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    Version .1


    What's different in 2.0? *This replaces the old version of Refried entirely. DO NOT merge this new version with the old one. *All platform addon themes from the first version of Refried have been merged into one single addon called "Queso Fresco" (because it tastes great on top of refried beans...that's why). Therefore all of those older addon themes are no longer needed. *Requires Launchbox 9.4 or above to function properly *Revised Install instructions (please read them below if you are just starting out with the theme) *Added custom controller icons for play modes in the game description on some systems...this will get finished in the future *More great additions made by Ghostlines to the theme *Added the fullscreen video view to all platforms (view 4) *Improved the artwork slightly for the Big Box options menus Important note**If you install this theme,and the artwork does not display properly for a platform on your system,then more than likely it is a naming conflict between your platform and the files in the theme. To fix this issue,you must locate these files and change the name to your actual platforms name: 1.Images/Theme/Background/(name of your platform that is mislabeled) 2.Images/Theme/VideoBorder/(name of your platform that is mislabeled) If you install the Queso Fresco addon as well,then you must also rename the custom view xaml files to your platform name. I set out to make an alternate version to the beautiful Unified theme,with modifications here and there,yet,as I worked on it more and more,I started to go a different direction slightly...and thus Refried was born. This theme is built to focus on artwork,and showcase each system in bright colorful high definition artwork. I have drawn all new original arcade cabinets,and designed custom borders for each platform,which set each system apart from each other,while maintaining a unified appearance across the board. The main difference between this,and many other themes that are out there...are the video borders. When using the Default theme,all video borders are the same size across the entire theme...but,when using the addons,the video borders will then fit the system properly...so that the video for Game Boy Advance,will fit the GBA Video Border...and the PSP video,will fit the PSP Video Border. In other words,by using the custom view addons,it allows the theme to represent the system perfectly...rather than the same size border for everything. This theme is more than capable of running without a single addon theme installed,and only using the Default...the addons are merely to extend the experience of each system,with special added artwork,and tweaks.On the other hand,the Addons rely on the Default themes structure,and will not work without the default theme installed. There are multiple views included with the default theme,including - 1.Border with No Box/Cart/Disc Art 2.Border with Box/Cart/Disc Art 3.Border with Box/Spinning Cart/Disc Art 4.Full Screen Video w/Centered enlarged wheel 5.Border Text List View with Box/Cart/Disc Art The Queso Fresco addon has 5 views - 1.Special Artwork/Special Border with No Box/Cart/Disc Art 2.Special Border with Box/Cart/Disc Art (With wheel fade) 3.Special Border with Box/Cart/Disc Art (No wheel fade) 4.Full Screen Video w/Centered enlarged wheel 5.Special Border Text List View with Box/Cart/Disc Art **If the system has CD's/Discs,then the Disc will spin in Views 2 and 3...but,if the system has carts or floppies,then they will not spin in views 2 and 3. The Arcade portion of the Queso Fresco addon has 5 views - 1.Dynamic Marquees with Character Artwork 2.No Dynamic Marquees with Character Artwork 3.Dynamic Marquees with Advert/Flyers 4.Full Screen Video w/Centered enlarged wheel 5.Text List View with Advert/Flyers/Cabinets With the Queso Fresco addon installed,the arcade platforms are capable of displaying Video Marquees for each game,as well as regular marquees, in the marquee area of the cabinets (Some samples are included,and more are on the way)* Any Video Marquees must be placed in "LaunchBox/Themes/Unified Refried/Images/Theme/Addons/_Arcade/Video Marquees/" and must be in mp4 format In order to make this work properly,you must go into LaunchBox options,and change the priority for Cart Back Image to Arcade - Marquee,and uncheck anything else. Installation: 1.Download the Default theme (Unified Refried) ,and place it in your "Launchbox/Themes" folder 2.If you have not done so,you will need to unblock the Plugins...This does not have to be done for every addon theme,as unblocking them once,in the default,is all that is necessary...excerpt taken from unified description - 3.Set the theme to "Unified Refried" in Options/Views/Theme 4.If installing any of the addons,simply unzip the addon,and open the folder that was created. In this case we will use the Queso Fresco addon as an example. 5.Place the two folders (Images and Views) into the Unified Refried default theme folder,merging the folders when prompted. 6.That's it! ....When you load up Big Box,the artwork should be changed to the Queso Fresco alternate art. Pictures of Installation process for those that need them...If this is your first time using Refried you can skip step 1 Thanks @RetroNi for the use of his Logo set. @CriticalCid for his theme Unified,as I used alot of his coding as a base for the assembly of this theme. @kyoken @neil9000 @bundangdon @zetec-s-joe @Retro808 @Porl Hendy for their feedback during testing. @faeran for his help early on in the development stages. @Jason Carr because I used a bit of code from his Redux version,and took on some of his ideas from the changes he made @NJDave71 for his HelperControl plugin @bmonomad @Suhrvivor for their work on the Community Star Ratings,Favorites,and Play Mode code,which formed the base for implementing it into this theme @Ghostlines for his additions to the theme Examples: Current Platform list covered by the theme - Arcade Consoles Handhelds Computers Pinball Ghostlines Additions Current Playlists covered by the theme - Collections Genres Developers Favorites The Platform/Playlist video set can be found here... The Platform/Playlist Logo set can be found here...
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    Hello All! With the addition of my cinematics into the Launchbox Platform video downloader section,I figured I would show those that have no idea who I am or what I do,some examples of the available Cinematics I have made.I will also post info on any new cinematics I am working on here in the future. I also do alot of other media,mainly for RocketLauncher Fades and Pause screen...but,also marquees,wheels,and other stuff. If you would like to check out my other work,feel free to browse my website at www.retrohumanoid.weebly.com Apple II Big Fish Games ColecoVision Commodore Amiga CD32 FightCade Fujitsu FM Towns Future Pinball GCE Vectrex Guitar Hero Arcade Gun Games HBMAME (Misfit MAME) Jukebox Laserdisc Mattel Intellivision Microsoft MSX Microsoft MSX2 MUGEN NEC PC Engine NEC PC Engine-CD NEC PC-FX NEC SuperGrafx NEC TurboGrafx-CD Nintendo BS-X Satellaview Nintendo Game & Watch Nintendo Super Famicom PC Games Philips CD-i Pinball Arcade Pinball FX2 PopCap Games ScummVM Sega SG-1000 Sharp X68000 SNK Neo Geo Pocket SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color Sony Playstation Minis Visual Pinball
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    Version 1.5.0


