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    I'll upload bezels here instead of the download section for the time being, once I've made a large collection I'll upload it to the download section. Here's my first Mame 4K bezel for the Lights Out series, I'll be making them in no particular order; more like what I like to play at the moment. You don't need to adjust the games .cfg with these bezels, the position and size is already done within the lay file. shdancer.zip
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    Version 1.0.0


    Enjoy!. Missing: Bonk 3 - Bonk's Big Adventure (USA) Fantasy Star Soldier (USA) Fighting Street (USA) Implode (USA) It Came From The Desert (USA) Last Alert (USA) Splash Lake (USA) Syd Mead's Terra Forming (USA) Valis III (USA) Vasteel (USA)
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    Version 1.0.2


    This is 217 SNES MSU-1 Fan 3D Boxes using the Mr. RetroLust's Arcade 2.0 style, and Lordmonkus's 2D Front Box Art. This is made as alternative from the other 3D Boxes i have made up. Please checkout Mr. RetroLust's awesome Arcade 2.0 3D Boxes here All thanks goes to Mr. RetroLust and Lordmonkus for their art in making these.
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    This is such a great feature. I'm so happy this community has people dedicated and knowledgeable enough to listen to user requests and bang out a perfect plugin to make the experience that much better. Yet another awesome plug-in my man. Keep up the amazing work!
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    Thats the Neil we all know and love
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    Hello all, I just uploaded version 0.26 in beta form to the Play Store. Hopefully it will go live quickly here. I've been working on an import process that runs directly on the Android device (instead of requiring an export from the desktop app) for weeks now, and this is the result. I'm releasing this in beta form first, because it's such a big release. The only other new thing with this release is the fact that the app should now work on Intel x86 and x64 devices as well (instead of just arm and arm64). In order to use the betas, you'll need to opt-in to the beta releases here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox Once you've opted in, you should be able to able to update to the beta version on your Android device. Please keep in mind that if you opt-in to the betas, you won't be able to leave a public review of the app (and we can use them if you're willing). You have to use the same link to opt out of the betas before you'll be able to leave a public review. Any testing you guys can do on the new import process (or anywhere else) would be much appreciated.
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    Community Theme Creator for BigBox now available!
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    Love the first new feature on the above list. Much easier than auditing. Would be good however to be able to do this by platform, rather than for the whole collection.
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    Just don't get so good you can replace me, kinda liking it here.
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    Or, you know, just use the new on device importer.
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    Okay, here we go Name: Don Age: 47 Username story: The "don" part certainly comes from my given name while the "bundang" is the name of the city where I first lived in when I moved to South Korea several years ago. It's a suburb city a few miles southeast of Seoul Favorite systems: Atari 2600, Sony Playstation 2, Switch Favorite game: From the past: Pitfall (Atari 2600), Currently: Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) Favorite genres: Adventure, Fighting, Racing FE scene recap: Started with MAME, ZSNES, Neorage, and a few others 20 years ago or so. Got back into the emulation scene with Hyperspin and switched over to Launchbox about 3 years ago. Once in a while I also code and 'decorate' some custom made themes within AttractMode
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    Thx @Tulac ! I know I'm very quiet right now. Sorry about that. I have a lot of work these days. I think I could send you updates within 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience !! I work with @eatkinola on new cool feature. As soon as the 2 main view are finished, I will make new ones. Dark version is programmed. You will find the list of videos supported on the dedicated page. Next update: category video.
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    Hey, I just finished all of the XBONE controllers. All of the consoles I've missed, N64, Playstation etc. will be in the next post with all controllers.
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    Keep up the good work. Theme looks beautiful. It reminds me a lot of the "encyclopedia" type reference books that are popping up all over the place. My kid is really into those type of books (loves his Mario and Pokemon reference books) and think he'd appreciate this theme quite a bit. The ease of access this theme provides makes it ideal for me when letting people not as familiar with retro games and my collection play on my rig. I find it provides a lot of good information cleanly without a lot of fluff getting in the way to further confuse the already overwhelmed new user.
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    This is a test release of Steam Tools for LaunchBox. To install, unzip the contents of the ZIP into LaunchBox's Plugins folder. This plugin now supports being in a subfolder. Current Features: Basic Steam game import functionality Options Menu Automatic custom field if using LB Premium for use in playlists Optional automatic Hiding of uninstalled Steam games Optional automatic Un-Hiding of installed Steam games Background task for automatic updating of Installed/Uninstalled fields Basic loading of Metadata from Steam Option to download Clear Logos, Steam-Grid, and Header (as Fanart) images from Steam Source Code: https://github.com/Nielk1/LaunchBoxSteamToolsPlugin
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    Thanks man I wouldn't know how to solve your problem, it worked for my resolution and for others but 640x480 is a whole different ball game i'm afraid, though it should just work as the code should be resolution independent.
