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    Hey all, the first 7.12 beta is here with the work from the live stream this morning (and my work to wrap things up). I've also re-upgraded to the .NET Framework 4.7, so we should get those performance improvements back. Here's the change log: - Improvement: Checkboxes on the import wizard now remember their settings for each import (where relevant). Selected image types are also remembered. - Improvement: Upgraded once again to the .NET Framework 4.7 (had previously reverted due to some minor end user issues with .NET 4.7). Hopefully all issues are ironed out by now; if necessary, you will be prompted to install the latest .NET Framework when upgrading. Going forward, @Vlansix is working on adding retro achievements, so that is planned for this release. I'll be going through the rest of the poll items next to see what's next for me to tackle.
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    Just put out beta 3 guys with the overhauled startup videos. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out: - New Premium Feature: Big Box Startup videos have been overhauled to be run from within Big Box instead of launching VLC directly; videos will now automatically run for the full length of the video unless skipped with a key or button press - New Premium Feature: Big Box now supports random startup videos as well; simply create a LaunchBox\Videos\Startup folder and drop all videos to be randomized inside Let me know how they're working for you guys.
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    Beta 2 is out now guys with the following: - New Feature: Media items and Windows shortcuts can now be imported more easily using the new "None of the Above" import type in the import games wizard. Simply drag media files or Windows shortcuts over to LaunchBox and select "None of the Above" when choosing the type of files you are importing. - Improvement: Checkboxes on the Import and Download Metadata and Media wizards now remember their settings for each import/run (where relevant). Selected image types are also remembered. - Improvement: The import wizard now prefills the platform field with the currently selected platform in LaunchBox - Improvement: Additional Applications in Big Box have now been moved into a sub-menu so that the names are not cut off and they don't clutter up the game details menu All of the above is new except for the second item I simply added the check box saving to the Download Metadata and Media wizard as well. Tomorrow morning in the live stream I plan to tackle improvements to startup videos.
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    I'm not sure why anyone, LB users or otherwise, would drop $50 for this when there are multiple, readily available, feature-complete alternatives that are free. This looks almost identical to Plex, except Plex lets me house my entire movie library too, and it lets me stream them to any other PCs or mobile devices with an internet connection. It's also... free. I'm a longtime LB user obviously, and I love that product and this community. I'm also a music nut, with a pretty sizeable music collection. You'll see me in the "What type of music do you listen to?" thread on a very frequent basis. I'm about as much in the target demographic here as you can get, and I can't think of a reason that would compel me to use this. Thinking that anyone else would be more inclined, so inclined that they'd drop $50 on it in fact, seems kindof delusional to me. If there's some compelling reason that I (or anyone else) would start using this - and by this I mean from an end-user standpoint, from the perspective of someone doing feature comparison, not "I actually just want to support LB development so here's $50" which is what the Patreon is for - I haven't seen/heard it. I think trying to hype up the LB community on the LB forums with what anyone would rationally assume to be an LB announcement, for it then be something that's not even part of LB or even particularly relevant to LB, seems like pretty poor form to me as well. Extra revenue is obviously a good thing, even if I don't think it's particularly realistic in this case, but I feel like there's some bait and switch going on here. While I don't doubt that development of LB/BB will continue, any amount of time spent on this is time that could have been spent on LB/BB which isn't a positive thing in my view; especially since HS development has been ramping up recently. I'm sure this probably comes off as overly critical, and for that I'm sorry, but it's coming from a place of someone who cares a great deal about this product and this community and I want to see it continue and thrive; and this doesn't seem like something that will yield that.
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    Alright! Beta 4 is out now which should hopefully fix all of the remaining issues with the startup videos: Fixed startup video getting cut off slightly for long startup videos Fixed startup sound playing at the same time as the startup video Startup video will now show up on whatever screen is marked as the primary screen in Big Box (previously always showed up on the first screen of the system) Fixed startup video causing issues with Big Box not being focused on startup (hopefully at least) Curious to know if anyone has any further issues with keys not working in Big Box on startup; that is simply caused by Big Box not being in focus once started up. Of course you can alt-tab to fix it if it happens, but we want to avoid it altogether. I've fixed it on my system but it is notorious for being a difficult issue to fix. Also, please let me know if anyone is seeing any further issues with the startup videos, or if the above fixes aren't working for you. Tomorrow I will be live streaming implementing the "different themes for each platform" item from the poll, which should get us fairly close to the next official release. Thanks all!
