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    This has been addressed, it will be something that will be an option, Launchbox Next is not finished yet and probably wont be for another 2 official releases such as the 8.3 release today. Box size and spacing is actually very similar as to how they were. The difference is in the fact that the images now align to the top and the text below the box is closer compared to the old way of the text being further below the box. The differences in the screenshots below are due to the scale slider differences.
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    Version 1.2


    This is a collection of Sega Naomi 2D boxes with Discs. As the Naomi library has a lot of different versions of the same game and flyers are not available for a lot of games, and certainly not for all the different versions, I decided on one box and disc per game. These 2D boxes are loosly based around what a real Naomi game box looks like with real discs. I figured flyers could be used as Manual covers inside the boxes. My 3D boxes can be found here: File Actions GAMES LIST: 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker.png Airline Pilots.png Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf. Achse.png Alien Front.png Asian Dynamite.png Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble.png Beach Spikers.png Block-PeePoo.png Boat Race - Ocean Heats.png Border Down.png Cannon Spike.png Capcom Vs. SNK - Millennium Fight 2000 Pro.png Capcom Vs. SNK - Millennium Fight 2000.png Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Mark of The Millennium 2001.png Chaos Field.png Cleopatra Fortune Plus.png Club Kart (Europe).png Club Kart 2002.png Club Kart 2003.png Confidential Mission.png Cosmic Smash.png Crackin DJ.png Crackin DJ Part 2.png Crazy Taxi.png Dead Or Alive 2.png Death Crimson OX.png Dengen Tenshi Taisen Janshi Shangri-la.png Derby Owners Club World Edition.png Dinosaur King.png Doki Doki Idol Star Seeker.png Dragon Treasure II.png Dragon Treasure III.png Dragon Treasure.png Dynamite Baseball 99.png Dynamite Baseball NAOMI.png F1 Grand Prix.png Ferrari F355 Challenge 2 Twin.png Ferrari F355 Challenge 2.png Ferrari F355 Challenge.png Giant Gram 2000.png Giant Gram All Japan Pro Wrestling 2.png Giga Wing 2.png Guilty Gear X.png Guilty Gear XX Accent Core.png Guilty Gear XX Reload.png Guilty Gear XX Slash.png Guilty Gear XX.png Gun Survivor 2 (Asia).png Gun Survivor 2.png Heavy Metal Geomatrix.png House Of The Dead 2.png Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai 3.png Ikaruga.png illvelo.png Initial D Arcade Stage.png Initial D Ver. 2.png Initial D Ver.3.png Inu No Osanpo Dog Walking.png Jambo Safari.png Jingi Storm The Arcade.png Karous.png kurukuru Chameleon.png La Keyboard.png Love And Berry 1st-2nd collection.png Love and Berry 3rd-5th Collection.png Lupen the 3rd - The Shooting.png Lupin the 3rd - The typing.png Mamoru-Kun Wa Norowarete Shimatta!.png Manic Panic Ghosts.png Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - New Age of Heroes.png Mazan - Flash Of The Blade.png Melty Blood - Actress Again Current Code.png Melty Blood Act Cadenza.png Mobile Suit Gundam Federation Vs. Zion.png Moero! Justice Gakuen.png Moeru Casinyo.png Monkey Ball.png Musapey's Choco Marker.png MushiKing II - The King Of Beetle II.png Ninja Assault.png Noukone Puzzle Takoron.png OutTrigger.png Planet Harriers.png Pochi to Nyaa.png Pokasuka Ghost.png Power Smash 2.png Power Stone (JAP).png Power Stone 2.png Power Stone.png Project Cerberus.png Psyvariar 2 - The Will To Fabricate.png Puyo Pop Fever.png Puyo Puyo Da!.png Quiz Ah Megamisama.png Quiz Keitai Q mode.png Radirgy Noa.png Radirgy.png Rhythm Tengoku.png Ring Out 4X4.png Samba De Amigo.png Sega Marine Fishing.png Sega Strike Fighter.png Sega Tetris.png Senko no Ronde Special.png Shakatto Tambourine.png Shikigami No Shiro II - The Castle of Shikigami II.png Shooting Love 2007.png Shootout Pool The Medal.png Slashout.png Soul Surfer.png Spawn - In The Demons Hand.png Spikers Battle.png Sports Jam.png Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper.png Super Major League.png Super Shanghai 2005.png Tetris Giant.png Tetris Kiwamemichi.png The King of Route 66.png The Maze Of The Kings.png The Typing of the Dead.png Tokyo Bus Guide.png Touch de Uno! 2.png Touch De Zunou.png Toy Fighter.png Triggerheart Exelica.png Trizeal.png Under Defeat.png Usagi - Yamashiro Mahjong Hen.png Usagi - Yasei no Touhai - Yamashiro Mahjong Hen.png Virtua Athletics.png Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution.png Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned.png Virtua Fighter 4.png Virtua Golf.png Virtua NBA.png Virtua Striker 2 Ver.2000.png Virtua Striker 3.png Virtua Tennis 2.png Virtua Tennis.png Virtual On Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. ver5.66 2000 Edition.png WarTech Senko no Ronde.png Wave Runner GP.png Wild Riders.png World Kicks.png World Series 99.png World Series Baseball.png WWF Royal Rumble.png Zero Gunner 2.png Zombie Revenge.png
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    For those interested in nostalgia and just shooting the breeze, I actually just started a discord server today for eXoDOS: https://discord.gg/nY6zagn Come one, come all. I'll be updating things there a lot more over there from here on out. It's become too difficult to keep up with the various forums I have exodos threads on. edit: I've created channels over there for bug reports, game submissions, announcements, and general chat. Great turn out so far!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a collection of 35 3D game box fronts for AnF (11) and Alligata (24) software houses which I've made. The 2D box fronts (in jpg format) are included.
