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    Version 1.0.0


    Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel! The arcade platform obviously doesn't come in a box, so this time, I decided to slap together some footage I found from across the web, put it together in a solid piece and bring it to you all to enjoy. I don't take any credit for any of the rendering at all, just the editing.
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    I just wanted to say a big thanks to this thread and Dynamite Jewduh for the help. For the first time in weeks and with many hours wasted I have now managed to get Mame light guns setup with wiimotes, mameUI, the 201 merged romset downloaded from Arcade Punks and touchmote. A lot of flaffing about but all sorted now. This video also helped me in terms of actually configuring the guns within mame : Thank you
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    Fade-out screen implemented, and I posted a new version (0.6a) to the pm thread for testers. @Nicodemus: I couldn't add you to that pm since it's full, so I sent you a separate pm with this version of the plugin for testing.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A collection of 3D boxes in UGC format for arcade games made by Konami. These are just sourced flyers with homemade spines. This is not a full collection by any means as some titles are absent due to no suitable flyers found. As well as that, I've omitted the Casino, Endeavour and Dance/Rhythm/Music stuff. The boxes are mainly parent, although clones are included where either a suitable parent flyer couldn't be sourced or a clone flyer differed from it's parent and appealed to me.
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    It's very well made and has enough different to distinguish it from traditional jrpgs.
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    I have tried 2 aimtrack guns although they look good i thought the build quality was poor. One of my guns arrived with only one screw! the others were missing and so the gun almost fell apart. without the solenoid i also thought they were light weight and cheap plastic. Whereas the wiimote, albeit doesnt look much like a real gun, IMO feels heavier, more substantial and works better than the aimtracks. And of course they are wireless which is a BIG bonus. We are all used to having wireless devices nowadays, who wants bloody great big leads all over the place.
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    It is a windows pad plugin that has a bunch of feature options you can mess with. Not sure about its origins, I just know it has some useful features and is usable in ePSXe and PCSX2. You should be able to find it on the PCSX2 forum. If you google "lilypad plugin" the first link should take you to the forum thread on it. It has been around a few years but still works.
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    For your input options in epsxe are you using the lilypad plugin or the ePSXe core? If lilypad open the configure settings for the plugin I believe there is either a "disable confirm on exit" option or something like "Exit emulator on close". Try one of those options to see if it helps. I cannot remember for sure as I am not at home. I use the lilypad plugin and have the same AHK Neil mentioned and ePSXe exits properly.
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    i've definitely posted to the correct folder... so.... the solution: make sure you have audio in desperation to just randomly figure out wtf was going on...i downloaded WinKawaks and it would not load BUT it gave me an error message basically saying there was no sound... I have my "new" computer which is dedicated to emulating sitting in my home office next to my old computer... I did not have sound connected...I connected the speakers to the back of my "new" computer and WinKawaks opened.... and the rest is history MAME opens now... Thank you all for your support and while its a bit embarrassing to say this was the solution I felt I owed you the actual solution. I feel a lot better and now I can ask you guys a bunch more dumb questions!!!
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    That's for the N64 Disk Drive. You could fake a bios screen with a startup video through RocketLauncher or wait for LB to have it's own which will be in the works soon.
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    The N64 never had a bios. I don't no what you have but it is not a real N64 bios. Its possible what you have is something to do with dumping actual N64 carts.
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    1) You can use existing media and videos, however you will need to manually point Launchbox to the folders one by one for each platform, and they also need to be named correctly to be picked up by Launchbox. 2) No the free version does not support movies, that is a premium only feature. 3) yes you can have more than one install. Launchbox doesnt actually install and just unpacks everything to a folder you specify on install.
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    Some emulators need a extra step, add this to the autohotkey tab of the emulator in the manage emulators section. ; This section closes PCSX2 when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } Like this, (ignore the mouse move part).
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    Very very nice! really, we would think back to the good old days! I hope you will not mind but decidedly I just finished a mame theme at the request of a subscriber, but threw reassures it's very different! good luck to you and I subscribe of course to your channel
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    It doesn't expand, but when highlighting the load or save button you can use left/right to cycle through state slots. On my todo list is showing a screenshot of the selected state, perhaps also with a date and time stamp; would probably show that to the right of the save and load buttons.
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    That's strange, I have no idea why its not working, if you imported through Launchbox the games should be automatically. Without more information I cannot help you. Try to see in the folder if it downloads movies/images. Try to record a video so we can see the problem, whats your main language ? @CriticalCid try the new version please, those games should work now.
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    Got this working for PCSX2, 1-player setup on Vampire Night game. here's my video tutorial
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    Beta 7 is out now with the following: - Improvement: When bulk editing the associated emulator for games, LaunchBox will now automatically update the emulator for all additional apps that are also set to use the same emulator as the parent game - Improvement: Resolved more platform category and playlist-specific performance issues in Big Box - Fixed: The LaunchBox sidebar count was not updating when the games list is populated and the count is refreshed - Fixed: Game controllers were not navigating the drop-down lists in the Big Box filters popup - Fixed: Big Box was still sometimes creating unnecessary/irrelevant empty video folders for playlists - Fixed: The emulators list when bulk editing games was not sorted alphabetically - Fixed: Additional applications in the LaunchBox game right-click menu were sometimes using the icon from the game's emulator instead of the icon from the additional application's emulator
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    Working on a dedicated Arcade theme...it will cover all arcade platforms,and include the character art,as well as dynamic marquees
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    This are the settings I use: I added the -fullscreen to the command line to make sure games are always launched in fullscreen. So far I'm not too sold on it, but I might switch if the compatibility is improved. I'm currently using the Redream core in Retroarch as default but is outdated, I can't use the better Reicast core or other emulators because they don't support the chd format (what I have).
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    Version 1.0.0


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    You don't need that command for retroarch. Just open retroarch and go to settings/video and switch on fullscreen.
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    Put the following code in the autohotkey script tab of the edit emulator window for your Higan entry. $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
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    Version 1.0.0


    2D and 3D Cart Images for Sammy Atomiswave.
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