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    Version 4 Systems


    Please note: This is not a complete theme. Instead, it is a set of themes, each one designed around a particular retro system. Ever since BigBox allowed you to have different themes for each platform, I've wanted to undertake a project like this. The CoverBox project is one where my goal is to recreate retro console's boxart as a BigBox Theme. Each Theme will consist of 1 or 2 game views, specifically designed for 1 system in mind. This is NOT a complete theme, but a game view meant to be used with your favorite theme of choice. I will be trying to make each theme in this set as light-weight as possible, trying to get the best performance out of Bigbox. Each theme is designed for a 1080p screen, however, they have also been tested for 720p and 4k. P.S. I created graphic assets for the star ratings. Please feel free to use them in your theme. CoverBox - GameCube Welcome to CoverBox - GameCube. There are 2 separate theme downloads. Each theme comes with 1 game view that is inspired by a GameCube game box. These views utilize your 4:3 video snaps, Background Fanart, and clear logos. Other pieces of information include Platform name, Developer, Release Year, Play Mode, ESRB Rating, Genre, and Community Rating. Details CoverBox - N64 Welcome to CoverBox - N64. This theme comes with 1 game view that resembles a N64 game box. This view will utilize your 4:3 video snaps, along with your clear logos. Other pieces of information include Developer, Release Year, Play Mode, ESRB Rating and Community Rating. Details CoverBox - NES Welcome to CoverBox - NES. There are 2 separate theme downloads. Each version of this theme comes with 1 game view that resembles a NES game box. This view will utilize your 4:3 video snaps, along with your clear logos and a game screenshot. Other pieces of information include Game Title, Developer, Release Year, Play Mode, and Community Rating. The Detailed version also includes Game Notes. Details CoverBox - SNES Welcome to CoverBox - SNES. This download will include 1 game view that resembles a SNES game box. This view will utilize your 4:3 video snaps, along with your clear logos. Other pieces of information include Game Title, Developer, Release Year, Play Mode, and Community Rating. I have also created a cover with both the North American and European Logos. Details
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    Alright folks, the first 8.2 beta is out with the following: - New Feature: Images can now be deleted directly from the game details sidebar in LaunchBox via a new right-click menu - Improvement: The included CriticalZone theme for Big Box has been updated to version 2; huge thanks to CriticalCid for his continued work on the theme! To use it, select the new "CriticalZoneV2 - Default" theme under Options > Views in Big Box. More versions of the theme are also available on the LaunchBox forums. - Improvement: A new "Wheel Easing" option has been added to Big Box that makes wheels and CoverFlow appear smoother by easing animations in and out. It's on by default but can be disabled under Options > Views. I'll be tackling stuff from the poll very shortly, but I'm wrapping up a few smaller things that I was working on in the mean time.
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    Version 1.0.7


    This theme was written from scratch and offers 5 views for Platform (3 Horizontal, 1 Vertical and 1 Text) and 7 views for Game (5 Horizontal, 1 Vertical and 1 Text) The theme supports 4K, 1080p and 720p. There are 5 color options and 2 alternate views to support both Boxes and Clear Logos. The whopping .zip file contains custom Banners, custom Platform Clear Logos (with Template) and I have separately posted the Platform and Game Clear Logos in the downloads section. I have included a separate Installation and Setup Guide. Many thanks to the following people: @SIMPLY AUSTIN for my Theme design, one of his videos inspired me @Grila for his Controller and Battery dll’s @Zombeaver for the platform banner idea @viking for the platform videos And last but not least @Jason Carr PASC_3840x2150_-_Installation_and_Setup_Guide.rtf
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is v1.0 of Styphelus' Platform Boxes. These are replicas of the actual Console and Computer Boxes and Arcade advertising flyers to be used instead of platform videos. This package contains 68 unique platforms with more to come. Simply drop them in LaunchBox\Videos\Platforms. Each is 1920x1080 in size and can be used with almost every theme available for lunchbox. This allows for fast browsing while listening to your favorite background music.
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    CoverBox View File Please note: This is not a complete theme. Instead, it is a set of themes, each one designed around a particular retro system. Ever since BigBox allowed you to have different themes for each platform, I've wanted to undertake a project like this. The CoverBox project is one where my goal is to recreate retro console's boxart as a BigBox Theme. Each Theme will consist of 1 or 2 game views, specifically designed for 1 system in mind. This is NOT a complete theme, but a game view meant to be used with your favorite theme of choice. I will be trying to make each theme in this set as light-weight as possible, trying to get the best performance out of Bigbox. Each theme is designed for a 1080p screen, however, they have also been tested for 720p and 4k. P.S. I created graphic assets for the star ratings. Please feel free to use them in your theme. CoverBox - GameCube Welcome to CoverBox - GameCube. There are 2 separate theme downloads. Each theme comes with 1 game view that is inspired by a GameCube game box. These views utilize your 4:3 video snaps, Background Fanart, and clear logos. Other pieces of information include Platform name, Developer, Release Year, Play Mode, ESRB Rating, Genre, and Community Rating. Details CoverBox - N64 Welcome to CoverBox - N64. This theme comes with 1 game view that resembles a N64 game box. This view will utilize your 4:3 video snaps, along with your clear logos. Other pieces of information include Developer, Release Year, Play Mode, ESRB Rating and Community Rating. Details CoverBox - NES Welcome to CoverBox - NES. There are 2 separate theme downloads. Each version of this theme comes with 1 game view that resembles a NES game box. This view will utilize your 4:3 video snaps, along with your clear logos and a game screenshot. Other pieces of information include Game Title, Developer, Release Year, Play Mode, and Community Rating. The Detailed version also includes Game Notes. Details CoverBox - SNES Welcome to CoverBox - SNES. This download will include 1 game view that resembles a SNES game box. This view will utilize your 4:3 video snaps, along with your clear logos. Other pieces of information include Game Title, Developer, Release Year, Play Mode, and Community Rating. I have also created a cover with both the North American and European Logos. Details Submitter faeran Submitted 01/27/2018 Category Big Box Custom Themes
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    Ok, so a bit of an update. I'm working on an Adventure 3.1 collection. As many of you know,m two of the larger games (Phantasmagoria and Gabriel Knight 2) were corrupt in the 3.0 release. I honestly rushed that release a bit as there was a lot of pressure to get it out before Christmas and into the PD 12 days promo. Since I'm having to release an updated pack, I figured I'd take the time to really polish it up. Some of the changes so far: All games with articles in the front have been renamed to be consistent. eg:, The Amazing Adventure of Dipshit (2099).zip is now Amazing Adventure of Dipshit, The (2099).zip. This change doesn't affect most folks, however there are many people who use the files directly (either in other front ends, or through dat software, etc) where this makes a big difference. Changing the file name also meant changing all of my metadata, launch files, etc... So it was tedious but a welcome change. I scraped a few sites that had newer games (like 2004-2017) and added every one of them to the pack. It seems competitions to make or port DOS games have gotten more and more popular. Plus big release like Retro City Rampage have sort of made it "cool" to make DOS games again. Most of these are going to be in the Strategy and Action packs, but there were a few interactive fiction & roguelike RPG titles out there. I'm currently going through the entire collection and checking for missing art, missing manuals, etc.. The manuals are a big one, as I haven't checked for those since I released the very first iteration of eXoDOS. Many sites, such as the computer museum, have added lots of scans and other resources. SO I'm pulling in as much of that as I can find. And I'm also doing *lots* of clean up work. Most of it isn't worth getting into, but over time little things happen like better info on release dates, or two games eventually make it into the pack with the exact same name and release year. If I don't catch that, then the front end gets confused and only displays one of them (both meagre and LB suffer from this). Over time my database I use to scan for new games has become de-synched from the actual collection due to mass fixes on the collection side that didn't roll over into the DB side. So I'm running lots of checks, scan,s and queries to try and get everything synced, which in turn makes it much easier for me to know exactly what titles I have, exactly where they are, and then avoid any confusion when I scan a sit like mobygames and it tries to add a game I already have to my DB simply because they edited an apostrophe or something in the games title. The short of it is, I am re-releasing the adventure and rpg packs as super clean and polished versions, with the strategy pack not far behind. Sim and Action... well, they are other stories. I am adding hundreds of games to both of them... especially action. so... many..... new.... games..... It will be awesome when it's done, but I have a lot of work to do to get there. So I have no idea how far out they are. I'm hoping by mid summer, but that is complete guess work and wishful thinking. I'd like to have it done by then so I can spend the second half of the year on Win3xO. And then go into 2019 with a fresh slate and start trying to get my Win9x project back in motion. That's my bluesky idea. Whether or not it comes to pass.... Who knows. Depends more on the technology to make it happen than anything else. I will be making a new thread specifically for my project soon, rather than continually posting updates in an old question about how to import exodos. When I do, I'll post a link here to the new thread.
