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    Version 1.0.0


    A simple startup and shutdown screen theme revolved around clear logos and fanart artwork, with a big progress bar on the bottom. (You need LaunchBox version 9.2 beta or newer for this theme to work). How to install and setup: - Download the zip file of the theme and extract it to LaunchBox's root folder. - Open LaunchBox, go to Tools --> Options, Click on the Game Startup tab on the left, then change the Startup Theme to Big Logo. Any feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.0


    So took a stab at editing the default theme to tinker a little to learn and see what I can accomplish. It was pretty fun attempting and the trial and error kept my up late a couple nights. Here is what I came up with. Remember I am not a coder so if anyone peaks at the xml file and sees some fixes or a better way please let me know. I am all ears. Thanks @neil9000 for the inspiration as it was your 3D version I modified. Thanks to the other theme developers as it was your codes in your themes I looked over to see how things work. Thanks @Jason Carr for giving me something to tinker with on a daily basis. I claim no credit to any artwork displayed or included in the theme. Any images included were taken from Google and if you know the creator please mention so I may credit. IMPORTANT: Launchbox 9.2 Beta 1 or higher required for Startup Themes. Version 1.0 Startup theme moves the clear logo to the center with the "Now Loading..." offset to the left. 3D Box, Screenshot, and Cart or Spinning Disc (for CD based games) are in the main view. Shutdown theme uses a static image in its current default state with the words "Thank you for playing..." displayed. You can use any static image you want. Simply choose your image and place it in the Launchbox/StartupThemes/Center Logo/Background folder and name the file Default.jpg You can edit the shutdown text and color by editing the Default Shutdown.xml and looking for the following section: <TextBlock Text="Thank You For Playing..." Foreground="Aqua" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" FontSize="80" FontStyle="Italic" FontWeight="Bold" Typography.Capitals="AllSmallCaps" /> If you prefer use the game specific background and games images in the shutdown simply open the Alternate XAML folder then copy the Game Specific.xml and paste it into the root folder renaming it Default Shutdown.xml. In the Alternate XAML folder is the Game Specific.xaml and the Static Image.xml to keep as backups. Installation: Download the Center Logo.zip and unzip it into the Launchbox/StartupThemes folder. In Launchbox go to Tools>Options>Game Startup and choose the appropriate named theme. If you need to add other disc based systems to the startup theme simply copy any cd based xml file in the theme's folder and paste into the same folder then rename the file exactly as your platform name appears in Launchbox.
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    Jason is right..I am currently working on one with a default background for every platform...and it will be very "tweakable"...I am putting every project on hold at the moment though due to the holidays,but,I will pick it back up after new years,and it shouldn't take long to get the initial setup out.
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    That's odd. We do some processing that hides the cursor (of course) but nothing that should change it. It could be some kind of odd incompatibility between that X-Mouse program and the Win32 API calls we're using, I suppose. I would reboot and see if it happens again, and then try and narrow it down by disabling mouse hiding in LaunchBox or disabling X-Mouse Button Control. Right now no, but honestly that would be easy to add so I can certainly do that. I can probably add it before the next release. That is a good point.
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    Version 1.1


    This is a Startup/Shutdown theme for Launchbox 9.3 and above. Four images are displayed in this theme, top row left to right, 3D Box, Clear Logo and Screenshot. The bottom right of the window will show Cart - Front for cart based systems or a rotating Disc - Front for CD/DVD based systems. If you have a CD/DVD based system that is not included in the theme you can copy/paste one of the existing ones from the startup theme folder and rename it to match your system name. To install simply right click the zip and choose "extract all" once extracted copy to Launchbox/StartupThemes.
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    I really feel bad for people who never got to grow up in an arcade like I did, being a child of the 70s and 80s was the best.
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    It may; I have thought about it. We can probably put something like that on the next poll.
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    Mr. Carr: Data zip sent. I genuinely appreciate your time. I will try turning off the the Startup Screens and report.
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    Xpadder can be set to recognise different dos games, you can tell it go off the window title rather than the actual exe.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Clear logo
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    Was about to post those same images but Neil has beaten me to it.
