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    Version 1.0


    Various PC Themes (1080p) (60fps) 16:9 A few PC themes I created, any requests please do not hesitate to ask. (Most Themes are now being Encoded to under 20mb in size)
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    Here you will find my 4K bezels, instruction cards and marquee project that are for use with RocketLauncher. You can find these available over at Emumovies FTP located here: /Upload Here/_RocketLauncher Media Submissions/Krakerman/Media/Krakerman's Projects/GameRoom XPerience!/MAME/
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    Version 1


    A Few Collection themes (1080p) (60fps) 16:9 Devil May Cry HD Collection Bioshock The Collection Broken Sword the Collection Dead Island Definitive Edition Five Nights at Freddy's Collection Resident Evil Origins Collection Metal Gear Solid V The Definitive Experience Call of Duty Collection Halo The Master Chief Collection (x265 Format 17mb)
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    If you scroll upon this page to the bottom of the theme description there is a changelog dropdown pick the version you want and a little blue download link will appear for that version.
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    HI all, I discovered LaunchBox today and jumped in with both feet by purchasing the "forever" license. But, I'm having some issues that I haven't been able to fix even after searching here and watching as many relevant tutorials as I could find. Hopefully my purchase allows me a stupid newbie question or two. I swear I searched first though! I've been using MAME since version 0.38 but am brand new to LaunchBox. My MAME is updated to MAME 0.199 My issue: When selecting MAME as the emulator for Software List roms, Launchbox seems to only import those software list-type roms that ALSO have a zip file name that exactly matches a MAME arcade rom zip name. I've been focusing on the Apple IIe system as an example, and the game Oregon Trail specifically as a test case. It appears that Launchbox is using some internal MAME list or database, perhaps limited to arcade games only, and not referencing MAME's built-in xml's (either generated by the binary or from the MAME\hash folder) for games supported per system? Probably important details: 1) I have confirmed that I have MAME 0.199 configured properly. From a command prompt, entering: mame64 apple2e -flop1 oregontr.zip launches the game properly through MAME bringing up the game on the Apple 2e system. 2) MAME itself is configured with 2 ROM paths: one that includes arcade game roms and systems, and the second is just the software list roms folder. (MAME requires that or it can't find the Apple 2e system to "boot" with.) 3) I created a "custom" named emulator in LaunchBox, named MAME-SL, before importing ROMs in case the reserved emulator name "MAME" forced a focus on arcade games only. That didn't seem to make any difference. 4) My "MAME-SL" emulator is associated to the built-in "Apple II" platform as the default emulator per my Edit Emulator/Associated Platforms dialog window. 5) Under Edit Emulator/Associated Platforms for my "MAME-SL" emulator, the Apple II platform has been given command line parameters: apple2e -flop1 6) Having the MAME-SL emulator set up (or picking the standard MAME emulator) and then Importing my Apple 2e roms (pointing the importer to just the apple2 rom folder), not even 10% of them are imported. 7) The ones that are imported seem to coincidentally have zip names that exactly match MAME arcade rom zip names (arkanoid.zip, asteroid.zip, pacman.zip, etc.) Only 54 are imported. 8. Launching any of those 54 that did get imported does launch the Apple2e system & game properly. 9) During import, I turn off all scraping / metadata and also tell it to take all clones, no skipping, etc. Am I missing something? Is there a way, during import, to point LaunchBox to a specific xml for that system? Or, can LaunchBox be modified to do a "real time" mame64.exe -listsoftware <system> or mame64.exe -getsoftlist <system> list generation so that software list roms can be imported properly? (-listsoftware may just regurgitate the same .xml from the standard MAME\hash folder, I haven't confirmed that yet. Or, maybe -getsoftlist is the right parameter...I haven't found documentation explaining the difference between the two parameters yet). Thanks!
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    Got it! Thanks! This is VERY different, wow! I guess I have to mess around with it to learn. Thanks again!
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    Honestly, no, it's not at all easy to implement lol. There are a lot of features on the to-do list that are very useful and supposedly "small and easy to implement". The point of the playlists is to group your games as you wish, not to watch them in order. I see the value in that feature, but this is the very first time that that request has come in, so I'm doubtful that it would be a very common request.
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    The playlists are implemented to allow you to have games from different platforms grouped together rather than being platform specific. So you could have a Zelda playlist for example with all the Zelda games from different platforms in one location. It wasn't as far as i know designed for watching videos of games from.