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    This guide is aimed at people that are just getting started out with emulation but hopefully there are some tips in here to help some of the more advanced users as well. I won't be going into any super advanced subjects or emulator specific details at all. This is also just a guide to the basics, you should always refer to the emulators website and documentation on how to use them. I will however try and provide my opinion on what I feel is the best overall emulator in terms of both quality and ease of use. This means that while in some cases there may very well be better emulators in terms of emulation quality but their "new user friendliness" really isn't there. This means there are some great high quality emulators I won't be talking about but I may mention them by name but nothing beyond that. Section 1: What emulators to use ? This really is a tough one because there are a ton of different emulators and different people will have different requirements. For the purposes of this guide though I will stick with the basic and popular consoles. Also I will only talk about stand alone emulators and not Retroarch but I will take a moment right now to talk about it. Retroarch really is amazing and I really suggest using it once you get your feet wet with the basics and want more from your emulation experience but it really is not for the total beginners. I did write up a startup guide though for anyone wanting to get started using and can be found here: Now that Retroarch is out of the way lets talk about some of the popular and common systems that people want to emulate: Nintendo Entertainment System If you start out Googling NES Emulator you will most likely find Nestopia or Fceux as the more popular and older options and while they are good emulators and not bad choices I feel there is one much better choice and is very easy to get up and running, Mesen. This emulator is quite simply the best stand alone NES emulator out there today, it is very easy to use and is extremely accurate. Two other very good options are puNES and Bizhawk. Links: Mesen: https://www.mesen.ca/ Bizhawk: http://tasvideos.org/BizHawk.html puNES: http://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?t=6928 Super Nintendo Probably the next most common system to emulate and there really is only one option here for the beginner and that is Snes9x. No other emulator has the simplicity and quality packaged together in one. Zsnes is the old school emulator that many people still use but is horribly outdated and buggy with many games, it really is only worth using if your computer is ancient and you only want to play the top 50 games. Higan and BSnes are both extremely high quality emulators but they require the use of special chip dumps to make certain games work, games such as the MegaMan X series and Mario Kart. Those special chip dumps can be a bit tricky to find but with a little Googling you can find them, it is because of this extra step though I am not recommending these emulators to beginners. Links: Snes9x: http://www.snes9x.com/ Snes9x Download (get the 1.55 or latest version at the time of reading): http://www.s9x-w32.de/dl/ Higan (If you want to look at it): https://byuu.org/ Nintendo 64 There are two stand alone choices for this system but I can only recommend one and that is M64p otherwise known as Mupen64plus+GLideN64+GUI. This emulator is simple to setup and works extremely well. While the second choice, Project64 is a decent enough emulator (probably just as good as M64p) I cannot in good conscience ever suggest or recommend it to anyone, especially those that are new to emulation. The PJ64 team have engaged in shady malware / adware practices in the past and while the latest version does not have this issue it still has a nag screen when you use it so many times. Though this nag screen can be disabled by editing a file with notepad all these issues are enough to make it not recommended to use at all. Link: Mupen64plus: https://m64p.github.io/ Nintendo Gamecube and Wii There is only one option here, Dolphin. This emulator is fairly simple to setup though the controller setup may be a bit confusing for new users it isn't too bad. The emulator overall though is very user friendly, does not require any bios files and its emulation quality is quite high given how relatively new the hardware is. Links: Dolphin: http://www.dolphin-emulator.com/ Sega Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, CD, 32X This is going to cover Segas 8 and 16 bit consoles, the Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, Sega CD and 32X. The Kega Fusion emulator is probably the best choice here though Gens is not a bad choice at all. Both are very simple to set up and get working. Both will require bios files for the CD functionality to work though, more on bios later on in the guide. Both Fusion and Gens are old and outdated now but they are pretty much the only choices when it comes to 32X. For the other Sega consoles mentioned here Retroarchs GenesisGX Plus core is the superior emulator but because of reasons mentioned above I am recommending Fusion or Gens. Honorable mention however go to Blastem which is an up and coming high quality Genesis emulator but its UI and setup is not very user friendly at the time of writing this. Links: Fusion: http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/genesis/fusion.html Unfortunately no homepage for the emulator. Gens: http://gens.me/ Blastem: https://www.retrodev.com/blastem/ Sega Saturn As much as I would like to recommend something I cannot recommend anything to people totally new to emulation. All of the choices for it have issues in one form or another but I will say that if you are seriously interested in emulating the Saturn take the time to learn how to use Mednafen or Retroarchs Beetle Saturn core which is built off of Mednafens code. Both of these do require a fairly good CPU to drive it and are very picky about the quality of the disk image dumps, there are a lot of bad Saturn dumps out there and you are required to have proper bios files. Two other options for Saturn emulation are SSF and Yabause but both have their own issues. SSF requires you to either mount disk images using a virtual CD program such as Virtual CloneDrive or DaemonTools. Yabause is more user friendly but is a very buggy emulator. Sega Dreamcast There are 2 reasonably decent emulators but neither is what I would call user friendly. NullDC and Demul are the 2 choices here and both have their issues and both have very little real work being done on them at this point in time. Sony Playstation This one is pretty simple, much like the SNES there is only one emulator that packages both quality and ease of use into a single emulator and that is ePSXe, just make sure to use version 2.0.0 or newer. It has a fairly simple to use UI and gives you the option to use it's own built in high level emulated bios so you don't have to go looking for a bios file, though having the bios could make a difference in certain games. Like in the previous sections there are other options that technically offer better accuracy but their UI is not friendly and they are a pain to use. Mednafen and Xebra are both high quality but suck to use. Links: ePSXe: http://www.epsxe.com/ Xebra: http://www.emutopia.com/index.php/emulators/item/299-sony-playstation/1221-zebra Sony Playstation Portable Much like the Dolphin emulator for Gamecube / Wii this system only has one emulator, is super simple to setup and is very high quality, also no bios requirements. Links: PPSSPP: http://ppsspp.org/ Sony Playstation 2 At first I wasn't even going to talk about this system but I figured I may as well because it is a well known and popular system. I was hesitant to talk about this emulator because while it plays a giant percentage of the games it is fairly glitchy and when using a hardware renderer it essentially requires settings on a per game basis to get as much out of the emulator as possible. I really don't consider this a new user friendly emulator but it's not exactly awful either, it certainly lacks the polish that Dolphin or PPSSPP has. Get the latest nightly builds if you intend on using this, the stable builds are quite old in comparison and there have been big improvements overall. Links: PCSX2: https://pcsx2.net/ TurboGrafx 16 / PC Engine This is only going to be covering the basic system and not the CD or the SuperGrafx. For the totally new to emulation person Ootake is a great little emulator which is very simple to use. While it does emulate the CD it does require you to mount the disk image. Another good emulator choice is MagicEngine but it is not free so you would have to buy a copy of it. Links: Ootake: http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/pcengine/ootake.html MagicEngine: http://www.magicengine.com/uk_index.php?sessid=PtxobxixD-vjQWg00krsGAw6LGBA Arcade There is only one real option here and that is the grand daddy