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    View MAME High scores in Game Details - A plugin for LaunchBox/BigBox View File View MAME High scores in Game Details - A plugin for LaunchBox/BigBox Use this plugin to see a games top 3 high scores in the Game Details. Features Shows high scores for most games in your Arcade platform in the Game Details. After playing a MAME Arcade game that saves its' high scores [and is supported by the included hi2txt program], this adds a Custom Field called "Hi-Scores" to the game. It will store 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and appear in the Game Details when the game is selected. What's needed (3) files that are included in the downloaded zip file (the plugin) MAME configured to save high scores Saved high score files (These are automatically generated by MAME [once configured to save them] in the "hi" and/or “nvram” subfolders of your MAME emulator) What it won't do Show high scores for games using emulators other than MAME. MAME does not save high scores for all arcade machines, so not all games are supported by this plugin. Contributors @jayjay and @JoeViking245 A HUGE Special Thanks goes to GreatStone’s utility “hi2txt”. This utility converts MAME’s high score files into a readable format which ultimately makes this plugin possible!! http://greatstone.free.fr/hi2txt/index.html Installation and setup instructions: Step 1: Installing the Plugin Step 2: Making sure MAME is set up to save high scores Installing the Plugin: Download the plugin, LB-BB_Hi_Scores_v1.0.zip, from the LaunchBox download section After you’ve downloaded the zip file, be sure to unblock it in Windows by right clicking it, selecting Properties, and clicking Unblock Open the zip file and extract/copy the "Hi_Scores" folder into ..\LaunchBox\Plugins e.g D:\LaunchBox\Plugins\ If you have previously installed “MAME Hi-Score Display - A plugin for BigBox”, you will only to copy the “HiScoreCustomField.dll” file into that same folder. Otherwise all 3 files are required. The 2 plugins will not conflict with each other. Setting up MAME to save high scores: Using a recent official MAME release – By default, plugins are enabled in MAME. You can verify this by looking at the “mame.ini” file located in the root MAME install folder. Open “mame.ini” and scroll down to (or press Control + F and search for) “Scripting Options”. “plugins” should be set to 1. If it’s 0 (zero), change it to 1. Next, open “plugin.ini” also located in MAME’s root directory and change “hiscore” to 1. If you have an older release of MAME, you may need to do the following steps. Go to this website: http://www.mameworld.info/highscore/download.htm and download a copy of the file hiscore.dat that corresponds to your version of MAME. The file (hiscoredat.zip) will need to be unzipped. Place the file hiscore.dat in your MAME/Plugins folder Open up your MAME.ini file in a text editor. In newer versions, this file will be in the same directory as the MAME.exe Press control + F and search for “Scripting Options” Next to the word Plugins, type “1” no quotes Next to the word Plugin, type “hiscore” no quotes It will look like this: How to use: Start LaunchBox or BigBox Go into the "Arcade" Platform Select a game, run it, then close it Now select a different game, then go back (poor man’s version to refresh the Game Details) If the game has saved high scores, they will now appear in that game’s Detail pane Depending on the BigBox theme you use, the amount of data shown in the Game Details may be limited. So you might need to go into Options, Game Details and deselect some of the Details. Be sure that “Custom Fields” is checked. Submitter JoeViking245 Submitted 12/04/2019 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins  
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    Thanks guys, I'm currently looking deeper into this. I don't currently have any devices that I can replicate the crashes on, despite having 5 different devices lol. I'm gonna do some further testing to see what else is possible.
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    im still trying to get the sega genesis to work correctly.. So far i have nes, snes, pc engine, mame, sega master system, gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advance, virtual boy, sega 32x, atari jaguar, atari 2600 atari 7800 Still not working: n64, 3do,nds,game and watch,sammy atomiswave,sega cd,sega dreamcast,sega genesis,sega naomi,sega saturn, sony playstation s
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    Make sure videos are turned on on Tools/Options/Game details.
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    I’m using internal storage for the app and roms.
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    It's a Sprint phone that's not activated and just running on wifi. No idea if that even matters. Bought it strictly for emulation. Will factory reset and see if that helps.
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    I don't believe it will update anymore but to be safe you may want to go to Tools Options Updates and turn off you updates. I you want to have a separate install without your license to use the latest version of LB you can also just install to a separate folder but that is entirely up to you.
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    ok so the issue has been figured out. Morale of the story: Do not run anything you want to close with a .bat as administrator because you wont be given privlages. Everything works perfectly as it should and I thank you again @JoeViking245
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    Thanks. I mostly want to sync the LB directory, and I have the drive paths identical, so that should work. I have my emulators in a separate directory and mostly use retro arch so I think after the initial setup I should be good there as well based on what you stated. Thanks for the help.
