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    So, unfortunately Jason has decided to let me go as of today. I have loved the 3 years total that I have been here, and the 2 years on staff working with all of you and making LaunchBox exactly what it is today. I tried my hardest, worked my hardest, and I poured my soul in to EVERYTHING I ever did here. I made a lot of friends and a lot of fans, and that is something that can never be removed. I wont say why I was removed, as it's not really my place, nor do I want any boycotts of LaunchBox. I did get a few of those comments already. Please do not. That is not my intention with this, at all. I still love these people. Going forward, I'm going to try and do some extra content on my channel now, I have the time it seems like. So, assuming it's ok to post these links, I'll post down links to my Discord, YouTube, Twitch and Website. Everything will be there if you want to follow me and see what I do next. I still have my game I'm working on, Retro Style Spotlight WILL continue on my channel, and I have all my gameplay stuff still going on. People have been asking me for my Patreon link too, but I will refrain from posting that here. Again, thank you so much for the 2 amazing years. Thank you to all the Staff who is here now, and thank you to all of our Patrons who gave me encouragement each week to keep making RSS and new content for them. My Site: http://www.bradcheyne.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/SentaiBrad Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/SentaiBrad Discord: https://discord.gg/srM9DAx Twitter: https://twitter.com/SentaiBrad
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    Thanks @Maddoc1007 for the "Dockpanel" tip it has totally fixed the dpi scaling issues that was plaguing this theme, now the text should scale nicely on all the resolutions regardless of the windows scaling option selected. Here is the end result after applying the dockpanel and text wrapping properties, notice that the new text became smaller than the original text which is weird (and yes, I tried increasing the text size) but it is better than having overblown text size at different resolutions..fair tradeoff I believe Original Game View 1 and 2 at 1980x1080 at 100% scale: Original Game View 2 at 3840x2160 at 300% for comparison sake Fixed Game Views 1 and 2 at 3840x2160 at 300% (now consistent with original 1080p view at 100%) The fix was very tedious as I had to revisit each and every game view and rewrite the values again after the addition of the Dockpanel property but the effort was worth it in the end. Now back to Platform views development
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    Exactly. If the core features that most of us need from rocket launcher (fades, bezels, joy2key mapping per database name) could ever be infused into launchbox/bb somehow, this would be the end of discussion and complete success + world domination! Lol
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    Yea, being able to group games regardless of the system is a prime feature for the playlists. This way, none of the command lines or settings get messed up.
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    Version 1.5.1


    This theme was designed to add as little overhead as possible, while giving a clean and simplistic view of the content. To do this I decided on not adding any images at all, and instead used XAML to build all the elements. When zipped, the entire theme comes out around 300KB. RetroFresh works with your own media and uses them as its centerpiece. Hope you guys enjoy. Change Log Installation Instructions Extract 'RetroFresh 1.4.zip' or 'RetroFresh Detailed 1.4.zip' into the LaunchBox/Themes folder. Go into the RetroFresh/Fonts folder and install the 'SF Atarian System.ttf' font Open Big Box, go to Options/Views, select the RetroFresh theme. Video Demonstration The views I made are as follows: RetroFresh RetroFresh Detailed RetroFresh - Glass RetroFresh - Glass Detailed If anyone finds any issues, please let me know.