of arcade emulators, Mame. While not super user friendly it is the best and most reliable way of emulating the arcade stuff. More information further below in Section 4. There is the emulator Final Burn Alpha (FBA) but I really do not recommend using this as a new user at all, finding good rom sets for this can be quite troublesome. This is not to say that FBA is a bad emulator because it isn't at all, it's quite good but it is not better than Mame and more troublesome when starting out. Links: Mame: http://mamedev.org/ Honorable Mention Emulators I wanted to mention 2 multi system emulators that are quite good, Mednafen and Bizhawk. Both of these do a very excellent job but do have some minor drawbacks that hold them back just a bit. Mednafen is amazing and easily does the best job at emulating the TurboGrafx16/CD, Playstation and Saturn but the lack of a built in UI really hinders it for new people. There are 3rd party UIs you can get for it I have found them to be lacking in the user friendliness department as well, something to look into though if you want to look into it. Bizhawk is also a great multi system emulator and has a nice user friendly UI, very easy to set and a nice built in bios checker so you know if your bios files are good or not. A lot of the "cores" it uses to emulate specific systems are based on other emulators code much like Retroarch does and their NES core is 100% accurate (their claims). Some of Bizhawks emulator cores are based off of Mednafens code. Links: Mednafen: https://mednafen.github.io/ Bizhawk: http://tasvideos.org/BizHawk/ReleaseHistory.html Section 2: Where to get roms and what to watch out for ? I certainly cannot and won't be providing any links to rom sites I will give some site names that you can use Google to find. The internet archive has quite a lot of stuff and they have a copyright exemption which means they are legally allowed to have their downloads. They should be the first place you look for stuff and you do need to register an account. Emuparadise has a lot of roms for most every system but you should only use it for cart based consoles. Their CD based disk images can be hit or miss in terms of quality and some emulators may or may not work with them. Their forums are actually a much better source for stuff than their main site and you will need to register a free forum account to get access to the downloads. Another site that is decent for some stuff is theisozone but I only use that site if I can't find what I am looking for elsewhere. If by some chance neither of these 3 sites has what you are looking for in terms of console based systems then you may have to dig deeper into Googles search but what you find could be hit or miss, there are a lot of old and bad roms and disk images out there and shady sites looking to make you jump through ad loops to get what you want. To get romsets for Mame I highly suggest using the pleasuredome. When looking for cart based console games you will want to look for sets that are known as the "No-Intro" sets. These are clean perfectly dumped rom images and generally you need these as a base when patching a rom for a rom hack. For CD based systems you will want to look for disk image dumps from the groups "ReDump" and "DarkWater" if you see these names in the name of a download the chances are very high that these are perfect disk images and they should be in the format of 2 files, a .cue and .bin (sometimes multiple .bin files), if what you are downloading is not from one of these two groups you may very well end up with a bad disk image that won't work with the better quality emulators. For arcade roms this gets a little bit tricky and I will talk about this further down below in the guide in Section 4. Section 3: Bios and other files. Bios are simply put the firmware or operating system of a console, that is an over simplification but you get the idea and some emulators require them to work properly. Just like with normal game roms I cannot and won't provide any links to them, they are covered by the same copyright laws and protections. Generally speaking it is most commonly required to emulate CD based systems but occasionally you will need them for a non CD based systems such as the Famicom Disk System for example. This is something you will have to check the emulators documentation to find out whether a bios file/s is required or not and where they should be located on your system in relation to the emulator. Some emulators require you to place them in a specific folder while others will just ask you where you have them located. Also the emulator may give you more details such as a correct MD5 checksum to make sure you have the right file (more on MD5 checksums below). If you plan on playing games from multiple regions you will need the bios for each region or else they will not work. Special Chips: I mentioned earlier in the Super Nintendo section about special chip dumps being required for BSnes and Higan to get full functionality and compatibility. These special chips were chips used in certain specific games to give the Super Nintendo more processing power. The more accurate emulators like BSnes and Higan requires these chips while the Snes9x emulator does not because that emulator emulates those chips within the emulator. I mentioned before about MD5 checksums and you will need to check them to make sure they are correct. Sometimes you can just do a simple Google search, download and rename them to what the emulator is looking for specifically but this is not always they case. You will want to check the emulators documentation for information and hopefully they have the MD5 checksum listed and that way you can check yourself when you download a file if it is the correct one or not. If it has the correct MD5 you can simply rename it to what the emulator requires and it will work. Here are a couple of tools you can use to check your files for the proper MD5 checksum. The first is just a simple shell extension you install and in the properties window of a file there is a new tab called File Hashes, this has the info you need right there to look at and compare. Get it here link: http://implbits.com/products/hashtab/ download the Personal Free version, you don't need the paid for commercial version at all. Just to show you what it looks like here is the properties of my Sega CD bios file:A second option is WinMD5 which is also free but instead of a shell extension which integrates itself into Windows it's a stand alone executable file you simply load up and you can drag the bios file on to it and it will display the information. Here is a screenshot of my same Sega CD bios file. Link: http://winmd5.com/ Rom Patching This is something that is a little beyond the basics but it really is not that complicated and I felt it was worth covering. One really cool aspect of emulation is the ability to patch roms with hacks and translations so you can play those Japanese RPGS that never got an English port with full English translations. http://www.romhacking.net is a great site with nearly every hack you could ever want and you will want a good patching tool to apply those patches, Floating IPS (link: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/1040/) is very easy to use and the patches come with instructions on how to apply the patch. Remember I mentioned the No-Intro rom sets earlier ? Those are generally what is required to patch, if you get roms that are not from a No-Intro set and the patch requires a good clean non headered rom you run a good chance of the patched rom having unintended glitches or not even work at all. Of course like anything else there are exceptions to this rule, sometimes a patch doesn't care or even requires some odd ball version of a rom. Always read the readme.txt file that comes with a rom patch for details. Section 4: Arcade Emulation While this is a little beyond the scope of this guide I did want to talk a bit about it because it's certainly one of the more popular things to emulate, for most people having a full arcade cabinet is not a feasible option let alone having multiple cabinets. Arcade boards are dumped into files for use with emulators differently than cart or CD based consoles. Also because of the nature of Mame development when you are just starting out you should obtain a Mame rom set that matches up with the version of Mame. Every month a new version of Mame gets released and with that the rom set gets updated, the impact this has can range from very minimal and inconsequential to most people all the way up to having a huge impact causing many games from a previous version to not work with the newer build of Mame. Over the years the really old rom dumps are almost certain to not work with newer versions of Mame. To get up to date Mame roms I highly recommend making an account on the pleasuredome website. They always have the newest sets that you can download using a torrent client. To download other stuff you will need to leave your torrent