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    Version 1.0.0


    Hey Guys Here are the Dreamcast Disc Images (US) used where possible PAL and PAL/J used where no good quality image could be found or if they looked good 233 Disc Images Within the download is the template so you can make your own Please let me know what you think *If any one has high quality Images (1400X1400) please message me for Saturn or Sega CD or even Dreamcast ** If you want a game done specifically please let me know
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    Version 1.0.0


    New and improved Model 3 Video for you guys enjoy
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    Great. I was just about to start a post with the 404 on images. Thought it was on my client side
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    Version 1.0.0


    took 4 hours to render this bad boy . But totally worth the wait imho.
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    Sega Dreamcast Disc Images (US) View File Hey Guys Here are the Dreamcast Disc Images (US) used where possible PAL and PAL/J used where no good quality image could be found or if they looked good 233 Disc Images Within the download is the template so you can make your own Please let me know what you think *If any one has high quality Images (1400X1400) please message me for Saturn or Sega CD or even Dreamcast ** If you want a game done specifically please let me know Submitter Raindupon Submitted 01/10/2019 Category Game Cart Images  
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    Great! Yes I use the smaller rectangular 20W units for my huge Halloween yard display. I know what you mean. They are near UV so throw out a lot of visible light in a violet color lighter than purple. Despite that, it doesn't wash out the effects very much. Oh, and we say "flood" lights for the ones that are broader than spot lights. Your room looks great!
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    I'd be more than happy to help. Very proficient in PS.
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    I don't know why but I went and grabbed those 3 optional bios files
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    Would like this feature as well. Only now I realized there are games an old collection on the web. Sync with the actual library status would be very handy.
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    Yeah i know, but i was also in the process of grabbing the RA info screen when you commented.
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    That or Neil can just show you.
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    Tip for organzing you emulators folder make top level folders for manufacturers or type of game so for Example you have Nintendo then inside you have your Dolphin your Cemu Citra Desmume. Then for Arcades you can have a top level and put MAME FBA Demul Sega Model 2 emulator Super Model TaitoTX Nesica Teknoparrot. Emulators usually don't take up much space so organzing them further may be a better solution than just jettisoning them completely.
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    I like the way the 3d boxes have been done on this Pic. I'm now thinking it would look great to make one for each console/system as a background picture/startup screen.mmmmm??! Throw in as many boxes as possible to fit on one screen.
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    The issues seems to be solved now, dosen't get any error reports importing roms now
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    Spectaculator for zx spectrum is the best, RA fuse core isn't very good imo.
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    honestly I just love the on-screen, on the fly control mapping in mednafen standalone. Don't even have to go into a menu for anything, just the key command to bring it up and a few seconds later everything is re-mapped. Plus I've been using it for so long, i guess i'm just used to it as well.
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    I'd ditch the stand alone FBA for the RA FBA core and I would ditch Fusion for the GenesisGX core along Pico for 32X. I like to use RA for where it makes sense, if there is a clear and obviously better option in a stand alone I will use it or when I have a preference over the RA core such as Mame. Stand alone Mednafen for NES is not something I would recommend to anyone, even they say it's not the best out there. Mesen in RA or the stand alone version the best NES emulator followed closely by puNES, everything after that pales in comparison.
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    Personally, I love the standalone version of mednafen, so I use that for a lot of systems (NES, SNES, GENESIS, SATURN, and Virtual Boy) I even found out how to enable the built in crt shader for mednafen which isn't that bad. So my mednafen games look similar to others that I have in retroarch (sega cd, and a few others). For handhelds I use retroarch because of the awesome overlays that make it look like you are playing on the device. Dolphin for GC and wii, and MAME for arcade. Redream for dreamcast. d-fend for DOS. That pretty much takes care of it. So there are some folders in there, but it's by no means un-manageable.