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    Version 1.0.2


    ComixBox v1.0.2 BigBox Theme 2/23/2017 Theme Description ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ComixBox is a theme based on old school comic book design. It relies heavily on having the proper artwork scraped for your systems and games including background fan art, screenshots, front cover images, etc. ComixBox also features some advanced animation techniques that have never been seen before in BigBox. Separate views were made for the diferent video snap aspects available. Utilize the option "Remember Separate View for Each Platform" in BigBox Options - Views to get the best visual from the theme (to avoid blank space on the sides of your video snaps). Theme Notes ~~~~~~~~~~~ * Requires the fonts Bangers and Clementine, which are included in the root theme folder. Install them before running BigBox. * The animations in the theme were ultimately just me experimenting with some stuff to try and bring something new to a BigBox theme. I thought they ended up pretty neat so I left them in. I do have a version without them that I'm planning on adding to the .ZIP file shortly. * The theme was ultimately designed for 1920x1080 but was tested to be fully working at these resolutions as well: 1280x720 1366x768 1600x900 Changelog ~~~~~~~~~~~ v1.0.2 (2/23/2017): Changed all the videos to use the background video object so they would stretch to fill their appropriate spaces Forced platform and game background videos to "On" in the theme settings file to compensate for the above change v1.0.1 (2/21/2017): Added fade effect to the title section so the text doesn't appear until after the animation passes (applies to platform and game views 1, 2, and 3) Added the transition selector codes back to the text views that was erroneously removed during development v1.0.0 (2/20/2017): Initial release
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    Version 1.0.0


    Moving on to the PlayStation. I'll be uploading themes for games in my collection (around 80ish). If you are looking for themes for any of the PlayStation Final Fantasy games, I have themes for all of those available here: Just an FYI: I won't be uploading themes for Crash Bandicoot or most of the Mega Man games since @hevenik uploaded video themes for most all of these already. I have, however, modified the videos I'm using from his collections to be 16:9 (added a wallpaper with a blur to fill up the black space on the sides) and incorporated music from the game instead of sound effects of the game since this is what I prefer. If there is any interest in those, I will upload them here; just let me know. Otherwise, Hevenik has you covered for practically all Mega Man and Crash games. I will be doing a theme for Mega Man 8: Anniversary Collector's Edition since that is about the only thing not covered in his set. 1. The Adventure of Little Ralph 2. The Adventures of Lomax 3. Alundra 4. Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins 5. Arc the Lad Collection 6. Blaster Master: Blasting Again 7. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain 8. Brave Fencer Musashi 9. Breath of Fire III 10. Breath of Fire IV 11. Bushido Blade (@SNAK3ATER) 12. Bushido Blade 2 (@SNAK3ATER) 13. Castlevania Chronicles 14. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 15. Chrono Cross 16. Contra: Legacy of War 17. Darkstone: Evil Reigns 18. Dino Crisis 19. Dino Crisis 2 20. Dragon Valor 21. Dragon Warrior VII 22. Einhänder 23. Fear Effect 24. Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix 25. Front Mission 3 26. Future Cop L.A.P.D. 27. G-Darius 28. Gradius Gaiden 29. Grandia 30. Harmful Park 31. Heart of Darkness 32. Hellnight 33. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile 34. Koudelka 35. The Legend of Dragoon 36. Legend of Legaia 37. Legend 38. Legend of Mana 39. Loaded 40. Re-Loaded: The Hardcore Sequel 41. LSD 42. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete 43. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete 44. MediEvil 45. MediEvil II 46. Metal Gear Solid (@SNAK3ATER) 47. Mortal Kombat Trilogy 48. Omega Boost 49. Parasite Eve 50. Parasite Eve II 51. The Raiden Project 52. Rapid Reload 53. RayCrisis: Series Termination 54. Resident Evil: Director's Cut 55. Resident Evil (Standard version) 56. Resident Evil 2 57. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 58. R-Type Delta 59. SaGa Frontier 60. SaGa Frontier 2 61. Silent Hill 62. Skullmonkeys 63. Strider 2 64. Tales of Destiny 65. Intelligent Qube (this was a special request for @RetroHumanoid) 66. Tales of Destiny II 67. Thousand Arms 68. Threads of Fate 69. Vagrant Story 70. Valkyrie Profile 71. Vandal Hearts 72. Vandal Hearts II 73. Wild Arms 74. Wild Arms 2 75. Wipeout 76. Xenogears 77. Mortal Kombat Trilogy (version 2) 78. Pepsiman (@SNAK3ATER) This wraps up themes for PlayStation, aside from any special requests that may come along. I'll either be doing PlayStation 2 next or filling in the holes I have for Super Nintendo; haven't decided. When I do get to Super Nintendo, those themes will be at 1440x1080 so they have a 4:3 aspect ratio since the majority of the themes I already have for that system are 4:3 (will make versions of the Final Fantasy SNES themes to match this too sine the ones I made before are 16:9).