client running and build up an upload share ratio to gain access which for most people is not a realistic option, the Mame stuff is freely available to anyone though you do need to register for their site, there are more instructions on their site, read them carefully. For more information to get you started with Mame I have a written guide which should hopefully get you going with it: Section 5: Controllers This is going to come down to personal preference and what you like but generally speaking the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers for Windows are going to give you the most compatibility with little to no extra work to setup. If you are looking into other controllers, especially the cheaper retro style controllers do some research on them and see what other people have to say about them. Their quality and compatibility can vary greatly. My personal recommendation for a controller for the consoles that don't use an analog stick is the Hori Fight Commander which is reasonably priced and very high build quality. It has 6 face buttons and 4 shoulder buttons along with "select" and "start" making it very versatile and suit any console you are using. Of course this is just my opinion on the controller and people have their own personal preferences and tastes. Final thoughts There is a whole lot more that could be covered but I really wanted to keep this more oriented towards people that are completely new to emulation and just getting things up a running in a way that makes sense while avoiding certain pitfalls. I purposely avoided talking about old computer systems or the newer more modern emulators such as Cemu and RPCS3 those systems are much more complex to setup and / or are funky in terms of their emulation. There are of a lot of other systems and emulators I could have talked about but this guide already got pretty long and is meant to be a beginners guide for people, once you get started with these basics applying the same principles. If you feel like something is missing and really needed feel free to post a response and I will take it under consideration and adding it.
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    EM Sync should be up again shortly, the server is dangerously low on resources and while we are patching it, we are also spinning up a new server with 2x the storage. I apologize for any inconvenience.
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    Beta 3 is out now guys with the following: - New Feature: A new "Download Updated Community Star Ratings" option is available under the Tools menu in LaunchBox; this makes it much easier and faster to update star ratings, rather than having to run the Download Metadata and Media wizard. - Improvement: The included version of ScummVM has been updated to the latest version! The ScummVM games list has also been updated. - Improvement: The Big Box star rating popup has been changed to jump only to half-star and whole-star values; in addition, pressing the Back button/key will no longer save the changed star rating. Pressing the select/enter key/button will, of course, save the value. - Fixed: Valve/Steam decided to kill our API Key for no apparent reason (or at least none that we received any communication about), which broke the Steam import wizard. This has been fixed with a new API key. Hopefully they don't kill this one... In addition, I added an option to disable the built-in PDF reader under the Big Box General options.
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    Some early animation tests for this theme based on the Alaska Kodi skin. Please excuse the choppy video, my work computer only has integrated graphics and struggles to run BigBox and record simultaneously. And some static screenshots of one of the platform views that I have almost completed. Still have a few elements to add and some minor layout issues to address.
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    New versions are out along with a new background video and now offering banners in a zip file that previously wasn't.
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    I've been working on this most of the day so far. I fixed the previous moderation issue and cleared out the batch of crap submissions that were really annoying. Let me know if anyone runs into any further issues.
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    You, sir, have one good calculator. CoverBox - GameCube has just been released. Theme inspired by the GameCube game box.
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    Still a way to go but thought I would see if I can record and upload a video of the progress so far. I've only finished one platform view but am open to suggestions (I do only have limited knowledge in xaml tho )
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    Beta 4 is out now guys with a revamped Welcome screen that uses CEF and is more integrated with our website. On top of that, the startup performance has once again been significantly improved, especially for people using non-standard platform names. In most cases, the "Populating platforms..." part of the startup process should now be instantaneous.
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    Hey all, I will have a beta out to fix this issue today.
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    https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/launchboxsurvey2018 Get your votes in now, just remember that the poll results will determine the order things get added so everything barring some unforeseen problems will make it in eventually before the next poll. Edit: Just to clarify, features with really low votes may not make it in before the next poll but they could get carried over into the next poll.
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    Launchbox Showcase Ultimate Complete Edition (Nearly). Nearly 300 platforms (lost count) with nearly 100000 roms (no duplication and all working) 5 platforms not yet running roms though Using fundamental Theme by Grila (Just fancied a change) Clear logos by viking and a lot made by myself (Poorly) Has taken me many 1000's of hours to put this together and get working. Missing a couple of platform videos and about 30% of game media (boxes, clear logos and game videos) mainly from the computer systems although i have a lot of complete collections. NOTE: The intro video is a splice of Rerohumanoid's superb Hyperspin intro and Harryoke's excellent wall breaker intro video which I have edited (butchered) myself (Very poorly) so credit to them. Break down of platform catagories Ultimate Playlist Edition. Includes 50 so far. Ultimate Arcade Edition Ultimate Console Edition Ultimate Handheld Edition Ultimate Computer Edition
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    Version 1.1


    A simple, clean, bare-bones, theme. Comes with 1 Platform View and 1 Game View. This theme is an off-shoot of my CoverBox - Gamecube theme. I liked it enough that I decided to turn it into a generic theme that can be used for any system. This theme is designed to run in 1080p, and has been tested to run properly in 720p and 4k. Installation Instructions Platform View Designed to move out of the way of the full screen platform videos, while still retaining a semblance of menu awareness. The bar fades completely away after a few seconds, and the clear logos fade to 10% of its opacity. Game View
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    Official release is out.
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    Posting this here per request, be gentle its my first post, feel free to use it as you like! Youtube Dropbox: 1080P 720P 800x480 640x480 320x240 LaunchBox.mp4
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    Alright folks, beta 9 is out with the following: Retroarch Netplay is now available in Big Box as well via the game details menu Alpha-numeric navigation in LaunchBox is now working for the list view as well Fixed: The game details sidebar in LaunchBox was not remembering its sizing when closed and restarting LaunchBox I'm hoping to have the release out on Wednesday or Thursday. We'll be working on fixing any remaining bugs, but no new features until the official release.
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    Beta 8 is out now with the following: - Improvement: LaunchBox now supports jump to game by letter (press an alphanumeric key on the keyboard), similar to Windows Explorer - Fixed the multiple Retroarch emulators issue for Retroarch Netplay. If Retroarch is the main emulator on the game (if the title of the emulator starts with "Retroarch"), then that emulator will be used. Otherwise, LaunchBox will search for an emulator with the title of "Retroarch" that has an associated platform that matches the platform of the game. - Hopefully fixed @wallmachine's issue backing out of the System menu when changing themes. Found a rare anomaly that I'm hoping was the cause of the problem.
