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    Version 1.3.2


    The idea of this set is to place the gameplay video in context, with the hardware of its time. A touch of nostalgia to better understand an unknown material especially for the youngest. Most of the montages use the EmuMovie gameplay videos. The others are mine. This video set is also available in 16:9 ratio here I also share the gameplay videos I create with the help of the community. On EmuMovie FTP : "Upload here > _Video Snap Submissions > Viking (Platform Video)" /!\ IMPORTANT NEWS /!\ Dad of 2 young children, I dont have enough time to make another video. Thanks to him, @dragon57 are nicely create new video for this set. You can find additional videos here. If other people are interested in creating video for this set, here is a Mega link to download a 7zip archive with some source files that will help you stay in the graphical lines. Thank you for your help and your understanding! // VIDEO // Platform = 253 videos Category = 5 videos // INFORMATION // 4:3 format HD resolution : 1440x1080px MP4 format - H264 Codec - AAC audio - most with 30fps EmuMovie or community video integration, unless not available, I created myself the games loop. // INSTRUCTION // There is 2 way to download my videos : Way 1 : The easy one In LaunchBox, go to "tools > Download platform video theme" Select "Viking's Nostalgia (4x3)" Clic "OK" Way 2 : By hand Download files here one by one and copy into : ... / LauchBox / Themes / <theme name> / Videos / Platforms / ... Rename the videos exactly as the name of the desired platform in LaunchBox. Launch BigBox
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    Media Pack for AM2R for PC! Inside the archive you'll find: Box Art (2D) Clear Logo Still Snapshots (Game Play and Title) Standard Video Snap (MP4) All artwork made/modified by or compiled by Riffman81 (unless otherwise noted here). Enjoy!
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    Well, I got lucky with Google Image Search and found a really good transparent logo for Excite Trucks, and a high res copy of the No More Heroes logo on a simple black background, so it wasn't too tricky. I've been using Photoshop for like 15 year so I'm comfortable with saying I'm OK at it by now
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    The LaunchBox Games DB/Emumovies seems to be missing quite a lot of Wii stuff, is there any chance someone could make clear logos for Excite Truck and No More Heroes please? http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/suda51/images/0/03/NoMoreHeroes.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20090721041143
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    @qqmoreqq : Here is my version.@Detran : Thx !!!! I add this to the main archive =)
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    Except that the banana was domesticated over thousands of years, thus proving that man is the ultimate Intelligent Designer.
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    If you search the forum a user just created a tool to autohide the cursor in Demul, Here is the link
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    Because I believe that center jewel button requires Direct Input to be usable? At least with some odd research that's what I've found to be the potential truth. Or if usable, you may have the wrong internal code. Otherwise, why not use Controller Automation in LaunchBox? Similar to RetroArch, you have a hold / modifier button, that then lets use use other buttons for other functions. It's in the Options menu for both Big Box and LaunchBox. Also, thank you for the kind words. I do appreciate the views!
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    They are more then great no need to apologize your doing a great service.
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