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    Version Beta 2


    PCSX2 Configurator Next for LaunchBox PCSX2 Configuartor Next is a plugin for LaunchBox that allows users to easily configure PCSX2 on a per-game basis. The plugin also allows for pre-optimised configs to be downloaded from right within LaunchBox for a whole host of popular PS2 games, from Zombeaver's excellent PS2 Configuration Project. Installation The plugin is easy to install and simply needs to be downloaded and extracted. The archive contains a folder called "PCSX2 Configurator Next", this should be placed in the root of the "Plugins" in the user's LaunchBox directory. Any previous versions of the plugin should be removed before attempting to install this version. General Usage The plugin is relatively straight forward to use, but has been changed significantly from previous versions. You will first need to have PCSX2 (1.5.0 development build) setup as an emulator in LaunchBox. Then right click on a PS2 Game and choose "PCSX2 Configurator" from near the bottom of the context menu. This will present a menu of options: "Create Config" - Creates a new config for the game in question based on the users current PCSX2 settings, If a config already exists this will overwrite that config with a new one. "Download Config" - This will download one of Zombeaver's Config and set it up to be ready to play for the selected game, this will be greyed out if now config is available, and will change to "Update Config" if a new update is available for the downloaded config. "Remove Config" - This will remove the current config for the selected game, and will be greyed out if there is no current config. "Configure With PCSX2" - This will open PCSX2 with the config for the selected game loaded, allowing you to customise your config for the selected game (Downloaded Config's can also be tweaked). Once a game has a created config this can also be done using LaunchBox's built in "Configure" from the games context menu. Both these options will be greyed out if there is no config for the selected game. There is also a "settings.ini" file created in the plugins folder ("%LaunchBoxDir%/Plugins/PCSX2 Configurator Next"), this can be tweaked manually but most settings don't need to be touched in most cases. Some people may wish to change the "GameConfigsDir" which is where the created configs are stored, this deafults to the users PCSX2 "inis" directory. There is currently no inteface to modify these settings, but that is planned in a future version. Version Info and The Next in The Name This version of the plugin is the successor to the original PCSX2 Configurator plugin, with a completely re-worked codebase from that version, and full compatibility with LaunchBox.Next (which is now the current version of LaunchBox). The main reason "Next" was added to the name is to initially seperate it from that (now discontinued) verison of the plugin. This release is currently in Beta and the "Next" from the name will probably be dropped eventually for a stable release with more features. Credit and Support I have personally put a lot of time and effort into all versions of this plugin, with it essentially being my free-time pet project for the last year and a half. Though I know the plugin would not be what it is today without Zombeaver who really helped me to bring this plugin to the next level, by allow me to integrate his PS2 configurations into it as well as creating artwork and helping me test the plugin. I would also like to say a big thank you to spectral, neil9000, and kmoney for helping me out with testing, and of course Jason Carr for making LaunchBox and implementing some of my requested changes into the plugin engine. I intend to keep working on this plugin, and fix any reported bugs as well as update the plugin with new features. So if you have any problem or feature request's hop over to the plugins thread on the forums and let me know. The project is also open sourced under the MIT license and can be found on my github. UPDATE (JUNE 2020): This Plugin is now in maintenance mode, and is nearing end of life. I am currently working on a standalone version that will serve the same purpose, which will also be made to work with LaunchBox. The progress of that can be found here
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    Version .1


    What's different in 2.0? *This replaces the old version of Refried entirely. DO NOT merge this new version with the old one. *All platform addon themes from the first version of Refried have been merged into one single addon called "Queso Fresco" (because it tastes great on top of refried beans...that's why). Therefore all of those older addon themes are no longer needed. *Requires Launchbox 9.4 or above to function properly *Revised Install instructions (please read them below if you are just starting out with the theme) *Added custom controller icons for play modes in the game description on some systems...this will get finished in the future *More great additions made by Ghostlines to the theme *Added the fullscreen video view to all platforms (view 4) *Improved the artwork slightly for the Big Box options menus Important note**If you install this theme,and the artwork does not display properly