    I share with you 3 themes of my Zelda collection Do not forget to like or comment ( if you like) It's an indicator for me , if the post works i post the rest of the collection otherwise i consider that it does interest anyone and i would not a update and to the question: "Why did I delete my post pademonium cinematics? Well, that's exactly where I'm going (and I think I'm not the only one in this case) I could see the counters get bigger ... 2000/2500 download I share more 4 go of themes and I have never had review, if one to tell me that my signature disturb (so thanks to him) then I do not come to the office of the crying but think there, I see too much post creators without like and comment... you know, i don`t get anything for a "like" or download but it is a nice way to motivate content creators with a little THANK YOU via like or comment so we know that the work pleases the community. I'm continu to post but shyly, and yet I have a lot to share .... kind regards Pad
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    Version 1.1.0


    A set of Logos, to match perfectly with my Refried theme. A special Thank you to @RetroNi for allowing me to use his white bordered logo set,with a few changes,for the creation of the Platform Logos in this set...As well as @CriticalCid for giving me the unspoken inspiration to even start this project in the first place! The Logos are seperated to download by category..including each playlist covered in the theme. Inside of the Unified Refried theme there is a "Images" folder. Inside you need to create a folder labelled "Platforms." Inside you will need to create another folder called "Clear Logo." Inside the Clear Logo folder is where you paste the set. Launchbox/Themes/Unified Refried/Images/Platforms /Clear Logo After making the change, be sure to refresh platform wheel images located in options (Image Cache). You can find the theme here.... You can find the matching video set here...
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    Version 1.0.0


    A collection of 3D boxes in UGC format for arcade games made by Konami. These are just sourced flyers with homemade spines. This is not a full collection by any means as some titles are absent due to no suitable flyers found. As well as that, I've omitted the Casino, Endeavour and Dance/Rhythm/Music stuff. The boxes are mainly parent, although clones are included where either a suitable parent flyer couldn't be sourced or a clone flyer differed from it's parent and appealed to me.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a complete collection of Sega CD 3D Boxes for the USA region. Big Thanks to @goofers for his template. LIST OF GAMES COVERED:
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    Version 2.0


    This is a complete set of Sega Saturn 3D Boxes for the USA region. Japanese and European Boxes can be downloaded here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/profile/75197-levo_stone/content/?type=downloads_file Big Thanks to @goofers for his template. LIST OF BOXES INCLUDED:
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    Version 1.0.0


