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    Working perfectly now. Thanks a lot!
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    Sorry if I was misleading. When I said that it’s not possible I meant that it’s not possible with the native BigBox theming options and requires programming of a custom plugin for that. If somebody else has already came up with something for their own theme I suggest you ask the creator of it on how to use it in a different theme. According to your error message does the View look for the BackgroundVideoOnly version of BlueBox but you have the default version of it installed. I just downloaded and checked the default BlueBox version and all file paths in the theme code are correct, so I'm not sure what's going on. I suggest to try to download it again but you should delete your current instance of CriticalZoneV2 - BlueBox first to make sure that you have no faulty remnants of a previous version left that could cause trouble. Sorry, haven't thought about that, my bad. You have to copy all plugins files from the CriticalZone folder to the plugins folder of your new Default theme as well.
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    Looks like you have renamed the theme folder and therefore the Views can't find some of the files as the path is now wrong because of that. Just extract the theme again and leave the name as is. That's also a tipp in general: Don't ever rename custom themes or plug-ins Unfortunately it's not possible at the moment to differ between those two inside BigBox. Yes it’s possible. 1. Make a copy of the Default theme 2. Copy the View you want from the custom theme folder to your copy of the default folder (overwrite the existing view in this folder). In this case it’s the Wheel2GamesView.xaml from CriticalZone (you can find it in the "Views" sub-folder. 3. Open the “ThemeSettings.xml” file inside your Default theme copy and activate your copied View by changing the value of the correct View from true to false. In this case change this <DisableWheel2GamesView>true</DisableWheel2GamesView> to this <DisableWheel2GamesView>false</DisableWheel2GamesView> 4. Change the theme inside BigBox to your copy of the Default theme.
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    This was always the plan, should not take much to make some different colors. The Mega Drive font is actually already included in the download.
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    Get a new ROM set. Its available on Pleasuredome.org updated every last Wednesday of the month your like 15 versions behind (16 next Wednesday) now would be a good time to update (or just wait until next Wednesday and get 0.193).
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    There is one more thing you can try, Typhon. You can try importing all of your mame roms as a system NOT named either MAME or ARCADE. I'm guessing that those two system names trigger launchbox to look at some mame database that doesn't have those games in it. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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    if hyperpause was still separate, it'll be alright, but they merged it with rocketlauncher and ain nobody got time for all that clutter
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    Excellent! I'm glad you got it working. Odd errors like that almost always point to corruption of a file, or two. If nothing comes to mind as to how this happened, you may want to keep a check in the Event Viewer of Windows for disk related errors. You may have a hard drive getting ready to die.
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    @Typhon Try switching themes. It's possible that you have a specific theme set for that platform that might be messing it up. When you switch themes under the general Big Box settings, it should reset them. Let me know if that works.
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    Hmm, I know what it means, but that error makes no sense in context with MAME specifically. That ahk library is used across other emulator modules as well. Are you using the latest RocketLauncher code? Have you tried forcing an update so you are assured the RocketLauncher files are all correct?
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    Your next step should be turn on the RocketLauncher logging, then post the result on the RocketLauncher forum and ask for help there.
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    Just hasn't really been requested and therefore I never added it. So let's call this the first request.
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    This video is basically demonstrating FASM's method of viewing manuals, I did not come up with it though I did do some tweaks. There wasn't any videos of it in action, so.. here ya go! Everything you see is being inputed by my Xbox One controller ONLY. Perfect for that home console feel! Using the guide FASM wrote over at https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topi... but with some tweaks to the interface and I've also added Controller Companion in the background to control .pdf files so it all works seamlessly. Controller companion even auto-opens only on .PDF files and auto closes as well so no background tasks going on when you're not using it. Also, the manuals will fill the entire fullscreen, no borders or anything to show that it's being ran off a .PDF viewer. Another thing, the reason Morrowind doesn't fill the entire screen is because the manual was shaped like a PS2 manual! Final Fantasy VII was a PSX manual shaped like a square Let me know what you think, I can try to write out a detailed tutorial if anyone is interested!
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    To add each game Application Path: point this to your DICE executable. Parameters: type the game name (you'll find the list in the ReadMe text file that came with DICE). When you press OK and LaunchBox goes on about using an emulator etc., just select NO. For certain games to work properly, an external ROM is also needed. Put them in the roms folder in your DICE folder; if you don't see this folder then create it. These external ROMs must be renamed according to the DICE ReadMe list. So the game Anti-Aircraft [TTL] needs it's external ROM renamed from antiairc.zip to antiaircraft.zip There's no need to do anything else with these external ROMs. Whan a game that needs one is run, DICE will know one is needed and look in it's roms folder for it. If the ROM is missing or wrongly named, then DICE will show an error box. Two images here, one of a DICE game LaunchBox setup, the other of my DICE roms folder.
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    A bezel artwork file for Mame in it's simplest form will have a lay file and a png for the bezel. More complex ones will have several pngs for a choice of bezel as well as marquee, control panel etc. These multiple views are selectable from within Mame's Video Options menu. The lay file can be either named after the game or set to default. The artwork zip holding all these files should be named to match the game zip. The names for the various pngs can be anything, as they will be referenced in the lay file when it's being made. So the artwork file for the game mslug.zip will also be named mslug.zip, and it's lay file can be either mslug.lay or default.lay.
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