for a platform on your system,then more than likely it is a naming conflict between your platform and the files in the theme. To fix this issue,you must locate these files and change the name to your actual platforms name: 1.Images/Theme/Background/(name of your platform that is mislabeled) 2.Images/Theme/VideoBorder/(name of your platform that is mislabeled) If you install the Queso Fresco addon as well,then you must also rename the custom view xaml files to your platform name. I set out to make an alternate version to the beautiful Unified theme,with modifications here and there,yet,as I worked on it more and more,I started to go a different direction slightly...and thus Refried was born. This theme is built to focus on artwork,and showcase each system in bright colorful high definition artwork. I have drawn all new original arcade cabinets,and designed custom borders for each platform,which set each system apart from each other,while maintaining a unified appearance across the board. The main difference between this,and many other themes that are out there...are the video borders. When using the Default theme,all video borders are the same size across the entire theme...but,when using the addons,the video borders will then fit the system properly...so that the video for Game Boy Advance,will fit the GBA Video Border...and the PSP video,will fit the PSP Video Border. In other words,by using the custom view addons,it allows the theme to represent the system perfectly...rather than the same size border for everything. This theme is more than capable of running without a single addon theme installed,and only using the Default...the addons are merely to extend the experience of each system,with special added artwork,and tweaks.On the other hand,the Addons rely on the Default themes structure,and will not work without the default theme installed. There are multiple views included with the default theme,including - 1.Border with No Box/Cart/Disc Art 2.Border with Box/Cart/Disc Art 3.Border with Box/Spinning Cart/Disc Art 4.Full Screen Video w/Centered enlarged wheel 5.Border Text List View with Box/Cart/Disc Art The Queso Fresco addon has 5 views - 1.Special Artwork/Special Border with No Box/Cart/Disc Art 2.Special Border with Box/Cart/Disc Art (With wheel fade) 3.Special Border with Box/Cart/Disc Art (No wheel fade) 4.Full Screen Video w/Centered enlarged wheel 5.Special Border Text List View with Box/Cart/Disc Art **If the system has CD's/Discs,then the Disc will spin in Views 2 and 3...but,if the system has carts or floppies,then they will not spin in views 2 and 3. The Arcade portion of the Queso Fresco addon has 5 views - 1.Dynamic Marquees with Character Artwork 2.No Dynamic Marquees with Character Artwork 3.Dynamic Marquees with Advert/Flyers 4.Full Screen Video w/Centered enlarged wheel 5.Text List View with Advert/Flyers/Cabinets With the Queso Fresco addon installed,the arcade platforms are capable of displaying Video Marquees for each game,as well as regular marquees, in the marquee area of the cabinets (Some samples are included,and more are on the way)* Any Video Marquees must be placed in "LaunchBox/Themes/Unified Refried/Images/Theme/Addons/_Arcade/Video Marquees/" and must be in mp4 format In order to make this work properly,you must go into LaunchBox options,and change the priority for Cart Back Image to Arcade - Marquee,and uncheck anything else. Installation: 1.Download the Default theme (Unified Refried) ,and place it in your "Launchbox/Themes" folder 2.If you have not done so,you will need to unblock the Plugins...This does not have to be done for every addon theme,as unblocking them once,in the default,is all that is necessary...excerpt taken from unified description - 3.Set the theme to "Unified Refried" in Options/Views/Theme 4.If installing any of the addons,simply unzip the addon,and open the folder that was created. In this case we will use the Queso Fresco addon as an example. 5.Place the two folders (Images and Views) into the Unified Refried default theme folder,merging the folders when prompted. 6.That's it! ....When you load up Big Box,the artwork should be changed to the Queso Fresco alternate art. Pictures of Installation process for those that need them...If this is your first time using Refried you can skip step 1 Thanks @RetroNi for the use of his Logo set. @CriticalCid for his theme Unified,as I used alot of his coding as a base for the assembly of this theme. @kyoken @neil9000 @bundangdon @zetec-s-joe @Retro808 @Porl Hendy for their feedback during testing. @faeran for his help early on in the development stages. @Jason Carr because I used a bit of code from his Redux version,and took on some of his ideas from the changes he made @NJDave71 for his HelperControl plugin @bmonomad @Suhrvivor for their work on the Community Star Ratings,Favorites,and Play Mode code,which formed the base for implementing it into this theme @Ghostlines for his additions to the theme Examples: Current Platform list covered by the theme - Arcade Consoles Handhelds Computers Pinball Ghostlines Additions Current Playlists covered by the theme - Collections Genres Developers Favorites The Platform/Playlist video set can be found here... The Platform/Playlist Logo set can be found here...
