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    I have decided to start a New Build based around the excellent LB/ BB Theme ReFried by RetroHumanoid My aim is to have all media (Clear Logo/ Wheel, 3D box, disc/cart and video/ snap at least) for every platform I add so the process is painstaking long!!!!! Nintendo GameCube Nintendo 64 Sega Saturn Super Nintendo Entertainment System Sony Playstation 3 NEC PC Engine-CD Atari Jaguar Atari 7800 Atari 5200 Sega Game Gear Sega Master System Sega Genesis/ MegaDrive Nintendo Switch
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    Will the fades have the option to display the loading game title, year, developer, or any other type of info? I might either use a png that has the same bg as the platform theme (i.e. Unified) so the entire game selection flows is seamless until it starts emulating, with some info (name, year, developer, genre), a LOADING small text, and maybe the platform logo in one of the corners or centered in screen, or use just a generic image per platform, but minimalist as well.
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    I will try my own collage of "Boot/loading images" P.S.: i think images are enough, Videos for Loaing screens are to much, in my oppinion
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    These custom console themed overlays were edited and assembled by me to play your retro console games with a unique nostalgic bezel on Retroarch. Please enjoy and have fun. Please give me credit and the others involved if you use it on your Youtube channel. Thanks. Most of the original artwork came from ReignStumble. Credit is given to RetroKenesis for the bezel frames. You can download all my console themed overlays here - http://bit.ly/2nbRtPs Here's a Tutorial on how to add them to Retroarch.
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    Version 2.1.8


    MAME 0.218 NO NAG It’s time for MAME 0.218, the first MAME release of 2020! We’ve added a couple of very interesting alternate versions of systems this month. One is a location test version of NMK’s GunNail, with different stage order, wider player shot patterns, a larger player hitbox, and lots of other differences from the final release. The other is The Last Apostle Puppetshow, an incredibly rare export version of Home Data’s Reikai Doushi. Also significant is a newer version Valadon Automation’s Super Bagman. There’s been enough progress made on Konami’s medal games for a number of them to be considered working, including Buttobi Striker, Dam Dam Boy, Korokoro Pensuke, Shuriken Boy and Yu-Gi-Oh Monster Capsule. Don’t expect too much in terms of gameplay though — they’re essentially gambling games for children. There are several major computer emulation advances in this release, in completely different areas. Possibly most exciting is the ability to install and run Windows NT on the MIPS Magnum R4000 “Jazz” workstation, with working networking. With the assistance of Ash Wolf, MAME now emulates the Psion Series 5mx PDA. Psion’s EPOC32 operating system is the direct ancestor of the Symbian operating system, that powered a generation of smartphones. IDE and SCSI hard disk support for Acorn 8-bit systems has been added, the latter being one of the components of the BBC Domesday Project system. In PC emulation, Windows 3.1 is now usable with S3 ViRGE accelerated 2D video drivers. F.Ulivi has contributed microcode-level emulation of the iSBC-202 floppy controller for the Intel Intellec MDS-II system, adding 8" floppy disk support. Of course there are plenty of other improvements and additions, including re-dumps of all the incorrectly dumped GameKing cartridges, disassemblers for PACE, WE32100 and “RipFire” 88000, better Geneve 9640 emulation, and plenty of working software list addition Please visit @MadK9 Happy Gaming
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    Version 1.8


    Unified Redux is a very slight re-imagining of @CriticalCid's amazing Unified theme, focusing on minor tweaks to improve the experience based on the LaunchBox developer's personal preferences. Changes from the original theme are listed below: Rounder wheels Much faster-spinning discs Wheel shadows Videos maintain their aspect ratios Smoother transitions in a few spots Top bar modified to prevent triangle corner overlap issues Version 1.8 - Released March 26, 2019 (REQUIRES LAUNCHBOX\BIG BOX 9.6): Fixed several potential issues due to accidentally using the Unified folder instead of the Unified Redux folder Version 1.7 - Released March 25, 2019 (REQUIRES LAUNCHBOX\BIG BOX 9.6): Removed several unnecessary plugins for functionality now built-in to LaunchBox\Big Box Modified XAML to better support Big Box 9.5/9.6 (solves several minor visual issues, primarily with text lists) Version 1.6 - Released December 3, 2018 (REQUIRES LAUNCHBOX\BIG BOX 9.1): Added a new PrioritizedPathSelector plugin, which helps to ensure that proper images are shown for complicated playlist scenarios (multiple fallback priorities, etc.) Version 1.5 - Released November 26, 2018 (REQUIRES LAUNCHBOX\BIG BOX 9.1): Fixed issue with Arcade/MAME playlists not using proper media Version 1.4 - Released November 15, 2018 (REQUIRES LAUNCHBOX\BIG BOX 9.0): Pointer images will now change when entering into nested platforms and