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    The reason we removed the aforementioned thread was simply to ensure that the specific crook mentioned in the thread does not receive any extra publicity from us. It had nothing to do with us censoring the thread; we just choose not to provide criminals with any extra publicity. We do very much appreciate your purchase @rexryan.
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    Version 1.1.2


    I designed some overlays for my 4K TV since I couldn't find any at that resolution at the quality I was looking for. I'm in the process of creating more systems in Photoshop, but the console themed designs take quite a while at 4K resolution. Many of these are inspired by the consoles design, so they aren’t 100% accurate to the source, they are just formatted to look nice as bezels/overlays. These overlays are designed to maximize screen real estate (IE no integer scaling), so there is no gap on the top and bottom of the screen. Use standard 4:3 aspect ratio or custom scaling. So, I won't be creating designs for consoles / handhelds that display primarily in 16:9, as doing that requires shrinking the game. I use the CRT_Geom shader with these settings changed and the screens are curved exactly where they need to be: CRT Geom Curvature Radius: 3.00 CRT Corner Size: 0.00 CRT Geom Sharpness: 3.00
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    Version 2.3


    Plugin that scrapes Steam Information, banner, screenshots and video to a selected game. Requirements: Launchbox 8.8+ Install: Extract the content of zip file to : Launchbox/plugins/SteamScraper Source code: Github (feel free to make a pull request ) Thanks to: @fawkesyeah for the extensive testing @CriticalCid for Ideas. EDIT If you have trouble running the plugin and crashing due CAS error, please right click on the DLL's , properties and then unblock. Usage: Just paste the Steam URL from the game that you need to scrape information. Video Tutorial: If you want to add Additional Custom fields and Tags please edit the properties.json : Note: This will generate a LOT of tags, I advise to hide it if you are going to use it. (Legacy Settings -> Game Details -> Disable Custom Fields) Also if you have the SteamDB or SteamSpy Link only you can use it to get the Steam metadata as well, the regex works just remind to put the / on the final url just like this: BUT THIS WONT GET INFO FROM THE RESPECTIVELY WEBSITES, IT WILL GO TO STEAM ANYWAYS.
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    Hey all, I posted this on the RocketLauncher forums but thought you guys might also like to use them. I'm making bezels for use with RocketLauncher. They're designed for 1920x1080 displays. I'll be making each to be as least distracting as possible while at the same time still filling in those ugly black bars. I've created a logo background for each system. See here for a few examples: I've also enhanced some of my old handheld bezels like so: You can view all the bezels here: https://mega.nz/#F!WYkGkaoA!oILq-t4Ohofc-dy-6qcG7A Just select as many as you want, download then paste them in your RocketLauncher/Media/Bezels folder. Keep checking back as I'll be adding new bezels as I make/test them.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Neo Geo Classic Marquees - Redone (Complete Collection 157 games) Redid all classic Neo Geo single mini marquee layout marquees as I saw some inconsistencies in style, resolution and colors across various sources plus various games where missing, thought it was a good idea to redo them to one complete collection. Feel free to use for your projects if you please. 1. Logo's and text are smooth in comparison to the classic Mr. Do (Not sure?) marquee versions 2. Added white border and drop shadow for placeholder Mini Marquee 3. Added bootlegs, unreleased, Japanese and rare game marquees 4. Includes custom, translations, reconstructed, fixed marquee artwork from various sources as well 5. All in same (classic single marquee) layout and resolution: 3840 x 1062 pixels 6. All manually color corrected, cleaned and fixes 7. 157 games + 1 default MVS Neo Geo marquee.
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    Wow. Well, it's my personal preference to not participate in the hate, and I don't want hate of any kind on these forums either.
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    Yep, that's all correct. Just FYI though, unless they've fixed it, Enemy Zero specifically doesn't swap discs correctly via .m3u. That specific game has had that issue since Saturn support was added to Mednafen (again, unless it's been patched semi-recently). And then the .m3u is set as the rom in LB. With single-disc games, you're using the .cue.