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    System Emulator Command Line Extensions Scanned 3DO 4DO -StartFullScreen -StartLoadFile .cue | .bin | .iso Acorn BBC Model B / Master 128 BeebEm .ssd | .dsd | .uef Apple II MESS AppleWin SEE HERE! Arcadia 2001 MESS arcadia -cart "Drive Letter:\full path\ROM_name.zip" -skip_gameinfo -nowindow Astrocade MESS astrocde -cart "Drive Letter:\full path\ROM_name.zip" -skip_gameinfo -nowindow Atari 800/800XL MESS a800 -cart1 -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .rom | .bin | .zip Atari 2600 MESS a2600 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .a26 | .zip Stella -fullscreen 1 Z26 -v1 Atari 5200 MESS a5200 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .a52 | .zip KAT5200 Atari 7800 MESS a7800 -cart "Drive Letter:\full path\ROM_name.a78" -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .a78 | .zip EMU7800 Atari Jaguar Virtual Jaguar -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .rom | .jag | .cdi | .zip Atari LYNX Handy .lnx | .zip Atari ST MESS a800 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .atr | .bin | .cas | .com | .d88 | .st | .stc | .stx | .xex | .zip Bandai Wonderswan Oswan 1.7+ -f .ws | .wsc | .zip OswanHack -r=-f Colecovision MESS coleco -cart "Drive Letter:\full path\ROM_name.rom" -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .rom | .col | .zip ColEm -cv Commodore 64 (C64) WinVice SEE HERE! .bz2 | .gz | .d6z | .d7z | .d8z | .g6z | .g7z | .g8z | .d64 | .d71 | .d80 | .d81 | .d82 | .g64 | .g41 | .x64 | .t64 | .p00 | .tap | .prg | .zip Commodore 128 (C128) WinVice -autostart -drive8type 1571 -virtualdev -VICIIdsize .bz2 | .gz | .d6z | .d7z | .d8z | .g6z | .g7z | .g8z | .d64 | .d71 | .d80 | .d81 | .d82 | .g64 | .g41 | .x64 | .t64 | .p00 | .tap | .prg | .zip Commodore Amiga WinUAE -s use_gui=no -s gfx_fullscreen_amiga=true -0 To load a config file: -f A1200.uae (e.g. of a A1200 setup) .uae | .ipf | .adf | .adz | .gz | .dms | .fdi | .zip Capcom Play System 3 (CPS3) CPS3 Emulator .zip Daphne DaphneLoader v0.99.6 – 1.01* .bat DOSBox DOSBox (dfend_v2_beta_2 to generate conf files) -conf -noconsole .conf Fairchild Channel F MESS channelf -cart "Drive Letter:\full path\ROM_name.zip" -skip_gameinfo -nowindow Final Burn Alpha (FBA) FBA %name -r 640x480x32 .zip Future Pinball Future Pinball /open /play /exit .fpt GCE Vectrex MESS vectrex -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .gam | .vec | .zip Kawaks Winkawaks -fullscreen .zip Magnavox Odyssey2 MESS odyssey2 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .zip O2EM -fullscreen MAME MAME -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .zip MAME32 Advance MAME -device_video_output fullscreen -quiet Mattel Intellivision Bliss -fullscreen .rom | .int | .bin | .zip Nostalgia -f Bliss 32 MSX 1 MESS msx -rom -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .mx1 | .zip MSX 2 MESS msx2 -rom -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .mx2 | .zip Nebula Nebula .zip | .cue | .iso NEC PC Engine Magic Engine .pce | .zip NEC Turbo-Grafx 16 Magic Engine .pce | .zip Turbo Engine --fullscreen .zip Nintendo DS (NDS) DeSmuME .nds | .zip Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Nestopia .nes | .unf | .fds | .nsf | .zip JNES Virtual NES NNNester Super Nintendo (SNES) ZSNES .sfc | .smc | .swc | .fig | .mgh | .gd | .zip Snes9x -fullscreen .zip | .gz | .jma Nintendo 64 (N64) Project 64 To get Project64 1.6 to work with LaunchBox, you must create a .bat file with the following contents: cd /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Project64 