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    Morning folks, I'd like to start by apologizing for any typos/whatnot, posting this from my phone while I'm on my way to work. I knew that there would be some discontent due to this announcement, but I didn't think it'd generate five pages of well-written statements. All in all, I thought it important to just chime in and say that everything will be fine. LaunchBox/Big Box aren't going anywhere. Of course, there's a bit of bias in my opinion as I'd love for MusicBox sales to warrant my full time presence, but there's a bit too much worry in this thread. Jason works hard. And works fast. As most of the setup work for this new program is/can be derived from LB/BB, its development speed should be accelerated. LB/BB and retro gaming are still passions we both share. We're still heavily invested in continuing development for LB/BB, and will be for a long time to come. Concerning the patreon comment above, aye, of course we'd love for people to just hand us money monthly, but it's not something we can expect or ask of the community. Concerning what I do, I currently wander around and patch things here and there, and work on the DB. That will change shortly. My main concerns for the next few weeks is parsing through the thousands of issues/requests on the LB issue tracker and forum pages so we can actually start using it properly, and then I'll start working on LB itself to help with the additional workload. Long story short, whatever happens, we're still going to be developing for LB/BB, amd development speed won't be affected much as, even if MB sales don't allow for me to be here all day everyday, i'll still work on LB alongside Jason ;). Don't worry, gang. We love you guys, Jason is a good guy, and we're huge retro gaming nerds. LB isn't going anywhere.
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    Alright guys, and here's another new beta with the following: - New Premium Feature: Different themes for each platform can now be used in Big Box; simply map a key or controller button to the new "Switch Theme" item under Options > Keyboard Mappings or Options > Controller Buttons - Fixed: Refreshing platform wheel images in Big Box was not working in some cases We could definitely use some extensive testing on the new "different themes for each platform" features, so let me know how that goes. Happy weekend everybody.
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    Version 0.99a


    Nostalgia uses the amazing platform videos created by @viking to create a per-system theme. It relies on a set of plugin controls I created, so you'll have to unblock either the entire zip file, or more specifically the DLL files in the theme's Plugins folder (see below). Have you ever wanted to play @JamesBaker's or @Nyny77's platform videos within viking's nostalgic backgrounds? Well now you can. Included in the theme are some other design elements not currently available in BigBox -- I'll let you find them. The theme is pretty polished thanks to feedback from the community, but I'm sure you'll find some glitches so I'm still labeling this an alpha release. It should work fine on 16:9 monitors. I tested at HD but not 4k since I don't have a 4k setup. Please let me know if you spot problems or have suggestions. I'd like to thank @CriticalCid for helping me debug the video engine. @Omen and @Grila supplied the platform banners, and the wheel-fade animations were inspired by Grila's work. @keltoigael let me filch a cool retro font he'd found. Thanks to viking for letting me derive from and name my theme after his work. A BIG thank you to @Jason Carr for creating and continuously improving such an awesome frontend. The downfall of my free time was when Jason created the plugin framework. KNOWN ISSUES: (1) 3DS and DS videos do not display properly. This is due to how they were captured, i.e., with both screens on these dual screen devices being squished into a single video. A potential workaround is to crop out the auxiliary screen from these videos and use on the part from the main screen. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know. I think handbrake would work for batch cropping. (2) There are missing platform backgrounds. I tried to include the most common ones but am sure I didn't get all of them. Viking's background set is quite thorough. (3) The text-list-based "wheel" views are new, and one issue is that the text lists are not sorted exactly as LB would do it, e.g., not ignoring "The" and "A", etc. I plan to fix this. The list in this view is not as speedy in normal use as other lists in BB due to the way I had to implement it, but it is quite speedy in attract mode. (4) The plugin ties into BB settings, but sometimes the plugin does not properly sync with the settings file until after BB is restarted. This is a bug I'll address. NOTE: Unblocking the ZIP file will also unblock the DLLs (e.g., Ao.Bigbox.Themer.dll and others) contained therein, giving your computer permission to run these DLLs. This is an issue with all plugins you might download from this forum. It's a Windows security feature. You basically have to vouch for a file before Windows will use it. I liken it to how a MS office document you download from an email runs in Protected Mode until you unblock it for printing, editing, etc. Below is the error you'll see if you don't unblock the file, as well as a screenshot of the solution.
