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    Version 1.2.0


    Hello everyone! My Name is Filipe and i've been making some themes for emulationstation, specially for the Retropie version. I've bought a license on the last Black friday sale and started to messing with Launchbox and i loved it! it's such an awesome frontend! I started to learn about custom themes and made a port of one of my ES themes to Launchbox. I hope you like it! Special thanks for @CriticalCid for all the help and for his awesome theme, without it, i surely wouldn't understand XAML for sure!
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    Hey all, just a quick teaser so you guys don't think I'm being lazy over here. Currently working on implementing Retro Achievements, which is a slightly bigger undertaking than a lot of things, so that's why the next beta is taking a while to come out. Here's a quick teaser though; look at the game details sidebar on the right: This is still early, but this is the general approach I'm hoping to go with, for LaunchBox at least. I have the retroachievements.org API implemented, now I'm just getting it integrated into the LaunchBox interface. There's a lot that can be done, but for starters, we're going to focus on letting you view your achievements and available achievements in the game details sidebar. Let me know your thoughts.
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    The first 7.15 beta is out guys with initial support for retro achievements! We may add more features before the official release, but the important stuff is there in LaunchBox. You can add your retroachievements.org account under Tools > Options > Search > Retro Achievements, and then achievements should start showing up in the sidebar. I'll be adding the achievements into Big Box next. Of course I'm open to feedback on the achievements stuff, because it's actually quite new to me, though I'm very excited about using it. Let me know how it goes.
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    Phill's Doodles - Retrorama View File Hello everyone! My Name is Filipe and i've been making some themes for emulationstation, specially for the Retropie version. I've bought a license on the last Black friday sale and started to messing with Launchbox and i loved it! it's such an awesome frontend! I started to learn about custom themes and made a port of one of my ES themes to Launchbox. I hope you like it! Special thanks for @CriticalCid for all the help and for his awesome theme, without it, i surely wouldn't understand XAML for sure! Submitter PhillsDoodles Submitted 12/02/2017 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    Beta 5 is out now guys: - New Feature: Community star ratings are now available in LaunchBox and will show as a slightly different color. You can download the community's star ratings for your games by using Tools > Download Metadata and Media. - New Feature: Star ratings set in LaunchBox will now automatically upload to the LaunchBox Games Database in order to contribute to the community's ratings. You can disable this under Tools > Options > Search. - Improvement: Syncing your collection to the cloud now reports progress and is much quicker; viewing your collection on the web is much quicker as well. - Improvement: Star ratings can now be set at half values Community star ratings is the last major thing I'm adding to 7.15 before the official release; however, I do still need to add the community star rating features to Big Box as well, so that is next.
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    Thanks all, wanted to update everyone; I'm back into the development mix here now that the holidays and Black Friday are over. I'm looking into all these issues and I should likely have a beta out either later today or tomorrow.
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    Beta 2 is out now guys; it fixes the error reported above and adds achievements to Big Box as well via the game details menu and/or a hotkey/controller button: We may consider integrating the achievements more directly into the game lists here at some point, but there are a number of challenges involved so that probably won't happen right away. The themes would all have to be updated, and it'd be a ton of API calls to the retroachievements.org servers during attract mode, etc. So I'm torn on that, as the last thing we want to do is bring down their servers. This is a great start though I think.
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    Alright guys, beta 12 is out with the following: - Improvement: The end of the Download Metadata and Media process in LaunchBox has been optimized to be multi-threaded so that the interface does not appear to be locked up when finishing up the process - Improvement: When switching the global theme in the Big Box options, platform-specific and playlist-specific themes are now reset in order to reduce confusion - Fixed: After closing the Options window, the LaunchBox main window border was corrupted on some systems - Fixed: "Prioritize Music over Video Audio" in Big Box was not working on rare occasions and the video audio and music would both play at the same time - Fixed: On Big Box games text list views, the selection bar was sometimes missing when first loading up the view - Fixed: When switching themes per platform or playlist in Big Box, sometimes it was confusing and/or the theme was not saving due to invalid views for certain themes. The view is now reset to the default when switching themes for a particular platform or playlist. I believe that was everything on my immediate list to fix before the release, so hopefully this will be our release candidate for 7.15. Depending on how things go, we may release either tomorrow or Wednesday. Any testing you guys can do would be very much appreciated.