1.6" SET STRING=%1 SET STRING=%STRING:"=% start Project64.exe %STRING% NOTE: Change the path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Project64 1.6" to wherever your Project64 Install is located. Then when adding an emulator to your N64 import, point LaunchBox to the .bat file rather than the Project64 .exe .rom | .n64 | .v64 | .z64 | .jap | .pal | .usa | .zip Mupen64 Plus (Retroarch) -L cores\mupen64plus_libretro.dll Mupen64 v0.5 -nogui -f -g Nintendo Gameboy VisualBoyAdvance-SDL -f -4 .gbc | .gb | .zip KIGB VisualBoyAdvance Nintendo Gameboy Color (GBC) VisualBoyAdvance-SDL -f -4 .gbc | .gb | .zip KIGB VisualBoyAdvance Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA) VisualBoyAdvance-SDL -f -4 .gb | .sgb | .gbc | .gba | .zip VisualBoyAdvance Nintendo Gamecube (NGC) Dolphin /b /e .elf | .dol | .gcm | .iso | .wad Nintendo Wii Nintendo Virtual Boy Mednafen SEE HERE! Raine Raine32 -g -nogui .zip ScummVM -f .1c Sega Dreamcast nullDC -config ImageReader:defaultImage= ALSO SEE HERE! .iso | .bwt | .cdi | .b5t | .b6t | .ccd | .cue | .mds | .nrg | .pdi Demul See Here! Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive KEGA Fusion -gen -auto -fullscreen .cue | .bin | .iso | .smd | .32x | .raw | .gen | .zip GENS -gen Sega 32x KEGA Fusion -32x -auto -fullscreen .cue | .bin | .iso | .smd | .32x | .raw | .gen | .zip GENS -32x Sega CD KEGA Fusion -scd -auto -fullscreen .cue | .bin | .iso | .smd | .32x | .raw | .gen | .zip GENS -scd Sega Master System KEGA Fusion -sms -auto -fullscreen .sms | .gg | .sg | .sc | .zip Sega Game 1000 (SG-100) MESS sg1000 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .zip | .sg Sega GameGear KEGA Fusion -sms -auto -fullscreen .sms | .gg | .sg | .sc | .zip Sega Model 2 Model 2 Emulator .zip Sega Model 3 SuperModel Emulator -res=1280,1024 -fullscreen Change the resolution (1280,1024) to whatever is required. Sega Saturn Yabuse -i .iso | .bwt | .cdi | .b5t | .b6t | .ccd | .cue | .mds | .nrg | .pdi SNK NeoGeo MAME -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .ngpc | .npc | .ngp | .zip MAME32 WinKawaks -fullscreen SNK NeoGeo Pocket Neopop .ngpc | .npc | .ngp | .zip SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color Neopop .ngpc | .npc | .ngp | .zip Sony Playstation One (PS1) ePSXe -nogui -slowboot -loadbin ALSO SEE HERE! .bin | .iso | .img pSX 1.13 .cue .bin .ccd .img .sub .mdf .mds Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) PCSX2 --nogui --fullscreen --fullboot ALSO SEE HERE! .iso | .bin | .mdf | .nrg ePSXe -nogui -loadbin ALSO SEE HERE! .bin | .iso | .img Sony PSP PPSSPP --fullscreen .iso | .cso Texas Instruments TI-99/4a MESS ti99_4 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow -nonewui .rom | .bin | .zip Visual Pinball Visual Pinball -play .vpt Sinclair ZX Spectrum MESS spectrum -flop -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .zip | .blk | .dsk | .fdi | .mdr | .rzx | .scl | .szx | .tap | .trd | .tzx | .udi | .rom | .bin | .raw | .csw | .voc | .wav Spectaculator NOTES: Retroarch users can use -c configs\<your_emulator_config_file>.cfg to load personal configurations. For more information or support see this thread (click here). WinKawaks users can use this script to make importing the games to LaunchBox a much quicker and less tedious task. This will also work with other emulators, such as the Sega Model-1/2/3 emulators. Linky Mednafen users can find all command line options for all supported platforms HERE! If you want something adding or you see anything that needs correcting, just leave a post and I will update the list when I can.