categories Year and manufacturer text will no longer show up on platform views when those values don't exist Publisher listed in the game details has been changed to developer, which is more important information to display Developer, genre, and play mode text will no longer show up on game views when those values don't exist Ratings displayed in the game views now show your personal rating instead of the community rating, if you've previously rated the game Version 1.3 - Released November 12, 2018 (REQUIRES LAUNCHBOX\BIG BOX 9.0): Added much better support for the new nested categories and playlists in LaunchBox\Big Box 9.0 (no more black screens) Version 1.2 - Released August 31, 2018: Removed Grila's weather plugin. As awesome as it is, it was causing 1-2 second delays loading up every view. Version 1.1 - Released August 30, 2018: Background images revamped (and in some cases removed) for common platforms in order to increase readability of the wheels and remove JPEG artifacts (many of the Classics playlists had backgrounds with horrible artifacts from Hyperspin). Thanks to @RetroHumanoid for many of the new backgrounds. Removed the default Big Box logo for platforms or playlists with no logos. Even we're not that in love with the Big Box logo. Added background fanart images for some playlists that will show up if there are no videos for that playlist; previously the theme was showing a black screen in this case. Reduced the size of the theme by over 350 MB by converting the background images from PNGs to maximum-quality JPGs. There is no perceived quality loss and now the theme is less than half the size. Modified/removed some of the video borders with characters in order to better support the new arcade playlists (some of them were irrelevant to arcade games) and make room for arcade flyer images, which used to half-overlap the characters. Highly recommended: Modify your "Images" > "3D Box Priorities" settings in LaunchBox to include "Box - Front" and "Advertisement Flyer - Front" images in order to display regular box or arcade flyer images if no 3D box image exists. Please note: You will need to completely delete the previous version of the theme before putting in the new version in order to get all the updates (such as removing the Big Box logo and the space-saving JPG files). Demo Video: Examples of changes/additions to the 1.1 version of the theme: Please see @CriticalCid's original Unified theme for installation and troubleshooting instructions. Requires LaunchBox Big Box 8.0 or greater. Huge thanks goes out to @CriticalCid for the original theme, as well as the many different Hyperspin contributors who donated their time and talent to build an awesome, cohesive experience: Gibbawho @Styphelus Unknown50862 @Klopjero Neonrage @knewlife @Creloce Ghostlost https://www.youtube.com/user/GhostlostGames @ninja2bceen @THK adamg Rkh Rondar @scooter1974 Zinger19 Aloner187 @guyverjay MetalThrix SophT Ledgerewskie hoscarconh https://www.youtube.com/user/hoscarconh @viking @RetroHumanoid http://retrohumanoid.weebly.com/
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    Version 1.0.3


    Switch v1.0.3 BigBox Theme 8/30/2017 Display scaling over 100% will cause alignment issues with the platform wheel banner images. Switch Changelog: v1.0.3 (8/30/2017): - moved the GrilaControlLibrary.dll to the theme Plugins folder, which is an added feature since the theme release (the .dll will still need to be un-blocked before launching BigBox) - fixed the large outline bug reported by @jamesclarke555 (thanks again for reporting it to me) v1.0.2 (5/2/2017): - redesigned Text Games View (thanks for the inspiration @NahuelDS) v1.0.1 (4/21/2017): - Dark version added v1.0.0 (4/20/2017): - Initial release Theme Description ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Switch is a very lightweight, clean theme that was designed to be as close to the original UI as possible. There isn't much artwork in this one: banners for the platform wheel view, covers for the box game view, and a video snap in the game details screen so it should run pretty smooth on low spec systems. It includes a custom control library that I've started to build that contains the battery status indicator as well as a separate 12 and 24 hour clock (since we can't change the format of the built-in one without changing Windows settings). Theme Notes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Requires the file GrilaControlLibrary.dll to be un-blocked before launching BigBox. Make sure to do this for both the light and dark versions of the theme. * Utilizes the font Oxygen-Regular, which is included in the root theme folder. Install it before running this theme. * Designed for 1920x1080. I can't guarantee it will work at any other resolutions (really only the platform wheel), even in the same aspect ratio, because of the margin that is applied to the wheel to get it off center. The box game view and all text views are NOT affected by this and will work at any resolution, although text spacing and some other misc. elements may not look as perfect as they do at 1080. * Included is a sound pack for BigBox. Move it from the theme directory to LaunchBox\Sounds and select it in the BigBox options menu. It can also be downloaded here https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/467-switch/ * I've included some extra buttons and controller images along with the .PSD and .AI files to edit them if you feel the need. The extras can be swapped out to fit your system by simply copying them from the extras folder to the core image folder and renaming them. The file names have to match what's in the XAML, so you'll need to overwrite or delete the ones you are changing. Filenames are controller.png, play_button.png, and back_button.png. Alternate Versions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1280x720 GPDWin focused version (video replaced with screenshot): Switch_v1.0.1_1280x720.zip 1280x800 Tablet focused version (video replaced with screenshot): Switch_v1.0.1_1280x800.zip