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    Finished Music and Options. Now i'm adding more systems to upload a new version.
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    Beta 4 is out now guys, finally with proper star ratings support in Big Box: - New Premium Feature: Star ratings are now available in Big Box! They will show up by default in the game details views, but can be disabled under Options > Game Details. - New Premium Feature: Star ratings can now be set in Big Box from either the game details menu or via a hotkey or controller button under Options > Keyboard Mappings > Set Star Rating or Options > Controller Buttons > Set Star Rating. An option is available to hide the Star Rating from the game details menu as well. Finally, I added the point values to the achievements titles in LaunchBox and Big Box.
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    Version 1.0.3


    Here's my first (and probably last) Theme submission, if it wasn't for the work of @CriticalCid and his CriticalZoneV2 - BlueBox theme I probably would never have attempted this, but I had a lot of fun putting this together and now its time for me to focus on building my collection and correcting missing and incorrect artwork :-) Special thanks to @CriticalCid @keltoigael @eatkinola and @Grila Simply download, unzip and place the unzipped Y2Guru - Plain and Simple folder into LaunchBox\Themes\ Please read the Installation and Setup Guide.rtf located inside the Y2Guru - Plain and Simple folder. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting this theme and artwork together. Cheers, Dave
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    Welp, beta 13 is out now. I just can't seem to stop working today, for whatever reason. So I was playing with @PhillsDoodles amazing new Retrorama theme, and I ran into the issue where things didn't look quite right because of my 16x10 monitor (most themes are built for 16x9). So, of course I set out to fix it. There are now two more settings in the ThemeSettings.xml file: <Force16X9AspectRatio>true</Force16X9AspectRatio> <Force4X3AspectRatio>false</Force4X3AspectRatio> These settings will allow you to force a theme to be displayed either in 16x9 or 4x3 aspect ratio. In theory, then on monitors that are not that exact aspect ratio, they will maintain that aspect ratio instead of awkwardly filling the screen. Obviously it's better if a theme can support all aspect ratios instead of letterboxing everything, but in the case of a theme like Retrorama where everything is heavily image-based, that's not really a possibility. There are probably many other themes that can benefit from this as well. All the theme developers will probably now want to murder me for waiting this long to implement it, considering I got it done in a couple hours. @CriticalCid @eatkinola @y2guru @Hexxxer @keltoigael @NJDave71 @Omen @Cookz718 @Grila @viking @Rincewind @SNAK3ATER @shro2016 @nosh @ea4492 @Maddoc1007 @vsilvalopes @faeran @walter10h @Scottad @Sithel @Akezhar @Thanos Reigns @niglurion @kerszr Wow we have a ton of amazing theme developers! Didn't expect the list to be that long.
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    Alright, beta 10 is out now guys. It includes translation updates as well as the following fixes: - Fixed: When using the Text with Game Details view in Big Box, the logo at the top of the list was sometimes not updating - Fixed: Viewing videos full screen from the Big Box game details menu was sometimes not showing the video I've also spent some time trying to fix the occasional startup video black screen issue, but as I'm unable to replicate it regularly, it's both a challenge to fix and a challenge to even know if it is fixed (sigh). So it may or may not be fixed for this beta; please let me know if anyone is still seeing a black screen come up for the startup videos. Typically when this happens the sound will play but the screen will stay black while the startup video plays.
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    For those of you eagerly anticipating more black box releases.. Don't worry, they will keep coming.. HOWEVER, I am about halfway through GTA San Andreas (First time ever playing it and it's f'n awesome.. not better than vice city, though) and got inspired to make another loading screen for Big Box.. Also, the idea I have gives me the chance to work with some more features in After Effects that really brings still images to life.. Expect more of the iconic wallpapers you guys are prob familiar with when it comes to this game. Expect them to be "brought to life" ...