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    Awesome news! Thank you.
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    I would just simply remove all your PS1 games from LB and then re-import but just the cue files. I suggest putting each game in their own folder within a folder called something like Playstation, then from there use the windows file manager search and type in *.cue. This will show you all the cue files, press control + a to select them all and then drag them into LB to re-import. You can uncheck all the media to speed things along since you have it already from the first import.
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    The update should be live now guys.
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    I'm actually working on this now and should have an update in a few days or so. It will allow you to manually enter playtime for any game from the right-click menu.
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    that one seems to be the ticket. Sinceeeeeere thank you. Drove me nuts and I was always stuck operating with concessions in one area or another. Now i dont have to ❤️
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    Thanks. The new upload has fixed my issue. LaunchBox now loads on my device.
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    Thanks so much for sharing the shader files, I really appreciate it. Hope you continue this project, it's really terrific work.
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    Nice one Rince 👍
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    it works on my switch actually came to the forum rn to see if anybody else had done it
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    I'm going to be honest here there are some many things going on development wise that you can ask for DB changes until you are blue in the face but they aren't likely to happen any time soon. The DB is sort of the red head step child when it comes to getting things added to it. So basically good luck.
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    Hello, you are correct you will need two different bluetooth adapters, or else windows cannot decide which it wants to use for it's bluetooth driver, and they will conflict with each other. I am using the Kinivo BTD-400 Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy USB Adapter for PS3 controllers ( BCM20702A0 chipset) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007Q45EF4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Windows will try and fail to install the drivers for this device (because windows can only use one bt driver) at a time. You will use the Zadig program to change the drivers for this device into a libusbk device, https://zadig.akeo.ie/ I believe it is also available in the scptoolkit package, and part of the installation instructions that come with it. I followed the ps3 controllers instructions section of this website to setup pcsx2 and scptoolkit https://1upsdevelopment.com/pcsx2-socom-2-xlink/#settinguppcsx2 Yes pressure sensitive buttons work with this method (for PCSX2) an extra added bonus is that when PCSX2 is not in use it will work just like an ordinary Xbox one controller. Once everything is setup all you have to do is turn on your wireless ps3 controller as normal and it should auto connect every time (unless you synced it to something else of course). After everything is installed I manually disabled windows from being able to try and update this driver, because a windows update messed it up for me once. Used this tutorial https://www.howtogeek.com/263851/how-to-prevent-windows-from-automatically-updating-specific-drivers/ For my normal everyday xinput (as well as I use with 8bitdo using their Xinput modes) I am using my default one that comes with my motherboard (bluetooth 4.0) with my rampage V extreme. I can connect up to four (maybe more?) xinput devices at once with no issues with this adapter. After programing all my 8bitdo controllers to use Xinput mode, all I have to do is turn on any controller, xbox, ps3, 8 bitdo and windows will assign that controller to the controller number in the order it was turned on just like all the modern console do. I also took the extra step of swapping the 8bitdo button assignment around to match so all the controllers feel the same on each emulator (via the instructions provided with 8bito controllers).
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    I submitted the error to MameTesters and a fix has already been submitted and checked. So hopefully next MAME version should be fixed. Update: Fix is included in MAME 0.216. Looks like 0.216 introduced a bug (crash) in twincobr though. 🙁
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    Actually, the reason why this is an issue in the first place is in order to allow multiple users to control Big Box at once. The issue is just a side effect of the fact that we don't currently differentiate between different controllers when taking inputs. We have this issue on our list.
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    FYI ... Issue with Beta 2 when trying to d/l media after right clicking on a game and edit. Trying to download media will error out.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This file contains the complete cover set for all Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) games released in the United Kingdom Region and in the EU cover variant. All files have been collated by myself from the various repositories on the Internet and have been retouched where required and resized to uniform ratio. The quality does vary between the covers based on the source files available but images are scaled to the best quality size available. Image sizes in the pack are: 500x725, 750x1087, 1000x1450, 1500x2147, 2000x2900 If you are aware of better quality variants of the covers in this pack please let me know and I will update the pack as required. It should be noted that all are the original covers with the exception of Lethal Enforcers 2 which I could not find a high enough quality version of and so I have adapted the US cover to the EU style box to make this a complete set.
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    This is the playlist I made. Clearly this is not a complete list, but something I just started. Hopefully it can be added to by someone more familiar than myself. Also I have been searching for a clear logo to use for this. Trackball Games.xml
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    Version 1.0.0


    This was my 2nd set that I had accidentally deleted from the downloads.
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