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    I just wanted to share the way I personally add windows games to launchbox. So I created a .bat file and added it to my emulators folder. The .bat file: pushd %~dp1 "%~nx1" Once you've created the bat file, add it as a new emulator in launchbox and add "windows" to associated platform. And now all you have to do is import the games exe as a rom file.
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    Look I don't know you at all and no one wants any issues with anyone here but people don't talk to each other like that here and those that do find that they aren't welcome here long so if you want to belong to the community here then that's cool but if you want to be a dick I guarantee you end up getting tossed.
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    A look at my new home arcade cabinet. Got the 32" Upright Xtension Arcade kit from RecRoomMasters. You design and send in the artwork and they send you everything you need pre-cut. Good for people like me who don't have any real woodworking tools and are a danger to themselves and everyone around them if I had them anyway, LOL. Using Big Box (of course) with a launch video I made just for this arcade. The guts are an old HP PC I had that we weren't using (it actually wasn't working, I had to replace the motherboard to get it going again). Two Aimtrak guns for the lightgun games complete the package (I bought a couple of black plastic hooks to hang them from at Home Depot for about $4.00). I always liked the art associated with SF2 HF that you would see in strategy guides and old GamePro magazines at the time, so I used that as the basis for the artwork. The characters on the sides were all character art from old promotional material for SF2 HF. The Control panel uses the cover box art for the SNES and Genesis home versions of the game.
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    Version 1.2.0


    Fundamental is a clean theme that focuses on big artwork. Large, high quality covers are recommended to get the best visual appearance. ********************************************************************************************************************* A couple of notes about this theme: - After unzipping, you have to unblock the DLL that contains the font (in the plugin folder). -Requires the font Bebas Neue, included in the root theme folder. Install it before running BigBox. -Any display scaling above or below 100% is likely to cause alignment issues with some theme elements. -Because of the way the videos and their rounded corner mask re-size based on aspect ratio, you have to use WMP with this theme. VLC aligning in BigBox is horribly buggy at the moment and it doesn't work with the way things are accomplished in this theme. -I realize I could have accomplished my UI background files in pure XAML. I tested this and it decreased the theme's performance substantially, so I reverted back to using the images. -This theme is based around high quality vertical covers (1534x2100) for all platforms and game boxes (yes, even Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64). A good collection of them can be found at http://www.thecoverproject.net/. The theme will work with horizontal covers, it just won't look as intended. -Background opacity for the text based views is changed in the BigBox "Options" menu. A good setting range is 75-90 percent depending on your display. -I've included 12 custom platform banners that I made based on each systems game boxes. I may make a few more, but don't count on it. Be creative and make the ones you're missing yourself.
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    Think that might actually be a record, short of the Chinese spammers that get one or two spam posts in before getting banned. Some of them probably got more than 4 posts honestly.
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    Well done, you made it to a grand total of 4 post's before you got banned, way to go.
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    Tone your attitude down. You do not have a post history here so we don't know you from some random jerk posting links to potentially malicious .dll files.
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    No problem! Some other forum members requested some additional genres that I see you have (like light gun games), so I'll be making some more in the near future.
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    For sure! I'll start on it Monday when I'm back in my office. I believe I already have a platform view like that but can't remember off hand. If I do, it will only take me a few minutes to port it to a game view.
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    It looks like you have everything set up correctly and just need to calibrate your guns. Trackballs and Aimtrak guns are both seen as mice by your PC. The PID_1601 device (the one highlighted in your demulshooter screenshot) is your gun labeled device 1 and the PID_1603 is the one you have designated device 3. Make sure that PID_1601 is your P1Device in demulshooter and PID_1603 is P2. Now, for calibration, 1st make sure the guns are calibrated in the Aimtrak configure software. Second, just like some MAME gun games, all of the model 2 games each need to be calibrated in-game. Hit the TEST button(whatever you have it set to in the model 2 emulator, I think default is F2?) to bring up the service menu and find the calibration setting and calibrate the guns for each game. I had some trouble with some of the games and it took me a couple of tries to get the cursors to move where I could calibrate them in-game, try moving closer and/or farther away. After you get them calibrated in game you should be good to go.
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