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    Version 1.0.0


    If you like to simulate an arcade setting, audio helps give it that extra dimension/mood. Just fire up the mp3 with your media player of choice and MAME-away This is an hour long ambience Mp3 file, I mixed several sources of a diner and an arcade together with a dynamic left to right panning mix on 4 tracks, especially useful when you've set up a home cinema / audio set which has the ability of spreading 2 channel stereo to the back speakers as 4 channel stereo. When the dynamic panning sets in it comes really close to a real surround mix, it makes the ambience feel more realistic with depth. Now I haven't tested the file yet with headphones on so be warned, it might not be a suitable mix for this as you might hear too much detail where the rough panning wasn't performed well.
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    Tutorial: How to update your MAME ROMset to a newer version with CLRmamepro Note #1: This tutorial will show you only how to update your ROMset. If you are completely new to MAME you will probably want to read the noob-friendly MAME guide from @lordmonkus first. Note #2: This tutorial assumes that you already have a complete ROMset from a previous MAME version. If you don’t have a complete ROMset than I would suggest to just grab a complete set for the current MAME version and return to this tutorial if you want to update it in the future. I'm not covering SoftwareLists for the MESS side of MAME in this Tutorial, only the arcade games. Also I'm not an expert for MAME, I just know my way around the things I need from it. If you find any errors or wrong facts in my tutorial, please let me know! I’m always eager to learn more. Why update the ROMs?: MAME is very sensitive about its ROM versions. You can get an older version of a ROMset to work with a newer MAME version but you should be aware that you can run in many errors and missing files. In the best case your ROMset version matches exactly the MAME version you are using. The MAME developers are updating MAME every last Wednesday of the month, so if you download a complete ROMset today it won’t work perfectly fine with the newest MAME version by the end of next month. If all the games you want to play are all there and working perfectly fine you probably won’t care about new updates, but if you want to get all the new emulation improvements and newly added ROMs you should keep track of them. Now is a complete ROMset with all CHDs roughly 400GB in size, so you probably don’t want to download that amount of data every month. It’s faster to just download all new added ROMs, CHDs and Samples and update the ROMset you already have. And with the program CLRmamero you can do this. If you want more information about why MAME is so sensitive about the ROM versions and mandatory file names I highly recommend this Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/MAME/comments/3gh78n/probably_a_silly_question_but_why_are_ROM_packs/ Step 1: Groundwork 1. First of all you should know what ROMset version you have. I don’t know if there’s a comfortable way to find out what version you have. Normally your ROMset version should be the same as the MAME version you are currently using but I can’t guarantee that this is the case for you. So if you have absolutely no idea what ROM version you have I would suggest what I wrote at the beginning of this tutorial. Download a complete set of the current version and write down what version that is, so you can update that set in the future. 2. Download all ROM update packs beginning from the version you have until to the current version. With all I mean all and not just the latest. For example if your ROMset is on version 0.168 and you want to update to version 0.171 you will need the update packs: 0.168 to 0.169, 0.169 to .170 and 0.170 to 0.171! 3. Download CLRmamepro at http://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/ and install/extract it. You will also need to install/update to a version of MAME which matches the version you want to update your ROMset to. In this tutorial I show you how I update my 0.170 ROMset to version 0.171. I use for that MAMEUIFX64 0.171. 4. Optional: If you use a branch of MAME which supports some extra games (like MAMEUIFX) you would probably want these games too. Normally they are not included in an official complete MAME ROMset so you have to download them separately. Use Google to find out if your MAME version supports additional games and then download them. If you use MAMEUIFX like myself you can legally get the additional games in their official forum: http://mame32fx.altervista.