    Super Smash Bros. playlist theme for video game frontends. There are two quality options to chose from. Those being 4K and 720p for high-end and low-end systems respectively. There are 3 available song options (listed below). zircon - Smash Superstars: Music provided by zircon https://zirconstudios.bandcamp.com/ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Main Theme - Lifelight (Japanese): https://youtu.be/qiI7wTGV6Go Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Main Theme - Lifelight (English): https://youtu.be/EhgDibw7vB4
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    Excellent theme, even without the add-ons. The arcade add-on is a must have though. The changing marquee on the video cab is something i have not seen in a theme before, especially video marquees. My go to theme on my main LB build.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a complete collection of Sega CD 2D Boxes for the USA region. LIST OF GAMES COVERED:
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    Here are my older overlays from this post ➡️ Final Fantasy VI TLOZ Link to the Past Breath of Fire Secret of Mana Super Mario World Super Metroid Street Fighter II Castlevania For convenience, I've bundled them all. I'll update the package as I finish new ones.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A compressed package of all the 16:9 bezel overlays I've made. I will continue to update this package and add new overlays as I finish them. 😁 Currently this pack includes overlays for the following games: Breath of Fire - SNES Breath of Fire II - SNES Castlevania - NES Castlevania II Simon's Quest - NES Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - PSX Final Fantasy VI - SNES Nintendo GameBoy - Platform Nintendo GameBoy Color - Platform Nintendo GameBoy Advance - Platform The Secret of Mana - SNES Super Mario World - SNES (3 Color Variants) Super Metroid - SNES (2 Color Variants) Super Street Fighter - SNES Tetris - Nintendo GameBoy Tetris - NES The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past - SNES
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    Here are some of the overlays I've recently finished: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (NES) Core - FCEUM Core Aspect Ratio - provided Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1) Core - Mednafen PSX (software) Core Aspect Ratio - provided Breath of Fire II (SNES) Core - BSNES Mercury Accuracy Core Aspect Ratio - provided Tetris (NES) Core - FCEUM Core Aspect Ratio - provided Nintendo GameBoy (platform) Nintendo GameBoy Color (platform) Thanks for letting me Share!
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    Version 1.0.0


    A 16:9 bezel/overlay themed for Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Designed for use with retroarch or launchbox. Unzip and drop into 'overlays' folder for retroarch use.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A 16:9 bezel/overlay themed for Breath of Fire II (SNES) Designed for use with retroarch or launchbox. Unzip and drop into 'overlays' folder for retroarch use.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A 16:9 bezel/overlay themed for Tetris (NES) Designed for use with retroarch or launchbox. Unzip and drop into 'overlays' folder for retroarch use.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A 16:9 bezel/overlay themed for the GameBoy color handheld Designed for use with retroarch or launchbox. Unzip and drop into 'overlays' folder for retroarch use. (Gambette core)
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    Version 1.0.0


    A 16:9 bezel/overlay themed for the Nintendo GameBoy handheld Designed for use with retroarch or launchbox. Unzip and drop into 'overlays' folder for retroarch use.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A 16:9 bezel/overlay themed for Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PS1) Designed for use with retroarch or launchbox. Unzip and drop into 'overlays' folder for retroarch use. (Mednafen PSX Core)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel! The arcade platform obviously doesn't come in a box, so this time, I decided to slap together some footage I found from across the web, put it together in a solid piece and bring it to you all to enjoy. I don't take any credit for any of the rendering at all, just the editing.
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    Hi everyone, As you may have noticed, no french translation was submited for a long time. I'm really sorry about that. My personnal life has become much too complicated and I won't be able to continue this job. So if any french speaking user wants to replace me, that would be a good thing. Sorry again... Nicolas
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    Hey all, I've been working on a plugin for applying these bezels to the windows Retroarch installation within LaunchBox. Basic functionality: Download latest content for selected system from the Bezel Project Github repository. Edit the configuration files (from retropie to windows) and copy all appropriate files to the Retroarch core emulator config and overlay folders. Enjoy.. This would be for people who do not use Rocket Launcher (like me) or any other middleware. Like the Bezel Project, this plugin is a work in progress. I am looking for a couple of people to help test if anyone is interested. I'll check back in a day or so to see if there are any takers... Here is a demo video showing it in action using the Atari 7800 repository from the Bezel Project. In this demo I startup a few Atari 7800 games to show those games without bezel artwork. Then use the plugin to install the Atari 7800 bezels pack. Then restart those games to show the bezels were installed. TBP-LB-Plugin-Demo.mp4
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    Version 1.2


    A NEW set of MSU-1 Covers, in the style of Cases rather than the Blu-Ray Style. There are 2 sets Single Faced - 250 Covers, most have alternates using the USA/JPN and PAL cover styles Double Faced - 251 Covers, most have alternates using the USA/JPN and PAL cover styles, All back covers are covered with proper information. These covers are not meant to be accurate representations of the original boxes, these are customs and are to be treated as such. You will need to add these covers manually, and i suggest if using these with the Unified theme to grab the Disc images i have also done. (Note if you do this, you will need to remove the Cart image folders, as the SNES system auto looks for carts before Disc's. These covers will be replacing the Blu-Ray covers going forward. If you would still like the Blu-Ray versions then please message me, and i can help you make them yourself. A lot of these covers came from http://thecoverproject.net . Covers that did not exist i tried to make as carefully as i could. I am no artist, all the images contained in these Cases are from the net and are made by more talented people than myself, i make these primarily for myself, so i hope you like them, and will use them.
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    yeah sure, download them from my server. There's the background wall with the posters thats the "fanart" file and then the SNES PSD with the main stuff in the foreground. Fanart SNES Console I also made a NES version to use as an overlay for my RetroPie NES setup. In use on my TV
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    In retrospect I am giving this 5 stars. I heavily used this and the background art is amazing. I would love to see this rebuilt and work with all the changes to BigBox. @niglurion would like to see you bring this back from the dead.