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    Beta 5 is out now with the following: New link to the retroachievements.org game details in the LaunchBox game details sidebar (globe icon) The game achievements popup in Big Box now shows the retroachievements.org game details web page in a new tab That's about it. We're working on some other things, but most likely they'll make it into the next official release, instead of this one (we've also been off for the holidays recently). Currently planning on putting out the next official release here very soon (probably beginning of next week).
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    10.10-beta-1 is out now with the following: New Feature: Background blurring can now be fine tuned to any amount (or easily turned off) under Tools > Options > Visuals > Backgrounds. Background blurring options are also now available for all themes, including the old default theme. Improvement: Performance for the new default theme is now on par with the old default theme. We're using a completely new method to blur the backgrounds, since the old method was causing performance degradation. Improvement: Box shadows for the new default theme can be disabled under Tools > Options > Visuals > Boxes in order to improve performance on lowend systems Improvement: Numbers sections of titles will now be sorted numerically by default, instead of alphabetically. For example, the new logic will sort 1, 2, and 11 as 1, 2, 11 instead of the 1, 11, 2 order that was used previously. Fixed: In Big Box, the retro achievements game details web view can now be zoomed in and out with the proper bindings We've also added the manifest to supposedly support long path names, but we haven't been able to test and confirm that it's working. If anyone can confirm either way on this, please let us know.
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    Boogie Wings, known in Japan as; The Great Ragtime Show aka ザ・グレイト・ラグタイムショー Depending on which version you have in your collection: boogwing.zip or ragtime.zip
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    Incredible, i made the same work than you and never found any one to help me and work better ... My NES projetc page here : https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/12325/my-remastered-nes-covers But also Daphne covers : https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/13440/my-created-daphne-covers-to-not-use-flyers-logos-videos And SuperGrafx : https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/12596/my-remastered-supergrafx-covers-logos-videos And i have many more i'm working on all the systems to make a beautiful Video Game museum Like i can't found the stuff i search over the net i create it myself If you continue to do it, and do it with passion like me, i'm interested with your help and can give you mine More hands we have faster we work Comme to speak with us on RVGM discord https://discord.gg/72Num2P We plan to share here all our stuff in time, but it will be long, i search a solution to do it fast ...
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    And here we are! The dark version is online! I hope you like it! 😘 ..:: BETA UPDATE ::.. Version 0.6 - Released January 7, 2020 - New Feature: By popular demand, the Dark View, for Platform & Games view. 😃 - Improvement: GamesView, now the platorm name was show in color. - Improvement: PlatformView, now the date show in platform color. - Improvement: In WheelGamesView, add a drop shadow to the wheels, for better visibility of games without ClearLogo. - Fixed: Trouble displaying quick access in TextGamesView fixed. Some screen : Everything seems to be working fine on my computer. There is only one problem in the design: Once the game is selected, we always end up falling on TextGamesView. It doesn't matter if you arrive from a light or dark view: you go on one page only. So only one design. Which "breaks" the continuity of the chosen design ... I can't do anything to fix it. 😕
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    Version 1.0.1


    overlays:mame generic overlays (1920x1080) for mame . with mame frame and screen mask .
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    Boot Hill update: lower layer was exposed to foreground, fixed now boothill.zip
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    Bonze Adventure aka 地獄めぐり- Really digging this game, Artwork scans by Smitdogg bonzeadv.zip
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    Just wanted to take a second and thank all members of the community for there great work this year, helping each other out is the reason we have a great forums here. Just wanted to also point out in case any newcomers or others were unaware, the forums will be slow this time of year. Many people all going home, or back to the family's for the festivities, and also to point out that the moderators while still having a eye on every little pocket of the forums, also do this as volunteers. So a little patience with moderator replies to threads at this time of year would be grateful, we all still have family's to, but all celebrating the holidays in different time zones. Thanks again everyone for another great year on the Launchbox forums. neil9000
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    Version 1.0.2


    Hi all, First time contributor. Thought I'd share my Main Menu platform logo set I put together. I created these using the logo template from y2guru and a lot of artwork/logo's taken from Hyperspin Themes. Full credit and thanks to all those original theme creators. Most of the main systems have a couple of versions to choose from, one using box art as a background and the other a game character. Enjoy!!
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    Cheers Jason! I'll take you up on that one I was dying to try the new media clean-up implementation you just did. And it is my pleasure helping out however I can, be it translating, or anything else.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is an almost complete collection Of Microsoft XBox 360 - XBox Live Arcade 2D Boxes. There are 694 2D Boxes in the collection with the choice of either an orange case or green case. These are made from the official Microsoft covers and as a result the quality will vary. A Big thank you goes out to @mccorkled who supplied the original artwork files. LIST OF GAMES COVERED: ORANGE SKIN OPTION: GREEN SKIN OPTION:
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    Version 1.0


