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    Version 1.0.0


    Here is my .psd file that i used to create these neon effects in photoshop. simply place your logo/pic into the smart object. everything is customizable. hope this helps the community.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Gameplay Pack for the SNK Neo Geo AES. File Size: 66,1 MB File Count: 174 File Format: PNG Resolution: 608 x 448 Naming: MAME
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    Version 1.0.0


    Game Title Pack for the SNK Neo Geo AES. File Size: 45,2 MB File Count: 174 File Format: PNG Resolution: 608 x 448 Naming: MAME
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    Version .


    Platform Theme Tiger Handheld Electronics
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    Here is an update to my realistic arcade bezel for Paperboy. This version has animated handlebars for a more realistic look while playing the game. This new feature is in part thanks to MQC. A fan and supporter who wants to help out. I'm very appreciative of his help. You can download the animated version here - https://bit.ly/2VFVmIB
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    Version 1.0.1


    I have created playlist clear logo sets, which I have based on the logo font for each system. I had to create entire fonts and edit other fonts to resemble the logo font for many of the systems. Each set contains a black, white and a colour version of clear logos for the following... Playlists logos include: Genres logos include: Regions logos include: Years logos include: Not every platform category\playlist will utilize every logo depending on your build. I have used the same naming system thats used in the Unified Theme. So I would suggest verifying the playlist/platform names before dropping them into your images folder... as some may differ from user to user and wrongly named files will not show up in BigBox. If you do have different platform names you can use Bulk Rename Utility to rename them quick and easy. How to add them to LaunchBox. Instructions: Drag and drop the Platform Categories and the Playlists folders into the Launchbox Images folder. Launch BigBox and go into -> Options -> Image Cache and Refresh Platform Wheel Images. Enjoy!
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    Hi, I made this script to start DeSmuMe (Stand-alone. Not RetroArch) in fullscreen automatically. These are the steps for using the script: 1) Extract the attached file "desmume.zip" in the folder where you have the executable of the emulator. 2) Open "desmume.vbs" with a text editor and replace "DeSmuME_0.9.11_x86.exe" with your executable file name. Save the file "desmume.vbs" 3) On launchbox go to Tools / Manage Emulators, select your DeSmuMe emulator and click Edit. 4) In "Emulator Application Path" select "desmume.vbs" file (Filter All Files in Browse) instead of the emulator executable. In "Default command-line parameters" enter "/rompath:" Check the option "No space before ROM" Click ok 4) Play Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ (If you bought it ) I'm a noob in vbscript, if you know an easier way to solve this problem, tips are welcome. (Sorry for bad Great Britainnnish) desmume.zip
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a theme that I've been hacking away at for a while. It has 4 views -- A fullscreen video view with and without scanlines and a widescreen view with and without scanlines. I included all the playlist logos that I created. I was inspired by the Chicuelo theme. Just exact the folder "Holly" into your themes directory and install the font. Holly.m4v
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    So simple, yes this worked thanks!
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    I'm in the process of working on two new games views and one platform view. Here is the first --
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    Thanks Adu. It's currently not possible to do what you asked. You can hide the video for three seconds and show a screenshot, but the video still loads and plays. So, that kind of defeats the purpose of what you're asking. I actually wanted to do the same thing on another of my themes.
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    Your Platform names do not match what is in the Associated Platforms.
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    Just to add some useful information... when doing the chdman createcd/extractcd method to merge multiple bin into a single bin, you can add -c none to the end of the command line, which means it will not compress the chd and greatly speeds up the processing (only use this if you don't want keep the chd around afterwards) In other news, converting games with CD Audio tracks to EBOOT I have had success with these apps: popstationgui 3.00 beta psx2psp 1.4.2 I have not had success with: icetea popstation (macOS command line) popstationr (macOS command line) copstation (macOS command line) For Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams using popstationgui 3.00 beta: (Europe) EBOOT.PBP file is 518,820,777 bytes, MD5 c0ea8b8a6249113b30bb1990dd311947 single BIN/CUE pair + popstationgui + video fix + Beetle : YES, intro correct single BIN/CUE pair + popstationgui + video fix + PCSX ReARMed : YES, intro correct (USA) EBOOT.PBP file is 518,789,849 bytes, MD5 d4252169d531510996f2f27708e132eb single BIN/CUE pair + popstationgui + Beetle : YES, intro correct single BIN/CUE pair + popstationgui + PCSX ReARMed : YES, intro correct Notes: With popstationgui you can tell the audio conversion is OK because it forgets to delete the TOC file it uses for CD Audio. On PSP I have to make sure to use cdda-enabler.prx seplugin in order to hear CD Audio in POPS/PS1 games. In RetroArch on macOS my EBOOT files work fine with CD Audio, my test games have between 5 and 60 audio tracks. I do not recommend using EBOOT.PBP as the only source of your game. Please keep original BIN/CUE or CHD around.
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    wbfs I think is best for Wii maxcso app to convert PS2 to cso, great sizes and no extra index file like Chris mentions CHDv5 can be used on Dreamcast, Saturn, Sega CD, TG-CD, PCE-CD, PC-FX, Amiga CD32 and probably some others PSX can benefit from PBP as multi discs become one game I had converted my whole collection and was thinking of making a list like this with best apps for conversion etc
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    Beta 3 is out now with a hopeful fix for the issue with the theme details not loading, as well as the following: List of installed themes with updates available List of recently updated themes List of newly available themes Support for startup themes Unfortunately, most of the above additions aren't very useful currently because of how few themes we have up there at this point. I haven't added any startup themes yet, so there's nothing available to download, though you can still manage your installed themes. My next objective is to finish the theme uploader web forms so that we can get the theme lists decently populated.
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    In my oh-so-Joe way, I just had to figure out how to do this. 😊 @Echo Off & SetLocal EnableExtensions pushd D:\temp\roms For /F "tokens=*" %%I IN ('dir /a-d /b *.cpc') DO ( copy "D:\temp\generic_tape.jpg" "d:\temp\new\%%~nI.jpg" ) Line 2: Change D:\temp\roms to your roms folder location. Line 3: Change .cpc to your roms actual file extension. If you have .cpc and .dsk, you'll have to run it twice changing the extension (or copy & paste line 3, 4, 5 and changing the extension respectively). Line 4: Change the locations of the image you want to use and where you want to put them. If your image is .png, be sure to change the last .jpg.
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