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    Version 1.8


    Neon Deluxe Arcade - LaunchBox Theme Note: This thread will not be pushed to the front in the "whats new" section, if you want notifications for future updates to this file be sure to follow this page by using the follow button in the upper right corner. INTRO: Neon Deluxe Arcade is a series of themes, if you like you can download these to accompany the complete theme: Neon Deluxe Arcade - Big Box Theme Neon Deluxe Arcade - Launchbox Theme Neon Deluxe Arcade - Startup Theme (Street) Neon Deluxe Arcade - Startup Theme (Inside) Mr. RetroLust's Realistic Retroarch Bezels (Same style > Dimmed lit retro gaming) This theme does not use fanart or platform backgrounds but a static 4K quality background, there are 7 backgrounds to choose from in the themes images folder, the image you want to display should be named "Background-01.jpg". In order to get it working as you see in the screenshots please set your background settings to: CREDITS: Huge Thanks to @Grila for the inspiration and his permission and kindness to use his codes for especially the left sidebar and more from his LBPlex Launchbox Theme. Also huge thanks to @Rincewind for the inspiration and his permission and kindness to use his code of the Rincewind Launchbox Theme for full screen background images. I couldn't have made it as it is without you guys! FEATURES: More than I can mention, you just have to see it in action, one thing I can mention is that it features a bright green and slightly larger cache progress bar so you can't miss it when it's working to make a smooth experience INSTALLATION: Extract folder "Neon Deluxe Arcade LB" to Launchbox/LBThemes. Open Launchbox, go to Tools/Options/(Leftside bar) Visuals/Choose the theme in the dropdown bar. Tip: Tools/Options/Theme/Colors > Choose "Midnight Blue" for anything that was not possible to color change in Launchbox theming. Hope you enjoy, have fun brothers! 🤘
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    Version 1.3


    This started out as all I wanted to do is make the background image, when selecting a game fill the whole space. So after looking at the default theme and the great LBPlex theme I managed to get all the bits I preferred and made a theme to my liking. Hopefully your like it too
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    Version 1.2


    Realistic Marquee Monitor FX Note: This thread will not be pushed to the front in the "whats new" section, if you want notifications for future updates to this file be sure to follow this page by using the follow button in the upper right corner. Part of the Neon Deluxe Arcade series but this can be used for any theme, Realistic Marquee FX in 4K 21:9 (3840x1620), to spice up your marquee monitor The FX are composed of different layers of scratched plexi glass, reflection, light and other grungy and dusty layers to get as close to realism as possible, see in the video below how it's been composed. Installation Please note this was made for use with a 21:9 ultra wide monitor (best bang for your buck considering width and Marquee monitors), other aspect ratios might not look as on screenshots. 1. Extract folder '_Realistic Marquee FX' in 'Launchbox\Themes' 2. Within the _Realistic Marquee FX folder are 2 images (for now!) a. Realistic Marquee FX - With Marquee holder & Plexi FX. b. Realistic Marquee FX Only Plexi - Without the Marquee holder, only Plexi FX. 3. Choose the style XAML file you want, they are located and named in Zip files. a. Realistic Marquee FX - Complete: With Marquee holder, Plexi FX and Magic Screen Filler. b. Realistic Marquee FX - Sans Filler: With Marquee holder & Plexi FX but Without Magic Screen Filler. c. Realistic Marquee FX - Plexi FX & Filler - Without Marquee holder, With Plexi FX and Magic Screen Filler. d. Realistic Marquee FX - Plexi FX only: With Plexi FX but without Magic Screen Filler and Marquee Holder. 4. Pick the style you like and overwrite the GameMarqueeView.xaml file in the 'your theme of choice/Views' folder, might be a good idea to back up the file first however. Enjoy and have fun! 🤘 Mr. RetroLust (Call me Lust)
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    Bingo -- reinstalled Beta 10 and works fine, so +1 on the directx install issue. Thanks Jason. Now I'll install Beta 11 ... all this progress!
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    Beta 11 is out now with some translation updates and fixes, as well as the HorizontalScrollableTextBlock control described here: The current plan is to release 9.4 on Monday or Tuesday.
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    Here is an update to my realistic arcade bezel for Outrun. This update now has an animated steering wheel and shifter that works in conjunction with the game. These new features are thanks to MQC. A fan and supporter who wants to help out. I'm very appreciative of his help. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2DqNhjv
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    Yes, this is standard Windows numbering, or any OS for that matter.
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    Glad to hear you got it going! Now if only I can get Kung Fu Panda to 100% on mine... 😊
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    I found the error in my setup, finally! I went through the settings in nvidia Control Panel, and the refresh rate was set to 50Hz. I bumped it up to 60Hz, and now everything works with awesome upscaling. Much rejoicing - thanks for your help and attention!
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    500 Mhz can make a huge difference in emulation, especially when you are near the tipping point.
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    Beta 12 is out now with a simple addition of allowing the ImageVideoView in the Big Box TextFiltersView, and translation updates.
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    Cool... thanks for replying.
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    Here is an update to my realistic arcade bezel for Turbo. This one is special as it uses the real time digital score keeper and pedal meter. There's also a new dark mode which lights up the cab and gives it a more arcade feel. These new features are thanks to MQC. A fan and supporter who wants to help out. I'm very appreciative of his work. Hope we can work together on more future projects. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2SmZ4tL
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    No problem! Thanks for this; I'll get it into the next beta. I'll get this in as well. There is a single new item in the Strings file that Claudio pointed out (it was missing and not receiving any translations). It's no big deal either way though if you guys want to translate it for this version or not; it can wait until the next release.
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    You can embed another view, but unfortunately, as the view model in the code (my code) doesn't have a property for the achievements view model, it wouldn't be bound to any data, so it wouldn't be useful. I would just have to add a property to the games views to allow it. It might need some tweaking on my part though because it currently shows all the achievements.
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    Never mind, after a lot of googling I downloaded the Mame 2003 pack and all the games are working, thanks for being helpful guys 😉👍
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    Here is an update for my Batman Arcade Bezel for Mame. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2TGGFEA
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    uk ebay has plenty bare carts bro have a look there first
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    Might be that the dll from the temp folder is from a previous/incompatible version. Try running disk cleanup, deleting temp files and then installing 9.3.
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    @RULLUR I finally just took a look at the data you sent me; unfortunately I'm not seeing any delays with your SNES platform. My best guess is that maybe it's media-related, but it's hard to say without having all your media. If you want to dive in deeper, you could try temporarily removing all your SNES media to see if it makes a difference.
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    @eatkinola That error appears to be an issue with the DirectX install. I have no idea why that would just suddenly appear as an issue, but maybe try re-running the LaunchBox installer, and make sure that the DirectX portion of the installer completes successfully (the part that requires UAC admin access). Otherwise, you could try using Microsoft's DirectX installer. @RULLUR Delays can occur when loading up details (or really anything in LaunchBox) if the system is having trouble keeping up, or another operation is taking priority. Nothing has changed for the latest betas, so it must just be caused by another operation.
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    Thank you for all your work on this plugin, I'm sure a lot of Launchbox users are very glad for your selfless contribution, myself included. Thanks
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    @Jason Carr This is amazing...and I cannot wait to test this out! Unfortunately, I literally just broke down my arcade cabinet last night,to prepare for our move to the big place in February ,but,at least we finally can get out of this shoe-box we have been living in since July. As soon as I am back up and running,I can update the theme,and push the update to the forums....I seriously can't wait!
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    To test I just renamed my emulator to GoF@&*Yourself and its launching all my platforms still so however it fixed its a mystery
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