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    Version 1.5.7


    #01. Description: BigCouch was designed for use on big TV screen. A clear and clean interface to navigate easily in your games and platform. Seems to be a display bug for the video alignment for few users on PlatformView 2 . It's random and it sounds like a bug in the video engine. CriticalCid has bypassed the problem by fixing the placement of the video for the 16x9 screens. If you have an alignment problem, try its patch. Available next to the theme. Thank you ! #02. Features: 4 custom platform view + 7 custom games view. Design for used fanart in background, with automatic blur. Custom icon set. (favorites, broken, ...) Custom media set for Banner and video. (See below.) Use auto config : No adjustments to be made. Annotated XAML file for easy customization. #03. Showcase: Platform view 1 > Same design as the video version, but here with the banner images. (Download link below for Hardware images set) Platform view 2 > Specially designed for my 4:3 video set. (Download link below) You must use the WMP video engine for proper alignment. Platform view 3 > Same spirit, but with fanart background. (The blur is coded, no images modification required) Platform view 4 > Another way. (The blur is coded, no images modification required) Platform view 5 > A basic list page. Because I can't disable it. ^^ Game view 1 > Media center style, with horizontal cover wheel, in light color. Game view 2 > Media center style, with horizontal cover wheel, in dark color. Game view 3 > Media center style, with horizontal coverflow. Game view 4 > Media center style, with horizontal cover box. Game view 5 > Same style for the classic list view. Game view 6 > Same style as the classic list view, but with clear logo. Game view 7 > Other style, for maxi cover size. Selected Game view > For all pages, once the game is selected. #04. Request : LaunchBox Premium with BigBox - v.7.0 (beta) and superior. Windows Media Player must be installed on your computer. #05. How To Install : Download the latest version of the theme. Unzipped the "BigCouch" folder into your : .../LaunchBox / Themes. Open BigBox, go to [Option> View] and select [BigCouch] as theme. In BigBox option, set the video engine on WMP. (you can test with VLC, But there are still some bugs) Relaunch BigBox. Done ! #06. How to Setup : HOW TO - CHANGING THE VIEW STYLE (platform & games pages) In BigBox Option > Keyboard Mapper > Change View = assign a key. Go back to main view and press this key. #07. Specially designed custom media : In addition, I shared a whole series of custom media designed to work with this theme. I invite you to follow the installation instructions on the download pages below: #08. Changelog : v.1.5.7 fix - Detail text space. add - Search by letter in all games view. v.1.5.5 fix - minor graphic change. add - 2 more Games View ! v.1.5.1 fix - try to fix video alignement issue with windows 10. Tell me if it's work ! fix - Now work with VLC video engine as well. But there are still some bugs for some user ... I dont know why =/ v.1.4.0 fix - try to fix video alignement issue with windows 10. Tell me if it's work ! fix - In game view, grey bakground everywhere for games without any fanart. fix - minor bug and graphic issues. add - new custom platform view. (video style, but with hardware banner pict) add - new custom games view. (list style with clear logo) add - readme file into theme folder. v.1.3.0 add - rating stars on games view. fix - adjust cover flow image size. v.1.2.0 add - another custom platform view add - auto-scroll text everywhere. fix - minor graphic fix. v.1.1.0 add - a custom platform video view fix - minor bug v.1.0.0 Initial release.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Going Through My Collection Of Images, I've Found These. They Are Controller Images, For Use With The Xbox One Controller. I Don't Have The Files, Which Would Go With These, I Am Afraid. Thought They Would Be Usefull To People Out There. Thanks Goes The People Who Designed, Created These Images, I Am Afaid I Cannot Remember Who They Were, But Thanks Again.
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    This indeed sucks man. I hope you don't become a total stranger around here.
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    LB does auto-fill in command lines for the emulators it suggests, but it's wildly out of date. I do have an updated list, but it hasn't been implemented yet.
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    What you can do is share configuration files. For example, I use @RetroHumanoid's RocketLauncher Experience (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeP60Vc-kRYCiJ1y2PvxryA) media and i used his fade settings and pause settings by copying his settings file and putting it into my folder. For basic settinsg in RL like getting a platform to run with the right emulator, watch @JaysArcade video - thats how i learned: I agree, its hard at first, but its easy when it comes to the emulators themselves. LaunchBox relies on you to know what command lines to use to get the emulator to do what it needs to (load a game, play a game, go fullscreen, etc...) but the RL modules (pre- set configurations for every supported emulator) already have that stuff worked out. MESS for example... I use the MESS module in RocketLauncher with the standalone MAME emulator. If I didn't use RocketLauncher i would need to know the individual command lines for 40+ systems, but in RL i just say use the MESS module and it works for every platform i throw at it - Future Pinball is the same way and so is Daphne, just use the module and it works - Here i see a long threads on how to get them to work with LB directly. So i agree RL is a nice to have and not a requirement, but i would say the complicated UI pays off when you get to complicated platforms and emulators because the RL team already did all of the hard work. I see it as a perfect marriage between the two and I have only used RocketLauncher for a few months. If LaunchBox had a similar setup where it had preset command lines per emulator or platform - that would be a gigantic step in the "easy" direction. But if it weren't for @SentaiBrad intial RetroArch tutorials i would have zero clue what command lines to use or how to get RA setup.