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    Version 1.0.0


    After using placeholder logos for my NES and SNES Classic Mini playlists in Launchbox, I finally decided to bite the bullet and make something a little more presentable. It seems that many other people have been looking for logos to use as well, So, here are 12 different variants (6 for NES, 6 for SNES) to choose from for your own frontend. Hope you enjoy them. Griff Note: Credit for the Silver Ring Logo template goes to community member Viking for his outstanding set. A couple of the backgrounds originally came from an LB theme (I think), but I haven't identified where just yet. Thanks guys!
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    I noticed one feature that is missing when I add a new game in manually via the "Add" feature in Next. When I close out of the add game menu,Next doesn't automatically show you the added game as I have to scroll to find it where as regular LaunchBox did. I liked that feature as it was a quick visual to let you know the game was added correctly.
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    @Grila, thanks so much for your work!! I can modify the gamewheel like as I wanted. In the image attached, the result of the theme with modifications I made. I have simplified elements of the screen, removing some things. If someone is interested in the changes, for their GPDWIN, I also attach the files that I have modified (only for dark version). Thank you very much again @Grila gpdswitchdark.zip
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    The progress being made on Launchbox.Next is great to see, and I'm interested to see what else will come afterwards. Only gripe I have is that with the new sizes for box art, there are large expanses of nothing between games with smaller cases and Disk cases look highly out of place when mixed with other consoles. For instance, this PSP game takes up a significant amount of space all by itself, and doesn't look right surrounded by the smaller square cases. I much preferred the older style where boxes all seemed to have a smaller vertical limit to their sizes, which kept everything orderly. Any chance that this could be added back as an option at some point?
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    You can just go into the update folder in LB and run the 2nd to last update again in the same folder and it will basically roll back to your previous version without overwriting anything other than the exe files.
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    Yep, that worked Thank you very much!
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    PCSX2 does have some support for PS1 games, it just needs a lot more work done on it, https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-How-to-play-PS1-games-in-PCSX2 Just because PCSX2 emulates the PS2 that doesn't mean it should automatically support PS1 unless it becomes a cycle accurate emulator which it is a very far ways away from. Also if there was a Retroarch core to do PS2 that doesn't mean it will save you much drive space. The core itself will take space, compare the Mame core to the stand alone, the core is nearly 300 megs where a freshly extraced stand alone Mame is 389 megs. Yes, there is a slight difference but the 100 megs is minimal when many 99% of all PS1 games are way more than 100 megs. I would love to see a good RA core for PS2 emulation but until someone does it there is no point in worrying about it. The RA devs have said they have no intention of porting PCSX2 to a RA core because of its plugin nature. That isn't to say it won't ever happen, just don't expect it any time soon unless someone with the skill set is willing to do it.
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    Hey guys, I made a set with 12 different options for the NES and SNES Classic Editions using official Nintendo logos and Viking's Silver Ring template. Just a few of the variants are shown below. Hope you enjoy them.
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    in LB.Next, if you choose to use the Default Background, it just displays the color for the theme. In Normal LB, choosing Use Default Background, It uses a nice clean Carbon Fiber looking background which I like the look of much more than a single bright theme color or the horrible fanart that it looks like most people use.
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    I'm seeing the same issue.
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    I also agree with OdinsPlayground regarding the black boxes around each game. It would be nice to have it transparent. Also, in the current LaunchBox, hovering the mouse cursor over a game would bring up a nice little bar where you can quickly access game art, flip the box to display the back cover and other things. I hope we will be getting that back as I like using it for easy access of the game art without having to go into a sub-menu.
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    To err is human to forgive is divine so I forgive you for being mistaken😀
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    Manual sorting in my playlists doesn't carry over and neither do my spacing settings
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    The 'randomize Color Theme on startup' option seems to not be implemented. Also the Default Background options doesn't seem to affect .Next either.
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    I don't like how when you click on a option in the menu bar you have to click again to exit instead of just cycling with your mouse. Feels awkard and rough. Please change it back to like it was in 8.2 Maybe a oversight?
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    Here are some files for the no No Filler set as it currently sits. There's a straight up text list of rom files, a batch file to copy out a set of roms from a Non Merged rom set if you have it downloaded and a spreadsheet file showing the game name and the rom zip file name. NoFiller Rom File List.txt NoFiller.bat No FIller v2 (198).ods
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    I just realized clear logos are not being displayed in Next when I click on a game image. I have double checked the background priorities choices in Options and Clear Logo is first in the list, then Fanart - Background. I have even unchecked Clear Logo, then gone back and reselected it with no change in behavior. Am I the only one who sees this? I have not noticed this in regular Launchbox.
