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    Hey guys, Thought I'd just say hi, I've been a lurker for a few months but I think it's time to help out wherever is possible. These custom grid banner images are in the same style as the official Steam banners. I spoke to Jason and he suggested if we wanted to incorporate them into the database we should probably create a new field for them. There are two choices: - Blurred Grid Banners - Clear Grid Banners Example of blurred steam images - http://i.imgur.com/QeKKjUL.jpg I currently have 1,500+ of these images and will begin making packs and release them in the downloads section if people decide they do not want to create this additional category for the games database. Let me know what you think Want to create your own? - I have included the custom grid banner template that you can download. - The dimensions of the grid are set at 920 x 430. - Find a high quality background image - Find a high quality clear text image - If you want to create the blurred effect, add a Gaussian blur to the background - 11px Foxy Monty Custom Grid Banner.psd
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    Excellent theme! Looks great, I'm trying but I have a problem with some videos and I'm using what you recommend, I'll leave you some photos:
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    Is there any way to export the media and meta data that fs-uae has of the game and import it into Launchbox? About 30-40% of imported amiga games in launchbox have no media but can be found in fs-uae/oagd.net.
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    For a Win 10 gaming and emulator PC, you are most likely to need: -directX 9 stuff (9.0c) -32bit and 64bit vc++ runtimes for: 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2005 -all the .NET framework versions and service packs available for Win10 -enable Legacy Components->DirectPlay in Programs and Features/Turn Windows features on or off That should keep programs out of trouble.
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    Hi Guys, You may have noticed that I've been going through the issue tracker for the LaunchBox Games Database. So, here's the lowdown on what's happening: 1) Hi! Name's Alex. I'll be helping out with development wherever Jason needs me for the next little while. 2) I'm currently looking into throwing some love at the Games Database. 3) I'm pretty quick at resolving or closing tickets. Sadly, I sometimes pull the trigger too quickly. Don't be afraid to reopen issues or to comment on them, i'll look into it. 4) I basically use the issue trackers as my to-do list. Keep adding everything and anything to it, I'll filter through it and see what we can fix/improve upon :). So, here's what some of the messages mean: - If you see a reply with "Fixes #issuenumber" and then some weird combination of numbers and letters at the bottom, it means I've submitted code to fix that specific issue. You won't see the fix until the physical server hosting the website is updated to match what is being held on the bitbucket repository, although we're very good at doing that pretty quickly :). So, if I'm resolving your issue, and it's still happening, try again tomorrow :). It's probably going to be fixed. (If it's not, I messed up. Let me know.) - If I'm closing something as "Invalid", it means that it's either posted in the wrong issue tracker, or it's not actually a bug/feature request. Sadly, due to the large number of issues submitted, and the low number of people looking at them, I won't be in a position to crosspost them to the appropriate tracker. Before being offended, make sure to read the comments posted. Seriously. My main goal is to make everyone happy and everything awesome, so don't think that I'm trying to ignore you :). - If your issue is marked as "On Hold", it doesn't mean that I'm sweeping it under the carpet, it means that I'm not working on it right now. Not because it's not important, or not a good idea, simply because something else is on fire and/or melting somewhere else :). I've seen the issue, I've probably commented on it (I hope. If not, I apologize. Let me know! ), and I will get to it :). - If your issue is marked as duplicate, even though it seems different than the issue i'm relating it to, it's because it's actually a duplicate or a deeper bug. Don't worry. - I'm excessively bad at estimating the time required to do things. But I mean well. So, if I tell you that i'll get something done today, I sincerely mean to get it done today. Sadly, chances are that a pack of radioactive mongoose will select that day to overtake the local government and try to press me into some form of man-mongoose militia. I apologize in advance, but the good news is that it should be done shortly :). So, that's that :). Currently, I'm getting alternate names up and working, next is some random bugs that are causing crashes, and then i'll see what I can do to resolve some of the stuff that's currently on hold. Feel free to give me a shout whenever, i'm pretty much always online (either at vlansix@gmail.com or through the patreon discord server) So, thanks for taking the time to read, you guys are awesome (Seriously. This place is scary. Everyone is so nice o.O), and let's fix this database :).
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    A Mugen one would be great to go along with the outstanding OpenBOR one you did. That and Famicom Disk System are the only ones missing for me.
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