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    Looking at the screenshots, I think this is probably the best and most consistent theme on the forums, but I can't get it to work. Seems to be using parts of the default theme and this theme. Not sure what's going on.
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    Didn't anyone tell you, until @Jason Carr gets launchbox.next done we've hired a trained monkey with a whip and an unlimited supply of redbull to keep him working 24/7, we even took away those pesky things like food, bathroom breaks, and sleeping so he doesn't have to worry about distractions. Granted by the time he's done with the full .next update his fingers will be nothing but bones, but there are still rumors of a new He-man live action movie, so we'll just count it as helping him prepare to audition for the skeletor role. Then maybe he can get back to doing other things like live streams, showering, you know those luxuries in life. PS: I have no idea who the "We' is in any of this and I totally just pulled this whole thing out of my ass, but with how hard he's been working on the next update I thought this might give Jason a laugh if he sees it. PSS: okay Jason you saw it, now he back to work before the monkey strikes, he gets paid a banana chip per whipping. BTW awesome work on the .next updates so far
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    Thanks bro! Yeah they certainly will!
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    Wow!!! Nice looking theme, cant wait to try it out. My neon platform and playlist categories clear logos would go well with this theme.
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    Me again there is no logo for this one. Thank you. You are all awesome.
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    Word up Mr Dave! You can absolutely tell that you took the time to make sure everything was beautifully laid out. Images are cut out wonderfully and so on. My only suggestion - Don't be afraid to put Crash in front of the title like you did with the characters from the racing game. That's just being picky, though. 5 stars from me. Beautiful... 👍
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    Updated the Genesis list and batch file to include Altered Beast.
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    The Best of Nintendo - A combination of playlist and theme View File I present a labor-of-love. It is a project that I have been working on for a while. It is part-theme and part-playlist. Basically, it's a historical look through Nintendo's console history with playlists designed to capture the best of every release (in 20, 50, and 100 game lists). Included in the zip file are customized clear logos, XML playlist files, and downloaded Youtube commercials. The Best of Nintendo - Please check out the video and let me know what you think. Notes: *I started by aggregating data into spreadsheets for each console. Based upon review scores, polls, and web lists, I created my own lists of the best, most important, successful, or under-appreciated games for each console. Spreadsheets with sources here. Best of Nintendo Home Consoles Best of Handheld Consoles If you feel these lists are criminally incorrect, please let me know. *I created clear logos for each playlist. I used a variety of sources from the web and the clear logo collection in the Unified theme pack as starting resources. I haven't used Photoshop in quite a while, but it was fun getting back into it. If you have any requests or suggestions regarding the logos, please let me know. *Then I scoured Youtube seeking interesting and funny commercials for each platform. Clearly, I could not find many of them in high quality. For many videos, I had to edit out intros or outros. Apologies to original uploaders for not giving proper credit. If anyone has suggestions or higher quality versions of these commercials, please let me know. *Grabbed general console information from Wikipedia - slight editing. *Used a combination of the excellent Unified theme, Coverbox theme, Famicom theme , and BG Clean theme for the game lists. *Obviously Game & Watch is not a real top 10 - I'm still waiting on Mame to start emulating some of the more popular releases. *Nintendo 3DS and Wii U are limited to top 20 for now. Also waiting for emulation to catch up with these newer platforms. *Big thanks to Colpipes78 for the great set-ups, implementing Rocket Launcher, media, roms, and making my life (and many others) a thousand times easier. I hope some of you find parts of it useful. Next - Sega or Sony? Submitter Mr.Laor Submitted 07/13/2018 Category Playlists & Playlist Media  
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    Silent Hill Collection Theme Pack By Belekai Big silent hill fan, thought it deserved its own collection theme, so i made one:) Might as well share it Pack Includes: 1 x 1080p - Theme Video - 10Mbps Bitrate mp4 x264 8 x Theme Music 9 x Clear Logos 9 x Graded Backgrounds 3 x Misc Bonus Backgrounds Direct Download Link: Google Drive (151 mb) A few sample images: *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Special Thanks *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Video Music: Not Tommrrow - Metal Cover By Daniel Tidwell https://www.youtube.com/user/metaldaniel03/ Video Graphics: HD Character Renders By Violet 2010 - DeviantArt https://violet-2010.deviantart.com/ Silent_Hill_Collection.mp4
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    For 1080p gaming the 1070 is way overkill and a lot more money. It's something easily upgraded later though if necessary.
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