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    Yea, it was a real trip. I worked with donarumo online for like... 3 years? 4? Before we both realized we lived in the same area. We finally met up at a starbucks one day. It blew my mind that the one other person I was working with at the time happened to live so close. Good call on Ensemble, I left them out when listing local dev studios from back in the day.
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    A friend of mine in high school (Around 1988) in the Houston area had an Amiga. I knew it was a superior system in regards to graphics but everyone seemed to be adopting PCs at the time and allure of DOS was too strong for me, ended up convincing my parents to buy a 286 as our first computer. It's a small world. That friend went on to develop Questlord (for android and iOS). Another friend of ours went on to work at Ensemble Studios in Dallas and eventually became a producer on Age of Empires. He went on to found Robot Entertainment when MS folded Ensemble. Completely by coincidence, I also live in the Dallas area and "helped" in getting ExoDOS off the ground by giving eXo a platform to work with in the form of MEAGRE. To top it off, just a few weeks ago I was playtesting a game at Bethesda (same office as current id). The Video Game Museum is a definite must and really gives you a nostalgia overload. Here is a link to an album of my visit.
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    The very first CompUSA was less than a mile from my house at the time. It was just the little local computer store. It was sort of nuts when it went national. the "flagship" store was just a few blocks away from the original store in Addison, TX. That is where I ended up working in high school. Being such a big store in Dallas, which was a hotbed for software development at the time, I got to meet a ton of game developers. Apogee/3D Realms, 7th Level, DigiFX, and of course id were all based here. In the late 90's when Romero, Hall, and Carmack left to create Gathering of Developers (GoD) and Ion Storm they tapped me to help promote their software around town. Which sounds great until you realize it meant demoing games like KISS: Psycho Circus all the time...lol.
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    As soon as you said "Amiga" I knew you were from the UK. Growing up in Texas I had never heard of an Amiga until the mid-2000's and I was downloading roms online and I got to wondering what the hell an "amiga" was. Even by the late 80's and early 90's, everything here was pretty much PC focused. There was a handful of mac-obsessed weirdos, who you would swear had joined a cult, with the fervor in which they would debate. During my days at CompUSA we used to have to run them off. They would actively stand in the PC software aisles and try to debate people into buying a mac. Anyways, I never actually knew anyone who had any other type of machine. I knew some C64's were floating around, but I didn't know anyone personally who had one. For me it was the NES and then the 16-bit consoles that I held on a pedestal while the PC games I had in the 80's were pale comparisons. 80's platformer games like Chaganitzu or Monuments of Mars just weren't as cool as Super Mario Bros or Mega Man. I mainly played PC games for the more in depth interface that it allowed, making games like King's Quest and other adventures possible. In the early 90's things started equalizing, with the computer scene even having decent Mario Kart clones, and then through the mid 90's it felt as though the PC had pretty much come into it's own. Amazing flight sims started releasing, crazy in-depth RPG's and adventure games, new genres like RTS popped up. I think I can sum it up best by saying it always felt like console games were a bit more polished (plus you could run them without regards to what sound card you had, or how much base RAM was available, or if you had a joystick port, etc...) but PC games felt like anything could happen, even if it was an overall rougher experience at times. So the really long winded answer to your question is, I didn't know anything better existed! hehe. For me the competition of better looking games laid within the multiple monitor types and soundblaster cards available to me. I lost more than a few nights sleep as a kid browsing PC parts catalogs and imagining ways to make money to buy a sound card. My first PC was an AT&T 8086, green screen monochrome CGA, no mouse, no sound card, 10mb hard drive. This was when 286 and 386 machines were available, and VGA was becoming fairly common. I played a lot of games in 4 color monochrome w/ no sound simply because that's all that was available to me. Hence the memories of my uncle's house, where I could play games in color with sound! *angels singing*. edit: I forgot, the other reason I loved my PC was because of that little modem attached to it. NES games were expensive and even getting to rent one was lucky. But with that modem there was a *huge* world of shareware and pirated stuff floating around. I played a ton of crappy games simply because they were free and I was bored. Avoid the Noid comes to mind...lol.