    These are Mega Drive bezels I made for Tanglewood mirroring The Bezel Project theme @ 1920x1080 for both 8 bit & 24 bit formats. Also included in the zip is the .cfg file for Tanglewood (World) (Unl) which your rom name must mirror.
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    Slight change of plans, just put out 10.9 with some significant built-in performance improvements.
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    Hey guys! Happy New Year, and all the best for this 2020! Fun fact: we are the same distance away from 2050 as we are from 1990 (for an "old" dude like me who was born in the 80s, this is madness! XD) @Jason Carr here you go: Language-es_FINAL.zip
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    Big Karnak (makes me want to listen to Iron Maiden's Powerslave) bigkarnk.zip
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a quick little intro I made for my own system and thought I'd share here for others.
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    Love this theme @viking, excellent work. The bright white was melting my retinas at night so I made my own dark version Out of respect to you and your hard work, I will keep it for my own personal use.
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    I'll upload bezels here instead of the download section for the time being, once I've made a large collection I'll upload it to the download section. Here's my first Mame 4K bezel for the Lights Out series, I'll be making them in no particular order; more like what I like to play at the moment. You don't need to adjust the games .cfg with these bezels, the position and size is already done within the lay file. shdancer.zip
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    Nice to hear that 😊 forgive me if I will be repetitive but thanks again for these beauties! Fantastic job as always! 😉
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    I just uploaded version 0.33 to the Play Store with the following: Added support for over 50 new emulators! Custom emulators are now supported, if you have the correct metadata for them (package name, activity name, and ROM path key) Fixed issues with imports on a few platforms with incorrect platform names that don't exist on the LaunchBox Games Database Added the Sammy Atomiswave platform Some of these were already in the 0.32 release, but 0.32 was only released to beta. Thanks to the community we've found and fixed some bugs in the 0.32 release, so 0.33 is going out to everyone with the fixes in place, as well as a new Sammy Atomiswave platform. As always, it's not available quite yet because Google takes a few hours to make the update live. I'll update this thread when it goes live in a few hours.
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    @e2zippo @RULLUR from what I've seen you might be able to find a work around in one of these threads.
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    Thanks all. I have these translations all updated. Going to put out the official release here shortly.
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    Indeed: Beauty .... The C64 port of Gyruss.... Crap: The C64 port of Hard Drivin' LMAO
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    Thank you @alexposad; I have these updates in for 10.10-beta-2.
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    When will the next poll be? And I assume it will have a live chat to join as in the past? It will be interesting to see what might be added in 2020!
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    Eye candy is nice, but not at the expense of functionality (with more memory consumed, slower scrolling, e.t.c). That's just my personal opinion of course, others may prefer more eye candy over functionality. The old default is much more practical and responsive for my configuration - i don't care for blurred backgrounds or smooth corners on images for example, i want to be able to find and launch a game quickly...
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    OK. I will let Jason know and see if it is something he can look at.
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    Thanks so much for the update. This continues to be my go-to theme. Really appreciate your work on this series of art.
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    Hi ive been using this fantasic theme for a good while now (as its nicer than the now "old" theme)... but there'in lies my question is this now going to get an update for the launchbox 10.8 release, as now the new box art without borders and the Retro Score button has pulled me back onto the new standard theme, but i miss the nice looks of the neon arcade, it is possible to simply update this theme to use these new features? Thanks.
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    Thank you everyone for the feedback - it's great and humbling to know that there's others who feel as passionately about this as I do. My main aim at the beginning was to find out exactly how many games COULD be collected for as many platforms with emulators I could find that were out there. I'm over 400,000 now with around 230 platforms and will continue to add more as time allows. I can live with the lag and LB is and will remain my front-end of choice.
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    @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT Hi Shannon! Hope you had a nice Christmas break. I was wondering if you're thinking of coming back at some point in the future?
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    There is a setting under tools options that lets you delete games from you hard drive but if you haven't checked that particular box in the settings then it is just permanently deleting it from LB
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    Luigi Mansion Gonna do some more now I wanna get these finished
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    This is such a great feature. I'm so happy this community has people dedicated and knowledgeable enough to listen to user requests and bang out a perfect plugin to make the experience that much better. Yet another awesome plug-in my man. Keep up the amazing work!
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    wowwww!! i love it!!! when i can download it?? i cant wait
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    Version 1.0.0


    For some reason media for this platfom is pretty thin on the ground so I went on a Google image mission and filled in the gaps. Full.... game box, logo, gameplay, title screen and disc (if available) for 492 titles. Share n enjoy
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    Just chiming in to say that 3D boxes are still something I would like to do at some point.
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    400 Platforms, 100,000 roms and working? I find that extremely hard to believe. However I'm not an expert and have questions" 1. Where did you get 400 systems from? There are about 130 at the very most. Are you breaking systems into sub-systems? 2. 100,000 roms, with no duplication and all working? There are tons of roms that don't work. Did you test all of roms in your collection? Are you using multiple emulators for each system? 3. Emumovies doesn't have video clips for a lot of the 130 systems known to exist, never mind 400. Hyperspin doesn't have clear logos for half of the 130 systems known to exist. Did you create them all yourslef? Can you post them somewhere? I find this very hard to believe but I'm curious now. Can you post more info on this collection? XML files for all those systems maybe? .
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