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    Version 1.0.2


    this set is based on the ScummVM set made available by @eXocontains boxes for the following games:
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    Version 0.1.8


    Simple Plugin to automate download videos from youtube. Requirements: Launchbox 8.2+ Install: Extract the content of zip file to : Launchbox/plugins/YoutubeScraper Source code: Github (feel free to make a pull request ) EDIT If you have trouble running the plugin and crashing due CAS error, please right click on the DLL's , properties and then unblock. There's two options: URL Scraper: Just paste entire youtube URL from the desired video One-click downloader: It will search automatically and download the first entry from youtube. Bulk Download supported!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Explosion Intro logo reveal Youtube
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    Hi all, I love @Robin55 work on the mame 3D boxes, I also love the 3D boxes by @spycat and @MadK9 a lot! So I wanted to make something in between this with a more darker colored Mame box variant while I await Spycats and MadK9's boxes for the future (can't wait! ). I got to talking with Robin for permission to overhaul his Mame boxes and he helped me out a lot with all my questions and on the automation process, thanks for everything bro! This project can be seen as a joint project as I couldn't have done this without his work and help. Also credit goes out to @spycat as I used the Universal Game Case as a base to work from and changed it, whom should I ask permission for for this box case? as I see more people use it, did you create it @MadK9? Now I like to keep this project as automated as possible as I'm already doing manual work on the Arcade Cabinets Project 2.0, a lot of work those 4000+ images and research I tell you 😮 The best results will always be gotten by manual work but I wanted to try what I could do quality wise in automation. I used Robin's packs from Emumovies for the boxes and the game logo's from Emumovies as they both have the Mame shorthand filenames, I like to use these filenames for better syncing in the automation process and wider compatibility reasons but most importantly I don't have the full mame set so am unable to create a full set to release, I realize there are more versions of Robins boxes and game logo's on the launchbox database than on emumovies but I can't figure out how to convert these files to mame shorthand filenames automatically, is there any smart person or way out there that could help me out on this? @Jason Carr ? A few more questions in which I really hope people could help me out with to make this project work out, you will be added to the finished projects credits. 1. 1943 3d box on the launchbox database is a good example where a poster or side art was used instead of the flyer on the launchbox database. Is there a way to download these but keep or convert them to the mame shorthand filename? Same goes for logo's which are present in the launchbox database but it would be too much work to manually edit these filenames from launchbox to mame. (this is basically the same question as above) 2. Do you know of a way to batch sort the image files to different folders as in: Arcade, Pinball, Devices, Casino, Computers etc.? Using the mame metadata I'd like to put different category text on the spine. (see example below) There is a lot of complete metadata out there, could it be done to edit a dat file to a bat file changing zip to png with a lot of creativity? Surely there must be some way. 3. Do you know how I can sort the arcade image files to different folders based on manufacturer/developer, would be cool to put a logo on the spine of the company. (see example below) 4. Is anyone willing and able to help me out once I'm finished to provide a generated list from a full mame set of all 3D boxes that are missing in mame shorthand filenames. 5. And people that are motivated, willing and able to sort out the files in different folders which have something wrong with it, like a logo not lined out correctly, missing logo, better quality artwork needed or alternative artwork etc.? Hope you guys like the results. Example, this is where I'm at but am stuck with above questions. Example 2, this is what i'd like it to be: Other examples of the automated project:
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    Been a few weeks since the last video and have made many updates to the Editor since then. The video will demonstrate the new features recently added but it will also demonstrate the platform specific settings, its a lengthy video and for that I apologize for not editing it down.
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    Fresh from the oven. Gunship is awesome: And yeah, 80's style is my cup of tea for everything!