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4 Just download all ROMs and Samples and keep in mind to create separate folders for ROMs and Samples. Step 2: Setting up the profile and paths 5. Open the “cmpro64.exe” and you will be greeted with a messagebox. Click okay and you will automatically be in the profiler menu. 6. Here you have different options to include a database for Clrmamepro to work with. The easiest and in my opinion the best way is to use the database which comes directly with MAME itself. So click on the create button and a new window will open. As filename search for the .exe file of your MAME version. As description I recommend you name it after the MAME branch and version you are using. In my case I name it MAMEUIFX64 0.171. Keep MAME as the emulator. Click on “Create Profile” and a new window opens in which can organize your profiles. For now just click on OK. 7. Now your newly created profile should show up in the profilelist. Double-click on your new profile. 8. Now Clrmamepro wants to extract the database from your MAME .exe file. Click on OK. After a short scan it may ask you if you want to import SoftwareLists. If you don’t use MESS within MAME you won’t need that. I don’t use MESS or want to update a MESS romset so I say “NO” to the SoftwareLists. Now some error messages are popping up. That’s totally normal. Just confirm every message with “OK TO ALL”. 9. Now you’re in the main menu of CLRmamepro. At first we have to set up our rom paths. Click on "Settings" for that. 10. In the left upper corner you can select for what kind of files you want to set up the paths. We want to add our ROM-Paths so we select “ROM-Paths”. You can either click on “Add” to add your paths or just drag-and-drop them into the window. So add the path to your current romset you want to update. (NOT the paths which are containing your updates!) 11. Every file CLRmamepro finds within the ROM- and Sample-Paths which don’t fit to the current MAME version will automatically be moved into the Backup folder. The standard setting for this is a folder called “backup” within CLRmamepro folder. If your CLRmamepro installation is on the same drive as your MAME romset than you can leave it as it is. If CLRmamepro and your ROMset are on different drives I highly recommend changing the backup folder path into an empty folder which sits on the same drive as your ROMs. It will highly increase the speed. Leave the rest as it is. 12. Change the path type to “Add-Paths”. Here you need to add every path you want the program to look for updates or new ROMs you want to add. If you have more than one update pack you can add all update packs at once in order to update your ROMset to the current version. No need to repeat this entire updating process for every single update pack. IMPORTANT: You have to add the backup path too! In my case I want to update from 0.170 to 0.171 and add the extra games for MAMEUIFX. 13. Optional: If you want to scan/fix/update your Sample files too, choose “Sample-Paths” and add the folder for it as well. A small explanation what sample files are (thanks Google): Samples go in a folder called 'samples' in your main Mame directory. They are used in conjunction with games that either doesn't have emulated sound or used external sound samples via another device (like a Tape). Mame will automatically use the correct ones with the game if they are present in the samples folder. 14. Close the window. All settings are being saved automatically. Step 3: The Scanner 15. After we have set up all paths we want that CLRmamepro scans our current romset and fix/remove every outdated ROM, CHD and Sample file. For that we click on "Scanner". 16. The “You want to scan” section is self-explanatory. In the “You prefer” section you have to select the option which matches to your ROMset. So if you have a split set select “Split Sets”, etc. If you don’t know what kind of set you have just go with “Split Sets”. 17. “Prompts” you can leave it as it is. 18. In the check/fix section we want to check and fix everything. Click on “All” and every checkbox should be checked now. 19. Ignore the “Advanced” and “LogFile” button and click on “Systems”. A new window opens up. Here click first on “All” and then on “Auto-Assign”. It will automatically set the paths for all systems into the ROM-Path you chose earlier. At the end of this tutorial I will say something more to this but for now just close the window. 20. Click on the “Hash & CHD” button. In the new window check both options at the bottom “Run Analysis” and “Fix file (If Possible)". These options will decrease the scanning speed but if you have corrupted ROM files it will try to repair them automatically. Leave the rest at is and close the window. 21. Ignore “Statistics”. Now we have configured the scanner and it should hopefully look like this: 22. Click on “New Scan” and wait. The scanner will tell you if it finds something which needs to be fixed. Confirm every message with “Yes To All”. In the “Scan Results” window you can see exactly what is currently wrong with your romset. You don’t have to worry about that. 23. When the scan is finished a window pops up that’s giving you information about the current status of your ROMset. Click on “OK” and close the scanner. Step 4: The Rebuilder 24. Our ROMset is cleaned and fixed now. At next we have to update it to the new version. For that click in “Rebuilder”. 25. Check the box “Use Add-Paths” and CLRmamepro will use all the paths for the updates that we already set up. 26. At "destination" you have to check the box “Use System Default Paths”. 