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    Name: EMU-NATION: Citra Special... 3DS is now BIIIG! Category: News and Entertainment Date Added: 2016-09-06 Submitter: SIMPLY AUSTIN Emu-Nation today is a Citra or Nintendo 3DS Emulator special. Why? Due to the fact this got a HUUUGE update to make this a fully playable emulator for LOADS of games on that system! The days of low FPS CPU hogging emulation is over and now if anything we got toooo much hehehehe! EMU-NATION: Citra Special... 3DS is now BIIIG!
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    Media Pack for Super Mario Omega for the SNES! Inside the archive you'll find: Box Art (3D, and Back) Clear Logo Cartridge Image (Front) Still Snapshots (Game Play and Title) Standard Video Snap (MP4) All artwork made/modified by or compiled by Riffman81 (unless otherwise noted here). Enjoy! ***Thanks to Flashback Entertainment for use of their cover artwork.***
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    For those that watch RSS and follow what we do on YouTube, I just want to let everyone know that RSS will be delayed from Tuesday to Thursday this week. My microphone broke, and I did a recording test like usual to get ready and noticed a loud screech in the backbround. Had it once before, but fixed it by unplugging the XLR cable and plugging it back in. I tried that again this time, and it didn't work. Tried re-seating the cables, different software and restarting the PC to no avail. A new mic is on the way, but this is why there will be a delay unfortunetly. From now on though, I should hopefully sound better. My mic before was great, but this one is even better!
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    Very cool @Maddoc1007. @kmoney Thanks for testing that stuff. It should be easy to get stuff like that fixed once I finally receive the cabinet tomorrow. I feel like it's being shipped by snails lol. I have been in contact with @arzoo via email so hopefully we're all on the same page.
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    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set View File Inspired by the work of screenzone.fr, I totally redo a very large set of Platform Clear Logo. New ring. New design. HD logo. (1506 x 756 px) PNG format. No drop shadow. ZIP file: GAMES ARCADE logo (77 PNG) ZIP file: GAMES COMPUTER logo (70 PNG) ZIP file: GAMES CONSOLE logo (104 PNG) ZIP file: GAMES HANDHELDlogo (28 PNG) ZIP file: GAMES PINBALL logo (5 PNG) ZIP file: CATEGORY logo (7 PNG) ZIP file: THIRD PARTY APP logo (16 PNG) ZIP file: PLAYLIST logo (13 PNG) ZIP file: BLANK logo : Create your own logo. (2 PSD) Browse the forum thread for alternatives from other users ! Browse the forum and ask for update on the good tread ! Instruction : Copy/past *.PNG file in your ...\ LaunchBox \ Themes \ <Theme name> \ Images \ Platforms \ Clear Logo. Rename the png file exactly as the name of the desired platform as in LaunchBox. Launch "BigBox" and go into "option". Refresh "wheel image cache". Submitter viking Submitted 09/01/2016 Category Platform Clear Logos  
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    ive been working pretty hard on my Launchbox and wanted to see what you all thought since a lot of it is thanks to this great community ! Im especially proud of getting all the videos to play within the AVGN and Classic tv commercials section (over 1500 classic tv commercials dealing with vidja games and arcades and stuff!) Check it out folks! god bless my build
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    Saw various links today that show that every NGC game is compatible in Dolphin including Star Wars Clone Wars. Time to show Doplhin some love! Link below for reference cause, you know, pics or it didn't happen. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-09-06-gamecube-emulator-dolphin-can-now-boot-consoles-entire-library
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    Yeah that's more like a retro gaming store and we have those up here in Canada as well but that place Hard Off is like an army surplus store but for video game stuff.
