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    Version 1.5


    Neon Deluxe Arcade - LaunchBox Theme Note: This thread will not be pushed to the front in the "whats new" section, if you want notifications for future updates to this file be sure to follow this page by using the follow button in the upper right corner. INTRO: As part of the complete 'Neon Deluxe Arcade' series (a follow up of Futurestate Neon Deluxe) this is the Launchbox Theme to accompany the Startup Theme and the Big Box theme which is still being worked on, you can follow the progress of this theme here. This theme does not use fanart or platform backgrounds but a static 4K quality background, there are 3 backgrounds to choose from in the themes images folder, the image you want to display should be named "Background-01.jpg". In order to get it working as you see in the screenshots please set your background settings to: CREDITS: Huge Thanks to @Grila for the inspiration and his permission and kindness to use his codes for especially the left sidebar and more from his LBPlex Launchbox Theme. Also huge thanks to @Rincewind for the inspiration and his permission and kindness to use his code of the Rincewind Launchbox Theme for full screen background images. I couldn't have made it as it is without you guys! FEATURES: More than I can mention, you just have to see it in action, one thing I can mention is that it features a bright green and slightly larger cache progress bar so you can't miss it when it's working to make a smooth experience INSTALLATION: Install both the fonts located in "Fonts.zip" by double clicking each and choose install. Extract folder "Neon Deluxe Arcade LB" to Launchbox/LBThemes. Open Launchbox, go to Tools/Options/(Leftside bar) Visuals/Choose the theme in the dropdown bar. Tip: Tools/Options/Theme/Colors > Choose "Midnight Blue" for anything that was not possible to color change in Launchbox theming. Hope you enjoy, have fun brothers! 🤘
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    Version 1.0.1


    Here are the 6 Overlays/Borders used in Mega Man LC recreated for use with RetroArch and using the Bezel Project NES template. Enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Visual Pinball clear logos pack consisting of 300+ images collected and edited from sites like VPForums, Pinsimdb, Google image search, Hyperspin Forums, and other users' collections. NOTE: These logos may be large and, in most cases, were originally intended for use with HyperPin and HyperSpin. They can be easily resized in HyperSpin and LaunchBox but BigBox apparently doesn't allow for resizing (that I can find). If you need smaller versions of the images, let me know and I will post an update. TO VIEW THESE IMAGES DO THE FOLLOWING: 1. Remove any images in your ..\LaunchBox\Images\Visual Pinball\Clear Logo folder 2. Unzip the archive to the same folder. 3. Delete your LaunchBox and/or BigBox cache. 4. Set LB/BB to show Clear Logos for the Visual Pinball games. Visual Pinball Videos: https://mega.nz/#F!lYF30BoC!Sqaxb1Hf2d0pZzuFFzdAoQ
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello Arcade Fans, in this pack i'll share the wheels and videos for the new games supported in MAME. (Note: I haven't made media for the new slot machines games, because I don't use it in my MAME Romset) This month it was very easy, all the logos existed in other console systems, so I only created the video snaps. New supported games: (slot machines games are not listed) - San Francisco Rush 2049 - San Francisco Rush 2049: Special Edition - Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (bootleg of Megadrive version) Hope you like it!!
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    I tried on another computer and now everything works. THANK YOU !! :
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    Version 1.0.2


    Greetings all, I've been a huge fan of the Nostalgia video sets that Viking and Dragon57 created and have been using them on my Big Box for a long while at this point. A few months back I asked them for permission and access to the source files for the playlist set and they generously provided them (to everyone!) I've been pretty busy since that time but lately I've been working on various playlist/genre videos in the style of the "Playlists" video from that set. The ones I've done so far are uploaded here. I'm sure there will be more on the way, but I can't promise how often they will come. Currently there are about 10 more I know I need to create for myself so at least that many are in the pipe. Feel free to edit them as well. Thanks again to Viking and Dragon57 for making these possible. Current List: Ace Combat Armored Core Assassins Creed Baseball Basketball Batman Castlevania Contra Crash Bandicoot DC (Comics) Disney Final Fantasy Football Golf Hockey James Bond Mario Marvel (Comics) Mega Man Metroid Olympics Pac-man Racket Sports (same as tennis other than center screen) Sonic Spider-man Star Wars Tennis Wrestling X-Games (e.g. skateboarding, skydiving, snowboarding, etc.) Zelda
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    Version 1.2


