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    Thank you sir! Perfect
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    @Ninja Danny B For the Games views and you want the small videos to play go into bigbox, options videos and untick show games videos the small videos should now play, provided they are named after the games or the roms and are in their proper folder, if you have them in a different folder you need to show LaunchBox where they are. In LaunchBox on the menu bar go to Tools, down to Manage Platforms, click on each platform in turn, then click on the Folders Tab, then click on video, Browse and show LaunchBox where your Videos are located. See Screenshot
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    @Maddoc1007 Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah I've got that with the platform views, it's after that when you have selected a platform and are browsing through your games. I am hoping there is a way to make my game videos display in the game screenshot window. Thanks again
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