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    Version 1.0.0


    Two files included. One with sound and one without. Copy the one you want to the Launchbox videos folder and rename it to startup.mp4. Of course, you'll want to backup any existing startup videos first. Enjoy. Let me know if you find it useful. I also have a vid that says Arcade instead of BigBox if anyone is interested. Here is a demo.
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    This plugin is still in development and still has some quirks to work out but it is now fully functional. To install place the contents of the zip file into your LaunchBox\Plugins folder. Once installed when you launch LaunchBox or BigBox you will be presented with a quote as soon as the application starts. The quote will stay on the screen for several seconds before disappearing. Source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/fpdavis/QuoteOfTheDay The full Readme file is available here: https://github.com/fpdavis/QuoteOfTheDay/blob/master/README.md There are several options in the QuoteOfTheDay.dll.config that you may want to change. The two most important are outlined below. QOTD_Type: Valid values are "Verse", "Quote", "Local", or "Random". Local is the default value. Verse: Loads https://www.biblegateway.com/usage/votd/rss/votd.rdf from Bible Gateway and displays the Bible Verse of the Day. This was the original inspiration for the plugin and was inspired by Dubbloseven from a Live Developer Session who sugested we add a "Bible Wheel" to LaunchBox (Let's Build Some Plugins! - 2017-05-08 - LaunchBox Development Live Streams @ 11:30). Quote: Loads https://feeds.feedburner.com/brainyquote/QUOTEBR from BrainyQuote.com and displays the Quote of the Day Local: Loads a local file named Quotes.xml and randomly displays a quote from this file. This file contains many Video Game related quotes. This is a standard XML file and you can add your own quotes and remove quotes from this file as desired. Random: Randomly displays one of the types listed above (Verse, Quote, or Local). SecondsToDisplayQuote: How long to leave the quote on the screen. Too long and you will be waiting, too short and you won't be able to read the quote. This value is specified in seconds. 8.5 is the default value.
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    Added ScummVM media for over 100 games including soundtracks,videos,artwork,magazines,maps,backgrounds,and strategy guides. They can be found in the same folders as the previous collection in my MegaUpload folder. The official release video is here.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtF2nU1ZaK4
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    Created an plugin to download videos from youtube, please let me know if there's any errors so I can try to fix it. Compiled files: https://github.com/rodrigosiviero/launchbox_ytscraper/releases/download/0.0.5/YoutubeScraper-0.0.5.zip Also submitted on Forum downloads here: Forum Downloads Feel free to compile/hack yourself. How it works:
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    Marvel Intro Inspired Startup Video View File Two files included. One with sound and one without. Copy the one you want to the Launchbox videos folder and rename it to startup.mp4. Of course, you'll want to backup any existing startup videos first. Enjoy. Let me know if you find it useful. I also have a vid that says Arcade instead of BigBox if anyone is interested. Here is a demo. Submitter JaysArcade Submitted 05/13/2017 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
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    EpicFail ScummVM Launcher NEW View File Version 4.0.0 Now works with the ThirdParty folder. Also added a way to convert the BatRunner roms to launch straight from Launchbox instead of running through the batrunner and bat files. This feature is new. Version 3.4.0 Big changes in this one. Some may like it, some may hate it. I now rewrite your ini file to help you out and maintain portability. New game menu item to Configure ScummVM. ScummVM will open with that game selected. No need to scroll through a big list to find/guess the specific game to configure. When using my menu items to configure scummvm, I will automatically rewrite absolute paths as relative paths to your ini file. I also gave you the Configure ScummVM from the Tools drop down. During generation of the *.bat launchers I will check that you have the emulator set up, if not I will fix it for you. Can't change ScummVM path or launcher path now. Just go with it, life will be better. Simple and Advanced modes. Advanced mode is what your used to. Simple mode is one click setup, creates full list of launchers, and emulator creation. It will ask if you want to filter the non english languages. It should be easy if it works the way I intend. click on the Tools->ScummVM Import Tool (simple) click on the Tools->Import->Rom Files to import the bat files as ScummVM games. Now scummvm can be portable easily in 3.3.1-plugin, you can rewriting the ini file. One click will read every