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    Hi @d3cyph3r, Although it is true that MusicBox has taken up some of Jason's time, it was usually on his weekends and afternoon. I'm not denying that some time where he generally works on LB has been given over to the development of MusicBox, but it's not the reason for our disappearance for a few months. I won't speak for anyone else, but here's my reason for having been exceedingly absent these last few months- 1. Close to three months ago, my father was severely burned over most of his body and required treatment in a hospital that is five hours away from where I live. He has since returned home and has nurses with him, but during the few months where he was being treated in-house, it ate up most of my time. 2. Immediately after this, my brother got married and requested I officiate his wedding. At the same time, I was advised (with a few day's notice) that I was also going to host a large contingent of my family who were visiting from europe for three weeks. Say what you want, but having guests in your house every day causes huge issues. Specially when your mother is one of those guests. Ugh. Jesus. 3. Due to the fact that I have a full time job and multiple part time jobs / contracts, it makes managing my time difficult, and makes my home life difficult as well, as I feel don't spend enough time with my significant other. To remedy that, I've changed full time jobs to a less demanding one, have subcontracted a few of the other things I've been handling so that all I have left are my main job, launchbox and one other, instead of four+LB+my job. I'm happier now, and I get to spend more time on LB, so that's awesome. As for Brad, there is no relation between MusicBox and the events surrounding his departure. I understand that he was a big part of the community, but this was purely a business decision. Hope that helps a bit :).
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    I had zero expectations of the surprise going into it but I had a pretty good feeling it wasn't going to be anything of any importance to me. My initial reaction to MusicBox was one of indifference but after a few minutes to think about it and the more I think about it I don't particularly care about it. I am very disappointed in the fact that Launchbox development basically stopped for several months and @Jason Carr disappeared to make this. I know Jason said on the stream that Launchbox development is going to ramp back up but as I listen to the stream and him talking about all the features he wants to implement this seems very unlikely. We will have to see what happens in the coming weeks and months. This announcement was billed as something big for Launchbox and it has nothing to do with it at all. I really hope this can be a viable revenue stream for Jason but I just don't see it with all the other already very good options that are out there. This is not exactly like the emulator frontend scene where everything else was either complicated, ugly or both. There are already many other options out there for free or much cheaper than 50$. Right off the bat I only have one suggestion to make this even remotely of interest to me and that is make it have a "BigBox" controller friendly mode so it can be used as a "jukebox" software from the couch. Post your comments below. I know a lot of people are not exactly pleased or happy about this at all but keep it civil. Download it here: https://www.musicboxalpha.com/
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    Version 1.0.0


    Media Pack for Star Fox 2 (Official USA SNES Classic Release) Inside the archive you'll find: Box Art (2D and 3D) Clear Logo Cartridge Still Snapshots (Game Play and Title) Standard Video Snap (MP4) (480p) All artwork made/modified by or compiled by Riffman81 (unless otherwise noted here). Enjoy!
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    Thanks for all the issue reports guys. I'll be coming back to them later this week to fix everything up. Just put out a new beta to reduce RAM usage a bit more; I've been doing a lot of running attract mode overnight to try and catch any leaks. Once we get all the issues ironed out we'll look to put out the 7.12 official release.
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    Hi everyone, I'm Aorin from Hyperspin forums, how are you? I've downloaded some video snaps for Nintendo 3DS to complete my collection as we'll be able to play 3DS soon on PC, I wanted it to be ready now. You can download the videos in /Upload Here/_Video Snap Submissions/_Not Approved/Aorin/Nintendo 3DS on Emumovies FTP Some notes: Videos are SD quality at best Only top screen (it makes themes look much better IMO) It's hard to find no commentary videos and without watermarks for this system They are a total of 78 videos, which only 62 made it to my list, the extra videos are still in the above mentioned folder for you to use Extra note: Sharing is caring! That's it, enjoy! Here's a short video and some screen-shots so you can see the videos, Youtube downgraded my video quality during the upload, but that's ok.
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    Star Fox 2 Media Pack (SNES) (Official Release) View File Media Pack for Star Fox 2 (Official USA SNES Classic Release) Inside the archive you'll find: Box Art (2D and 3D) Clear Logo Cartridge Still Snapshots (Game Play and Title) Standard Video Snap (MP4) (480p) All artwork made/modified by or compiled by Riffman81 (unless otherwise noted here). Enjoy! Submitter Riffman81 Submitted 09/29/2017 Category Game Media Packs  
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    0/5 for not being uploaded last night when the rom hit the net Just kidding, great job on getting this up so fast.