    Realistic Marquee Monitor FX Note: This thread will not be pushed to the front in the "whats new" section, if you want notifications for future updates to this file be sure to follow this page by using the follow button in the upper right corner. Part of the Neon Deluxe Arcade series but this can be used for any theme, Realistic Marquee FX in 4K 21:9 (3840x1620), to spice up your marquee monitor The FX are composed of different layers of scratched plexi glass, reflection, light and other grungy and dusty layers to get as close to realism as possible, see in the video below how it's been composed. Installation Please note this was made for use with a 21:9 ultra wide monitor (best bang for your buck considering width and Marquee monitors), other aspect ratios might not look as on screenshots. 1. Extract folder '_Realistic Marquee FX' in 'Launchbox\Themes' 2. Within the _Realistic Marquee FX folder are 2 images (for now!) a. Realistic Marquee FX - With Marquee holder & Plexi FX. b. Realistic Marquee FX Only Plexi - Without the Marquee holder, only Plexi FX. 3. Choose the style XAML file you want, they are located and named in Zip files. a. Realistic Marquee FX - Complete: With Marquee holder, Plexi FX and Magic Screen Filler. b. Realistic Marquee FX - Sans Filler: With Marquee holder & Plexi FX but Without Magic Screen Filler. c. Realistic Marquee FX - Plexi FX & Filler - Without Marquee holder, With Plexi FX and Magic Screen Filler. d. Realistic Marquee FX - Plexi FX only: With Plexi FX but without Magic Screen Filler and Marquee Holder. 4. Pick the style you like and overwrite the GameMarqueeView.xaml file in the 'your theme of choice/Views' folder, might be a good idea to back up the file first however. Enjoy and have fun! 🤘 Mr. RetroLust (Call me Lust)
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    Version 1.0.1


    Hi all, its my first mini-cinematic video from Magnavox Odyssey 2 system. Chose Magnavox Odyssey 2 because never found any cinematic good for it. 😉 Any suggestions will be welcome to next release, Claudio
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    Version 1.0.0


    many thanks to @viking for his amazing logo's.
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    Version 1.0.0


    many thanks to @viking for his amazing logo's
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    Version 1.0.0


    Your thanks and feedback are always welcome
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    You can hit any button on the keyboard or controller to skip videos, as long as Bigbox has already loaded that is. If it hasnt the video wont skip until Bigbox is ready and loaded.
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    Ok, the below is when selecting to update community star ratings for example: And theme is Midnight Blue.
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    Version 1.0.0