single setting out of the ini file and find all absolute paths, check if the path is valid, than convert then to be relative to the launchbox directory. I owe you guys some new instructions. Updated with relative path for better travel! ONLY the DLL is updated... See the update note below lots of new stuff. uses launchbox built in ScummVM by default uses a local scummvm.ini by default, import existing to a local or create new fresh local scummvm.ini, all built in find and remove existing epicfail files. better rom names for smoother mass import BatRunner.exe installed from gui, must stay in your launchbox folder, point to it as your scummvm emulator. (BatRunner.exe is just the ScummVMimport.dll renamed and move to the launchbox main directory. Will prompt you when you create your launcher bat files. So its automatic you won't have do any thing to create it) Just point to it as the application for you scummvm emulator if your using the bat files. Updated filtering with priority duplicate control. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Older Version 2.0.5 from the videos ScummVMLauncher.exe NEW AND IMPROVED - NOW WITH RETROARCH FEATURE This is the scummvm launching system I use with launchbox. Most importantly this allows you to get art and videos for BB. It works for me, so I'm sharing it. SETUP LAUNCHERS: Put these ScummVMLauncher.exe files in your scummvm directory same directory as your scummvm.exe. I'm using currently. If you already setup my old launcher you can just delete the files and the launchers folder. This is how I use it. 1st is to open your ScummVM and do a "Mass Add" if you don't know what that is hold the shift button down and the add button on scummvm will change. You could skip this if you already have your games loaded in scummvm, but I recommend starting fresh. After that close the scummvm program and assuming you have the microsoft .net framework installed run the ScummVMLauncher.exe. From the window, select Tools->load scummvm.ini this will attempt to automatically find your file in %appdata%ScummVM/, if its not there just navigate to the directory that you keep it and select your scummvm.ini file, then select open. This will grab the scummvm.ini file selected and parse it. You should see the gui populate and look similar to the screenshot. The gui should be intuitive. Filter the games the way you want to. Select Tools->Generate Launchers SETUP IN LAUNCHBOX: Setup the emulator for ScummVM and pick the ScummVMLauncher.exe file as the executable. import roms - pick the launchers folder to import. Enjoy in BB, with art and videos! Submitter epicfail Submitted 02/17/2017 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins  
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    Movie Scraper Plugin View File Downloads Information and Images for Movies. Thanks to @superfurry for the insperation(he created the Movie Launcher in this thread) thanks to @Nielk1 for assistance with the forms, you do amazing work and are always there to lend a hand. this Plugin uses the Fanart.TV Api and omdbapi to scrape images and details. simply add movies to your LaunchBox collection. Right Click on the Movie or Multiple Movies Select Scrape Movie. you may need to hit f5 to refresh the images. you can find this sourcecode and others at https://github.com/slipsystem/LaunchBox-Plugin-Examples BUY ME A BEER Submitter slipsystem Submitted 05/13/2017 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins  
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    Hi guys, just got into Launchbase in the last few weeks and I am in love with it, having used Hyperspin on and off for a few years. I am embarking on a project to collect as many systems as possible and build myself a "console" based on Launchbase. With this of course, I am trying to complete systems and make sure I have all the artwork uniform etc. The one thing I have noticed is that the Games DB is in a bit of a mess, but I don't want to go around making loads of changes without asking some questions first. Is there a default region we use (ie North America, then Europe, then Japan or just use World unless region/country specific). I say this because I have noticed many times, there is a ClearArt on USA and on World, the World one is better for example, but Launchbase automatically pulls the poor American counterpart. Is there a preference for say Cartridges. I would prefer cleaned up computer generated images (ie Photoshop scripted renders) rather than poor quality photographs, but I have seen both on some and again, the photo has been pulled first. Is there a way to bulk import to the database? I will be doing my edits locally in Excel pulled from the Audit tool first as this is quicker, it would seem silly to have to go through one by one for bulk changes. Really interested in the answers. To let you know I am a web developer in PHP/SQL/Rails and an IT manager and I studied Digital Media Production so I am proficient in Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere. I also am a whizz at Excel so I hope I can help in any way I can.