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    Keep in mind Dan, that to go down this path you are going to have to get your hands dirty for now. There are no immediate plans for me to try and implement anything like this in eXoDOS natively. Primarily because it would require a ton of testing that I simply would never be able to accomplish on my own. That said, the SVN Daum versions of dosbox do have some interesting options. See this thread for examples: http://www.classicdosgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1271 Essentially, it can mimic the fishbowl distortion of older monitors as well as what we are calling "scanlines". Lucky for you, the SVN Daum version is already in eXoDOS. In the exodos subfolder (after you have run the install batch), you will see a dosbox folder (note: not the one in the main launchbox folder). Inside you will see dosbox, but you will also see a subfolder called SVN. That is the version they are referring to. If you look at the file launchbox calls when a game is launched, that is that particular games launch file. Something like, ".\exodos\Games\MotoMani\Motor-Mania (1989).bat" Go to that location and open the batch file with a text editor and you will see a line that says: ".\dosbox\dosbox.exe" -conf ".\games\!dos\MotoMani\dosbox.conf" -noconsole -exit edit it to ".\dosbox\svn\dosbox.exe" -conf ".\games\!dos\MotoMani\dosbox.conf" -noconsole -exit -nomenu and now that game is being launched with the svn version. Some games *require* the svn version, so they will already be edited. Notice the command line parameter "-nomenu" has been added. This is because the SVN version adds a bar to allow you to change emulation options while the game is running. While handy, this ruins the effect of running your game on original hardware. Now that you have the game running on the SVN copy, you have to edit the games dosbox.conf file. It is sitting right next to the batch file you opened earlier. Open the conf file with a text editor and you can now change all the options that define how that particular game is emulated. At this point, I leave it to you to play around. You'll notice you may have to add lines that don't exist in order to get some of this running, as my conf files were built on the parameters of a vanilla 0.74 build. None of it is rocket science though, and you can learn a lot through some trial and error. Remember that all these files are backed up in the GamesADV.zip (or GamesRPG or GamesSTR, etc) file in the parent .\exodos\games\ folder. So if you feel like you've totally screwed it up beyond all control, you can always pop open that file, find the game folder you were editting, and pull it out to overwrite the files you've changed. Do that, and you'll have a fresh copy again. Changing the scaler will sometimes require changing the output from surface to something like ddraw or overlay. So make sure you read that thread carefully and ask questions in the proper channels if you get stuck. Spend some time getting a single game running the way you like and then maybe I'll show you how to mass edit all of your files to get them all to use those settings (keeping in mind that it may break some games to make those mass edits).
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    I'd argue that DOS games were not intended for monitors such as that. I mean, first of all, DOS is one of the few game platforms that was active for a solid 2 decades. In that time it went from text only, to monochrome (both shaded and 4-color), to 16 color, to 256 color, to a palette of 16 million colors. During this time there was a high variable of screens with ever increasing refresh rates, less curvature, and better screen controls to minimize such issues. I personally never had any curvature on my 386 and later machines as I could even things out using my monitor controls. Point being, things changed a LOT during that 20 years. Essentially, the games were not built that way because that's how the developers *wanted* it. They were built that way because they had no choice. But those people with higher quality setups had much less pronounced issues. Not to mention flat screen monitors actually did exist in the 90's, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit of the more well off developers were using them. MAME is a different beast. The actual manufacturer built those machines. And apart from operators who were swapping boards into normally incompatible cabs, the manufacturer knew exactly what type of monitor, what size monitor, and what specs each machine would be when it left the factory floor. So a MAME game was designed for that cab. A DOS game was designed for any number of countless PC compatible machines. What is "accurate" to you may not be "accurate" to someone else. DOSBox is designed to emulate the operating system and hardware interfaces that powered those games. I'd argue it is not designed to mimic the exact monitor you owned. I mean, if that type of accuracy is the goal here, then you need a serial port mouse, a gravis gamepad, a pair of $20 speakers, and box that makes really loud clicking sounds every time the games thinks it is accessing the disk drive. Might as well throw in the acrid smell of smoke for those of us who used their dad's or uncles computers. Also, I want it to take about 5 minutes from the time I hit start to actually load the game and I want to have to switch disks 10 or 12 times before the first level. And when I get stuck in a game I want to have to drop to my terminal, dial-up to a emulated BBS, and watch it load character by character on an emulated 1200 baud modem. 😁 I'm exaggerating a bit here for the fun of it, but the overall point stands. DOSBox makes old games run on newer computers. The high variability of hardware at the time makes it nearly impossible to recreate the exact way that you experienced the game versus the way I experienced it. For me, personally, scan lines and screen curvature were things to try and work around or minimize. From an options perspective, I'd love to see those capabilities introduced at some point, but in relation to eXoDOS that becomes very tricky. As I mentioned before, I rely on several different branches of dosbox to get the collection working. Some of those branches are dead. DOSBox *is* the definitive dos experience right now outside of playing something on an actual DOS machine. Nothing will ever be the same as playing it directly on an older machine. Even though I was sort of joking above, all of those little things i talked about do play into what it was like to be a DOS gamer in the 80's and 90's. You want the "realest" display emulation? Don't emulate. Get an old SVGA monitor, hook it up to a VGA-HDMI adapter, and plug it into your machine. Voila - all the scan lines and curvature your heart desires.
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    It could be a permissions issue. The built-in PDF reader has some weird issues with paths and permissions. This is a known issue that I plan to address.