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    111 N64 themes are now available on the EmuMovies FTP in my folder
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    Jason and I recently spoke, and when he realized things had stalled, he jumped right on it. He provided me the utility I needed, and I've gotten back to work on V3.
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    This set has been updated guys. 30+ new and alternate themes and they're all available in my folder on the EmuMovies FTP. I'll also be posting some new Sega Genesis themes in the next few days (as that set is lacking) and finishing up N64 with over 110 themes. Below is what's been added: 3 Ninjas Kick Back (USA) Adventures of Yogi Bear (USA) Air Cavalry (USA) Aladdin (USA) Archer Maclean's Super Dropzone (Europe) Beauty and the Beast (USA) Bebe's Kids (USA) Best of the Best - Championship Karate (USA) Big Sky Trooper (USA) Biker Mice from Mars (USA) BioMetal (USA) Bobby's World (USA) (Proto) Bubsy II (USA) Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (USA) Cannon Fodder (Europe) Cybernator (USA) Dungeon Master (USA) Final Fantasy II (USA) (Rev 1) Firemen, The (Europe) Ignition Factor, The (USA) Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA) Lion King, The (USA) Lost Vikings, The (USA) Out of This World (USA) Pocky & Rocky (USA) Pocky & Rocky 2 (USA) Populous II - Trials of the Olympian Gods (Europe) Putty Squad (Europe) Rocko's Modern Life - Spunky's Dangerous Day (USA) Super Metroid (Japan, USA) Super Turrican (USA) Super Turrican 2 (USA) Super Widget (USA) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters (USA) Tintin - Prisoners of the Sun (Europe) Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel (USA)
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    And the official release is out.
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    Beta 15 is out now guys. Unless we run into any glaring issues, this will be the last beta before we release the official version tomorrow. I spent some serious time this morning attempting to resolve the remaining issues with prioritizing music over video audio, specifically pertaining to the game details view and going back and forth. There's a million things to catch, but I believe (I hope) I've caught them all. Let me know if anyone sees any further issues there. We'll probably run with this code for the official release regardless, unless I introduced some bugs or something serious. Any testing you guys can do would be appreciated; we're trying to avoid duplicate audio (video and music) and incorrect audio (video vs. music). Furthermore, I believe I've finally fixed the rotten black startup video issue. I was finally able to reproduce it consistently by pegging my CPU to 100% via other apps (lol). And then, figuring out the fix was relatively easy once I was able to reproduce it consistently. So let's hope that issue is solved once and for all. Hooray! Thanks all, here's to a smooth last beta and release.
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    New update. I've also include the comic book font on the theme file.
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    It's uploaded. Should be public pretty quickly. As for my health, I have had herniated discs in my back for the past 10 years or so. Generally I'm ok, I just have to be careful with heavy lifting and such. Last Thursday I was carrying my son during this Christmas Event we went to and something slipped or moved or tore, I'm not sure. What I do know is I lost all feeling in my right arm and massive pain shot through my neck and shoulder. Injected steroids got me moving again and have allowed me to use my right arm enough to manipulated my mouse and check email. It has been bothering me that I didn't get this posted, as I'd like it to be seeded fairly well for the 12 Days of Pleasuredome event.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Resident Evil Collection theme video at the request of @Pennywisekrueger 16:9 MP4 Credit goes to the original author/creator of this theme. Recorded/editied/encoded by: Riffman81
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    Hey all, with LaunchBox 7.15 which should be out early next week comes retro achievements. They are of course currently available in the latest beta. Retro achievements really are a game-changer; we think they'll add a new level of fun to your retro games. To get started, just sign up for an account at http://retroachievements.org, plug your credentials into LaunchBox, and all of your achievements will show up in both LaunchBox and Big Box. Here's some screenshots: A tutorial from ETA Prime will be out shortly after the release, but in the mean time we can use this thread for discussion. Do take note that unfortunately Sega Genesis does not work currently due an issue with the retroachievements.org API; they are working on that issue so it should be resolved soon. Happy achieving!