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    Holy moly are they're really cranking on Xenia. The current game being showcased is a little known game based on the european comic strip of the same name. The game is Asterix at the Olympic Games. From what I'm seeing the game seems to be running almost flawlessly with a few stutters here and there. The most apparent graphical bugs seems to be partical effects (yet I'm not that familar with the original game and how they looked). I have been following Xenia for quite sometime and what normally troubles most of these games are strange lighting glitches or audio beep and farts. Here is the first time i can really recall a game being done right in terms of shadows as well. Please note: one of the reasons this is running so well is partially due to the monolith running this thing. The specs are in the info on the page but I will write it at the bottom. This is a major, major leap forward and very exciting time to be watching the state of emulation. I think it's even kinda newsworthy in my mind @SentaiBrad do you wanna cover this on your next retro spotlight? Specs used to perform this emulation: CPU - Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.60 Ghz RAM - 32 GB DDR4 GPU - GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8GB OS - Windows 10 64bit Credit goes to: John Godgames: http://www.godgames-world.com I find it best to keep up to date with xenia via the subreddit r/emulation, but also their website: http://xenia.jp/
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    I think it would be just a case of adding it to the api , I am pretty sure he will add that though .
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    Trim the video is a great idea, I know how to do it, but i will have to rewrite a bunch of stuff, let's see if I can make it.
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    I second the progress bar that's all it really needs. At first, I had no idea if it was working or not until I checked the videos folder and saw videos being downloaded rapidly.
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    This is amazing, helps save so much time. I have a few suggestions that would be awesome if possible, #1 - add a time adjuster to URL Scraper, for instance 'start the video at: / end the video at:' type of thing. #2 - downloading progress bar so you can see when your downloads are finished, or a popup messages displaying that the downloads are done. amazing plugin dude!
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    @Ndonkersloot, you don't use the USB connection with your U360s. You configured them in 8-way only? Envoyé de mon Nexus 4 en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Cheers, all is well again. ^^
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    I would still scan the zipped ones to create the xml in Launchbox for Rocketlauncher to use. The ScummVM exe will need to be able to see the folders to create its ini file. I'll try to do an updated video with the corrected method soon.
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    WikiPeek v1.00 by Superfurry A very simple plugin that will launch the full Wikipedia page of the game you have selected. 1.Extract into plugin folder. 2.Reload Launchbox or Bigbox. 3.Right click game and choose WikiPeek. Superfurry WikiPeek v1.00 By Superfurry.rar
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    Oh this is awesome. How about adding in Fandom Wiki (formerly Wikia) articles too? Some series have much more dedicated groups around the game. Sega Retro (though a custom wiki like site), the Nintendo Wiki etc all come to mind.
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    you don't have to do them individually...hover over the add game button and press (cntrl or shift,i don't remember) and it will change to mass add....click it and point it to your folder that has all your scummvm games in it. unfortunately we cant share the ini because it describes the game paths,which are surely different for most of us. Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
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    Great theme, smooth, sharp and fast. I recorded a video of this theme in action @ http://youtu.be/O9pTmodEFSY Cheers!
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    I Cant use this image you have created, since it's not close enough for a correct representation of a Bally Cartridge. Should look something like this: And the sides on the cartridge is polished blank, not the same as the front.
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    I love it! Great work! Take that, Facebook Gameroom!
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    Added 91 New Fades to the Collection. They can be found in the same folders as the previous collection in my MegaUpload folder. The official release video is here... And here are some examples of the new work...
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