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    New beta is out guys that fixes a bunch of bugs: - Fixed a major performance issue in LaunchBox when arranging by certain fields (anything that duplicates games in the list was causing the slowdown; was originated with the XML split) - Fixed a bug that was pausing the videos when prioritizing music over video audio - Fixed an error that occurred if background music was enabled but the LaunchBox\Music\Background folder did not exist - Fixed a VLC-related null reference error (somewhat widespread due to the new music features) - Background music folder now parses recursively all nested folders Hopefully some good steps in the right direction. Still some bugs to fix, but we'll get there. Let me know if you guys are still seeing any video or music issues with this beta.
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    Today we have a very nice update to the EmuMovies Sega Game Gear video snap collection. Sega Game Gear Video Snaps Version 1.5 includes 65 new videos for use in your favorite front end. Version 1.5 includes 338 Sega Game Gear video snaps in total. Continue reading for a list of the videos that were added and download information. EmuMovies Official Video Snap Collection for the Sega Game Gear Standard Quality - Site, FTP, Sync High Quality - FTP, Sync Videos Added or Replaced - 65 @DamnedRegistrations @shinobi68 @DamnedRegistrations - 63 Submissions Berlin no Kabe (Japan) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S (Japan) Buster Ball (Japan) Buster Fight (Japan) Championship Hockey (Europe) Chase H.Q. (USA) Cheese Cat-Astrophe - Starring Speedy Gonzales (Europe) Crayon Shin-chan - Taiketsu! Kantam Panic!! (Japan) Crazy Faces (USA) (Proto) Donald no Magical World (Japan) Doraemon - Noranosuke no Yabou (Japan) Doraemon - Waku Waku Pocket Paradise (Japan) Dunk Kids (Japan) F1 - World Championship Edition (Europe) Faceball 2000 (Japan) Frogger (USA) (Proto) From TV Animation - Slam Dunk - Shouri e no Starting 5 (Japan) Gamble Panic (Japan) Gambler Jiko Chuushinha (Japan) Ganbare Gorby! (Japan) GG Aleste (Japan) Griffin (Japan) Gunstar Heroes (Japan) Hyokkori Hyoutan-Jima - Hyoutan-Jima no Daikoukai (Japan) Ichidant~R GG (Japan) Jang Pung II (Korea) (Unl) J-League GG Pro Striker '94 (Japan) J-League Soccer - Dream Eleven (Japan) Jungle Strike (USA) Kaitou Saint Tail (Japan) Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba (Japan) Kinetic Connection (Japan) Kishin Douji Zenki (Japan) Magical Taruruuto-kun (Japan) Mappy (Japan) Pac-In-Time (USA) (Proto) Panzer Dragoon Mini (Japan) Pocket Jansou (Japan) Pop Breaker (Japan) Popeye no Beach Volleyball (Japan) Power Drive (Europe) Puyo Puyo (Japan) Puyo Puyo 2 (Japan) Rastan Saga (Japan) Scratch Golf (USA) Shanghai II (Japan) Shikinjou (Japan) Smurfs Travel the World, The (Europe) Sonic Drift (Japan) Soukoban (Japan) Spirou (Europe) (Proto) Street Hero (USA) (Proto) Super Golf (USA) Super Kick Off (Europe, Japan) Tails no Sky Patrol (Japan) Taisen Mahjong HaoPai (Japan) Taisen Mahjong HaoPai 2 (Japan) Wagan Land (Japan) Wild Snake (USA) (Proto) Yogi Bear in Yogi Bear's Goldrush (USA) (Proto) Yu Yu Hakusho - Horobishimono no Gyakushuu (Japan) Aa Harimanada (Japan) Barbie Super Model (USA) (Proto) @shinobi68 - 2 Submissions Factory Panic (Europe) Tarzan - Lord of the Jungle (Europe) View the full article
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    Version 1.0.3


    Videos from James Baker beginnings of the "Cinematic" project. A lot of these videos have been lost with time, so please ENJOY! Thanks to Mr.Baker and Jason for giving me permission to upload these Also Thanks to CriticalCid for hooking me up with a bunch more of Bakers old stuff.
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    This thread is different from the WIP one, where I post the boxes on a regular basis. You'll find here some ZIP packs. Edit: woot! they're now uploaded in the Launchbox database! < 3 PACK 1 - Indie_Games_-_Reconstructed_Front_Box_Art_(pack_1.1).zip ( 100 covers ) PACK 2 - Indie_Games_-_Reconstructed_Front_Box_Art_(pack_2).zip ( 69 covers ) PACK 3- Indie_Games_-_Reconstructed_Front_Box_Art_(pack_3).zip (157 covers)
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    If you are using Retroarch and the Nestopia core update it to the latest and in the core options with the emulator open you will find this new version of the palette. If you aren't using Retroarch depending on the emulator you are using you can download and the palette file and use it. I know puNES uses it but I don't know what other ones allow this. Here is the website for FriebrandXs palette files and more information on what they are and why they are good. Basically you want it because your NES emulation may not be outputting the correct colours. http://www.firebrandx.com/nespalette.html The download link is the big green "Unsaturated-Final Palette for Emulators"
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    Edit the emulator, check the associated platforms tab. Double check the name and the default command line parameter for Genesis. Make sure the name here in Associated Platforms matches the name of your platform on the left panel in LaunchBox, and make sure the command line is still accurate. There are 2-3 cores for Genesis available, so if the command line is set to the core you were using before, try a different one.
