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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi Arcade fans, it took a lot of time creating this new 3D cartridges for Sega Mark III, but I hope you like it. See how it looks here: Thanks to Retrokenesis for his 3D Boxes. See ya soon!
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    Here is a realistic bezel for the arcade game X-men: Children of the Atom. (UPDATE) Shading was corrected on the first bezel you see. So if you downloaded it already you might wanna download the file again. You can download it here - https://bit.ly/2U6Tms0 It's getting harder and harder to maintain this pace of releasing this many realistic arcade bezels a month. If you wanna keep getting new bezels. Please donate if you can. Thanks. https://www.paypal.me/orionsangel
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    UPDATE Super Pause menu V1.0 with dll plugin now released in released section! Added timestamps and screenshots of your savestates, a manual viewer, and many more customizable options using launchbox images. UPDATE Super Pause Menu 0.85 DOWNLOAD>>> Super Pause Menu V0.85.zip Completely reworked the saving/loading method of my settings program to use .ini files instead of .txt. The way I had previously set it up really painted me into a corner and limited what I could do with future upgrades. This will pave the way for future upgrades such as... Added the ability to use up to 100 save/load slots (not that I imagine anyone will use that many). This new ability will be sort of be my template for user created custom menus (to be added in the future). Added the option to display however many save/load slot you want per page. I needed some new options to accommodate the growing Save/Load Menu list. So I added a new page in the "Customize Menu" page in the settings program. This includes a font size option for the Save/Load screen title, and a separate one for the Save/Load screen menu items. I added the ability to change the horizontal alignment of the menu title, this way you can use the whole screen height for your menu items and place your menu title to the side. Added some better scaling options for the text size. This way your pause screen should look nearly identical if you are using the same screen ratio as your background image. If your background ratio is of 16:9 and your resolution changed to a 4:3, the text size will look almost the same, though the background image will obviously be a little skewed. Likewise with your screen DPI, I prefer to use 150% zoom in on windows (144 DPI) if I change it to 100% the pause menu should be able to accommodate that no problem. Here are a couple screenshots I took while changing my resolution. If anyone wants it I may add the option in the future to fit the background image to screen with the same ratio and use black bars, but for now if the user is using a different resolution the easier option is to just use a background image with the same ratio as their monitor. Below is a screenshot of my new Mame menu at 1920 X 1080 using 144 DPI (16:9 ratio 150% Zoom in) (Background image is 1920 X 1080) Here is is at 1633x768 96DPI (100% Zoom in) And just for the heck of it 800 X 600: New Settings Page: I have removed the 10 line limit to the Autohotkey script entry boxes (no limit whatsoever), enlarged the input boxes and added scrollbars. Fixed some flickering issues when pressing the user defined up down keys on the pause menu Changed the icon image to a custom one instead of the AHK one Changes to emulator settings files - Note: I have made some changes to the look of some of the menus for a few emulators. I wanted to include examples of what the user has the ability to do. If you don't like some of them you can change them, I may revert to a default look and include a theme manager in future releases. Added Demul to the list of pre-configured emulator settings. I didn't include save/load slots for it, as demul doesn't have any default hotkeys set up for saving and loading. You can add these in yourself however. Dolphin -Upped to 8 save/load slots EPSXE - Upped to 5 save/load Slots, increased key delay to 450 milliseconds, changed menu background and font pscsx2 - Upped to 9 save/load slots, changed menu background and font Mame - Upped to 10 save/load slots, changed font and backround Project64 - Upped to 10 save/load slots SNES9x - Upped to 10 save/load slots, changed background Mednafen - Up to 10 Save/load slots Visualboy advance- Changed font and background Screenshots of new menus: UPDATE Super Pause Menu 0.80 DOWNLOAD>>> Super Pause Menu V 0.80.zip Added the option to allow the user to use their own custom AHK code instead of simply sending hotkeys, this new option adds a whole lot more functionality than before. Added full Xinput functionality! I have included an older version of Xinput1_3.dll into this release, you may have to unblock the dll after download. No more Need for external software like Joytokey! Changed the menu "Emulator Hotfixes" to "Emulator Settings. I have added the option to have a delayed start to coincide with Launchbox's Start up screens. This will help prevent any possible interruptions during your loading process. I added a 5 second delay to all my default settings files. I also added a new option to optionally force maximize the running emulator after the pause menu is closed. This way you can use the pause menu with Windowed mode AND full screen mode. -I have added a new Notes section to the main menu Added working settings for PCSX2 and ePSXe, as well adjusted some settings to all the others so most of the default settings will work with either