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    Looks like I've figured out all the pieces needed to do this. It's too early for me to post the dll, but I will need some help testing especially for Win 8/10; I use 7. The plugin will be a simple dropin, with minimal-to-no config required. The plan is to facilitate overlays for emulators that do not support them, and also to have a pause menu to facilitate a universal way to save and load states, as well as to display game manuals. Ideally, it will also have fade screen on emu start and stop, but I've run into some snags with that. Any advice is welcome.
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    Awesome tip Kondorito! This worked perfectly for me. Thanks
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    Version 9.0 - Released November 13, 2018 - New Feature: A new "Auto-Generate Child Playlists" feature is available when right-clicking on platforms in the LaunchBox sidebar while in Platform Categories view; this option allows you to generate child playlists for All Games, Favorites, Genres, Regions, Play Modes, Developers, and/or Publishers and optionally put them in child categories. - New Feature: The "Clean Up Images" process that is available under the Tools menu in LaunchBox is now called "Clean Up Media" and has been overhauled to support cleaning up videos, manuals, and music as well - Improvement: LaunchBox performance has been significantly improved when loading up the platform categories list in the sidebar, specifically when dealing with categories and total game counts. Loading the counts is now threaded so they may not show up immediately and will load in the background for large collections. - Improvement: Items with children are no longer always sorted first in the LaunchBox side bar, which was a bit disorienting now that platform categories are more flexible - Improvement: Big Box performance has been improved when loading up details for platform categories with many children - Improvement: Switched the EmuMovies searches to send the file name before the title to improve accuracy (recommended by Circo) - Improvement: A new ListCache.xml data file has been added that helps keep things running smoothly for collections with thousands of playlists - Improvement: When adding a new playlist underneath a platform, a line will now automatically be created to filter to only games for that platform when checking the box to make it an auto-populate playlist - Improvement: When bulk editing the associated emulator for games, LaunchBox will now automatically update the emulator for all additional apps that are also set to use the same emulator as the parent game - Improvement: Attract mode in Big Box will now always move into or out of views when the number of items highlighted exceeds the total number of items - Improvement: Performance has been significantly improved while populating the Big Box platform clear logo image cache for platforms, categories, or playlists that do not have default images - Improvement: Scraping is now improved for no-intro ROMs with tildes (~) in the file names - Improvement: Big Box alphanumeric indexes will now work properly with favorites-only lists. If no game is found that is not a favorite, Big Box will jump to the first favorited game that starts with that letter instead. - Improvement: When deleting platforms, categories, or playlists from the sidebar in LaunchBox, warnings have been added to clarify a number of things and reduce confusion - Improvement: The MAME arcade full-set import process now excludes hacks, prototypes, and bootlegs from the region prioritization process; this helps to ensure that hacks, prototypes, and bootlegs do not end up being used as the default ROM for a game. - Improvement: Big Box will now use the parent platform's video if no video exists for the selected playlist or category - Improvement: Big Box will now use the parent platform's background images if no background image exists for the selected playlist or category - Improvement: When switching between platforms, categories, and playlists in Big Box, if the same video is used, it will no longer restart - Improvement: Many new default clear logos for genres, play modes, All Games, and Favorites have been added thanks to the community - Fixed: Generating MAME/Arcade playlists on importing games was still restricted to premium users (previously we removed the premium restriction for playlists) - Fixed: Launch With in Big Box is now sorted alphabetically - Fixed: The list type drop down in LaunchBox is now sorted