27. In the Merge option you can choose how you want to have your ROMset to be constructed. For the best compatibility with LaunchBox I highly recommend a split or non-merged set! Here are the differences between the different set options: Non-Merged: Each set has ALL files it needs. This is normally a waste of disk space because even clone sets have the parentsets included. Split: Parent sets only have the parent files and a clone sets consists of the clone files only. Merged Sets: Full merged sets are parentsets only, which also include all clone files. So you will have every version of the game in just on file. I don’t want to waste disc space so I go with a split set in this tutorial. IMPORTANT: If you change the way of how your ROMset is currently constructed prepare for long waiting times because your whole set will be extracted and completely new rebuild. 28. At “Compress Files” you have to choose which file format you want for your ROMS. I prefer .7z because it saves more space on the hard drive as .zip. IMPORTANT #1: If you change the file format to a different format as your ROMs are already zipped it will take very long to rebuild your ROMset, because all your ROMs will be extracted and compressed again. So if you have all your ROMs in .zip files and you want it to change to .7z prepare for a long waiting time until everything is done. IMPORTANT #2: If you want to use .7z you will have to need 7-Zip installed on your PC. If you want to use .rar you will have to need WinRAR installed on your PC. 29. Check “Recompress Files”, “Show Statistics” and “Remove Matched Sourcefiles”. 30. Ignore “Systems” and “Advanced” and click on “Rebuild”. 31. Optional: If you get an error relating to a .7z file it helps to copy the “7z.exe” and “7z.dll” from your 7-Zip folder into your “CLRmamepro” folder. 32. Now the rebuilding starts. Depending on your ROMset and your options it could take quite a while. When the rebuilding is finished you get a status report. 33. Click on ok and close the rebuilder. Now we are almost finished. 34. If you want to update your CHDs now is the time to do this. But be aware that CHDs have their own update packs and you’ll have to download them separately. To update them just move the folders which are containing the CHD files from your CHD update folders into your ROM folder. You have to do that manually because the rebuilder of CLRmamepro doesn’t copy any new CHDs into your ROM folder. Only the scanner renames/removes old ones (if you have CHDs checked in the options). I also would highly suggest you to do that in order of the versions. For example if you want to update from 0.171 to 0.173 first move the updated CHDs from the 0.171 to 0.172 pack, than the ones from 0.72 to 01.73 etc. If Windows asks you if you want to integrate the files in the already existing folders confirm that with "Yes". BUT if it asks you at any point if you want to overwrite old files I would suggest you to decline that and do another scan so that the scanner of CLRmamepro can fix the CHD names from the older update packs. To speed up the scan you can uncheck "ROMs" and "Samples" in the scanner options first before you start the scan. After the finished scan you just have to move the remaining CHDs from the update pack which wanted to overwrite old CHD files into your ROM folder and then simply continue with the other update packs. Repeat that if Windows asks you again if you want to overwrite some files. 35. Do the same with your Sample files if you want to add or update them. Just keep in my mind to move them in your samples and not into your ROM folder. 36. Go back to the “Scanner” and click on “New Scan”. If you have unchecked “ROMs” and “Samples” in order to update your CHDs check those two again before you start the final scan. 37. If everything worked the new scan result screen should look like this: I only miss a sample file for one game which I couldn’t track down yet. Everything else is complete and now up to date. 38. Now you can delete all your update folders. Bonus Step: Split your ROMset in to different systems If you don’t want every ROM in one big single folder and instead separate folders for separate arcade systems you can split them with CLRmamepro too. For example if you like to have the NeoGeo ROMs separated because you want them as a separate platform within LaunchBox. NOTE: If you are using the MAME Lightspeed Importer by @Antropus to import your MAME games into LaunchBox you won't need to do this and you should keep all ROMs in a single folder. Go back to the “Scanner” and click on “Systems”. Choose the System you want to be separated from your other ROMs and make a double-click on the path. Choose or create an empty folder in which you want to move the ROMs for that system and click “OK”. Now click on “Move Sets” and the program will automatically move all ROMs into the folders you chose . NOTE: If you want to scan your ROMs again a message will show up saying that the new paths for your systems aren’t ROM-paths. Click on yes to add them automatically to your ROM-Paths. The end. I hope this tutorial was understandable and useful for some of you. If you have questions feel free to ask.
