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    Do you mean the Video Themes or Big Box themes? If you are referring to the videos than you should find theme videos for almost all arcade systems with this method. There are no videos for consoles, computers, handhelds, etc at the moment, just arcade. If you mean Big Box themes. Yes, all Video Themes will work with all Big Box themes. But depending on the theme/view they won't look right or be too small. You may want to use themes which have a view that features huge gameplay videos without stretching them. Btw. I have just updated my own theme with 2 additional views which were designed for these Video Themes
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    CriticalZone v1.3 is out with 2 completely new Views for the newly added Game Theme Videos (recorded HyperSpin themes)! CriticalZone Changelog: v1.3 (12/02/2016): - Added: 2 new Game Views. Both were designed to take full advantage of the newly added Game Theme Videos. You have to use LB v7.0 Beta-16 or higher in order to use them! - Updated: The ReadMe file now contains information’s for downloading and using Game Theme Videos.
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    @viking I leave you a small video that captures with the bigbox working and the theme. I hope you help to detect the error and maybe to find a solution. Greetings and thanks for your effort! Sorry the capture program is not the best.
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    Yes, when you want to download them comfortable and simple through LaunchBox you'll need an EmuMovies premium membership. But the video themes are also coming for free users to the EmuMovies website next week. But as free user you’ll have a daily 1.5GB download limit so you’ll probably need 1 or 2 weeks until you have everything downloaded.
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    Holy Smoke that looks awesome!!! Can't wait to try this out. Hopefully it will be soon. Thank you Cid for all your hard work getting these themes to video. Not an easy task.
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    Yeah, if you are one of those guys who like to play co-op with friends, then you'll be facing some ridiculous issues others never need to worry about. I was able to solve some issues by opting for SDL-Input wherever possible. See this post for further info. Further, I've stumbled on a kind-of workaround by the means a of Microsoft Tool named devcon.exe. With devcon.exe you can simply disable the controllers you don't need for a particular game, and re-enable your controllers after you are done playing. Not a really clean solution, but definitively helpfull for some cases. Here is a link with further description and download if you are interested. I was unware of that "devreorder" tool. Sound worth checking out. Please let us know how it is working out.
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    Hey guys, sorry for the late response but I got finally around to do your requests. I will wait until I have a couple of new videos done before I upload them as an Update Pack on EmuMovies though. Sorry for this inconvenience but on that way it's easier for me and you guys to keep track of the newly added stuff. I've also updated the main post with the stuff you'll need to provide me for doing requests.
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    It’s possible but you would need to add it yourself. This view is intended to be used with the Game Video Themes and cover wouldn’t fit to it very well, I couldn't even find a good place to add the platform logo to it. So unfortunately I won’t add any cover to it, sorry. EDIT: I’m in good mood today so I quickly did an alternative version of this view just for you. It’s just a quick and dirty solution without any optimizations but I hope it will do the job just fine for you Just put this file in the “Views” folder of my theme and replace it with the original one. HorizontalWheel1GamesView.xaml
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    That is weird that it would shift over but check in your video settings and see if Custom Viewport X Pos and Y look like this. It is possible to convert games to cue + bin. You would need to start by converting your .ape files to .wav, then you would need to mount your disk image in virtual cd program like Daemon Tools or Virtual Clone Drive. Once mounted you could use ImgBurn to create a new image in cue + bin format. Depending on how many you have you may be better off getting new dumps.
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    Videos are still misaligned for me too. If it helps, I noticed that Intellivision, Atari Jaguar, MS-Dos, NeoGeo, NDS, 3DS, and Amiga CD32 (and a few others) are all lined up perfectly. If those videos share some quality the others do not, perhaps that's the key? . . . just guessing
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    @Kriven Wow, good question. That might actually work just as a side-effect of the images stuff, but I didn't build it that way on purpose so honestly I'd have to test it. See if you can give it a test. New beta is out guys with quite a bit of new stuff. Cid's recorded Hyperspin game theme videos are now available from EmuMovies, and you can now also download them from within LaunchBox using the regular import or download wizards. I'm really excited to finally have those available for everyone. Huge thanks to @CriticalCid and @circo for finally getting them available to us despite all the red tape. There's now an option in Big Box to prioritize the theme videos over the standard game footage vids. The Download Platform Videos screen has also been improved; it now supports EmuMovies videos (Circo is in the process of populating them all and adding more new vids). I've also hit up @Nyny77 and @viking to get their awesome videos added in as well. This should provide some amazing options for videos. Finally, Tools > Scan for Added ROMs is now live as well. Let me know how it works for you guys, and let me know if it finds any files with file extensions that it shouldn't find (such as save states); I need a good list of file extensions that should be ignored. Let me know if anyone has a good list of those. It's still a work in progress but should work for the most part. Oh, lastly, there are quite a few new views for Big Box that have been added as well, which should allow theme creators to create some spiffy new views to support those recorded themes. Thanks all!
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