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    Yeah, officially it’s written with a space even though I find it quite inconsistent considering LaunchBox is written without a space. I guess I'll just take what's going to look better in my eyes. Thanks again for your work! I’m not sure when I’ll release the update because I want to include some more things before I’ll release a new version and I’m currently taking a break from theming and focuse on some other projects of mine. I hope it won’t be too long before I come up with an update. Stay tuned guys
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    Version 1.2


    BIGFLIX as the name suggests is a variation of Netflix for BigBox, the theme uses some assets from the popular streaming giant while offering a twist of its own. The theme introduces many features to enrich the user experience such as personalized user profile and banners support that takes the aesthetic looks to a whole new level. BIGFLIX was designed for users who enjoy using Big Box on a large HDTV and HTPCs with supported resolutions up to 4K but it should also scale nicely on PC monitors that supports 16:9 aspect ratio. As of BIGFLIX v1.1 and onwards, the theme will come in two variations: BIGFLIX: The original theme will stay faithful to the Netflix formula and is designed for users who wants authentic experience for their HTPCs that mimics the popular streaming giant UI. BIGFLIX PLUS: A theme variation of Bigflix created for the community using their feedback (i.e. keeping the original aspect ratios of videos and wallpapers, removing timer/buffer animations, fixing boxart overlapping for odd systems (PSX), weather and time plugin, Grilla's ListBox Scroll Center plugin, and many more! ). BIGFLIX Plus is constantly adapting to include latest community features while staying true to the original BIGFLIX experience. BIGFLIX v1.2 Changelog: BIGFLIX Showcase: Installation Guide: Extract BIGFLIX folder in "BIGFLIX_v1.2.zip" and/or BIGFLIX PLUS folder in "BIGFLIX_PLUS_v1.2.zip" to ...\LaunchBox\Themes Read the supplied text file in the Theme Colors folder and follow the guideline instructions on how to install BIGFLIX Black or BIGFLIX Red color schemes. The theme is defaulted to BIGFLIX Black. IMPORTANT: BIGFLIX PLUS uses plugins as of v1.2 so make sure you unblock the plugins found in ...\LaunchBox\Themes\BIGFLIX PLUS\Plugins by highlighting each plugin and then mouse right-click-->properties-->then scroll down and check "unblock"-->Apply Choose BIGFLIX or BIGFLIX PLUS in Options > Views > Theme Set Video Playback Engine to VLC in Options > Videos Refresh the platform wheel cache under options (Refresh All Images options is recommended for better user experience) Restart Big Box OPTIONAL: In order to fully enjoy the theme as per the creator's intended vision download the custom BIGFLIX startup video by the talented @ea4492 found Here. The BIGFLIX platform banners used in the video showcase is from @Klopjero's amazing work that is bundled within the themes all credits goes to them. Downloads: BIGFLIX_v1.2.zip: CORE theme file ---> Contains the Theme folder and is the only requirement to use this theme BIGFLIX_PLUS_v1.2.zip: Variation theme file ---> Contains the Theme folder and must unblock the plugins for first time setup before using this theme BIGFLIX additional media and theme artworks coming soon!