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    Will do. Give me a little time, though.. ............................................................... ............................................................... ............................................................... ............................................................... Just a preview, as usual. Gif makes the flashes kinda look gradientish.. It's not like that in the actual video.
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    CoverBox - N64 has now been released. The theme contains 1 view that resembles the N64 game box. Other details include: Utilizes your 4:3 video snaps and clear logos. Updated Community Star Rating graphics to match the era Complete set of ESRB rating graphics that match the era and dynamically change depending on game rating Dynamically changing controller graphics that change depending on Play Mode Enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.0


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    This is a side project I've been working on for the last couple days, inspired by people like Biffman 101 of The Collection Chamber. The idea is to setup some older DOS/3.1/95+ games, create some artwork for them, and package them up in a nice, modern installer package with desktop and/or start menu shortcuts just like any modern PC game (which, of course, can be imported directly into LB as well). Everything will be configured beforehand so you just run the installer and you're good to go! My policy for these will be that I'll only be doing games that aren't available on digital storefronts like Steam and GOG - those options are already there for you if you want to play those games - these are for games where no such option is available and your only choice is to buy it off a guy on ebay (assuming you have a disc drive) or download an iso (either of which also assumes you know your way around DOSBox, in the case of DOS games). I've done a few so far, but I've got a big list of stuff that I want to cover. Zomb's Lair (website) Full list of currently completed games Dreamweb Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person Developer: Creative Reality Year: 1994 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: Dreamweb Special Notes: pdfs of the "Diary of a Madman" and the manual are included - both are required in order to be able to operate the main character's network terminal in his apartment - page 12 in the manual, and the last page of the diary, specifically. Editorial Comments: Dreamweb is a unique game - it has a story that's equal parts simple and impenetrably opaque, great music, and one hell of an atmosphere. In a basic sense it's similar to other item-based point-and-click adventure titles in that you find objects in the world and combine them with others to solve puzzles, but it was unusual in that you could pick up nearly anything in the game world, often with little indication of which ones might be important (though in some cases multiple items could be used for the same task). Obviously this can make things more complicated when you're dealing with a game designed around taking X and combining it with Y, but it also makes it more realistic in the sense that, in the real world, there wouldn't be a big glowing indicator that "Hey you need this thing!" and you're just as capable of picking up a coffee cup as that illudium q-36 explosive space modulator. It has some extremely violent sequences as well as a very small amount of nudity in all its tiny pixel-art glory (which was later censored in the CD version) both of which were fairly unusual and controversial for the time. Something that stuck out to me at the time was just how vastly different the tone of the game was from many other point-and-clicks I'd played before - I was used to things like Lucasarts and some of Sierra's stuff like the Space Quest series which were very funny and light-hearted and this was like the polar-opposite of that; and it pre-dates things like Harvester, Phantasmagoria, and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. It's not a perfect game by any stretch, and it's quite short, but there's really not much else quite like it - it's one I still come back to relatively frequently just to get absorbed in the atmosphere again. The Terminator Double Pack (Future Shock and Skynet) Genre: FPS Developer: Bethesda Softworks Year: 1995 (Future Shock) / 1996 (Skynet) Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: The Terminator: Future Shock / The Terminator: Skynet Special Notes: Includes both Future Shock and Skynet, and an optional graphics patcher for Skynet to enhance the visuals if you so choose (the standard visuals are present by default). Editorial comments: I think that in a number of ways Bethesda's Terminator games are as much a precursor to Fallout 3 as their Elder Scrolls games and the Fallout series itself. They're not RPGs, but the levels are quite large and open and you can go in and out of buildings as you're exploring (and exploration is a very large part of the experience) - this doesn't sound like a lot, but it was actually fairly unusual for first person shooters of the time - many were considerably more narrow when it came to level design. Future Shock was also one of the first examples of true texture-mapped 3D environments and mouselook control - Quake didn't come out until the following year. The controls feel great even now, which is something that can't always be said of games of this era (other than simple point-and-click affairs). It's really atmospheric, with dark, demolished cityscapes to explore as you try to avoid (or confront) various robotic enemies. The sequel, Skynet, is also quite good and much in the same vein, but they've replaced the sprite-work in briefing segments with some extremely schlocky FMV sequences which are hilariously entertaining, but not necessarily an improvement. Bethesda also made Terminator: 2029 and Terminator: Rampage prior to these but, honestly, neither of those are very good (I think Rampage is especially poor) and, in my opinion, aren't worth your time. These two still hold up pretty well even today though. Rama Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person Developer: Sierra On-Line Year: 1996 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: Rama Special Notes: Due to size constraints for the installer package, this one requires you to manually move some files into the installed directory - place the contents of Rama Discs.zip in the "Disc Images" folder and you'll be all set. Also note that the game is spread across 3 discs - when prompted to change discs, press Ctrl+F4 to change from disc 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and 3 to 1. Editorial comments: Rama is based on a combination of Rendevous with Rama and Rama II by Arthur C Clark - mostly from Rama II - and was actually co-written by Clark and Gentry Lee who he co-wrote Rama II with. The premise is that a giant alien cylinder just appeared above earth for unknown reasons and you're a researcher sent in to explore it and discover its origins, purpose, etc. You're actually a replacement member for one of the researchers that died mysteriously. I think the setup here is awesome. When the game's building on that premise, it's great. Exploring, talking to the other members of the team, taking in the sights... When it gets into Myst-style puzzle solving, it can be hit and miss. I love Myst and Myst-likes, and I love sci fi, so this probably appeals to me more than some, but this style of game isn't for everyone. That said, I've played many games in this particular style, and I think it's one of the better ones, at least from this time period. The production values are quite good too. It has fantastic music as well. The Journeyman Project: Turbo! Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person Developer: Presto Studios Year: 1993 Platform: Windows 3.1 Emulator: DOSBox Daum Wikipedia: The Journeyman Project Special Notes: Because this is running an instance of Windows 3.1 within DOSBox, you'll need to press Ctrl+F9 to quit - Esc will just exit back to the 3.1 desktop. Also note that the TSA door code near the beginning of the game is 6894895. Editorial comments: This was one of my earliest experiences with this style of game - the "Myst-like" as it came to be known - and in fact I played it prior to playing Myst. Myst is most definitely the better of the two, but this one still really wowed me at the time. It seems absurd now, but it was one of those "So this is what games can look like?!" moments. The story involves time travel, which I'm admittedly a sucker for - even if it usually amounts to plot holes that don't make a whole lot of sense - and you're basically a timecop tasked with ensuring the safety of the timeline. The game takes place right on the cusp of humanity's induction into the interplanetary collective known as the "Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings", but one man has other plans and is using time travel to make them a reality, and you have to stop him. It's an interesting enough premise, and it was an excuse to let them make some (for the time) pretty neat animation sequences which is essentially what most of the