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    I'm betting my money on Launchbox/BigBox Instant Noodles
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    Version 1.0.5


    This is a collection of mostly Console based Genre Intro Videos I have made. The concept is to make the videos fit with @letstalkaboutdune's Arcade Genre collection though there are some slight differences. Big thanks to letstalkaboutdune for his help and his Logos. Thanks to @Mute64 for his LightGun Logo. Many thanks to the EmuMovies community and the HyperSpin community. The video files are hosted at EmuMovies. My Playlists can be found here, They are not perfect but a good starting point.
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    Well, for now I kinda just release these alongside the main platform video I am currently working on, which in this case is ngpc. And absolutely about the playstation startups. Really lookin forward to drawing out the original ps1 intro. I'm really looking forward to making a super crisp version of that one in particular.
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    2 more things marked off the list today with the latest beta. Windows shortcut files can now be imported without selecting an emulator. The platform in the import wizard is now auto selected based on the current selected platform.
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    The meagre importer is broken at this point and no longer receives support, as the author has moved on to other things. The next versions of eXoDOS and Win3xO will both release with launchbox packed in and ready to go. For those who already have my sets, there has been work on an importer, however it is slow going currently as those involved are all also working on other things. While the goal is to eventually get all the exodos art assets uploaded to the gamesdb, that will obviously take some time. So I want to ensure that those who download my sets have art right off the bat, and don't have to go through a lengthy import/d/l process in order to enjoy the work I've done so far. So the importer is key for that. Hopefully I'll have something that works soon.
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    @Machello Thanks, I have zero issues when people present their criticism in a calm and rational manner. I will of course hit back hard when the criticism is grossly unfair or abusive. I have my own personal criticisms but I voice them privately to Jason or in other ways such as starting the "Small Things" thread. Coming to the forums ranting about how "LB sucks, why you no listen to my awesome ideas ? If you don't listen to me you will fail" will not be successful and will be met with me taking great pleasure in mocking and potentially banning you
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    Agreed that would be a win. Hopefully I can get that added in soon. That's actually fairly high up on the poll so it's still planned for soon. Agreed. Should be relatively easy to implement since we already have the settings, so that's planned as well. The reason the DOS importer works so well is because there's a static list of DOS games available that we use as a database in order to find them properly. Unfortunately nothing like that exists for Windows, which makes such a process a million times more difficult. Here's a tip, if your post starts with "I'm gonna get flamed" then don't say it. Save us all the cancerous negativity. Development is indeed ramping back up, but it's not any fun to read garbage comments like this in the process.
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    There is no guarantee that a feature you are waiting for will ever be added and you really should have no expectation that it will be as every little thing some one wants can't be added to the program. You've already expressed how you feel and responding over and over isn't really adding anything to the post. It all boils down to the fact that Jason is free to pursue any avenue he wants regardless to how any of us feel about it.
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    Today we have 13 new video snaps for the Atari Jaguar. Previously these were listed as not working. Thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for the submissions. Videos Added / Replaced - 11 Captures & Edits @DamnedRegistrations Final Edits & Encoding @Circo Air Cars (World) Attack of the Mutant Penguins (World) BattleSphere Gold (World) Club Drive (World) Cybermorph (World) Flip Out! (World) Hyper Force (World) Power Drive Rally (World) Ruiner Pinball (World) Skyhammer (World) Towers II (World) White Men Can't Jump (World) Zoop! (World) Video Sample Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
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    Here are a few shots from the games view. The background changes based on the platform of the selected game. The wheel fades in over the game details when in use. There is a title over the wheel in the various games and platform / category / playlist views to help keep you oriented. The platform / category / playlist view is very similar and displays details such as games completed, average star rating, etc. I'll make corresponding text-based views for the games and platforms; those will have a look similar to the options, mashed up with some views from Minimal-AOX.
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    Just posted an update v0.99 -- please see changelog on download page. Thanks for all the bug reports, troubleshooting, and ideas. Keep 'em coming.
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    @syntax_X Performance was a problem with extremely large libraries and since then @Jason Carr has worked on and improved the performance by quite a large amount. I have taken some time to look over your post history and listened to complaints from other users and decided that you are no longer welcomed here. You can take your smug arrogance elsewhere and perhaps you can program a front end that does everything that Launchbox does and runs on a toaster as well.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Platform Theme and Clear Logo for the Sega Mega Drive.