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    Hi guys, I have my physical collection for the Dreamcast, but wanted to add some games that I like to play on the actual hardware too... problem is, some of these games/versions do not have actual boxes. So I knocked some up using bits I have found and some I have made from scratch. Included is some boxes for some of the titles I made region free or games I simply dont have boxes for, disk only. They are made to fit into Large DVD clam type boxes and half size versions similar to the original boxes. I would love to have official boxes to put them in but these are so fragile and hard to find good cases for even my standard collection, so its a good option. Also, Im PAL, so box art is for this region. May come in handy for others...
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first contribution to this Frontend. It's my PS3 3d Covers collection made so far (140 covers) with 952x1326 resolution. More it will come as soons as I made new ones. Some PSN only games were made with artwork collected and my imagination but always respecting PS3 covers template standards. I hope you like it.
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    I'm also gonna take this time to tell you guys to make sure and let your families know that you love them..... The day before Thanksgiving my wife's father passed away. You never know when it's your time. It can come in an instant. The crazy thing, is that moments like this make me think about you guys as well. Despite not knowing any of you personally... THAT does not matter. I understand fully that each and every one of you are breathing human beings, with lives, and families. Much love to you all.
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    @Jlponyo First off, a refund is on its way. Secondly, very rarely if ever do I argue with users about the issues they're running into, but in that case, you're bringing up issues that do not exist elsewhere for thousands of people, issues that I've never even heard of. So in all honesty, I'm not sure if your computer's just broken or if you're just being a troll. Thirdly, nothing good ever comes from words like those. I sincerely hope you didn't expect a positive response lol.
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    I have deleted the other thread regarding this project. This thread is better suited for both discussion and progress. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ With the release of my Commodore 64 Media Pack 2.0, at the request of Neil9000 I will be moving on to filling in the gaps for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. So not to discuss this pack any further in my Commodore 64 thread, I will use this forum post to discuss the progress and announce releases for this media pack. Initially I am using an XML file provided by Neil9000 to work on a smaller set within the launch box database before moving onto the larger list. I have included a preview of the themed box front and to the best of my ability I plan on giving it the same amount of attention as I did in my Commodore 64 pack. As I am not as familiar with this computer as I am the Commodore 64, so I welcome any input and/or requests. Cheers Lassiveran --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As with my Commodore 64 Pack - I have included information on the themed box art to facilitate easier time matching box art with your collection. If a Launch-Box Database ID is available I have included it on the Box Art along with the Database ID for World of Spectrum. I took the liberty to create them a icon for representation purposes. The Top 300 Logo is kudos to Neil9000 collection of his Top 300 games. Feel free in the future to let me know of others so I can visually represent it on The Fan box Cover.
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    Version 0.1.0


    Here is the start of my Sinclair ZX Spectrum Media Pack. On the road to 1.0 I will continue to expand the media with additional Box Fronts. Version 0.1 can be considered a small community set for neil9000 who requested I work on the ZX Spectrum next. I worked off his XML file to Find Original Box Front Art to Replace Art of another system used in Database Find Original Box Front Art to Replace Advertisement Front being used as a Box Front in Database Find a Better Original Box Front then currently used in Database Created a Box Front Reconstructed using another system Box front and changed to represent Spectrum When no Box Front source could be found I utilized my Themed Box Front. As you can see in the picture of my workflow I do take the time to give you the best possible replacement to fill the missing Box Art. The road to 1.0 will have me go through roughly 4600 games from the official list. I am not a professional graphic artist, I have been learning a few tricks as I have been going along to streamline the process. I welcome positive feedback and constructive criticism. After version one is released I do plan on moving onto Themed Clear Logos, and to take any requests to fill a fan favorite box art I may have missed. I appreciate the hard work everyone has done do far making launch box a great aesthetic front end and this is my way of giving back to the community. I look forward to feedback. Cheers Lassiveran