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    You can do several ways depending on preference. Option 1: You can place the videos in your specific theme folder like shown here: Example: Playlist. These go in folder called "Playlists". You may have to create folder. Example: Categories. These go in folder called "Platform Categories". You may have to create folder. Where they go depends on if your video is for a category or playlist (categories go in Platform Categories). You also need to make sure you have used the same naming you have in Unique Name for any videos (and works same for images). Option 2: Video folder for all themes. If you want video for all themes, then they go in the Launchbox\Videos directory. Using option 1 takes priority over anything in the all themes video folder.
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    Could you make the box 3d flyer of Cadillacs and Dinosaur as the one of the image that I leave next? Also I would like to name some arcades that are missing from the first two packs so far to make them the 3d boxes (for a future power update) are the following: This is the translation from MarianS3. As I think you mentioned before, you'll sort out the missing ones at the end. I've just dumped your 3D boxes into my Launchbox image folders and have a few missing. i'm just going to compile a missing list and wait till you've finished them all, as it could be naming issues on some. looks all good though.
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    Hello all, as many of you probably noticed, our data SSD drive in the games database web server slowly started dying yesterday, which was wreaking havoc on the games database website and downloads in LaunchBox. It took us a bit to figure out what was happening, but we've since had the drive replaced and everything is back up and running, sans for some images that are still being restored. There are approximately 800,000 images to restore from backups. Until they are fully restored, you will likely see missing images on the games database website, and many image downloads in LaunchBox will return 404 Not Found errors. It may take a bit to finish restoring all of the images, but I will update everyone here when all is completed. My apologies for the trouble and thanks for bearing with us.
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    Thanks to fast service!
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    I was responding to OP...you typed a reply the same time I did. I realize there is much more to RL...I have devoted the last 4-5 years of my creativity bug to RL and the media it displays.
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    Here is the post from December 6. That I deleted, but I did save the text:
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    I have been messing with this on my new 32" Pro Upright Xtension Arcade Cabinet "4 Player Ultimate Edition", and found that the best solution is to make Gamepads out of Player 1 and 2 and keep the Pause, Exit, Select, Menu and mouse buttons like they where. 1. Start by getting the WinPac software: http://www.ultimarc.com/winipacv2setup.exe 2. Open the software, and save a backup of your config and note wich board and firmware you have. Press File -> Export to save a backup. 3. Download the dual gamepad firmware: http://www.ultimarc.com/ipac_dualgp.zip I'm guessing you have a iPac2 board with FW1.44 There are 2 types of firmware for the iPac boards: 1.3x Keyboard, mouse and gamepads 1.4x Keyboard and mouse 4. Upgrade your boards firmware to 1.39, in WinIpac go to File -> Firmware upgrade Follow the instructions, and be careful and select the correct board. The zip includes firmware for 4 different boards. For iPac2 select: IPAC2_139.ufw 5. Open your export file in notepad or even better, notepad++ Compare that to my Xtension Ultimate Edition Ipac2 Original.xml 6. Configure your board for gamepad (Xbox default setup) If they are identical, you can import my file If not, you will have to manually edit the controls for your board. The key is to map your gamepads so they ar identical to a XBox controller Button 1 - 6 = Gamepad button 1 - 6 Coin = Gamepad button 7 Start = Gamepad button 8 Do this for player 1 and player 2 I did not touch any other buttons, and just left them as is. I have attached 4 setups for 2 different boards. For iPac2 go to File -> Import and select Xtension Ultimate Edition IXtension Ultimate Edition Ipac2 GamePad.xml Then select File -> Force board reconfigure 7. Configure Retroarch: Go to your RetroArch folder and look here: RetroArch\autoconfig\xinput If you have a "I-PAC 2.cfg" delete it and save mine there instead. I have attached the I-PAC 2.cfg file and one for Mini-PAC.cfg Now Retroarch will work like this First row of buttons on the Xtension is Y X L Second row of buttons on the Xtension is B A R Coin is Select, and 1Player is Start If you use mame or any other emulator you will now have to map the gamepads. If you have messed with RetroArch and the gamepads do not work, rename your retroarch.cfg. Gamepads work in BigBox automatically. In RetroArch you can change the F1 menu toggle to TAB, to enable the Menu key on the Xtension. Xtension Ultimate Edition Ipac2 Original.xml Xtension Ultimate Edition MiniPac GamePad.xml Xtension Ultimate Edition MiniPac Original.xml I-PAC 2.cfg Mini-PAC.cfg Xtension Ultimate Edition Ipac2 GamePad.xml
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