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    Hello all, sorry for another massive callout in the span of a couple days lol. @NJDave71 has generously contributed the code to his HelperControl plugin for Big Box themes and I've integrated it into Big Box, so going forward, the control itself will no longer be needed. However, themes will not be automatically changed to use the new built-in controls (sans for TotalGamesCount as mentioned in the other thread). There is no rush on this as the code for these features hasn't been changed, only integrated into Big Box, so there is no harm in continuing to use the HelperControl, at least for now. These new changes will be out in 9.4-beta-9, which should be out shortly, but it's not out quite yet. The controls and examples are below. RemoveNewLineConverter and ScrollableTextBlock Previously ScrollableTextBlock was already available in Big Box without the HelperControl, but it's a vertical scrolling TextBlock instead of a horizontal scrolling TextBlock like the HelperControl, so the name of the control in Big Box is now HorizontalScrollableTextBlock. RemoveNewLineConverter is new and simply removes new lines from text; it's typically used for the scrolling descriptions, which is why they are together here in this example: xmlns:wpf="clr-namespace:Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf;assembly=Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf" xmlns:controls="clr-namespace:Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf.Controls;assembly=Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf" <UserControl.Resources> <wpf:RemoveNewLineConverter x:Key="RemoveNewLineConverter" /> </UserControl.Resources> <controls:HorizontalScrollableTextBlock TextWrapping="Wrap" Text="{Binding Notes, Converter={StaticResource RemoveNewLineConverter}}" FontSize="46" Height="50" ScrollSpeed="100" /> FindStringConverter FindStringConverter is used largely to convert string values to different values. For example, to show an image based on the value of a field: xmlns:wpf="clr-namespace:Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf;assembly=Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf" <UserControl.Resources> <wpf:FindStringConverter x:Key="FindStringConverter" /> </UserControl.Resources> <Image> <Image.Style> <Style TargetType="{x:Type Image}"> <Style.Triggers> <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.PlayMode, Converter={StaticResource FindStringConverter}, ConverterParameter='Single Player'}" Value="True"> <Setter Property="Source" Value="pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/Default/Single Player.png"/> </DataTrigger> <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.PlayMode, Converter={StaticResource FindStringConverter}, ConverterParameter='Cooperative'}" Value="True"> <Setter Property="Source" Value="pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/Default/Cooperative.png"/> </DataTrigger> </Style.Triggers> </Style> </Image.Style> </Image> Thanks again to @NJDave71 for his code. @faeran @Mr. RetroLust @RetroHumanoid @wallmachine @eatkinola @bbweiners @keltoigael @Jack. @y2guru @whoozwah @SNAK3ATER @Rincewind @CriticalCid @shro2016 @broskiplays @Grila @NJDave71 @Hexxxer @PhillsDoodles @Zombeaver @Omen @Cookz718 @viking @OrochiMishima @nosh @ea4492 @Maddoc1007 @vsilvalopes @damageinc86 @walter10h @skainlurmis @Scottad @Nyny77 @Sithel @Akezhar @Thanos Reigns
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    Version 1.0.0


    My desktop resolution is 2560x1440 Retroarch resolution Aspect Ratio 19:14
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    Thanks! I appreciate the simplicity in this method. And thank you Jason for your response too.