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    it all comes down to nostalgia ... that interest is piqued differently for each of us ... My Grandfather had an FM Towns in his game room and I always messed it while we stayed with him on holiday . also believe it or not if you are truly in it for historical reasons as well as nostalgic ones , just because a game exists on X , Y , Z system it certainly does not mean its the same game. Street fighter 2 snes / genesis / arcade Mortal combat snes / genesis / arcade pac man atari 2600 / arcade thousands more examples exist ALSO just because a game exists on NINTENDO NES as well as FAMICOM does not mean these two games will be the same either . Its about faithful recreation of a moment in history as much as it is about me sitting at my Poppa's desk messing about with his toys and having fun
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    I have to 2nd this Steam In-Home Streaming is the truth it lets me play all my games even on my Dell Inspiron 1525 2007 shipped with Vista laptop so I recommend it to anyone.
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    No, certainly not. There are plenty of games (shmups in particular) that are in English, and others (fighters and shmups) that are fully playable even in Japanese. There are also a significant number of English translations for games, especially for SNES. Romhacking.net is a good place to start for that. I'm not sure what you mean there. I know there is some degree of integration with Dropbox that's possible but I have no experience with that whatsoever. I don't use Dropbox at all. Why not look into Steam In-Home Streaming? Your situation is actually perfect for it because so long as the host computer is capable of playing the games, you should be good because the host does all the hard work - you're playing it on the host and streaming it to a client (a different computer). As long as the host is decent, you can basically play it on a toaster. You can setup LB/BB as a non-steam application in Steam and stream it via In-Home Streaming.
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    @Jason Carr thanks so much for that slider suggestion it is now working very well. Does anyone have any suggestions for a HTPC mic that will work across the room distance is 9 foot 7 inches so something in 12 15 foot range would probably be best.
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    ahah, quite the contrary, @Maddoc1007 It's good to see that. For my part, I'm never satisfied with my work and always want to change a thing or two. The views I've made for this theme probably won't be the final ones . So don't hesitate to change what you want, especially for 4/3 monitors.
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    I've personally not seen anything with DPI, I just bring it up since it's a known WPF issue. It causes unusual scaling but not ghost borders. I am thinking I might run my entire image library though a png optimizer just for sanity's sake and for size reduction.
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    This is, imo, one of the greatest songs ever written..so if you have 18 minutes to fill, check it out...yeah 18 minutes,,,Between the Buried and Me write long epic songs.
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    Saweeeet! It's very good times for bigbox. May your hands continue to be blessed with boundless success...
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    Jason, When I use the word "computer" it works incredible! I played around with it for 5 minutes and its been flawless! I will spend more time on this in the morning and give you an update. I would also like to mention that I moved the slider in launchbox voice option to the default of 50, all I had to adjust was my mic sensitivity in windows manager! Thanks again!
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    Nice i might call upon your services some day. Awesome looking work
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    @RetroArcade thanks my first try thanks to nigurlon's theme
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    @Jason Carr I have created some what i call cartridges for a few Arcade platforms is it okay to upload them in a few days here is an example Atomiswave. and Cps2
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    @Jason Carr I have been testing the new led blinky feature you implemented a few days ago. It is working good for the most part but it has been a while since I used led blinky. I did notice a couple issues: I have all my platforms configured in led blinky so when you enter a platform in BigBox it only lights up what buttons are used for that platform. That is working correctly as those specific platform buttons stay lit up while scrolling through the games in a platform. When you enter a game those specific buttons stay lit as well which is great. The issue is when you exit a game back into BigBox the lights go off but then come back on right away when you scroll to another game. Another issue I see is on Mame. LedBlinky has the ability when you enter a specific game if you have it configured in LedBlinky it will only show the buttons lit up that are used for that game which is an awesome feature. I can get this to work because I have ledblinky setup in Rocketlauncher as well and it passes these commands correctly. But for someone that does not use RL this will be an issue. I think it would be a good idea to get with @arzoo the developer of LedBlinky involved to test out in LB and BB to see maybe what additional commands are needed. I have also reached out to him over at the Arcade Controls forum where his main post about ledblinky is located and he said he would be willing to test it out. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,73905.msg1585076.html#msg1585076
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    @Jason Carr thanks Jason glad to be back just trying to get my feelings around new forum its awesome. Also trying my hand at xaml downloaded the metallic theme and changed it around a bit as just for one platform view, hope you do more tutorials about xaml hopefully a tutorial about starting from the ground up with the background and how to add grids etc. Fantastic work your doing for the only programmer on LaunchBox/Bigbox Kudos I Tip My Hat To Yea Sir (try saying it with an Irish Brogue lol). My First Try at xaml Thanks to the creator of the Metallic theme.