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    The additional apps can handle this if need be. I believe (I say believe because I use m3u files) when you import multiple CDs of the same game Launchbox automatically compacts the disks into a single entry with their additional app for each disk. Another way to handle disk swapping for PSX or Sega CD is to use m3u playlist files for emulators that support it (ePSXe does not) like Retroarch or Mednafen. You can then swap the disk in the RA UI or use of hotkeys.
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    thanks @neil9000, it seems a lot has changed in the past 6 months! I'm looking forward to contributing something new.
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    Perhaps one day (soon?) this could be done with the new plugins system. Maybe not all at once, but little by little you could get each of the features available in RocketLauncher such as the fades, pause screens, built in bezels, and so on. However, I'm no programmer and I have no idea what the plugins are capable of doing, and I can only hope that someone out there is already working on these ideas
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    I don't have a joystick connected to the computer, and i don't have any peripherals connected to the machine that can be reported as or emulate the movements of a joystick so I dont understand why your showing me a script that requires a joystick. Even the joysticktest.ahk fails on my computer because there aren't any joysticks hooked up to it. Thanks for being patient and trying to help out, and I get it if your done. I can run over to the AHK forums and look around there also.
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    I gotta say it's this theme that sold Launchbox to me. I've been using Hyperspin in my arcade cabinet for years now and haven't seen anything worth switching for before now. The features alone weren't enough reason to reprogramme everything if it just ended up looking ugly. Full marks Grila, it's something I'll be happy to show off to guests to my home.
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    Okay I'm not really into this but I voted because while it doesn't matter to me I'm not against it either. And now in the future you owe me a vote towards a feature request
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    You should probably paste the bitbucket link in here, people are lazy.
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    I would add correcting where it says "Ver las listas de reproducción". It's the only item that has the article "las", It would be more consistent with the formatting of the other items if it just says "Ver Listas de Reproducción". Also, I think "Apagar" (Turn off) should say "Apagar Equipo" (Turn off PC) for added clarity. Same for "Reiniciar" (Restart) and other system functions.
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    WHAAAA??? You telling me you do that with a mouse and keyboard? Holy cow. Now that makes those videos even more awesome. I was thinking of going ahead and paying the extra $30 per month to get all of the Creative Cloud software. I use GIMP because that's all I've ever used, but I did hear a while back that you can import projects seemlessly throughout the applications. I also found out, after I had already opted for After Effects, that Premiere would have been the way to go for the smaller projects I do... After Effects is over kill, but oh well. I really appreciate you taking the time to check and I LOVE that Super Famicom video. I am hoping (fingers-crossed) that you'll do one for a generic Playlist (I can't come up with any ideas for one yet), one for the MSX (nobody gives any love to that thing) and then, of course, PC Engine CD and the SuperGrafx.
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    I think I possibly did.... I KNOW I used it premiere for the regular famicom theme..... Which well, isn't on my channel anymore and now that I think about it, isnt on the launchbox channel either...... ugh........... Like I said, let me pull those project files out and I'll see whats going on with that....... No, about the wacom tablet. Would be awesome to do redraws that way though wouldnt it? All touch tablet......... Ummm, since you are a Adobe user - I would actually recommend learning how to draw with the pen tool in photoshop and Illustrator first... Or if you plan on doing touchscreen, just make sure you can apply all of that to adobe programs. The reason why I say that - You know how you can create shape paths in after effects? Well, what if you already have an illustrious drawing you have done in Illustrator,,, You can import each individual layer into after effects and convert those layers to shape paths based off of what you have already drawn. Makes for really nice effects. Especially the "draw-on" effect. but back to the echo effect - I'm downloading those project files right now, let me see what I can gather....