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    Version 9.2 - Released December 20, 2018 - New Premium Feature: Game startup and shutdown screens are now available in LaunchBox and Big Box! They are fully themeable and are now on by default for premium users; you can disable them separately in the LaunchBox and Big Box options under Game Startup. Emulator-specific options are also available in the LaunchBox emulator settings under the Game Startup tab, as well as game-specific settings in the Startup tab of the Edit Game window. See the LaunchBox\StartupThemes folder for the theme files. - New Premium Feature: The new startup screens will show a progress bar while ROM archives are being extracted (if applicable) - New Premium Feature: The new startup screens will allow you to cancel launching the game by pressing Escape or whatever key you've bound to Back in Big Box. The Back controller button should work as well. - New Feature: A new "Export/Copy ROM Files from Selected Games to New Folder" option is now available under the Tools menu in LaunchBox. This is helpful, for example, if you wanted to export a particular genre playlist of ROM files to an EverDrive or similar. - Improvement: With the new startup screen features (assuming they are enabled) it should now be nearly impossible to start multiple instances of a game or mess up window focus by spamming buttons or keys during game launch - Improvement: Auto-generated playlists have been removed from the "Add to Playlist" menu option in LaunchBox in order to prevent the list from getting too unwieldy - Improvement: Plugins have been overhauled with better interfaces for startup processes (including the new startup screens) and accessing the new LaunchBox interface. Documentation is available here: http://pluginapi.launchbox-app.com/ - Improvement: When LaunchBox is repopulating games or populating different games, the games lists will now fade out and disallow selecting a different game. This should both serve as a visual cue that LaunchBox is processing and also help to prevent selection confusion/misselections. - Fixed: Various Big Box screen positioning issues with multiple monitors that use different DPI settings
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    that workeddddddd thanks dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was worried to lose all my work
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    Launchbox is designed for mouse and keyboard use, Bigbox is the controller interface. Launchbox i think does support controllers in the free version, but as i said its it no way designed for that. The controllers need to be setup in every different emulator you use, Launchbox has no control over that.
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    Terrific, thank you so much. Great advice about backing up the data folder. I plan to heed it. Thanks again sir!
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    @Mr. RetroLust You will need to show both, like this.
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    I'll pm you the screenshots and info in about 10 minutes from now
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    Meh, the arcades round here were shit until street fighter 2 came out.
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    What poll are you referring to? I don't think a random game button was on the last poll: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-V9D22LCH8/ We can certainly put it on the next one though.
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    Awesome. I just spent the last hour testing my build. I received the error message; ignored it. I then proceeded to test every single system/emulator, and they all work. I updated the Meta Data with no issue. I also installed a new DOS game and download the pictures for it, tested the game; no problems.
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    Sounds like there may have to be various controller apps for various PC-based games in order to get that console feel all the way. I also found another called Antimicro when I was trying to figure out why Joy-to-Key wasn't working with my copy of Quake 4. I really wish if anything we get something like this built-in with LaunchBox / BigBox though. Not sure how far-fetched that concept can turn reality, but I'm sure most of us would sure love it without all the complications. I would almost think of it as a way DOSBox is kinda built-in with LaunchBox would be about the same on such a Controller App for it all that we can simply import a PC-based game, and just put whatever key or mouse command in place next to the controller commands. Any chance that may become a thing on down the line @Jason Carr?
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    I checked the Startup Screen option and it was already unchecked/disabled. There is no ability to turn it on either. I haven't upgraded to BigBox yet, if that matters.
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    @Niko78 This does look to be an error related to the new update and the startup screens, though I'm not sure exactly what's happening. You can try turning off startup screens under Tools > Options > Game Startup to see if that fixes the error for the time being. Also, if you'd be willing to zip up and PM me your LaunchBox\Data folder that would help for me to identify the error.
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    Ah, fair enough then, i have little experience with it as i found controller companion to be so much more user friendly, but i also dont use dosbox so this specific issue has never arisen for me personally.
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    Ahh, i see. i only have 1 dosbox game set up in launchbox and i am able to use joy2key to switch to a profile for that game's .exe. i am not exactly sure how dosbox works but doesnt it load the .exe of the specific game at some point and you could point to that .exe rather than dosbox?
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    This is normal unless you get a "No Nag" build of Mame.
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    You can do the same with controller companion also. I think the issue he is having is he wants specific controller profiles for different dosbox games, but these programs just see the dosbox.exe, so he cant have different ones for different games in dosbox.
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    you can set joy2key to switch to a profile for a specific .exe. i am still learning some things with it but i have a profile set up for bigbox, and one for kodi when i launch via bigbox. when joy2key detects the kodi.exe launch, it automatically switches to the profile i have set up and when kodi closes, it switches back to the bigbox profile. To start, be sure your profile is created in joy2key. Go to settings-Associate profiles with applications. Select "Add", You can name the app name, chose the path of the .exe, and what profile it needs to load with that .exe. Once added, you can select what you want joy2key to do when that particular .exe is not active. Do nothing, it will keep that profile active, switch to last manually chosen profile, or specify a default profile to go back to.