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    Today's release from EmuMovies is a new video snap collection for the Atari Lynx. DamnedRegistrations is still cranking out updates faster than we can get them posted and this new set again features crisp captures at 60fps. We also have a new Platform Video as well as some artwork updates. Continue reading for a listing of the new videos as well as the usual links and samples. Video Snap Sample (High Quality) Platform Video Sample (High Quality) Videos Added - 76 @DamnedRegistrations A.P.B. - All Points Bulletin (USA, Europe) Awesome Golf (USA, Europe) Baseball Heroes (USA, Europe) Basketbrawl (USA, Europe) Batman Returns (USA, Europe) Battle Wheels (USA, Europe) Battlezone 2000 (USA, Europe) Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (USA, Europe) Block Out (USA, Europe) Blue Lightning (USA, Europe) Bubble Trouble (USA, Europe) California Games (USA, Europe) Checkered Flag (USA, Europe) Chip's Challenge (USA, Europe) Crystal Mines II (USA, Europe) Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf (USA, Europe) Dinolympics (USA, Europe) Dirty Larry - Renegade Cop (USA, Europe) Double Dragon (USA, Europe) Dracula the Undead (USA, Europe) Electrocop (USA, Europe) European Soccer Challenge (USA, Europe) Fat Bobby (USA, Europe) Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge, The (USA, Europe) Gates of Zendocon, The (USA, Europe) Gauntlet - The Third Encounter (USA, Europe) Gordo 106 - The Mutated Lab Monkey (USA, Europe) Hard Drivin' (USA, Europe) Hockey (USA, Europe) Hydra (USA, Europe) Ishido - The Way of Stones (USA, Europe) Jimmy Connors' Tennis (USA, Europe) Joust (USA, Europe) Klax (USA, Europe) Krazy Ace - Miniature Golf (USA, Europe) Kung Food (USA, Europe) Lemmings (USA, Europe) Lexis (USA, Europe) Lynx Casino (USA, Europe) Malibu Bikini Volleyball (USA, Europe) Ms. Pac-Man (USA, Europe) NFL Football (USA, Europe) Ninja Gaiden (USA, Europe) Ninja Gaiden III - The Ancient Ship of Doom (USA, Europe) Pac-Land (USA, Europe) Paperboy (USA, Europe) Pinball Jam (USA, Europe) Pit Fighter - The Ultimate Competition (USA, Europe) Power Factor (USA, Europe) Qix (USA, Europe) Raiden (USA) Rampage (USA, Europe) Rampart (USA, Europe) RoadBlasters (USA, Europe) Robo-Squash (USA, Europe) Robotron 2084 (USA, Europe) Rygar - Legendary Warrior (USA, Europe) S.T.U.N. Runner (USA, Europe) Scrapyard Dog (USA, Europe) Shadow of the Beast (USA, Europe) Shanghai (USA, Europe) Steel Talons (USA, Europe) Super Asteroids, Missile Command (USA, Europe) Super Off-Road (USA, Europe) Super Skweek (USA, Europe) Switchblade II (USA, Europe) Todd's Adventures in Slime World (USA, Europe) Toki (USA, Europe) Tournament Cyberball 2072 (USA, Europe) Turbo Sub (USA, Europe) Viking Child (USA, Europe) Warbirds (USA, Europe) World Class Soccer (USA, Europe) Xenophobe (USA, Europe) Xybots (USA, Europe) Zarlor Mercenary (USA, Europe) Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
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    Hello all! TLDR; I created a theme a couple years ago in XBMC and approached Jason about porting it as a front-end look for launch box. At the time, he wasn't ready to focus on the aesthetics of his young application much, but in revisiting launch-box recently I was excited to see the Big Box development as a stable option within the application. I'd like to port my theme to Big Box, but want to partner with a developer so I can focus on the design work and actually complete the project. --------------------------------------- I think this is a professional looking design with a next-gen console feel. I was using it exclusively for PC games. Some of the challenges I had with XBMC (like getting videos to play properly) are stable and functional within Big Box already. I'm confident that if someone is well-versed in theme development, it wouldn't take much time to port this design to Big Box. I'm a graphic designer and have some interface design experience, but I'm not efficient enough in the development department to see this through. I know it's all feasible within the theme engine, I'm just tripping over syntax and some Visual Studio concepts. I'd like to partner with a developer to move through this quickly. If anyone is interested in helping out, please let me know. Given my busy work/family schedule, I don't think I'm willing to undertake this without partnering with an experienced developer to move things along at a fast pace. These are screenshots from this design implemented in XBMC a couple of years ago. I have some style updates that I want to make to it, but this would generally be the Box List style view.