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    Actually, you can skip those popups by putting these in the mame.ini file: skip_disclaimer 1 skip_gameinfo 1 I believe you can also use it as a command line option when running mame from a front end loader with -skip_gameinfo. So no need to have to find a recompiled version or compile it yourself. This will NOT get rid of the messages that report issues with the roms such as no sound or incomplete graphics. That does require a recompile. Apparently, this used to be an option, but so many people turned it off and then were complaining about issues with roms when a game didn't work, causing a support nightmare for the Mame developers, that they removed it. So now they purposely will not allow it to be turned off without someone going through the difficulty of finding a custom build or building it yourself. That should limit the people who forget they turned it off and report a known not working rom. Also, there is the "No Name Mame" build that has options to add skip_gamewarning and skip_baddumps that takes care of those warnings too.
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    Something does not look right. There should not be a Windows.xml file in the root of the data folder. Copy the Windows.xml file in the Data folder it is referring to and paste it into a folder somewhere else. Do not delete it, just copy it and save it somewhere else. Then remove the Windows.xml file from the data folder and try running a backup again and see if that helps. Do you by chance have a platform for Windows games you imported called Windows?
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    to quote the butcher "Ahhhhh, fresh meat" - The butcher, Dungeon level 2
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    What’s the latest on the transparent cabinets? Excited to see people working on this! Thanks guys!
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    Arcade borders that are finished as of now...
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    Awesome job!! Reminds me of the demo scene days of the Atari St and Amiga.... Ahhh! Those were the days 😀
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    I could be totally off on this but I was going through and reading everything from the other thread on this issue and it got me thinking. In the other thread @jasoncarr was talking about the way the software checks for controllers every 5 seconds and something I've noticed so far is that everyone is using windows 10 and either an xbox controller or a controller that is read as one. There's one other program that almost every windows 10 machine uses without people even thinking about it and that's the xbox app that's included with Windows 10. I used my xbox 360 controller and scrolled through every game and platform I have on my system and never once even got the slightest bit of input lag, and the first thing I did when I installed Windows 10 was used powershell and removed every bit of bloatware Microsoft put on the system, including the xbox app because even when you're not using the app itself it still searches for a controller and inputs from one. obviously there's no way to test this theory without other people being willing to temporarily removing the xbox app from their pc, but is it possible the checks from launchbox/big box and the xbox app are somehow conflicting with each other? After all it's not exactly like microsoft lists everything they change in their change logs and they are still doing the staggered updates so maybe something they've changed triggered/ made it worse? Just a thought, sorry if this isn't helpful.
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    I just want to thank @RetroNi and all the other contributors for this brilliant thread!! It's really helped me get my Pinball FX2 platform looking superb!! Just to add my tuppence worth... with the Pinball FX2 exe I'm using I've found that if I add the command line parameter /LoadTable /LoadTable Then the program starts up with the table already loaded. I also using @Retro808's suggestion of the putting an AutoHotKey script in so that the table closes back to BigBox. So if I edit my emulator those two tabs look like this... Thanks again for everyone's help
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    EXODOS BIGBOX STARTUP CRACKTRO EDITION View File Submitter harryoke Submitted 09/25/2018 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
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    Gamebackground Packs for Retrotastic View File These are Gamebackground files to be used with the "Retrotastic" Bigbox Theme by faeran. First get the Theme here: After installing the theme, extract my Background Packs into "Launchbox\Themes\Retrotastic". Enjoy! 😄 For more visit the Retrotastic Forum Thread: Submitter Scratcher Submitted 09/25/2018 Category Game Media Packs  
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    Take a look, added a few more