Full Screen or Windowed mode. My preference is full screen mode, so if an emulators default setting doesn't work with windowed mode you may have to play around with the settings. Fixed a lot of annoying bugs. Next on my list is to add options for the user to create their own custom menus/sub menus, maybe I'll try my hand at some nice layouts, (I'm not so much of an artist) but if anyone wants to share their own backgrounds and layouts let me know, I'll include it into the next update! UPDATE Super Pause Menu 0.75 I have been working pretty hard on this pause menu and implemented a lot of changes. I have a few more additions I want to add before putting this into the released section. My major changes: -Optional Fade in when pause button is pressed -Auto finds your emulator and applies the correct hotkeys if a setting file for it exists - Auto adjusting resolution. Your emulator changed your resolution to 800X600? No problem, this menu will adjust for that. -Works with the new launchbox start and gameover screens. - Works with fullscreen mode on emulators - New settings program makes it extremely easy to create and customize the pause menu on a per emulator basis. -Comes with pre-configured emulator settings for Dolphin, Mame, mednafen, Project64, retroarch, SNES 9x, visualboyadvance-m, visualboyadvance-M-WX (with their default hotkeys). Working on epsxe and pcsx2 for the next release. -Limited joystick support for Dpad, and all buttons. Passive mode will require the use of a third party program such as joytokey or controller companion to use a controller. (Thus far it appears the only emulator that absolutely needs passive mode is Project 64). -Works well with the Xbox guide button as a pause key. (Only activated if quick pressed in case the user needs to hold down the button to turn off the controller.) -Simplistic hotkey entry that auto detects the key you hold down (no going through complicated settings files). -Added easy string support in case a a simple key combination doesn't cut it, and you need a sequential key command. Example: To load save state in slot one for Mame you would enter "F7 1" into the hotkey entry) , which would simulate Pressing F7, followed by a pause, and then a press of 1. -Support for 0-4 Save/load slots and an optional reset - The files are now compiled into .exe format rather than autohotkey .ahk for better compatibility. Quick installation and setup (if simply wanting to use a preconfigured emulator): 1. Unzip the folder and all of it's contents wherever you like, I would suggest the launchbox folder. 2. Go into that folder and open up "Settings.exe" 3. Double click the emulator you want to configure for. It will show the emulator information at the top when it loads the settings file.4. Click the "Menu Keys" button on the left. If you are happy with the current menu keys configuration you can move on to the next step. If you would like to change a key, double the form and a hotkey entry will pop up. Hold down the key you would like to use and then click submit. Once you are happy with all your Menu hotkeys press save at the bottom: 5. Click on the "File" button on the left hand and repeat steps 3 - 4 for all the emulators you would like to configure for. 6. Click on the "Installation Notes" button on the left hand side, then click on "Copy to Clipboard" on the bottom. 7. Close the settings program. Open up Launchbox, click on the settings buttons -> Tools -> Manage Emulators 8. Double click you emulator of choice, and then click on the "AutoHotkey Script" tab. Paste the contents of your clipboard (ctrl+V or right click-> Paste) on the first line, then press OK. Repeat this step for all the emulators you would like to use the pause menu with. 9. Launch a game with launchbox or Bigbox. The pause menu will start hidden in your toolbar. Upon launch it will look at all the running executable and match it to it's corresponding settings file. If it does not find a config file it will time out and give you an error message after 30 seconds. After your game loads, press the hotkey button you have configured as your pause button in the previous steps to launch the pause menu. Use your configured navigation keys to navigate the menu. Pressing your pause key again will exit the pause screen and unpause your game. If your emulator closes expected or unexpectedly, the pause menu will detect that and close itself. 10. If you want to change your background, font, font colors, etc etc for any specific emulator, or create a whole new settings file for a different emulator altogether just use the settings program. DOWNLOAD: Super Pause Menu V0.75.zip --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started doing this as a personal project for my holidays days off. I find myself keep wanting to add more and more, and now I have to go back to work soon, so I thought I'd release this before it never sees the light of day. I hope to continue working on this in my spare time. And if I don't someone can very easily modify and customize to what I have done thus far. I present to you, Chadmando's Super Pause Menu v0.5. (AUTO HOTKEY SCRIPT). Features: Pause, Four Save and Load States, and a Reset. The menu is customizable within the provided settings.ini folder (I tried to make it as straight forward as possible). Customizable settings include custom controls, Background image, Font color, alignment of title text and menu list. By default I am using a resolution of 1920X1080, if you're resolution is any different I have no idea if it will still work, (I hope to fix that in the future). Outside of this, it's just a script, you can modify it all you want. I have only done