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    I wanted to share this - after research I've managed to get full light guns working with light gun games in Mame. I've done this on windows 7 and now 8.1. I can't confirm it'll work on 10 Requirements: Mayflash Dolphin Bar Wiimote(s) Tochmote Software (GIT Here) Mame UIFX Mame (not working with .180, but tested w/.174 and .175 dinput builds) It is a little tricky to get set up but I've been using it for awhile and I wanted to throw down a quick walk through of my settings and how I got it set up. Download required software and install. Keep dolphinbar on position 4 - this makes everything nice when you go to use other emulators - no change required . TURN YOUR CONTROLLERS ON IN THE WAY YOU WANT THEM ON WHENEVER YOU WILL BE PLAYING I cant stress this enough due to the way xnput handles slots. If you navigate lb/bb with xbox 360 controller then switch to this setup - you'll want your remotes in 2/3 slot. Otherwise you'll be resetting bindings all day everyday. I personally set mine to 1 and 2 and turn off my xbox controller when I'm going to play light gun games and nav with the keyboard. - one though - is if you want to nav with wiimote - think about setting arrow keys in the touchmote setup as well as one of your buttons for "enter" and another for escape. Touchmote Setup In Touchmote - pair your wii controller and set your motes up with Layouts- . Go to settings then controller config - and hit the plus. I have named mine Mame Light Gun 1 and Mame Light Gun 2. I would delete all but the default profile and just keep the 3 in the list of configs (more on why later). To set up profiles it is pretty easy - on the right side there is a list of outputs which you can filter by device. You can safely leave it in all, and just scroll the list. Remember when setting these - Green boxes are xinput controls, Yellow boxes are keyboard keys, Red are mouse controls. If you set set escape to a button, make sure to set it to one you will not be using in game obviously) Set up profiles like this - For Mame 1 you're going to want to set your pointer to "mouse cursor". You'll also need to set plus, minus a, b 1 and 2 to whatever keyboard keys or xinput buttons you want. Number pad works pretty well. For Mame 2 set your pointer to "left" or "right" stick under xbox 360 (green box) This will give your cause the left stick to function similar to a mouse for aiming your light gun. You'll cycle through these profiles after opening touchmote. When you're ready to play a game, open touchmote, hold "home" on the controller and use up or down dpad then a to select layout. You'll set 1 for P1 and 2 for P2. Mame Basic Setup Extract into your mame directory (you may want to make a new one just for these games and direct RL to use this emulator since you'll be messing with settings) the version of non uifx mame you want to use (I use .174 mame.) Extract over top of that the mame uifx (I use .175) Open Mameuifx64.exe - and find your light gun game, right click and edit properties (alt+g when selected). Under Controller - tick enable mouse, enable joystick, enable light gun, enable off screen reload. You'll also want to move your sliders for deadzone and saturation - this effects player 2's pointer set to a stick). mine are set to .06 deadzone and 0.50 saturation. Under Controller Mapping I set paddle, dial, adstick, trackball, pedal and positional to keyboard, mouse to mouse and lightgun to lightgun. Hit okay to close and save all changes. You can also set properties for these under "properties for XXXXcabinet the one if you right click on the game under the alt+g set properties" but do not do this unless you find yourself needing to trouble shoot that cabinet. I know it is not necessary for jaguar.cpp) Setting Controls Open Touchmote and pair controllers. Hold home on each wiimote and select "mame light gun 1" and "mame light gun 2" on your two remotes. Remember I usually set light 1 to 1 and light 2 to 2 to remember player 1 and 2. This is why you wanted to clear out layouts earlier - makes quick setting when you go to play. Open your game up in mame64uifx - hit tab, and hit input for this machine with your keyboard. You'll hit enter to set each control. So for example, set coin 1 to minus by hitting enter - then minus - you'll see the key/button you set in touchmote pop up. If you don't - check the toubleshooting section for ideas. Do this for trigger (sometimes called button 1), start, coins, any anything else how you want your settings done. For your light gun pointer - crosshairs on will probably help (I leave mine on all the time anyway since I'm not worried about competitive playing). To set crosshairs - hit enter on X analogue and Y analogue and move your wiimote swiftly in the X and Y directions (for Y point wiimote up/down, X side to side after hitting enter). Back out of menu and test by inserting coin and hitting start - you should be able to play in mameuifx at this point after calibration of the machine. Setting Up Mame/LB Add your light gun emulator mame64.exe (if you made a new one) to your usable emulators, import your light gun games to launch box. Set use emulator pointing to the new mame64.exe with launchbox for these games. With luck - the config files in that folder