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    No problemo! I want to use it as an easier method to get the motion trail effect when something is moving around and I want to make it look like it's going fast. I've had to resort to making multiple copies of the image and then setting the timings slightly off for each one (and apply a blur effect to the trailing duplicates) to get that effect. It's super time consuming and a pain, especially if you want the image to do anything other than moving back and forth, so I tend to opt out of using in my videos with motion most of the time, but it looks cool in certain circumstances. I heard about the echo effect and watched some videos, but every time I apply it and increase the echo above 1, the image just gets brighter and brighter with no motion trail. I guess a good example of the effect is in your DS video. The wings of the pokemon have that kind of effect. Not sure you used echo there, but that's what I've seen echo do in the videos I've watched. I was also curious if you use a Wacom tablet for recreating images? I've considered purchasing one (I draw frequently) since they seem to be compatible with GIMP with a little elbow grease for getting the inputs mapped. It'd be nice to have an idea for how to re-create/create images for games that either have no artwork available or really low quality art.
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    I have used it yes, BUT will have to refresh myself by downloading some of my old project files. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with the echo effect? (Sorry for just getting back to you... I actually just got back online)
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    That doc is so informative I use it all the time
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    Honestly Arcade emulation is a little confusing but easy to understand once you read up a little. Go have a look at the Mame docs, they provide fantastic overview of how this stuff works: http://docs.mamedev.org/usingmame/aboutromsets.html
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    These are the two BIG errors I think can be edit easy, the are in the MAIN OPTIONS: Back translated as Reverso needs to be changed to Atras or Regresar or Volver (Volver is the most used word) Sleep translated as Dormir needs to be changed to Suspender. Dormir is the literally translation of Sleep but in spanish we use Suspender in this case. See the image attached and thanks for the fast reply!
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    Hey GarridiN, CliveBarker is doing the spanish translation. I'd recommend you just talk to him about the translation errors. Just post them in this Thread or send him a private message. We always appreciate help with finding errors in the translations.
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    Yes I realize but then I have to beat a game exit the emulator which takes me back to Big Box then tell it to switch over to launchbox to do it. Then go back to big box to pick my next game. Sigh....
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    As long as you uncheck the boxes during those media screens, yes. If you leave them checked it will re-download them anyways.
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    It would be best to make a BitBucket ticket for this, by going to Issues/Requests at the top and creating a ticket.
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    Hey @JamesBaker I know you use Premier, but do you ever use the Echo effect in your comps? Every time I want to use it, it doesn't work the way I see it working in the tutorials I've watched on it. Instead of creating duplicates of the image, it just brightens the image that I apply it to. Other than adjusting the number of echoes, I leave everything else at defaults (just like in the tutorials), so I have no idea why it would just make the image brighter without any actual echoes. Just wondering if you have ever noticed this/have any clue what I might be doing wrong.
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    @Jason Carr I am an Spanish native and I see some errors in the spanish translation of Big Box and some words which still appears in english. I can help if you want sending you some pics with the errors with the correct translation.
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    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls PC (16:9) View File Theme for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Submitter CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT Submitted 06/29/2017 Category Game Theme Videos  
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    Version 1.0.0


    Theme for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
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    We definitely need more of these in this style for other consoles. These would be great to use for playlists!
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    That, all of a sudden, makes a LOT of sense. I never actually thought about it that way, but yeah, there are series of games that span multiple consoles, so that makes sense. I might look into doing that.
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    All 309 titles have been added to the Panasonic 3DO! Including: magazine related material, promotional material, unreleased games, demos and foreign releases (no matter how obscure) In the process of cataloging I tried reaching out to some developers about unreleased games asking if they could shed any new light on the unreleased material. Although I could find nothing new. I did find many promotional works in magazines and articles. The one title that I can't find next to nothing about is Casablanca ni Ai o: Satsujinsha wa Jikū o Koete, a game released on many other systems including the Sharp X6800 and the PC 90. According to many sourced this game exists on 3DO but I can not find any front image box art for it. In my time previously to working with the 3DO in the launchboxDB I was working with the Acorn Archimedies. There I inputed more than 250 some games. Which I am going to continue working on... the problem, it appears is that there isnt a real comprihensive list of this system. If you can link me to one then I would be soooo happy.