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    Hey all! Thanks for your patience, I've been putting in 80-100 hour weeks at work lately, so it's taken me a while. My apologies. Fix for the AddToGamesDb issue is live in the downloads.
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    Good to know, guys. I've updated it for the next beta.
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    Here you go, @dmjohn0x https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m4054Fi5Uwt6yOFat7UowSwWKcbE-fC8
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    And beta 9 is out. I added a bunch of safeguards to hopefully prevent the errors in LaunchBox that are due to the submit to games database plugin. I still haven't been able to replicate the issue on my end, but I'm guessing that this will fix the issue. Please let me know if anyone is still getting the FormatException error on selecting things in LaunchBox. Also, the community star ratings and partial star ratings are in Big Box now as well. Finally, custom playlists (auto-populate playlists) now work with the star ratings/community star ratings and their related settings (minimum number of community star ratings to consider, etc.). We're in pretty good shape at this point I think (I hope). I have a few bugs to look into, but other than that we'll be looking to put out 7.15 shortly.
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    Just put out beta 8, folks. This beta should fix the issue with .webm videos. It also adds three new fields to the list view in LaunchBox for star rating, community star rating, and community star rating count. I've been trying to replicate the issues with the submit to games database plugin, but for whatever reason I haven't been able to replicate any issues at all. I wanted to see if I could somehow at least prevent the issue. Either the issue is fixed now (which I doubt), or I just haven't been able to trigger it. Please let me know if you guys are still getting that FormatException error when selecting games in LaunchBox with the plugin installed, and if you have any ideas on how to trigger it. Thanks all.
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    I made a background video to use in this theme for my cab, more info here... video demo
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    Version 1.0.0


    Media Pack for SNES MSU1 releases. This media pack contains the following: Box Art (2D and Cased) HI-RES 2D and Templates also included Logos Still snaps (Game Play and Title) System Logos System Background HQ Video Snaps (480p) All artwork made by: Riffman81 All video snaps recorded/edited/encoded by: Riffman81 Future updates will be available Enjoy! **Secret of Evermore artwork is included but the video snap however is not. Once I get a complete working copy I will add it to the set**
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    Version v0.981 Development


    PCSX2 Configurator v0.98 This is a configuration plugin for games being run in PCSX2 through Launchbox. It allows users to configure their games on a per-game basis, and download pre-optimized configurations, form right with LaunchBox. Installation Simply Download and extract the zip file, place the "PCSX2 Configurator" folder in your LaunchBox Plugins Directory. Then Start LaunchBox and the plugin will be installed. Settings The Plugin Settings Menu is located in LaunchBox's tools Menu. All Current settings are defined how PCSX2 is currently configured. Each of the options is explained breifly below: Use Independant Memory Cards? - create a new formatted memory card (In Slot 1) for each game that is configured Use Current Plugin & Bios Files? - retains current plugin and bios selection when configuring a game (leaving this un-checked will require them to be re-configured) Use Current GS Window Settings? - retains current GS Window Settings (Vsync/Aspect Ratio/Custom Window Size) Use Current Program Log Settings? - retains current Program Log Settings, The main purpose of this is to show/hide the console window Use Current Folder Settings? - retains current Folder Settings, This is generally only needed if default folders are not in use Use Current VM Settings? - retains current VM Settings, This Mostly denotes what custom patches/hacks/cheats are enabled, and will usually be overidden by downloaded configs Use Current GSdx Plugin Settings? - retains current GSdx (Graphics Plugin) Settings, This will be overidden by downloaded configs Use Current SPU2-X Plugin Settings? - retains current SPU2-X (Sound Plugin) Settings, Not needed in most cases, May be overidden by downloaded configs Use Current LilyPad