alphabetically - Fixed: Field drop downs in the LaunchBox playlist editor are now sorted alphabetically - Fixed: The PluginHelper.DataManager.GetAllParents() plugin method was not working properly - Fixed: Rare null reference error when loading game details in the sidebar in LaunchBox - Fixed: Rare data issue with platform categories not showing up - Fixed: Playlists were sometimes not updating when manually adding games to playlists - Fixed: Incorrect counts could occasionally display in various places in LaunchBox and/or Big Box; this was previously due to hide games options not always being accounted for in game counts - Fixed: Auto-populating playlists were sometimes not updating when game metadata changed - Fixed: Game controllers were not navigating the drop-down lists in the Big Box filters popup - Fixed: Big Box was still sometimes creating unnecessary/irrelevant empty video folders for playlists - Fixed: The emulators list when bulk editing games was not sorted alphabetically - Fixed: Additional applications in the LaunchBox game right-click menu were sometimes using the icon from the game's emulator instead of the icon from the additional application's emulator - Fixed: Big Box was caching the nested name incorrectly for platform, playlist, and category wheel images; this was resulting in the wrong images showing up in rare cases - Fixed: Big Box was not properly saving previous selections for deeply nested platforms, categories, and playlists - Fixed: Big Box was not properly saving previous selected games for categories and playlists - Fixed: Big Box attract mode was sometimes starting in the previous state (half-way through a spin) if it had previously been cut off - Fixed: Big Box attract mode was sometimes starting up too quickly after returning from a game - Fixed: On some very rare occasions, the Big Box update popup could previously cause stability issues - Fixed: Opening additional apps PDFs was not working properly in Big Box when Big Box was configured to use the internal PDF reader
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    Try doing a search with asterisks: *02.* With the above (and dont forget the period before the last asterisk) you are searching for everything that ends with 02 and that has any extension, in case you want to dig for jpg, png, gif, mp4, mpg, whatever.
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    Those are good thoughts. I'll probably allow users to select different ways to display the loading screen, even keeping videos as an option. Displaying metadata is a great idea; I will try to keep it relatively simple.
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    No problem, I hope you got rid of the problem Also I just added Part 3 of the Sega Genesis packs, adding another 38 game backgrounds to the genesis game library. Here are 2 preview pics from the third pack:
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    Yes, what you said worked my friend. I did a Windows 10 search for the file and it only came back now. Oh, how I hate Windows 10. Maybe I'm the minority but... Anyways i went to launchbox/data folder for the newbies and also went to launchbox/backup folder. I tried the the most recent backup and got the same error then went back to the beginning of the day from the backup. In the data folder I renamed the current "listcache.xml" file to "listcachexml.old" I then renamed renamed the file I copied from that backup to the correct file name and it worked ☯.
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    Haha, yeah thats my son. He wears that all the time doesnt matter what season.
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    Wow, thanks! I really appreciate it
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    Looks like you can currently skip those ROMs by checking the box to skip non-arcade games. We could probably use another option to "skip devices/BIOS" but I guess it was never considered because they're not arcade games in the first place.
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    Well non-working in MAME, a lot of those ROMs considered non-working work just fine in other specialized Emulators. I mean if I'm going out of my way to have a full-set of ROMs to import, I don't want to also have a duplicate set of certain ROMs just to import NAOMI and others correctly when it can be done easily with the Full Set Importer already.
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    If I make a PCSX2 updater I will notify you and create a new thread for it. It would be much simpler than RetroArch, as it would only download one file and extract.
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    Version 1.0.0


    I made these wallpapers so when my Windows session starts and goes into BigBox, the transition is seamless. I figured why not share them with the community, as somebody might find them useful. Remove/hide the icons from your desktop, hide the taskbar and mouse cursor, and you are good to go.
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    I have a similar but different question on this topic. Is there an option to view the game manual from a pause screen or some way to view the manual or guide without quitting or exiting the game?
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