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    Dolphin needs to build a shade cache for each game you play. While the cache is building, you get lots of pauses and jitters. Stenzek implelented a solution that let's you build shaders on the fly! This is not async like ishurka, this is same frame. To get it download build 5702 or later. It is a bleeding edge feature. Regressions in the build are possible. There are three settings; off, hybrid, and exclusive, with exclusive being very demanding and hybrid much less so. Hybrid reduces stuttering while exclusive largely eliminates it, but you will need a modern top end card to use it ( gtx 1070 for 4x IR). The feature works best with non Nvidia cards in D3D apparently. Nvidia cards support it but due to quirks in the driver's hybrid shaders in opengl are less effective. More in the link. Read the top rated comment for more details.
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    @SNAK3ATER You could wrap the notes in a viewbox here is an example <Viewbox Grid.Column="6" Grid.Row="5" Stretch="Fill"> <DockPanel Height="270" Width="264" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch"> <Canvas x:Name="NotesCanvas" Width="{Binding ElementName=NotesPanel, Path=ActualWidth}" ClipToBounds="True" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" Visibility="{Binding ScrollingNotesVisibility}" Margin="0,0,0,10"> <Controls:ScrollableTextBlock Name="ScrollingNotes" Text="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.Notes}" FontFamily="Cambria" FontSize="18" Foreground="White" TextWrapping="Wrap" Width="{Binding ElementName=NotesCanvas, Path=ActualWidth}" ScrollBeginDelay="10" ScrollSpeed="3" ScrollAutoReverse="True" ScrollEndDelay="10" ReverseScrollSpeed="0.5" ScrollDirection="Up" MaxWidth="{Binding ElementName=NotesCanvas, Path=ActualWidth}" TextOptions.TextFormattingMode="Display" FontWeight="Bold" /> </Canvas> </DockPanel> </Viewbox> Remember to give the dockpanel the size and width of the viewbox as example, Hope it helps. As for the red and black why not just include both in a separate folder and the user can choose which ever want they want to use by overwriting the main one you choose for the theme?
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    I use RocketLauncher (setup video below). I think the benefits are HUGE for a power user. the features i use it for are: - Fade in and our screens (the loading screens). I have these specific to each console and in many cases even to each game - Universal pause. So you can pause any game for any platform (even arcade) and it will bring up all of the specific media and manuals for that game - Bezels. SOme emulators have bezel support on their own, but a lot don't. RocketLauncher brings bezel support for all of them. People will argue that it is harder to setup but i think its actually easier. Retroarch for example, you tell rocketlauncher where retroarch (using browse) is and what core to use (also using browse). With Launchbox you need to type out that whole command line. For MESS its even better because some of those command lines can get a bit crazy in launchbox - they all go away with RocketLauncher because each module is specifically designed to work with that emulator and those command lines are already coded in so you don't need to know them. Don't get me wrong, definitely can get frustrating, especially when it comes to platform names and things like that. but overall i would say that bigbox brings the beauty to the actual game organization and selection (which is 50%) then RocketLauncher brings the beauty to the launching, playing and exiting (other 50%). take a look at my video, i launch a few games with fades, bezels and pause.
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    Name: Adding James Bakers GBC overlays to retroarch (TEST) Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2017-06-19 Submitter: Thatman84 Testing out James Bakers GBC bezels in RetroArch. This will get updated when @JamesBaker does his video Im just finding new features to this forum again Adding James Bakers GBC overlays to retroarch (TEST)
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    Found this tutorial online. It isn't as detailed as I would like, but it is helping me get started
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    Exactly, I'm saying if you enjoy those videos that BigBox has over LaunchBox then maybe RocketLauncher is right up your alley. You've challenged me a bit. I may make a video on how to setup and and use RocketLauncher with LaunchBox as Simply Austin has never created one. And I've never seen one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't think you can actually. There might be a ticket for this though.
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    Kill0byte said I have some DOS games (like Mission Control) for example that have multiple CD's and require you to switch discs at certain points during gameplay. I know how to do this in dosbox, by using "imgmount d disc1 disc2 etc. -t iso" and then using ctrl+f4 to swap discs, but I can't seem to figure out a way to implement this in LaunchBox. When I go to select an image to mount, it only allows me to select one file, and if I add each one separately, it assigns each one it's own drive letter. Would it work if I changed the drive letter for each iso to be the same? There are several guides on how to do this on this forum. Here's one I prepared earlier: https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/dosbox/ms-dos-games-with-several-cds#p16349 Ultimately, yes set the images to the same drive letter as it's the same as ""imgmount d disc1 disc2 etc. -t iso"" just in a nice GUI. <3 Hope that helps!
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