game is. Walk around, find some items to use on other items, and watch some animations. It doesn't sound like much now, but it stood out at the time, and I think it's interesting as a sortof curio piece, if not exactly the best this genre has to offer. Blade Runner Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd Person Developer: Westwood Studios Year: 1997 Platform: Windows Emulator: None Wikipedia: Blade Runner Special Notes: Okay, so this one has a potential snag - you need to have some type of disc drive visible when the game starts otherwise it will crash. It doesn't matter whether that drive is physical or virtual, mounted or not, but it needs to be able to see it. If you have DT or VCD you can have virtual drives visible at all times, even unmounted, and it'll work. If you don't have any dedicated virtual drive software or a physical disc drive and you're on Windows 10, you can mount a disc image - any disc image - and a drive will then be visible which will allow Blade Runner to work. I'm investigating whether or not it's possible to make the built-in virtual drive visible at all times, even while unmounted, in Windows 10. Currently, however, you need to have some type of disc drive visible in order for the game to work. Old games are really stupid about this kind of thing some times... Editorial comments: This is, very likely, my favorite point-and-click adventure game of all time. It doesn't hurt that it's based on my favorite movie of all time, but to chalk it up to nothing more than that would be doing it a complete disservice. It's also, to my mind, probably the best movie-based game ever, even though it's not directly based on the movie and it's more of a parallel story. It does many unique things, both for the time and even for today. Some characters appear in different places or react differently in every playthrough. Some events progress in real time, regardless of your actions or lack thereof. There are thirteen different endings based on your actions throughout the game - you're able to make decisions throughout the game that will have a very dramatic impact on how the story plays out. Whether characters are humans or replicants also varies per playthrough, and you get to usethe Voight-Kampff machine on them just like in the movie. It's super atmospheric just like the movie, and the amount of painstaking work that they did to replicate some of the locations which are absolutely cluttered with detail, just like in the movie, is kindof amazing; especially if you're a Blade Runner nut like me and can recognize how well they managed to pull that off. The soundtrack, too, does a great job of mimicking the film's score, which is one of my all-time favorites - they're actually recreations for the game, not just direct rips of the original audio, and they did a great job of it. I really can't gush about this game enough. It's really really special and absolutely worth your time, especially if you have even a small amount of interest in point-and-click adventures and/or Blade Runner. Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 Genre: Action Adventure / 3rd Person Developer: Ritual Entertainment Year: 2000 Platform: Windows Emulator: None Wikipedia: Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 Special Notes: The game has been patched to run in 1920x1080 resolution. If you wish to change to a different resolution, edit the "config.cfg" file in the "fakk" subdirectory and change the "seta r_customwidth" and "seta r_customheight" values. Editorial comments: Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 is actually pretty good, despite being based on a not-so-good movie (I love the original Heavy Metal, but Heavy Metal 2000... ehhh... ). It's made with the Quake III engine which was pretty popular at the time, and hasn't necessarily aged super-well in terms of model complexity, but it's very colorful, has lots of great explosions, particle effects, etc. and it has some great looking locations. It also still plays well. It's got a really neat dual-wielding feature where you have the ability to choose the specific weapon to be used in each hand, and then use the left mouse button to attack with the left hand and the right mouse button to attack with the right hand. Running around in a skimpy outfit murdering aliens with a pistol in one hand and a fire-sword in the other is a great time. There are some platforming and puzzle elements, but nothing revolutionary. Overall though it's a genuinely fun little action adventure romp that I think is often overlooked. Dark Seed Collection (Dark Seed and Dark Seed II) Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd Person Developer: Cyberdreams Year: 1992 / 1995 Platform: DOS / Windows 3.1 Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 / DOSBox Daum Wikipedia: Dark Seed / Dark Seed II Special notes: Press Ctrl+F9 to quit Dark Seed II - quitting the game normally will just exit back to the 3.1 desktop. Editorial comments: I'm a big fan of H.R. Giger's artwork and have been for many years. A lot of that probably started with Dark Seed (though Alien is another obvious one that comes to mind) which I played before I even knew who Giger was. If you're not familiar with this work (though you might be and just don't know it), you're in for a treat - it's an extremely distinct style that manages to be simultaneously beautiful and grotesque. Giger provided the artwork for the "dark world" sequences in the games, which gave them a great otherworldly and frequently disturbing feel. The original game was one of the first to use a "high resolution" 640x350 mode, due to demand by Giger who was unsatisfied with the standard 320x200 resolution. Unfortunately, this meant the color palette had to be dialed back from 256 colors to 16, but the good news is Giger's work is often practically monochromatic anyway. That said, the visuals of the first game obviously haven't aged nearly as well as the sequel. The gameplay and writing (of both titles) are, if I'm being honest, certainly not the best the genre has to offer. Both games are undeniably propped up by the strength of Giger's artwork, which turns some otherwise standard point-and-clicks into something worthy of a bit more attention. Drowned God Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person Developer: Epic Multimedia Group Year: 1996 Platform: Windows Emulator: None Wikipedia: Drowned God Special notes: None Editorial comments: This is actually filling a request by @Bobinator so I don't have much to say about it yet. He mentioned it to me, and I'd never heard of it, so I watched some videos and it looked right up my alley. I figured it was worth checking out. I'm sure I'll have more to say once I've played more of it, but it seems like an interesting first person adventure game with some really trippy visuals and bizarre, esoteric writing. Gunman Chronicles Genre: FPS Developer: Rewolf Software Year: 2000 Platform: Windows Emulator: None Wikipedia: Gunman Chronicles Special Notes: The intro cutscene may have some artifacts at the very beginning but it should go away after a couple seconds. Editorial comments: Gunman Chronicles began, much like Team Fortress, Counter Strike, and Day of Defeat, as a Half-Life mod that garnered enough attention to warrant a standalone retail release. Unlike those titles though, Gunman Chronicles seems to have mostly faded into obscurity over the years, which is a damn shame because it's a damn good game. The story is fairly ridiculous, but that doesn't stop it from being an enjoyable ride - it's got a wide range of levels and enemies and the weapons are unique in that they have several different firing modes and a number of ways to customize them to your needs. The writing, though often silly, seems to be fairly tongue-in-cheek and is pretty humorous. You fight aliens, robots, space cowboys, and dinosaurs; what's not to love? Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Genre: Puzzle / Logic Developer: Brøderbund Year: 1996 Platform: Windows 3.1 Emulator: DOSBox Daum Wikipedia: Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Special Notes: press Ctrl+F9 to exit the game - quitting normally will just exit back to the 3.1 desktop. Keyboard shortcuts in-game for save and load are Ctrl+S and Ctrl+L respectively. Editorial comments: I'm not normally one for "edutainment" games, but Logical Journey of the Zoombinis is actually really good; probably because, despite the edutainment marketing, it's much more about logic, puzzle solving, and pattern recognition than your typical edutainment title. It can actually be quite challenging and will undoubtedly leave you scratching your head on occasion. It's very well animated, with all the various Zoombinis scurrying about and a number of strange creatures blocking your progress. The narration and voice acting are outstanding as well. Don't let the the kiddie look scare you off - this one's absolutely worth your time and is highly entertaining even as an adult.Companions of Xanth Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person Developer: Legend Entertainment Year: 1993 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: Companions of Xanth Special notes: Companions of Xanth makes good use of MT-32 audio, so if you have Munt installed and want to use it, edit the dosbox.conf by going all the way to the bottom, and in the autoexec section, change "xanth" to "install", then start DOSBox.exe and set the music to MT-32 audio. Then change "install" back to "xanth". Also, don't forget to set the "midiconfig=" value in the .conf to whatever it should be for MT-32 on your system - you can check your midi device numbers by opening a standalone DOSBox prompt and typing "mixer /listmidi". Most people don't use things like Munt or VirtualMidiSynth, so I have to create these packages with that in mind - they use Sound Blaster by default. Editorial comments: I'm a big fan of Legend Entertainment's adventure games. Death Gate is one of my all time favorites - it's on GOG though, so I won't be making a package for it. Two other games that shared the same engine are Companions of Xanth and Shannara (neither of which are on GOG). Neither of these are quite as good as Death Gate, but they're still fairly entertaining. Xanth is based on Piers Anthony's Xanth novels, so if you're at all familiar with Anthony's writing style and humor, you'll be right at home with Companions of Xanth - it contains the same liberal use of puns and goofy shenanigans. If you're not familiar with Anthony's work, an in-game book called the "Com-Pendium of Xanth" can help bring you up to speed; though this isn't necessarily required in order to enjoy the game on its own. Xanth is fairly short but it's a fun time if you just sit back and have fun with the goofy characters and writing. The only major complaint I have is that they pull a real tease in the introductory segment of the game - you're given the option to choose one of the eponymous companions to go with you on your adventure, but truthfully it's just the illusion of choice because selecting any but one specific character will result in your death in the first room. I'm not sure if this was always the plan or if it was done for budget reasons, but it's kindof disappointing that feed you this illusion that you get to make a seemingly important choice when it turns out you really don't. Other than that though, it's actually a fun, campy little romp. Perihelion: The Prophecy Genre: RPG Developer: Morbid Visions Year: 1993 Platform: Amiga Emulator: FS-UAE Wikipedia: Perihelion: The Prophecy Special notes: This is the WHDLoad version so no disk swapping is required! Just start the game and go - play, save, load, etc. press F10 when you want to quit the game. Save games are not stored permanently for WHDLoad games if FS-UAE's menu (F12) is used to exit the game. Save states are enabled, but your mileage may vary - standard in-game saves are more reliable. Editorial comments: Perihelion is a strange and interesting game. I never hear it talked about by practically anyone - even Amiga enthusiasts. It was apparently made by only 3 people. It's super atmospheric with great sound and visuals. The interface takes some getting used to, but it's not too bad once you're over that initial hurdle. It's not a perfect game - some things can be a bit on the unintuitive side, a number of things simply aren't explained (even in the manual, which is included and worth looking at), and like many games of this era they kindof just throw you into the deep end from the beginning, so that could be off-putting to some people. I would definitely consider it a hidden gem though. It's an interesting bit of obscurity that's worth taking a look at. Commander Blood Genre: Adventure Developer: Cryo Interactive Year: 1994 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: Commander Blood Special notes: none Editorial comments: Commander Blood is an extremely weird game. You'd think it was actually made by aliens. The reality, which is both believable and explanatory, is that is was made by the French. I have a real soft spot for Cryo. They made quite a few interesting, unique, experimental and often flawed games; and I'd say Commander Blood sits squarely in the center of that description. It's the sequel to the considerably better known Captain Blood, which was equally unique if not quite as weird. You're the commander of a space ship called the Ark, and are on a mission to transport an 800,000 year old alien named Bob Morlock (who spends most of his time in cryo sleep, though you can wake him up for a quick chat now and then) through a series of black holes so that he can go back to the beginning of the universe and see the Big Bang. I'll let you process that for a moment. In order to accomplish this mission you'll have to travel to various planets and interact with various alien species in order to try and chart your course (you don't know where the black holes actually are). Like most of Cryo's previous efforts, artistically the game is quite impressive and full of weird touches like your shuttlecraft... thing... somehow being connected to some kind of dolphin... thing. I... don't know. It's French. Say what you will about it, but I'd challenge anyone to play this and make the statement "Yeah I've played something very similar to this before," (unless it was maybe another Cryo game). It's not quite as good (or coherent) as Dune or Lost Eden, but you'll be hard pressed to find much else like it. Alien Legacy Genre: Strategy / Management Developer: Ybarra Productions Year: 1994 Platform: DOS Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 Wikipedia: Alien Legacy Special notes: none Editorial comments: Alien Legacy is a criminally underrated game. It bears some similarities to games like Starflight and Star Control (and, to a lesser extent, some childhood favorites on the Commodore 64 - Psi-5 Trading Company and Supremacy). Personally, I like it more than Starflight and put in the same neighborhood as Star Control II; which, if you're familiar with Star Control II, you'll understand is a pretty astounding statement considering there's a good chance you've never heard of this game. It combines exploration and colony management overlapping a very interesting, albeit slow burning, story. You take the role of the commander of a long-range seed ship called The Calypso, which carries a cryogenically frozen crew who may just be humanity's last hope for survival given that things on Earth aren't going so swell. No pressure. Things start slowly in Alien Legacy but get progressively more and more complex as you expand your colonies across multiple planets. You’re able to use transportation vehicles to explore the surface of planets to find resources and remnants of past civilizations and various anomalies. It may not sound that enthralling on paper but it really is - exploring and making various discoveries on these alien planets and using them to research advanced technologies is really great stuff. Alien Legacy really makes feel like a stranger in a strange land, on your own and far removed from home. Thankfully, you're surrounded by helpful advisers that can give you suggestions to better improve your colonies. I think Alien Legacy does a better job than many games in this genre in helping you have a good idea what you should be doing at any given moment; especially in the beginning where they really help ease you into your role. If you have even a passing interest in games like Starflight or Star Control, you should really check out Alien Legacy. It's thoroughly engrossing and absolutely worth your time. More to come!
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    You guys rock... I am currently rebuilding my system. It is going great. There is a tremendous amount of information on the forums if you read thru it... The main thing is to get everything organized before you start. Im about 80 percent done... I have gotten all the mutli-emulators set up.. Mame, Mess and Retroarch... and it's working great... So thank you to all the moderators and other people that help us out.
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    Logical Journey of the Zoombinis has now been added. I've also been working on a website for browsing/downloading these.
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    Version 1.1 has been released with a number of changes. Platform View Added a peak feature for the wheel. When idle for a couple seconds, the wheel will hide itself at the bottom of the screen peaking out a little so you can remember where you were in the menu The wheel now fades to 40% instead of 10% Game View Replaced the orange-yellow highlight selector with a gradient border selector (requested by @Lordmonkus) Added the box cover to this view. It animates from the right side after 3 seconds (requested by @bundangdon)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Nintendo DS/DSi Bezels for use with Retroach. 3 Colors of the DSi handheld with one background for all three. Also there is a Retroarch cfg file if you simply place the extracted folders in your overlay folder of RA the .cfg inside will allow you to hot key switch between the three colors something I learned from @JamesBaker. Also credit to Orion's Angel youtube channel for showing me how to set up the custom video settings. The .cfg is set to default the red image first. If you prefer to have another color as the default edit the .cfg and change the color names in the order you want. You must use the name of the .png.