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    CHD format is typically supported on most of the Retroarch cores. I have slowly moved most of mine from iso/bin formats over to CHD. It does save quite a bit of space plus it can be uncompressed back to original format/CUE/ISO etc if needed. There have been version changes to CHD over years (up to 5 now) which have improved the archiving and compression process so best to use current CHD.EXE if compressing files. Here is a listing for the larger game files: PS2 - use GZip format. see more info in LB Forum thread here. PS1 - use CHD format if using Retroarch Mednafen HW cores it supports CHDs. Note that standalone emulator PSXe does not support CHD format. For multi-discs I use the PBP format that was compression tool designed by Sony for the PSP. Use a tool called PSX2PSP. The advantage is it allows you to merge Disc 1, Disc 2 type multi-disc games into one compressed file (cannot do that in CHD, must retain each Disc # separately). You can also do that with M3U playlists for CHDs but the PBP format is much simpler. In theory could compress all to PBP but the PSX2PSP tool isn't well suited to mass conversion and isn't quite as a efficient as CHD (typically over half size of original disc) See below for batch conversion (and limitations) for PBP using PSX2PSP: PSP - Use CSO compression format on most games. Tool called PSP ISO Compressor works well (again, not easy for mass number of files). Saturn - can use CHD with Retroarch Mednafen cores. Sega CD - can use CHD with Genesis Plus GX Retroarch core. Note for the Sega 32X CD games I had to leave those in native bin/cue format since the Retroarch core for Sega 32X didn't accep CHDs (but was only a few games for me so didn't worry about it). NEC Turbografx-CD - can use CHD with Mednefen PCE Retroarch core Sega Dreamcast - can use CHD with reicast Retroarch core. Also works with Demul standalone emulator. Gamecube - can use the GCZ compression format with Dolphin standalone or Retroarch core. There is a command line tool called GCIT that will compress from ISO or can use the compress option within Dolphin (full standalone emulator). Wii - Use the WBFS format in Dolphin. Phillips CDi (I use MAME here) and Panasonic 3DO (Retroarch 4DO core) also can use CHD format Most other games ZIP will work fine. All the compression can take time and some of the non-command line tools are "one by one" conversions which can suck a lot of time. For the CHD format, the MAME monthly package has the CHD EXE. There are variety of scripts to convert in mass. Search the forum here for several examples since that is where I got mine (attached). For the batch file just change the extension and path. CHD.EXE must be in same directory and would start with a test file or two first. Any errors it will just stop waiting for input. The advantage when all done is that have smaller size files, less "stuff" since don't have CUE, ISO, BINs all floating around, and if you already have the MAME Software List files for Saturn, PSX, and Dreamcast, you don't have to bother with conversion since they already converted to CHD format. The RetroPie wiki site also had good information on various compression formats. chdbatch.bat
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a theme meant to really lean hard on nostalgia. It's inspired by "New Retro Arcade Neon" and uses some of it's assets. As of right now, it consists of 1 view, and the goal is to add more platforms if there is demand for it. The platform images are "banner" images, so using a different view with this will look a little funky. For a little extra immersion, I have Andy Hofle's "Arcade Ambience" mp3 as the background music. Those mp3's can be found here. - http://arcade.hofle.com/ Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!
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    Based on what you're describing, what you need isn't per-core/platform remaps, you just need to setup controller autoconfigs. Essentially what these are are profiles for specific controllers, so when you plug in controller A, it recognizes what type of controller it is and uses the controls you specifically setup for it, then you can plugin controller B, it recognizes what type of controller it is and uses the controls you specifically setup for it, and so on. You know how when you plug in a controller with RA running or whenever you start it up how it says "Controller blahblah connected"? That's where it's indicating that a specific type of controller is connected and which port it's going to use it for. What can happen if you don't setup autoconfigs for each different type of controller is that it doesn't understand what you want to do with it and just uses a default (like an Xbox controller layout) even if the specific controller you've plugged in doesn't support the same buttons/sticks/etc. I had this happen to me when I first tried to use a USB SNES pad. You need to set each of them up one at a time with autoconfigs. Plug in one controller, go to Settings > Input, make sure "Autoconfig Enable" is set to on, then go down to Input User 1 Binds, use "User 1 Bind All" and then select "User 1 Save Autoconfig". Now unplug that controller, plug in the next controller, and repeat the above steps. Now whenever you plug in each controller it should use whatever you've specified for each controller individually.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Sounds from the Nintendo Switch UI for use with my upcoming theme, Switch.
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