will already be set and you're good to go. To play - open Touchmote and set controller and select your game! First Play You'll need to calibrate your gun - this is a little trial and error. TAB and set dip switch to service mode (depends on game) Navigate to gun calibration (most games have you use a combination of p1 and p2 start and triggers) you may need to use your actual mouse first time around to select calibration on the screen) Follow on screen prompts (shoot at dots). Have Fun! - You should now have 2 player light guns working with mame using 2 wiimotes and a dolphinbar! Troubleshooting On first run - if your guns don't work opening from launchbox - try setting them inside mame opened from launchbox following the steps 4-8 under setting controls - this is hit or miss on the x and y axis', I've only ever been able to set the mouse pointer axis to set under mameuifx64. Make sure in the "gamename.ini" file there are 1s next to the control settings you set under mame basic setup above. 1 is a ticked box 0 is unticked in the ini files) - its an ugly way to do it but it works. If you can't set controls for x and y axis' - you might have to run though mameuifx again - sometimes the game.ini and game.cfg files won't stick - haven't figured out why yet. Check these files in your mame directory with notepad++ to see if configurations have changed. Again - the mouse on controller 1 is usually the one that gives issues. Also try opening mame64.exe directly and setting things if the above doesn't work (rather than opening though launchbox - this will give you the ability to use your esc key if you didn't bind one. If you can get stick working but not mouse (e.g. gun 1 doesn't work but 2 does) - it is a mame issue - check to make sure lightgun is set as lightgun in game ini or mameuifx. Try resetting your PC, reconnect controllers and play around - it does work but takes some fussing at times. Known Issues: Stick sensitivity for gun 2 leaves room to be desired- but Touchmote seems like a dead project at this point so I doubt they'll add an adjustment feature. To shoot off screen to reload - you may need to hit the edge of your screen (if crosshairs are on it becomes apparent what I mean) and mash fire. You get use to it after a little play and it's not that big of a deal. You may get it working and it just STOPS one day. Most likely its due to xinput slot changes. Rebind controls and move on. It sucks - but its part of life until someone can figure out how to assign device id to slot and prevent the system level changes. While this isn't an "aimtrack" setup - its cheap, dirty, and fun for the casual. I have my wiimotes in some no name handgun zappers and have also set up Supermodel for JP with this - lots of fun after some frustration. I hope this write-up, if not perfect - will at least get anyone who wants to try in the right dirrection. There wasn't much documentation on how to do this, but trial and error got me to a working setup. I have another thread open for some issues with using multiple controllers like this if anyone has advise on it - with regard to how xinput handles controllers after reset or plugging/unplugging.
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    PaDeMoniuM Cinématics View File These themes are made by passion, by a fan for fans please make good use ! By respect for my work and respect for participating YouTube artists ! Thx Encouraged By your messages , I drop the themes ! I open the doors of my Youtube Channel (after much hesitation) Once again A big thanks at Viking for his theme A big thank you also to robin55 for allowing me to remake these themes PLAYLIST Next themes: Nintendo nes/ Street fighter collection Playlist fantasia games and sports Themes of the moment : Updates Old thèmes : List of Themes: Platform Theme Classic Sega Megadrive Nintendo Wii Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 64 Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo Super Famicom (Alternate version) Mugen ( Long version) Sega Dreamcast Sony PSP Sony PS2 Sony PS3 CAVE Capcom Play System 1,2,3 SHMUMP Sega Model 3 SNK Neo Geo MVS SNK Neo geo Microsoft Xbox Master Chief Version Collection V2 Playstation 1 MSX Arcade V3 Handhlelds V1 Coming soon : Nintendo Nes 80's Themes Arcade Nostalgia 80's Dynamic Themes Arcade (Start up or catégories) Catégorie Console 80's Playlits Collection 80's Sega Master System 80's Outrun version Sega GENESIS Ultimate Arcade Tribute Theme Last eighties thème séries: Playlist Collection Zelda Collection Metroid Collection Megaman Collection Castlevania Collection Crysis Collection Double Dragon Collection Metal Gear Collection Legacy Of Kain Collection Doom Collection Kingdom Hearts Collection Final Fantasy Collection ( reedition Harryoke) Shenmue Collection Zelda Collection Version 2 remastered Coming soon street fighter Collection Playlist Genres Reedition Robin55/ Horror Playlist RPG Playlist Update! Racing Fighting 3D Submitter Padou Submitted 03/22/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
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    Version 1.34.0


    These videos are created in the 'Nostalgia' style originally created by @viking. I created these to fill some gaps in my collection. Let me know if you have any questions, or concerns.