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    Drag the shortcut onto the Launchbox window to start the import wizard, choose the "none of the above" option so that it is not associated with a emulator and name the platform the shortcut is to go into.
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    The process is just to make a new game, call it Plex, and then point the Application Startup field to plex's URL.
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    Thank you very much for help and advice guys! Seems like my lessons are never easy or cheap lol!
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    If you have the roms pulled out I would suggest watching the guides on the YouTube channel, ETAPrime and Brad have done amazing guides walking you through how to set everything up in Launchbox without RocketLauncher. Start off simple with one system like the SNES or Genesis and work up from there, things will click once you get used to it and you will find it's not as difficult as people think or make it out to be.
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    Currently at work; could test it later on, trying it now with headphones, and I really like it. There is some crossfading between L and R. I would rather have the Arcade sounds louder than the diner ones, but I really like it overall Awesome job!
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    So much of this appears to be from a real aircraft, but maybe adult Flight Sim toys are just very realistic. 🙂
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    It's "that time of the month" for this aeroplane:
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    you can download it if you click on the 3 dots also no i cant make the text blue because im not gonna remake the whole logo
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    Incredibly done! I tested it with the headphones and literally thought I was there. I even had to take them off couple of times as I thought that some sounds were too real and actually coming from my place XD
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    Ah that's the infamous inception effect. I love viking's videos which is why I made a theme around them. When using Nostalgia, I recommend using a set of platform videos that are not vikings. That way you can see his backgrounds but have your own platform and game images playing in the TV, handheld, arcade, etc.
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    Yeah I'll wait for an update a toggle would be awesome, I just keep breaking it lol. I have one other question when I download the videos in launch box for the platforms video in tools. I use the viking videos and it ends up playing the video inside of a video image. Thanks for the help.
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    You'll probably also need to comment out some things at the bottom of the wheel view files, such as this in PlatformWheel1FiltersView: <!-- DETAILS ON (WILL SHOW THE METADATA ICONS, BOXART, ETC.) --> <TextBlock Style="{StaticResource NostSideAnimeTriggerDetails_PLAT_ON}"> <TextBlock.Triggers> <EventTrigger RoutedEvent="Binding.TargetUpdated"> <BeginStoryboard Storyboard="{StaticResource NostMetadataFade_SB}" /> <!-- <BeginStoryboard Storyboard="{StaticResource NostSelectorFade_SB}" /> --> </EventTrigger> </TextBlock.Triggers> </TextBlock> <!-- DETAILS OFF (WILL ONLY FADEOUT VERTYEAR WHEN SCROLLING) --> <TextBlock Style="{StaticResource NostSideAnimeTriggerDetails_PLAT_OFF}"> <TextBlock.Triggers> <EventTrigger RoutedEvent="Binding.TargetUpdated"> <BeginStoryboard Storyboard="{StaticResource NostMetadataFade_SB_YEAR}" /> <!-- <BeginStoryboard Storyboard="{StaticResource NostSelectorFade_SB_YEAR}" /> --> </EventTrigger> </TextBlock.Triggers> </TextBlock> I don't have time to test that now but you can try it out. You're the second person to ask for this change, so maybe I'll work in a toggle where you can easily turn the date on/off. I really need to finish an update for this theme, and if you want to just wait for the update perhaps I can add that change. Glad to hear you like the theme; was quite a chore to put together.
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    Not sure if they changed this in current versions of mame but I use an older version of mess ti99_4a -cart parsec -peb:slot3 speech if you want the speech in parsec. think you need ti99_speech.zip to make this work
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    Version 1.0.0


    I would like to share my PSD Template for those who want to create Apple II 3D Boxes for your own launchbox collection. LIST OF GAMES COVERED:
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    No this is my own personal build aimed at having complete media. It will never be finished lol
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    Version 1.0.1


    Just started making platform and playlist videos. Couldn't find video for a Pokemon Theme, so I put this one together.
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    For anyone reading this, I recently created a tool that will help tremendously with setting up your Future Pinball tables. See the post below for more info.
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