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    DOS76.exe has crashed.
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    Hi all. I was also surrounded by today’s announcement hype-disappointment, so I wanted to give my 2 cents to @Jason Carr: About a year ago, I started saving for Nintendo’s new platform. I saved and saved, until I knew what the Switch was, and with about $1,300 USD in my pocket (enough for the console, accessories and some games), by chance I stumbled with a video showing BigBox. After seeing that video, I decided to go in a completely different direction and buying a PC -that’s right, just because of BigBox. I made the decision of having a lot of retro games, presented beautifully at my fingertips, instead of the chance of playing the latest Zelda or Mario game. At least for me, that’s the power of the software you created. My PC auto runs BB from startup every single day. And I love it. So for me, seeing todays announcement was a pretty big letdown. Don’t get me wrong: I’m also somewhat of an entrepreneur, with my own company, and we are always looking into expanding, bringing in more money, and also as important: break the monotony of doing the same thing over and over, every single day. So trust me when I say that I completely understand the motivations, here. I just don’t agree with your direction. I hope that someday BigBox reaches the level of usability, customization and flexibility of the PlayStation or Xbox dashboards, better looking and more stable than Steam’s Big Picture Mode. And I think you’ll get there sooner rather than later, but there’s one big inescapable truth here: If Unbroken Software continues to be a one-man army deal, you are going to devote less effort, enthusiasm and time to BigBox. Those are finite resources, and even if you are coding 24/7, eventually you are going to run out of some of them for one project. Maybe you’ll run out of all of them, specially if the motivation isn’t there. I want to support your company, and I want to support your effort, skills and dedication. But the answer for me isn’t really buying this new music player. First, because I’m not the target audience (I listen to my music exclusively on my phone, and only when I run out of podcasts or audiobooks to listen). Second, and most importantly: Buying that music player would be giving you the wrong impression that I want you to spend your finite resources on that project. And I don’t. You are saying that if MusicBox does well, you’ll hire a new programmer to LB and that sounds great, but is that really what the project needs? (as in: less of your time, and ramping up with a different dev) Do you think LB and BB are mature enough to leave them to somebody else at this stage? As all of this developed, I came to the idea that you should have a Patreon page for us that want to give you more monetary resources to develop LB & BB and lo and behold, you already have one. But I’m also hesitant to take the plunge there because I saw that you haven’t updated it since June of this year. The private development Hangouts sound fantastic, but it isn’t clear to me if those are still happening. Is the page even yours? I ask because I don’t see it linked anywhere on this site. Any plans to continue to give those +30 patrons there any more incentives, and also to attract new ones? I don’t know the answer to all those questions, and I don’t know if you do, and specially: I don't want to tell you what to do, or what's right for you. But I wanted to talk about this issue with this long-ass text so us as a community can figure something out. And I also don’t want to sound like I feel entitled to decide the future of your company. Your life and your decisions are yours, but my gut feeling is that we can do MORE for Unbroken Soft and the future of LB-BB, just NOT like this. TL;DR: Let us prove that we want to support Unbroken Software and the quality and versatility of your coding skills. Just not like this, with us having to buy a new music player app to do so. P.D. English isn’t my first language, so sorry for any grammar issues that may be present in this open letter. P.D. 2: I’m a really big fan. Please don’t hate me!!!
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    Metroid Collection Playlist Theme (16:9) View File This is technically a version 2 of the playlist theme I did originally, but I made a different clear logo for this one, so uploading it separately. Apologies for the larger size, but I wanted to use the full length of the song. Submitter CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT Submitted 09/26/2017 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
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    I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed with the announcement as well that it had nothing to do with LB/BB.Like CriticalCid said I tried not to get my hopes up too much and was actually thinking it probably had something to do with the new 3D engine that was talked about in the streams which would have been fine by me. I was hoping for something new and exciting on the LB/BB front especially since the last few months has gone very silent and wanted something to feed my hunger again. I have to admit I am not the biggest music person, especially not as much as when I was younger. I don't want to be too negative here because I know Jason spent a lot of time on Music Box and is excited for it but it is just not for me as a standalone app but I maybe could see my myself using it if it was merged and I could use it on my arcade cabinet for sure.