    MAME video Snaps (35) each one is 45 seconds long Just some video snaps that I had missing from my MAME romset. my whole collection is now complete. Happy Days. Enjoy.
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    Lust, the progress bar now looks nice, however the text on it is showing black, which makes it impossible to see. In the midnight blue theme the foreground color for text is white, so maybe there is either something that needs to be tweaked in the theme, or something I might be doing wrong
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    were are the fonts? they aint in the download zip file.
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    SteamLauncher update to be uploaded shortly which will fix the problem introduced by the most recent Steam client update: Just wanted to let any users of the plugin know that it appears that the new Steam update that was pushed out a few days ago (oddly, my client only just updated yesterday) may have broken compatibility with the plugin. It appears that they probably changed some of the vftable offsets to such a degree that SteamLauncher is no longer able to calculate the updated offset properly. I should be able to provide a plugin update which fixes this issue very quickly, and I will make another post here when that "hotfix" update is uploaded. (Turns out, I was totally wrong about this... the plugin is still working just fine with the latest Steam client update.) Major SteamLauncher update coming soon which will add many new features (many of which users have been requesting for awhile): I'm actually in the middle of implementing some pretty fundamental changes to the plugin, mostly revolving around the ability to use the plugin to launch all games through Steam, by default, without having to select "Launch via Steam" in the game context menus. While this may seem like a minor change that would require a relatively small amount of work to implement, the reality is actually quite the opposite. I've been wanting to implement such a feature since basically the first release of the plugin, but due to limitations in the LaunchBox plugin API, it was not possible. With the latest LaunchBox update, some new features were added to the plugin API which I was hoping were going to allow me to implement such a feature, as well as some other nifty stuff. Unfortunately, it turns out that the API changes did not implement the features I was hoping for. When I created this plugin, the whole idea behind it was to eliminate the need for any type of intermediary/proxy executable to launch games through Steam, so when I say that the plugin API does not allow certain functionality to be implemented, what I really mean is that such a feature cannot be added without resorting to the use of such a proxy executable. So... I've now stated that the new API changes still don't allow for the implementation of a "launch all games through Steam by default" feature, and I've also stated that the plugin was created for the expressed purpose of eliminating the need for any complicated proxy executable. So, how am I adding such a feature then, you might ask? Well, it turns out that the new API changes add a couple of features that if used in a mangled/unintended way, combined with an EXTREMELY simple proxy executable (literally does nothing except create a hidden, zero size window that runs for the duration of the game), I can indeed implement such a feature in a less-than-ideal way. While it requires some hackish workarounds and trickery to implement, I have fully tested the concept in a new alpha branch of the plugin, and it does indeed work, and the feature can be easily toggled on/off with a simple click of a menu item in LB/BB. Surprisingly, this new method also comes with a few benefits in other areas, which depending on the user, may make a huge difference in regards to the usefulness of the plugin in their use-case. Here are just a few examples of some of the benefits the new plugin may provide: Support for LB/BB game startup/shutdown screens (when using SteamLauncher's new "launch all games via Steam by default" mode). Support for LB/BB's on-the-fly rom decompression functionality. When using the plugin previously, compressed roms were not supported unless the emulator itself handled rom decompression. This was due to the way the plugin completely bypassed LB's normal game launching procedure. Since this new feature is, in a sense, "hijacking" LB's game launching procedure (instead of bypassing it altogether), features such as on-the-fly rom decompression and cleanup should now work fine. Support for launching games via Steam using non-default emulators. This applies when you have multiple supported emulators or emulator launch configurations (such as multiple supported platform cores in Retroarch) for any given rom. Previously, only the default emulator/config was supported by the plugin due to the limitations of the LaunchBox plugin API's context menu, which did not allow you to create a variable number of context menu items (dynamically) at run-time. With all that being said, I can't provide any definitive release date for the new features, but I think something like 2-3 weeks is probably realistic. If I run into any problems which might push the release back further than that, I will be sure to post an update. Being that I have very little information concerning how many people are actually using my plugin, any input, suggestions, or feedback would be greatly appreciated (such as, will any of these major feature changes be of any interest to anyone?).
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    Beta 3 is out now with one thing: VLC upgraded to the latest version. The VLC 3.x series was majorly restructured, so there was some major work needed to get the new version integrated. In addition, testing is appreciated, because it is possible that the new version could cause stability issues. I've run Big Box in attract mode all night long though, and haven't run into any problems, so hopefully we'll be good to go. The first launch of this beta will take a lot longer than usual, as the VLC folder will get removed and replaced with the new versions.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This zip contains a simple AutoHotKey executable and script that will help with loading Future Pinball tables. The Problem: Future pinball requires the /open "Drive Letter:\full path\table_name.fpt" /play /exit commands to be specified individually for each table, otherwise the table will not load. Launchbox currently will not launch Future Pinball on its own without doing a little extra work in each table's settings. You have to manually enter this on each table which can be time consuming if you have a lot of tables to load. Usage: Simply place the FP.exe file in your Future Pinball folder and point to it instead of the Future Pinball executable when setting up Future Pinball as an emulator in Launchbox. That's it. Roll your own: If you are un-trusting and don't want to use the files in the zip (I don't blame you), you can download AutoHotKey and compile your own. The code is below. I've also included the non compiled FP.ahk so you can compile that if that suits you. That way you can open it in an editor to check the code before compiling. Run, "Future Pinball.exe" /open "%1%" /play /exit
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    MESS/MAME seems to work just fine with Apple IIe games. Also AppleWin is a very good emulator and is still getting regular updates. Be sure to use "-f -d1" for the default command-line parameters
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    Version 1.0.0


    Sort of surprised there weren't any themes for this series (at least that I could find), so decided to start making some for them. 1. Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition 2. Fallout 3 (Identical to the GOTY version except for the clear logo) 3. Fallout 4. Fallout: New Vegas 5. Fallout 2 6. Fallout 4 7. Fallout 4 version 2
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    Version 1.0.0


    About This File Cinematic videothemes of the games: Assassin's Creed Syndicate Batman Arkham Knight Deus Ex Mankind Divide Doom Evil Within, The
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    Version 1.0.0


    2D and 3D Cart Images for CPS1