a configuration for Dolphin, and it works just fine so far with their default hotkey set (Be sure to add SHIFT+ F9 for the Reset hotkey in dolphin settings). I plan on adding separate settings files per emulator in the future and have this one script handle everything. In the mean time if you want to use it for other emulator's you'll probably have to copy this script and rename it to a new one. I was using this in Windows 10, no guarantees it'll work with other versions of Windows. I don't really have any installation notes. As long as everything in the provided zip folder is extracted into the same folder, with the same file structure there should be no issues, simply run Super Pause Menu.ahk , it's up to you to set up to your liking. Upon launch the program hides itself into the notification bar and won't show the pause screen until you press the user defined pause button. By default I set the pause button to the XBOX One guide button. Default buttons are: UP and Down controlled by Arrow keys Select is ENTER DELETE is back Credit for the background image to Rincewind Super Pause Menu V0.5.zip
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    Version 1.0.0


    Been away for a few weeks, time to get things moving again ...... hope you enjoy
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello, missed some platforms logo so I created em.
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    YES! It seems to be finally fixed. I see another issue that was not happening with previous versions (at least not until 9.5) but I will open a new thread for that one. Thanks a lot @Jason Carr and everyone! Martin
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    @Reevesad If you have prepared all fronts/flyers you can send it to me and I can automate the process for you and send them back again
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    Sega Rally 3 done, i'll upload these when i've done a few more enjoy
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    Glad you are all set. You are welcome.
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    GIMP will load photoshop files i believe.
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    You would have to edit the default theme. You have to make a copy though and edit the copy as LB and BB will not allow you to alter default themes. You can copy the default theme folder and rename it what you want. Then using something like Notepad++ edit the CD based xamls look for a line of code referring to Disc Rotate. The second line that contains a "From" and "To" is the disc revolutions related to 360 and the "Duration" is how slow or fast it takes to spin that set number. You can alter those to try and get the speed you want. If you set the "To" to something like 2160 and duration to "00:00:12.000" it would spin the disc 2160 degrees in 12 seconds.
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    I just wanted to give everyone a status update concerning the next update. I expected to have it out MUCH sooner, but I ran into a few bumps in the road when implementing support for DOSBox and ScummVM using the new universal Steam launching feature. I think I've gotten it all sorted out now, and I'm mostly working on cleaning up the implementation. I've fixed a lot of bugs (such as launching native Steam games through LB/BB), and I've completely eliminated the issue that some people were having where their emulator(s) path(s) could get corrupted on the first run. I'm a bit busy at the moment as I'm leaving town tomorrow, but when I get to my destination, I am going to try to finish up the final edits on the update so I can get it pushed out asap. As always, I will update the forum thread whenever I release the update. Thanks for the patience!
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    This is not something that is currently in Launchbox but Jason is working on a Pause screen feature.
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    Thanks bro! As long as the flyer/fanart looks decent enough it should blend in with the rest of the boxes as the photoshop action file takes care of the specific glassy look. Getting the missing game logos is the harder part but they are small on the spine so they should look good either way even if they are roughly cut or lower res. Almost all company logos are included and ready to use. If anything is unclear about the tutorial or process please let me know and I hope you will share your results.
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    Well, nobody ever said anything back, but I tried it again and it worked this time, so yay. Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller has been added to Zomb's Lair. I did a few new things this time. Firstly, I've setup the game with both Retroarch and DOSBox Daum - you can choose which you want to use. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but I prefer Retroarch overall for the shaders and bezels. I've also added a configuration panel/launcher via the program ASuite. This is a nice little open source, portable, lightweight program launcher that works great for my purposes here. Some of these functions are added into the start menu, but once you start adding a lot of different options that can get kindof unwieldy, so this is a nice way to organize/access them. I've added emulated mouse input to controllers via Antimicro as well. Please read the "Special Notes" section on the site or the readme included with the installer for more info. Launcher: No shader / No Bezel: Neuromancer Shader + Bezel: Decker Shader + Bezel:
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