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    Version 1.1


    Hi All, These are my Mame Bezel Art files which include a "Lay" file (so can be dumped straight into the Mame artwork folder once you unzip the main folder. These files will be ideal for use direct into Mame and on a tv with 16:9 view. Contains 121 files (letter T) of bezel arts from the internet, oh plus some of my own that I've cloned into two different glass views. I've opted for the "Real Frame Clear" and "Real Frame Glass" effect and just done left and right sides rather than all round as that would just take way too long and also I found a lot of the bezels found on the internet just take up too much of the screen and to compensate this you have to change the screen size. (i've also included other versions found on the internet if you prefer those to the ones I used). Both mame formats 4:3 Horizontal and 3:4 Vertical have been done. Once placed in the Mame Artwork folder start a game and Tab to Video Options pick which one you prefer "Clear" or "glass" and then you have to make a slight adjustement within the "Slider" tab for both Screen Horizontal and Screen Vertical (usually around .966 for both) The games are taken from the rom set that I currently have so title names may slightly differ from the ones you have. (i'm happy to email anyone my Excel file with all the game names vs rom names, if needed) For the games that I could not find any artwork at all for, I've setup a few standard looking sets (6 Horizontal and 6 Vertical) which gives a view as if your in an actual arcade. ****Any comments or feedback would be much appreciated people***** Adam
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    I just figured out that I will do it like this beforew reading your post ;'] it's good to know that my ideas are not that bad at all. thanks again lord for instant help. salute.
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    If you are like me and have a folder for Saturn games and then in that folder sub folders for each game you can use the search function of the Windows file manager to search for *.cue and it will list all the .cue files which you can then just drag into LB to import them (filter out the ones you will be doing with the m3u after). Once that is done you can go back and do the same thing wit *.m3u.
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    The .m3u file becomes the "rom" file in LB.
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    The way I handle its is I put each game in their own folder. Multi disk games go in a single folder and then make a playlist file (.m3u).The playlist is just a simple text file with the file extension changed to .m3u and in that playlist file is the name of each disk on individual lines. Panzer Dragoon Saga (Disc 1 of 4) (USA) (DW0575).cue Panzer Dragoon Saga (Disc 2 of 4) (USA) (DW0575).cue Panzer Dragoon Saga (Disc 3 of 4) (USA) (DW0575).cue Panzer Dragoon Saga (Disc 4 of 4) (USA) (DW0575).cue Then in RA when it asks to change disks you can use the Quick Menu to manage disks. You could also try merging them into a CHD file but I have never tried this myself so I cannot say how well it would work.
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    Hello A Little teaser for September . If you have any particular request for themes, do not hesitate! ( Playlist Genre/Collection/Plateform Themes) On this I go on vacation! See you later
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    Starting a series of setup videos for LaunchBox x RetroArch x RocketLauncher. Platform: Apogee BK-01 Emulator: RetroArch Core: MAME Driver: apogee Romset: MAME softwarelist Video - Table of Contents This is how you properly load the MAME core in RetroArch using softwarelists. In the video I cover the following: 1. Usage Instructions - How to load the cassettes through RetroArch (RA), switching between fully and partially emulated keyboard, load data blocks and play. 2. Identify Media Type - How to identify which media type to use and in which slot as well as crosscheck driver maturity to know whether emulation is possible or not for other MAME systems using MESSUI. 3. Edit RetroArch AHK - To load this system through RocketLauncher (RL), you will need to modify the AHK module. I'll show you how to do it to add this system and get it running in RL through RA. 4. Platform Overview - Lightly touching on how the Emulator and Associated Platforms are setup in LaunchBox before an in-depth walkthrough stepping you through the process and thinking behind it. 5. MAME Folder Structures - How to correctly place your MAME softwarelist roms and softwarelist bios files so they load correctly through RA without altering Emulator or Associated Platforms in Launchbox beyond the basic script. 6. Platform Setup - A detailed walkthrough of setting up and importing softwarelist roms. In this case, we don't use the Hash descriptions because this Russian system uses the same naming convention as the shortlist title. 7. Apogee Media Pack - Discuss the Clear logos [x104] I created about three years ago for HyperSpin. Download found here in the download section. 8. Troubleshooting - Briefly discuss the retroarch-core-options.cfg and provide an example of what will work with this setup. Apogee Testimonials: Emulator: Associated Platforms: Bit of history about me: I've been in the emulation scene over 24 years and just recently came out of a 2 years hiatus. I started a website to record the systems I've started collecting, curating and emulating again; I have an FTP server for hosting everything and Discord Channel that you're welcome to join to come and pick my brains about system setups. Everything is free and I'm doing this as my hobby. I'll try to reply to comments in this thread, as well as, the video if you need further instructions. Please let me know if this was useful or not by leaving a comment in my YouTube video, liking, subscribing and sharing to someone else in the community. I have been banned for life from the HyperSpin community for trying to redistribute media and setup non supported systems such as the one in the video here. I had about 500 systems setup before I took my 2 year hiatus and plan to help this community grow through this video series. Website: http://www.emulationclub.com/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/EmulationClub/ Discord Channel Invite (I'm most active here): https://discord.gg/9jWkE4V
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    Thanks for the module! I've been hoping RL would update it proper to add more / all the systems RA can actually emulate using the previous mess core and now the mame core, but... it's a lot haha.