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    I have the first version of this set now complete, it consists of 371 rom files that totals 3.16 gigs of drive space. There are some duplicate games such as TMNT, Simpsons, Gauntlet and X-Men to allow for the 2 player and 4 player versions. I was able to include a couple of games that normally require CHDs like Street Fighter III and JoJos Bizarre Adventure because there are "no-cd" versions of the roms. Here is the updated list of games that is currently included so now is the time to let me know if there should be any additional games. The list is broken down by category for easier reading but the batch file itself will not be broken down by category at all. ===Beat Em Up / Hack and Slash=== Alien Storm Alien Vs Predator Altered Beast Armored Warriors Asterix Battle Circuit Battletoads Bucky O'Hare Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Captain America Captain Commando Denjin Makai Die Hard Arcade Double Dragon Double Dragon II Dungeons & Dragons SOM & TOD Dungeon Magic Final Fight Gaia Crusaders Ganryu Golden Axe Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder Growl Guardians / Denjin Makai II Hook Kageki King of Dragons Knights of the Round Magic Sword Michael Jacksons Moonwalker New Zero Team Night Slashers Ninja Baseball Bat Man Ninja Gaiden Ninja Spirit Ninja Warriors OS Man P.O.W. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon PuLiRuLa Punisher Ring King / King of Boxer Rastan Renegade Sengoku 2 Simpsons 2p & 4p Spiderman Splatterhouse Strider Superman The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy The Gladiator Thunder Fox TMNT 2p & 4p TMNT Turtles in Time 2p & 4p Undercover Cops Vigilante Violent Storm Warrior Blade / Rastan Saga Warriors of Fate X-Men 2p & 6p The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy - edrandy.zip The Gladiator - theglad.zip Warriors of Fate - wofu.zip ===Shoot Em Up Horizontal=== Akai Katana Blazing Star Boogie Wings Carrier Airwing Cosmic Cop Cotton Cotton 2 Cotton Boomerang Darius Darius II Darius Gaiden Deathsmiles Dragon Breed Gradius / Nemesis Hellfire Hyper Duel In The Hunt Last Resort Metal Black Parodious DA! Prehistoic Isle 2 Pink Sweets Progear R-Type R-Type II R-Type Leo Salamander 2 Side Arms Silk Worm UN Squadron Viewpoint X Multiply Zero Wing ===Shoot Em Up Vertical=== 1941 1942 1943 1943: Kai 1944 19XX Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings (series) Air Gallet Armed Formation Armed Police Batrider Batsugun Battle Bakraid Battle Garegga Change Air Blade Daioh Dimahoo DoDonPachi DoDonPachi II DonPachi Dogyuun Dragon Blaze Dragon Saber Dragon Spirit ESP RA Deathsmiles Espgaluda Espgaluda II Fever SOS Fighting Hawk FixEight Gekirindan Ghost Pilots Giga Wing Grind Stormer G-Stream G2020 Gunbird Gunbird II Gunlock Guwange Ibara Ketsui Kingdom Grand Prix Legendary Wings Macross Plus Mars Matrix Mazinger Z Muchi Muchi Pork Mushihime-Sama Pulstar Radiant Silvergun *not really working well enough Raiden Raiden II Raiden DX Raystorm Samurai Aces Sky Shark Sienryu Sorcer Striker Soukyugurentai / Terra Diver Strikers 1945 Strikers 1945 II Strikers 1945 III Strikers 1945 Plus Tiger Heli Truxton Truxton II / Tatsujin Oh Twin Cobra Vapor Trail Varth Vasara Vasara 2 Wivern Wings ===Platformer=== Bionic Commando Black Tiger Blue's Journey Bombjack Bonanza Bros Cadash Cabeman Ninja / Joe & Mac Elevator Action II E-Swat Ghosts'n Goblins Ghouls'n Ghosts Legend of Hero Tonma Magician Lord Marvel Land Psychic 5 Rygar Shadow Dancer Shinobi Tiger Road Trojan Willow Wonderboy Wonderboy III Monster Lair Wonderboy Monster Land ===Puzzle=== Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble 2 Burger Time Buster Bros / Super Buster Bros Columns Gunbarich Joe & Mac Returns Klax Magical Drop Nightmare in the Dark Puzzle Bobble (series ?) Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo Qiz Tetris Volfied ===Run N Gun=== Alien Syndrome Aliens Caliber .50 Contra & Super Contra Cyber-Lip Dead Connection Demon Front Gangbusters GI Joe Gunforce Gun Force II Gunsmoke Gundhara Metal Slug (series) Mercs Midnight Resistance Mystic Warriors Narc Out Zone Psycho-Nics Oscar Robocop Robocop 2 Robotron 2084 Rolling Thunder Sly Spy / Secret Agent Smash TV Space Dungeons Sunset Riders Three Wonders Total Carnage Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa Xenophobe Dead COnnection - deadconx.zip GI Joe - gijoeu.zip SlySpy - slyspy.zip Three Wonders - 3wondersu.zip ===Sports=== 1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally Baseball Stars 2 Capcom Sports Club Champion Wrestler Heavy