Plugin Settings? - retains current LilyPad (Controller Plugin) Settings, Not needed in most cases Configuartions Directory - the loaction where per-game configurations are stored, This is in the Emulators ini folder by default though can be changed Closing the window will automatically apply the settings. Settings can also be changed directly using the Settings.ini file found in the Plugins Directory ("Plugins\PCSX2 Configurator") This file also contains hidden settings: AllowAllSettings - ensures Presets are disabled and Game Fixes and Speed Hacks are enabled in PCSX2 Usage The plugin has a minimalistic interface. To Create a custom configuration for a PS2 game with PCSX2 (or RocketLauncher) as it's default emulator, Simply right click on it and press configure. If the game already has optimized settings (and is named in accordance to the LaunchboxDB) then you will be asked if you want to use them, PCSX2 will then open to allow you to make tweaks to your config (for selected game). When you are happy with your current config you can close PCSX2, and simply run your game in LaunchBox as normal to play with configured settings. All optimized settings are designed for PCSX2 1.5.0-dev and later builds and may not work correctly and require some tweaking for older versions of PCSX2. To force a check for optimized settings (after already creating a config) hold left control when pressing configure, You can also quickly close the PCSX2 window with CTRL+ESC. For those using RocketLaucnher, this plugin should mostly just work, though it will set your PCSX2 Game Configs folder (In Rocket Launcher) to the folder specified in this plugin (PCSX2\inis by default), and you also need to have PCSX2 setup as an emulator in LaunchBox so the plugin knows where to find it. Credit & Support The Plugin was developed by two members of The LaunchBox community with alec100_94 being responsible for the original idea, and bulk of the plugins development and Zombeaver, creating and working on the PCSX2 Configuration Project (Optimized Settings) and the artwork used within the plugin, as well as being a tester for the latest version. For Support, bug reporting, feature request, or a desire to contribute to this plugin please contact alec100_94, by commenting on the file, mentioning him on the forums, or directly through personal message. [Full project including source code can be found On Github]
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    THANK U SO MUCH GUYS FOR YOUR ANSWERS AND TAKING PART OF MY PROBLEM !!! I use an Intel NUC with Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 and the digital audio via HDMI to my TV. So i think i have my Audio on board... Anyway I spend hours of fightin with this issue... But keltoigael and Lordmonkus (my heros !!!) were right - i changed my audio driver in Retroarch to dsound and TA-TAAA... i have Sound all over !!!! Directly in Retroarch or if i start via LaunchBox. So my Problem is solved by changing the audiodriver settings in Retroarch to dsound !!! LaunchBox is not only great because of its comfort and design... it is also great with THIS FAST AND SUPER SUPPORT !! Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!
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    Luckily I had months worth of work already sunk into Vol 1 & 2. So all I've had to do over the past few weeks is clean up metadata in the front end. I have a rough migration tool that brings some of the data over, and I have the work fistydollars has done in the range of A-H. However I'm still cleaning up the genres, series, extras, etc... Then for the games he hasn't gotten to in the games db yet, I'm having to enter a lot more info and transfer a lot of game images. Luckily for me, the RPG volume is only a third the size of the Adventure volume. So I'm hoping to have it done by next week, depending on my shoulder. For volumes 3-5, I'm still adding games, writing conf files, and creating the first pass of metadata. So I don't expect any of those to hit until January or February at the earliest.
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    C64 had a 300bps MODEM cartridge. Basically C64 ruled the world. But I went online really (actually dialing to BBSes) when 1200 was more common and 2400MNP5 was just about to happen. The big news were MNP5 of course, since before that, every little phone line crack (they were analog of course) meant errors in the text or (painfully slow) download. Remember waiting minutes for a 30Kb nude gif. Now there is VR and interactive porn.
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    Trying something a little different to make the videos a bit more interesting.