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    Yes, but if its still the same emulator entry as your dreamcast then that will no longer work, they need to be separate entrys like i showed in my images.
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    Dungeon Crawler Collection Playlist View File Clear logo Submitter harryoke Submitted 12/21/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
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    You can not have the same demul instance for dreamcast and arcade as they need slightly different settings in launchbox. Just create a second demul emulator pointing to the same .exe. This is my DC. And this is my Arcade.
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    Thank you, new version solved my problems 😀
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    Awesome thank you Jason for the heads-up. So far I'm loving this new feature.
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    Gotta give some props to the new startup/shutdown screens feature (and to all the theme makers). I originally had some platforms working decently with Rocketlauncher, but it was always rough to work with. In the end I just stopped messing with it, and I think I'm going to just drop it altogether now. My original thought of using manuals/walkthroughs via the rocketlauncher pause menu isn't worth the headache (especially since I'd like to spend more time enjoying LB and the games than setting it all up :))
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    That can be easily fixed by changing the Cart Front priorities in Options. Uncheck all image types that are not cart or discs. Here's a capture or how you should have it:
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    The Launchbox startup isn't breaking the emulator...the emulator is RocketLauncher...which it is loading fine. Once it loads RocketLauncher,it puts it in focus,which covers up the emulator that RocketLauncher is loading. It's simply not compatible with RocketLauncher...and probably never will be,as it is there to be an alternative to RocketLauncher...not work side-by-side with it.
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    No worries. The official release just went live.
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    in the BB settings try refreshing the image cache
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    Hallo Leute, ich starte auf meinem Kanal nTecVideos eine deutsche Tutorialserie rund um das Thema Emulatoren und Launchbox im Speziellen. Außerdem plane ich ein Video wo ich eine eigene Retrokonsole im Mini-Itx Format selber baue du grundlegend auf BigBox aufbaut. Schaut am besten einfach mal vorbei. Ich freue mich auf Anregungen und Kritik wenn ich was verändern kann. Mit freundlich Grüßen, Nicolas
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    Hi there! Big thanks to ThePolish, which gave me the motive that light guns are doable with wiimotes. Below you will see how you will get your wiimote light guns perfectly lined up. 1. Follow exactly what ThePolish suggests in his opening post (exactly - do all the installation, they are needed) 2. After that, download - Visual Studio 2013 Express for Desktop and install it - My modified Touchmote source code from here https://github.com/tsoukkis/Touchmote/tree/tsoukkis-mss (MSS branch) 3. Open the Touchmote.sln in the MSS source code folder with VS2013 4. Build -> Build Solution (I built for x64 architecture in Windows 10) 5. In the MSS source code folder now, you will find bin/x64/Debug folder. Run the Touchmote from there and close it. 6. Go now to the settings.json file of the MSS source folder and edit the values pointer_limit_xxx, stickl_limit_xxx and stickr_limit_xxx 7. These values are specific to all the below factors - Size of TV - Distance from the TV - Dolphinbar position - Wiimote used Every wiimote will need slightly different values even if the TV setup is the same - keep a record of the right values for every wiimote! When the wiimote points the sensorbar, the value is 0.5. Aiming left or above the sensorbar decreases the value, right or down increases the value. For example, I have a 40" TV, the sensor bar is on top and I am standing around 1.7 m from the TV. Left and Right limits are 0.30 and 0.80 respectively, and Top and Bottom limits are 0.586 and 0.966 respectively. Use the above values as a starting point. If not lined up, close the modified Touchmote app, adjust the values and open it again. Do your testing in mouse mode first, to see the results really quick on the mouse. 8. After you get the values for every wiimote, assign them to pointer_limit_xxx for the wiimote that you will put in mouse mode, and stick?_limit_xxx (l or r) for the wiimote in stick mode. 9. In Mame generic settings, set the joystick saturation to 1.00 and deadzone to 0.0. Also, unlock the aspect ratio and spread it to fullscreen or else the lineup won't work near the edges. I didn't have the experience and I don't know how much better the actual light guns are, but wiimotes work super! Happy Shooting!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, First time submitting files on here, so forgive me if miss anything. I noticed I couldn't exactly find what I was looking for (a consistent playlist design) so I ended up creating them myself. The zip file attached is a copy of all my MAME playlist banners (I didn't create them all). I have also added the template I used to create the ones which were missing.
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