continue to be pleasantly surprised. I would appreciate it though if you guys would try not to spread unnecessary panic and fear, and try to be more positive instead.
  14. I am with your meaning. so I will no longer expect anything great enhancement from the Windows Version any longer. LB/BB is indeed great (Jason did a very good job) but now with the Android Fragmentation there will be a Hugh amount of new users who will flooding the board with questions about android and questions about its emulators. I had so much hope that the Database thing would get a big push to make it easier and complete (there are so much opportunities on that). never mind. good job Jason and good luck.
  15. 2 ways. 1: Select all your SNES games by pressing control + a while in your SNES platform and then control + e to bring up the bulk edit tool. From here in the drop down menu choose Emulator and then in the 2nd drop down menu that appears select the emulator you want to use. 2: Go to Tools > Manage Emulators, then select your Higan emulator and go to the Associated Platforms tab and check the Default Emulator box, it will as if you want to change the emulator for all the games in the platform.
  16. I want to change which emulator my snes roms use (snes9x to Higan) what's the easiest way to do this?
  17. I respect the poll verdict and your decisions (all correct so far) but on my mind Android and retro-gaming do not get along nicely. I can only use Android for Game & Watch emulation. I cannot bare it for anything else. Launchbox is an extensive launcher, with many details (due to your hard work) that I think that they will be wasted on mobile phones. I know I sound like an old strange guy but even RetroArch, in my eyes, got slowed down once it expanded on Android and Switch extensively (in the past they were forks like PSP RetroArch etc but it were just forks) Anyway, I trust your work and Launchbox is one of the few apps I happily spend money on.
  18. This time I uploaded backgrounds for Nintendo 64 games. There are 223 N64 game backgrounds split into 3 archives. Preview:
  19. Thanks for your help! Now I have to figure out how to keep my Project 64 controller settings from disappearing every time I exit and re-enter.
  20. Yeah that was a weird one, the Change ROM Folder has always worked for me when I moved roms but I am glad the re-import work around worked for you.
  21. 27 base games, 90 fanmade games and 11 animated movies I'd say its its own genre and deservedly it's own platform. Oh and did you know one guy does all the programming music etc learn more here look up "lunatic mode touhou on youtube sometime video video
  22. Extract Rom Archive did not help, but deleting and re-importing did work! I don't know why it was messed up to begin with, but thanks for your help!!
  23. Is there a way to disable or lock the bottom right thumbnail resize slider? Accidental clicks will cause my pc to rebuild the thumbnails which takes a bit of time. I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of the slider or at least lock the aspect ratio so that clicking on the bar doesn't do anything. Thanks
  24. Because this is the only feature thread now, I do not know where to ask about it. So here it is. Why can't we set steam banners as a default box type in platform settings? We can set banners etc. but why not steam banners? I have those "messy" images now in my "mixed platform" playlists just because this option is missing. This was added just a while ago. And I cannot understand why all types of images were not included? Was there any time consuming obstacle? Or maybe just an oversight, I wonder? Now if I merge banners with steam banners to get the result, it will break other things. Because this is not meant to be done. @Jason Carr just has not finished implementing this feature yet That's my theory. Probably it will take 5 minutes to edit/add it. I hope so. Thanks!
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