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    If like me you were a child of the 80s and loved the original Pitfall and Pitfall II on the Atari 2600 but was severely disappointed in the travesty that was the NES game Super Pitfall. Then you need this rom hack that fixes the game so that it is actually playable and enjoyable. http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/3060/ Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition. Release 1.0 - 05 Sept 2016. A hack by Nesrocks. New soundtrack by FCandChill. Pitfall II arrangements by rockman_x_2002. This hack was created in celebration to 30 years of Super Pitfall. It vastly improves the original game while keeping the base game and level layout intact. The idea was to modernize, fix and beautify the original game because the author felt like the game’s problems kept it from getting justice. This hack changes the game’s code, graphics and sounds in several ways. Some of them include: Completely new graphics Completely new Soundtrack New menu screens Improved game design (no more hidden items, warps are now doors, new in-game HUD, improved game controls, small level design adjustments, etc!) Improved performance Seamless, fully automatic save feature (please hold reset while shutting down when playing on a repro cartridge to avoid save file corruption). Available languages: english and portuguese (choose one of the patches in the zip) Many more small improvements!
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    Sorry I never updated this thread, but yes, horizontal wheels are now easy to integrate into custom themes. I'm sure we'll add an official view here soon enough as well.
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    That worked. Thanks.
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    You do not "NEED" to have a matching romset to your version of Mame. I use a 151 rom set with a 174 build of Mame and everything works perfectly.
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    For anyone else with a similar issue I finally got this to work automatically. I had to click edit on the game and under "Additional Apps" I compiled ahk script as exe and use that to launch before the game start. It now clicks enter when it see that splash window. Here's the script I used. I had it loop twice just in case my pc lags or something, but it's working. Sleep, 2000 Loop 2 IfWinActive, Super Mario Bros. X - Version www.SuperMarioBrosX.org { Send, {Enter} } return
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    Well word on the street is that you guys got a new forum. So though I would come on over and make some magic here. Its looking good and so is everyone in here (not as good as me... but you still look good). Pleasure to see you all here guys and hope you all get involved and get this Front End the justice it deserves! Now enough of my waffles... lets get stuck in then! Soooooo... whos is on here now? New and old faces?
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    I'm a big fan of Hardcore Gaming 101 myself. Not a daily thing by any means but it usually has a lot of in-depth and useful information and, like you said, some good comparative info. Racket Boy is actually pretty similar in a lot of ways too. I like Rock, Paper, Shotgun quite a bit. It's a great resource if you're into PC gaming. They discuss a lot of obscure stuff as well, which I really appreciate. The "Have You Played..." section is a great place to start for that. Giant Bomb is the primary "mainstream" gaming site that I frequent. They have an awesome podcast too. Beyond that I watch a lot of Jim Sterling. The Jimquisition, in particular, is absolutely worth everyone's time. Pertinent, biting, hilarious, and spot-on pretty much every time. EDIT: Oh, and The Gaming Historian is a channel you should probably check out if you haven't already. Based on your post I'm pretty sure you'd like it. Really interesting and in-depth looks at any number of things in the retro gaming world.
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    I don't listen to much metal anymore. I do like some Djent on occasion and in limited doses. I do like some progressive stuff like TOOL, Karnivool, that sort of thing. I used to listen to stuff like Symphony X and Ayreon when I was younger but kinda grew out of it post-highschool and now I find a lot of that stuff a bit cringey haha.
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