Smash League Bowling Mach Breakers Mat Mania / Exciting Hour Mania Challenge NBA Jam Neo Turf Masters Pengo Pigskin 621AD Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters 2 Saturday Night Slammasters Snow Bros Super Sidekicks 3 Tecmo Bowl WWF Superstars WWF Wrestlefest Wind Jammers Capcom Sports Club - csclub.zip Heavy Smash - hvysmsh.zip Super Sidekicks 3 - ssideki3.zip Tecmo Bowl - tbowl.zip ===VS Fighting=== Breakers Revenge Cyberbots Darkstalkers Fatal Fury Special Garou - Mark of the Wolves Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire Karate Champ King of Fighters 98 and 2002 King of the Monsters 2 Marvel Vs Capcom Marvel Super Heroes Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter Mortal Kombat (series ?) Ninja Masters Rage of the Dragons Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Rival Schools Samurai Shodown (series) SNK Vs Capcom Soul Edge Street Fighter (Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition) Street Fighter Alpha (series) Street Smart Super Gem Fighter Tekken 3 The Last Blade 2 Violence Fight World Heroes Perfect X-Men Children of the Atom ===Classics=== Asteroids Deluxe Berzerk Bosconian Burger Time Defender (maybe, funky controls) Defender II / Stargate (maybe, funky controls) Dig Dug Donkey Kong Donky Kong Jr Elevator Action Fantasy Zone Frenzy Frogger Front Line Galaga Galaga 3 Galaxian Gorf Gravitar Gyruss Joust Joust 2 Jr Pac Man Jungle Hunt Kangaroo Kung Fu Master Lady Bug Lode Runner Lunar Lander Mappy Mario Bros Moon Patrol Mr. Do Ms Pac Man New Rally X Pac Man Phoenix Punch Out Rainbow Islands Rally X Satans Hollow Scramble Sinistar Skykid Solar Fox Space Invaders Tapper Time Pilot Time Pilot 84 Vanguard Venture Wizard of Wor Zaxxon Zoo Keeper ===Misc=== Not sure what category to put them in Blood Brothers Cabal Crackdown Crossed Swords Crossed Swords II Gain Ground Gauntlet 2p & 4p Gauntlet II 2p & 4p Metamoqester Monster Maulers Nitroball Outfoxies Paperboy Rampage The Outfoxies Toobin Top Gunner / Jackal
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    Version 1.0.0


    1080p version is available here: launchbox_next_evolution_1080p.mp4
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    Version 5-4-18


    803 NES Boxes for you guys! I will release a NES HACKS 3D pack in a few weeks for you guys with alot of custom goodness from scratch
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    Hi all, Through some experimentation I thought I would write a little tutorial to help others get their MAME/MESS Console emulation up and running. This kinda started earlier today when I pm'ed @Antropus for some assistance in getting MAME setup to run Philips CD-I roms. I was lost and had no idea what I was doing..... Then, somehow....I had some sort of epiphany and I got it working! \o/ The following tutorial can likely be used for all other games in the Software List CHD torrent but I have yet to test any other than the Philips CD-I. I'm also writing this for my own reminder when I come to set it up again and for use with other consoles. So, i'm going to make some assumptions and those are : That you are have downloaded MAME 0.172 64-bit Your console BIOS files are located in the folder titled "roms" and you have a file called "cdimono1.7z" (Your CD-I Bios for PAL device - the only one that MAME lists as WORKING) You have downloaded the "MAME 0.172 Software List CHD" torrent Your console games are in a folder titles "consoles" and your Philips CD-I files are in "consoles/cdi" and each game has its own folder containing the CHD's The game we will play is called "Battleship" and it resides in the folder "consoles/cdi/bship" First thing to do is fire up the old command prompt, navigate to your MAME folder and type the following command without quotes "mame64 -createconfig" - This will create the ini files needed to tell mame where to look for the files. Open mame.ini within the main mame folder and change the following line rompath roms to rompath roms;consoles Save and exit your text editor. From a command prompt, in the mame folder, simply type the following command (without quotes) - "mame64 cdimono1 -skip_gameinfo bship" and after a couple of seconds it will display a message about device accuracy not being 100%, hit any key and it will display a light blue screen for a couple of seconds then show the philips CD-I Menu, if you click "Play CD-I" it will launch your game! yay! Hopefully this is stright forward enough and will help anyone struggling to find their way :) This community is awesome!
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