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    To be honest I really tried to don’t expect much but I was still disappointed that it literally has nothing to do with LaunchBox. I have to say that I’m clearly not the target audience for this because I’m not a big music nut in general but if it was a part of LaunchBox/BigBox and would directly tie into my games collection to listen and manage my video game soundtracks, basically expanding the current soundtrack capabilities of LB, than I would be very interested but I personally don’t want nor need a separate app for this. I also agree completely with Zombeaver and Monkus. Like I said I would see a future for it as part of LaunchBox and making it to a general multimedia manager (even if that wouldn't be my preferred focus for the future of LB at all) but right now I don’t see any USP to the countless, already fleshed out, free alternatives out there. Sorry for being so negative about it Jason. I wish you the best of luck with all your products from all of my heart but I can’t help to feel that way.
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    Launchbox for Windows 3.1
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    MICROTRANSACTIONS! Launchbox Horse Armor coming soon!
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    I don't use RocketLauncher, so there's nothing I could really recommend on that end. Personally, if something external was interfering with my ability to use the emulator that I wanted to use... I wouldn't use whatever's causing said interference. There's nothing saying you have to use RocketLauncher for literally every platform/emulator. I'd consider the benefit of a fade screen to pale in comparison to the minutes and hours of your life saved by not having to sit through the myriad loading screens present in so many C64 games (or at best the hassle of having to manually turn on and off warp features in Vice/Hoxs/etc.) but I know everyone has different priorities. There might be a way to fix those issues with RL, I don't know, but it certainly wouldn't stop me from using CCS64 if there wasn't. I love the hell out of Retroarch, and I use it for almost everything where a core is available, but if there's an external option that's significantly superior, I'll still go with it over Retroarch. I've used the Vice core in RA too. It's cool. Looks good. Shaders are always good. Manual screen adjustment, extensive input options, overrides, and myriad other RA benefits are fantastic. ...................doooooesn't have Maximum 1541 Speed so it's still a big "nop" haha
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    Version v0.96


    This is a configuration plugin for PCSX2 and Launchbox, that allows you to easily create per-game settings and memory cards from right within Launchbox. The process is mostly automatic, choose this option to create a game config (will need to re choose plugin and bios on first time), or edit an already existing one. All settings and saves are stored in the PCSX2 emulator directory, each game will create a custom Memory Card in Slot 1, with a shared Memory Card in Slot 2. Full project including source code can be found On Github.
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    I do commend Jason on actually being present and polite, taking this all very well. While I'm personally disappointed in the whole thing, that pales in comparison to the respect I have for Jason simply making LB/BB move up to be the best front end (in my opinion) in a matter of a few years. And his presence in the community is just great. This type of dedication didn't even exist over in hyperland, and with 100% stagnant progress. So I have no worries ultimately. I know Jason will do great on launchbox still. It's in good hands guys.
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    We have been tackling the major features from the community poll, and we will continue to do so. Most of the items that were on the poll were pulled from Bitbucket. Since May we have tackled: Duplicate image prevention Plugin support (huge) Background updates Big Box wall view Big Box random game select Launch with Moving ROMs Massive performance improvements Steam banner image groups Alternate titles when searching for games Lots of games database improvements And quite a bit more. To be frank, good luck finding any other app with development moving this quickly. I'm sure they exist, but they are very hard to find. All of this was developed while Music Box Alpha was being developed on the side. Development going forward will continue to be rapid (and likely go even quicker than the past few months). Yes, there are many, many tickets on BitBucket, which shows that LaunchBox is a very healthy project with lots of users and lots of requests. The next community poll (which will be coming soon) will include many more BitBucket tickets. I will also be looking at the small things list forum post here very soon as well.
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    I just wanted to let people know that @Jason Carr has been reading all your feedback and he is listening. I have had a short private discussion with him about this and he has assured me that Launchbox development will pick back up now that the initial release of Music Box has been released. He has also told me that he knows Music Box will never be as big as Launchbox but there have been sales already which is a good thing for all of us. If Music Box is a moderate success it is an extra revenue stream which goes to pay @Vlansix full time and that means 2 full time devs which to me is a great thing. My personal opinion on Music Box are open and known but I will support Jason in any way I can to help make it a success. But I also can assure everyone that if I see Launchbox being put to the back burner going forward like it has over the past couple of months I will tell Jason directly and let him know exactly how I feel. What happens from there we will just have to wait and see, I won't be making any rash decisions based on todays launching of Music Box.