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    I have released a variation on the CoverBox - GameCube theme, as per @ea4492's request. You can now download it from the CoverBox Theme page. CoverBox - GameCube - 2
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    Version 2.0


    Native Launcher for MS-DOS LaunchBox for MS-DOS 2.0 is here! If you run MS-DOS (or the DOS console in Windows 95/98), this should be very much enjoyed. It allows you to easily sort through and manage your games/apps within DOS, without taking any extra memory from your apps or introducing any compatibility issues at all. This is done via a simple batch file that starts up and shuts down the launcher as needed. LaunchBox for MS-DOS also works very well with DOSBox if you'd like to use a menu system inside of DOSBox. System Requirements MS-DOS 3.30 or higher 286 or higher CPU (uses 286 CPU instructions) Installation Unzip the zip file and place the contents onto a floppy disk or other media. Copy the four files into a folder on your hard disk (or just keep it on the floppy, it runs from the floppy as well). Navigate to the folder with the files and run LAUNCH.BAT. LAUNCH.BAT can also be called from your AUTOEXEC.BAT file if you'd like LaunchBox to start on boot. You can then add Windows 3.1 or 95/98 to LaunchBox in order to optionally start up Windows by just browsing for WIN.COM. Change Log Version 2.0 - Released Sunday, January 29, 2018 - Many new fields are available for each item: Genre, Series, Developer, Publisher, Release Year, Status, and Favorite - Can now sort items by Title, Favorite, Release Date, and Status - Can now filter items by Genre, Series, Developer, Publisher, Release Year, or Status - LaunchBox now remembers your last selection - List titles and counts have been added Version 1.1 - Released Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - New "Move to Top" and "Move to Bottom" options are available under the Edit menu - New "Insert Separator" option available under the Edit menu - Each application can now have a separate set of commands for configuring the application - New explicit "Run Selected" and "Configure Selected" options are available under the File menu - New "Browse and Run" option is available under the File menu - New "Lock" option is available under the File menu to help prevent accidental changes - Changed the batch file process to better support DOSBox and older versions of MS-DOS Version 1.0 - Released Friday, January 13, 2017 - Initial Release Easter Eggs There are several incredibly stupid easter eggs in the program. Hint: What is the second most popular cheat code ever? Version 1.0 Announcement Video Screenshots
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first attempt at a platform video , please forgive my incompetence
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    Theme Master System View File Theme Special Sega Master System Install fonts here : \LaunchBox\Themes\MasterSystem\Fonts Added the Community Sonic Rating Add Genre Fix size Sonic Rating Submitter Nyny77 Submitted 02/07/2018 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    Version 1.0.3


    Theme Special "Console" Added the Community Bomberman Rating Add Genre Fix size Bomberman Rating Sonic Rating Marco Rossi Rating
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    CoverTheme View File Themes Console (custom) all the merit come back to @faeran for his idea : Install fonts here : \LaunchBox\Themes\Megadrive\Fonts Added the Community Star Rating (Design by Nyny77) : I'm not as good as @faeran, i start.... Submitter Nyny77 Submitted 02/04/2018 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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    Version 1.2.0


    Zip file currently contains 50 Wii U game marquees. More will be added. Hopefully someone finds these useful!\ Feel free to post request for games and I will be sure to get them done.
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    To clear up some misconceptions here, we *do* use the mameinfo.dat and history.dat files. The trouble is that those two pieces of data alone do *not* provide all the information we need in order to get all the filtering logic working properly in LaunchBox. There are a number of other fields that are provided by other sources. So combining them all is what's tricky. I do realize that it all needs to be updated; hopefully I can do that soon here.
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    Sorry, had to deviate from the path real quick -- Had a cool idea. Or at least I think it's cool, but then again.. When it comes to being 'cool' I may not be the right person to determine things that are cool or not... Remember when you all were children and dreaming about what you would be when you grew up? Well, as the teacher went around the room and all of the kids were naming off prestigious future careers.... Once they got to me all I could think of to say was... "One day... I'm gonna be cool." (Italics are meant to represent my voice cracking) Anyways,,, The idea is inspired by the super mario world fireworks/ending. If you remember, there's 4 rockets that go up... Want to make each one explode into BigBox... Is...... Loading.... Final rocket explodes to reveal the bigbox logo. As of right now the idea is to have a pixel fireworks version and an after effects "real" fireworks version. Just a quick idea and hopefully it plays out well...
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    Version 1.0.0


    MAME .194 No Nag with Default Artwork Here's a build of MAME based on 0.194 with no nag screens and it supports default artwork. MAME FOLDER mame (root folder) | mame64.exe (0 .194 ) | +---artwork | horizont.zip (Default Horizontal Artwork) | vertical.zip (Default Vertical Artwork) | \---ini horizont.ini (allows the fallback artwork) vertical.ini (allows the fallback artwork) NOTE Rename your mame64.exe to mame64.exe.old (this way if you have issues you can just revert back to your Original copy). Unzip the files in your Mame folder. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is No Nag This is the screen that says hit "Ok to Continue" when you open a ROM for the first time. This screen has been suppressed. How can I use my own default In game Artwork I have provided two zip files that I use for my default Vertical and Horizontal games. you can search for MAME In game artwork using your favorite search engine. Mr Do is a good starting point for History and downloading some artwork. If you have favorite cabinet that you want to use for your defaults, simply make a copy and rename it to horizont.zip or vertical.zip. Happy Gaming
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    Version 1.0.0


    A theme for the old PLAYER of the arcade It should remind you of good memories! It was a good time! Hope you Like it ! Eighties Rules ! Arcade Png : By skainlurmis (Thanks you !) Gameplay vidéo : By Zombeaver (Thanks for the share) Video Background :Lumion 7 And a little taste of the following theme
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    I myself am not working on it, but I have seen some screen shots from a friend who is. You will not be let down.
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    Scratch everything I said in my previous post, it was wrong. That should learn me not to post when I just wake up and my brain isn't working fully and I have not fully tested everything I thought was true. You can in fact have Mame auto load a save state and retain the hi score because the hi score is not tied to the save state at all. The first thing you need to do is to tell Mame to enable hi scores, this is done in the plugin.ini, set hiscore to 1, for whatever reason the Mame devs decided that it should be off by default. Now you will need to set a save state where you want the game to load at, presumably after all the boot junk at the title screen. How this is done will change a little bit depending on which version of Mame you are using. On a 186 install of Mame you press Shift + F7 first and then a number 0-9 to pick which save state position you wanted to save it at. With my 192 build I had to press Shift + F7 and then again a 2nd time which brings up a menu asking you what spot you wanted to save it at, I chose slot 0 in this case so I pressed 0 when it asked. Now that the save state is set we want it to auto load when the game starts in Launchbox. All we need to do is add the command line parameter: -state 0 Of course change out the 0 for whatever slot you used above when making the default save state. You can now auto load past the initial boot sequence of the game with hi scores in tact. Of course though you will have to create save states for each game individually which is time consuming but such is life. I still recommend setting up a fast forward button on your controller which you can do in Mames UI, Insert is the default keyboard key.