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    i am on a 4k screen and i have no problem playing older games just dont sit to close. only game i have had an issue in was Eye of the Beholder (snes) the text was unreadable. but all other text rpgs on the system has been perfect. and if you want the screen smaller bezel can do wonders
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    I have a 4K 55" Samsung tv and everything looks great on it in LaunchBox. I use the crt-easymode shader on all of my RetroArch cores and it looks lovely. For the newer stuff, something like F-Zero GX on the Dolphin emulator looks absolutely stunning at 4K.
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    They are more then great no need to apologize your doing a great service.
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    The update will fix this.
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    No 16:9 version planned. But I work on a theme that will display this set without distortion regardless of the ratio of the monitor.
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    No I think it will be fine but I really don't know I've seen the 4K demos at the electronics stores only really and they make sure they are always showing you the amazing looking 4K demo videos. I imagine though if they didn't show the other resolutions decently that the consumers would be out with their pitch forks (on the internet of course) blasting the TVs and warning the public not to buy them. Their are already nah sayers on 4K anyway here are 3 fairly recent articles (are they still considered articles when on the web) that may help you out. That being said if you want to make a purchase on something and you aren't worried about being an early adapter of new tech then it is feasible to get in now on 4K as I'm sure they are creating more content for it. https://www.cnet.com/news/why-you-shouldnt-get-excited-about-4k-and-hdr-gaming-at-least-not-yet/ http://www.businessinsider.com/4k-pc-gaming-not-worth-it-yet-2016-7 http://www.pcworld.com/article/2990895/hardware/the-state-of-4k-gaming-what-you-need-to-know-from-pricing-to-performance-needs.html
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    @MatticusFinch1820 Open PlatformWheelImageDetailsThumbsFiltersView.xaml and change the line under, <!--BEGIN FULLSCREEN BACKGROUND VIDEO--> From this <Grid Grid.Column="5" Grid.Row="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="15" Grid.RowSpan="12"> to this <Grid Grid.Column="5" Grid.Row="1" Grid.ColumnSpan="15" Grid.RowSpan="10"> I would recommend making a copy of the theme folder and edit the copy, just incase anything goes wrong. It should be fine but better safe than sorry.
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    Hard to find quality visuals/logo for this set. Sorry =/ EDIT : UPDATE v.1.7. I add all last request to the main archive.
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    OK, I was so freaking afraid I lost all my work but I downloaded launchbox again reinstall and it's back!!! phew...!
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    Yeah you sure. Could setup RL to launch emulators and games, but for me, I dont want to use RL at all (i used to use it). Launchbox does nearly all I need and is a much simpler setup. But RL is a valid option if someone wants to go that route. Nice thing about LB is that there are options.
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    If anyone has added a custom shortcut in Steam for Big Box and wanted a nice Grid Icon, here ya go!
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    Awesome theme exactly what I was waiting for. I made a slight modification to letterbox platform videos as I use @nyny77 16:9 platform video's, so they are no longer hidden in the corners by platform name and year boxes. Great work, thanks @Hexxxer.
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    Done I work in a (huge) update set. With almost all the systems listed in LaunchBox. Leave me a little time, but stayed tuned!
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    The ZSNES view gave me a huge smile - it brings back memories from many moons ago. It's been surpassed by better options as time went on, but when I think about the origins of my love for emulation a great deal of it goes straight to ZSNES way back in the 90's. I used to browse around Zophar's Domain all the time when I was in middle school Keep up the good work!
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    Thanks veg. I am moving over as well, kinda feel this is the place to be. I love HyperSpin, put a lot of hours in both my setup and into the community there but...its just not doing it for me anymore, the frontend itself needs some love and is what it is but bbb doesn't have the time which I totally get. The community is HS, has been for years, they have some very talented redraw and all around Photoshop guys over there that put out amazing themes and box art, most of them emumovies contributors as well. Can't deny what HS and the community has done for the scene but again I am looking for more these days. Jason does this for a living and that alone is reason enough to switch. Its pretty clear to me, going through youtube and forum history, Jason and team understand that software like this is nothing without a community and that it is an essential factor in growing this type of business. Anyways, we will see what i can do. Still stumbling my way through xaml, learning launchbox functionality and such. I will probably start on the pillar view tonight and see what i can figure out.
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    Thanks Jason. I will definitely upload to the downloads section sometime soon. I actually decided to go in a different direction with my theme (pretty typical of me). After watching the recent custom theme demo I was inspired to get a little more creative. I have mocked up 3 platform views so far that I plan on building out. Forgot the author of the theme in the video, but I used the scanlines idea in my views, love the way it looks. On two of the views I mocked up two different platforms to give an idea what i am trying to do. I would like to change colors of certain elements per-platform. For example, in the pillar view below, SNES uses purple while Genesis uses blue across many elements. I want to figure out a way to store a color or two specific to a platform, in one variable/style that all these elements will look to for its background/forground/drop shadow color. I might need some help Jason on how to accomplish this, preferably without making the xaml a mess. I am also not sure how the pillar view will transition, I guess I will try to use the coverflow control and configure it so only one clear logo is visible? not sure... I have to figure out how to do a blur mask on the video in the background, you may notice in my mockup in the pillar view, the background is blurred behind the pillar. Assuming the transparent clear logos in the horizontal cover flow probably isnt feasible at the moment? Jason? I decided I wanted to do something different with the text list view so I came up with a ZSNES UI look to it and I am really happy with how it came out. Probably could be a theme in itself, I plan on carrying this over to a game list and game details view as well. Pillar View Horizontal View ZSNES Text View
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    I've decided to call this theme simply "Nosh". I am still working on the different platform views but wanted people to try it on for size. I know the large console thing is not a new idea but I have used that trend in most of the artwork I have done in the past for rocket launcher bezels and loading screens. Anyways let me know what you think. I am attaching the theme and the cropped consoles separately which will need to go in your platform images banner folder. I think this theme is best with the platform video background. You might notice the drop shadow on highlighted recent games and favorites, let me know if it stands out enough to catch your eye. I would like to maybe do an inner glow as well or even better animate the outer glow in and out. Might need some help with that however. Nosh.zip Nosh-Consoles.zip
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