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    I'd go with MAME/MESS too, but you can also use blueMSXv282full (the standalone emulator, not the RA core one) to emulate the ColecoVision if you want to experiment with something else. As well as being able to emulate a variety of MSX, MSX2, MSX2+ and MSXturboR machines, blueMSX can also emulate some non-MSX machines. Coleco machines: ColecoVision console. ColecoVision with Opcode Memory Extension. Bit Corporation Dina. Spectravideo SV1-603 Coleco game adapter. Sega machines: SG-1000 console. SC-3000 computer. SF-7000 computer. Spectravideo machines: SV1-318. SV1-328. SV1-328 80. SV1-328 80 Swedish. SV1-328 MK2. All these can be selected (and reconfigured if you don't like the defaults) using the Machine Editor.
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    Also keep in mind that many of the old mods do not work in the Special Edition, some do however. A good amount have been ported over and more are coming and unless you are sure that an older mod works in the new version do not install it. Always read the mods description and even the "Posts" section for each mod for what people and the mod author is saying about the mod. DISCLAIMER: Mods can break your game so do so at your own risk.
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    Most likely not but to be perfectly honest I don't know, using the Steam Workshop to mod Skyrim is not a good way of doing things unless it is just one or two very basic mods. Using a mod manager such as the Nexus one is a much better way of doing things. Also I don't know if the the Unofficial Patch is on the Steam Workshop or not but everyone should have that regardless if they want to install any other mods or not. It fixes a lot of bugs that Bethesda themselves just don't care to. If you are new to Nexus Mod Manager and want to learn how to use it here is a perfect set of youtube video tutorials from Gopher to get you started.
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    Thank you sir! Perfect
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    Not the best but here's my attempt.
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    @daz Done ! UPDATE : up to 82 platform videos. rename - Windows_Indie (Games compatible with arcade stick, like BroFroce, Rayman, ...) add - Windows_AAA (Big game, big licence)
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    Hi Guys, I've been sent from DB land to headhunt someone to give a hand to In Virtue Dei, but I see he's already posted above. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated :). We're trying to fill in the holes in the platform images, so this would go to a good cause
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    Are these games which have audio files along side the bin / cue files? If so, for RetroArch, these need to be in a specific file format (I can't remember which one, I believe MP3), for which you can just do a simple conversion for, or the games could be bad rips. If you could try and find another rip, convert the audio files if they have them to the format RetroArch likes, or find a rip that doesn't have the audio files, then that could work. As a test, I got Nexzr to run, and it was a ccd / img combo. I kind of lied in the tutorial (actually I thought it was true at the time), but I do actually have some ccd games. My version of Nexzr doesn't have any audio files, and it launched just fine, so I am leaning towards a potentially bad rip.
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    @Ninja Danny B For the Games views and you want the small videos to play go into bigbox, options videos and untick show games videos the small videos should now play, provided they are named after the games or the roms and are in their proper folder, if you have them in a different folder you need to show LaunchBox where they are. In LaunchBox on the menu bar go to Tools, down to Manage Platforms, click on each platform in turn, then click on the Folders Tab, then click on video, Browse and show LaunchBox where your Videos are located. See Screenshot
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    thanks for the kind words everyone. I may do one more update in a few weeks time and call this theme completed... pending any new theming features. I do plan to build 16:9 games view as well, we shall see. Again, requests are always accepted. If you do enjoy using the theme please leave a review on the downloads page.
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    Media will automatically get added in to LaunchBox, if it's in the proper folders, and if it's named properly. LB picks it up if it's named after the entry inside of LauchBox or the file names as well. The most common situation will be that the media will be named after the game name inside of LaunchBox as most users use the Metadata and Media downloaders to download all of their metadata, images, and from EmuMovies, images, music, manuals and video. If you have a pack, and it's named after the rom files, just drop it in and you should be good to go.
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    @Maddoc1007 Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah I've got that with the platform views, it's after that when you have selected a platform and are browsing through your games. I am hoping there is a way to make my game videos display in the game screenshot window. Thanks again
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    Showing only Favorite games is a good option too.
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    Hi @Jason Carr Just an update on the LaunchBox original Platform view not displaying in alphabetical order since the introduction of the Platform Category feature. As I mentioned earlier, using the old Platform view shows the platforms in correct order with game counts off but all jumbled up when game counts are on. But if you disable the All, None and Exists check boxes, then the platforms sort ok with game counts enabled.
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    The best i've seen
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    I was hoping for this change too!!! Right now when I'm in BigBox at the Platform selection screen and I choose something like the "Arcade" Platform, it always takes me to the beginning of the list alphabetically (which in my case is "1942"). Let's say I scroll down and play something like "Pac-Man". When I exit the game, it takes me back to the game selection screen and "Pac-Man" is still highlighted. But if I exit back to the Platform selection screen and then choose the "Arcade" Platform again, it takes me way back to the beginning of the list (back to "1942"). So, it would be nice if when you exited a Platform, it would remember which game you had highlighted. That way when you select the same Platform again later, it would take you right back where you were the last time you were in that Platform.
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    The systems grouped nicely together. Hopefully this will reach BigBox soon although I would hope region sorting would make it to BigBox first "wink wink"
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    @Jason Carr Coverflow in visualstudio seems to be good now only tried for a few minutes as just downloaded new update now the only thing i need is for the non background videos in the 5 platform views to align bottom and centre vertically for the new theme i'm working on (no need in the games views as all videos are 4.3 aspect ratio), something completely different. So KUDOS to you Jason yet again.
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    Go to SNES games et select Super Mario World Exit Go to Megadrive and go to my last game playing Exit Go to SNES and find the last wheel "Super Mario World'
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    I would love this feature. Specifically for mame games. I have my hyperspin set up so that it will have different platforms for different company's and I do not need to have multiple roms.
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