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    Had some time this weekend to play around with adding details. Right now they are tied to the Game Details settings in BigBox. Just have to add the toggle for scrolling details/notes on/off according to what's set on the options page.
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    Thank you for the Video Lordmonkus, I was on that struggle bus trying to get all my disk based Emulators to work, with this video it fixed all the issues I had in one fell swoop! Big ups to you!
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    Thanks, yes it would be good to be able to split stuff up via some official list housed in the database. Although there are sites and forums out there which one can discover lists of exclusive titles for various titles sometimes you do have to dig a little which can be time consuming.
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    Awesome work. This is something that the database could benefit from. Lists of regional exclusives.
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    In my experience the Arcade platform isn't limited to just MAME compatible games, so I think that some overlap is perfectly fine. As long as the game was in the arcade in some way it's fine.
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    Not sure if this is what you're looking for but I designed BIGFLIX with steam grid in mind as the main aesthetic of the theme, there are some views that only works with steam grid banners and others that works with vertical DVD boxarts. I designed the Wallview to support the various console boxarts including odd shaped like SNES and PSX, it also supports steam grids and it might be the closest you can get to a steam-like view so give it a go. Here's some screenshots to illustrate my point: Wallview with Steam grid Wallview with vertical DVD boxart Wallview with odd shaped boxart This can be simply achieved by binding the "Switch Image Type" to a controller or keyboard key from the options menu within Bigbox
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    I just noticed that my theme was featured by @ETAPRIME on one of the videos at the official Unbroken Software channel. However, the version showcased was BIGFLIX 1.0 rather than the latest build: I do not blame anyone as this was my fault for not updating the theme page with the correct files and information, as an apology for my half-baked lazy attempt at updating the theme download page I present you with: BIGFLIX and BIGFLIX PLUS 1.2! Both themes have been updated to version 1.2 and with them comes new features and overhauls to BIGFLIX experience, please find below a changlog of BIGFLIX 1.2: The theme download page was also updated accordingly with the latest information and files so no more lazy documentation and user confusion this time around 😅 Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project and special thanks goes to @Klopjero for his amazing custom platform banners (more than 100 systems supported with latest update), @Grila and @NJDave71 for their plugins featured in BIGFLIX PLUS 1.2, and to @eatkinola, @CriticalCid and @Maddoc1007 for their tips and support in xaml coding Next stop: RetrAO Cafe 2.0
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    Hello, out of the approximate 51k there’d be about 100 gaming magazines but all the rest are games. I have broken quite a few of my systems up into regions and only imported the Japanese exclusives. I actually have seperate categories for translations for the Game Gear, NES, SNES and Mega Drive where I’ve made my own custom main menu clear logos. I like to try and get rid of duplicates, demos and betas too. Though for various systems I have seperate categories for hacks and homebrews like the Atari 2600 for example where I’ve got over 2k games. I have a Sonic the Hedgehog hacks category for the Mega Drive with about 180 games, I find those fun. I’m starting to add all the old pain in the arse computers now which will be frustrating but fun too. Your collection sounds like it’d be very organised and tidy, which I really dig.
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    I'm actually working on a 3rd theme inspired by the PS4 but can't say much as it's still in its alpha phase, I'll give it more attention most probably next week once i'm done with updating my current themes so stay tuned!
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